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Unique and lovable
Jasmine_028611 July 2004
Warning: Spoilers
Ucha Dar babe Nanak Da is a beautiful story about a man (Gurdas Mann), starting from his birth, and one day he is in an accident(as a baby) and is picked up by another family and raised by them.

This is a beautiful story about the love between a family, I watched it for the first time when I was 9 and I cried like a baby, and I've literally watched it 100 times since. It is such a well done move, it is also religious; sikhs. I say that this is a great movie to watch for everyone.


The man is raised by the family that finds him and while having an argument at home leaves on a pilgrimage to all the gudwara's he can where he encounters his real parents who are sick. He helps and stays with them while he can, the real mother is able to sense that it is his son but not really sure. The man goes back home and falls in love with a woman who loves him back and the mans brother loves as well. There is another fight because of the woman's family and in that fight the man loses his eye sight, and he goes on another pilgrimage only to get his eye sight back and learn he is adopted and FINALLY finds his parents and they all live together.
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