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Outstanding sequel.
kirk-24615 July 2009
The first and third 'Spider-Man' movies were simply fantastic.But it gets even better with 'Spider-Man 2'. It's full of action, has plenty of adventure, and is full of award winning special effects.Like any other super hero sequel, there's always a new villain.The villains name in 'Spider-Man 2' is Dr. Octopus.AKA Doc Ock.He has 4 mechanical tentacles that can flip cars and throw people at great distances.Does he remind you of anything? Of course he does.What does he remind you of? An Octopus... Duh.It may sound kind of stupid, but Doc Ock's character actually helps the movie become a 2 hour roller-coaster ride of a movie.Just remember that Spider-Man can do whatever a spider can.
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Fun Compelling Popcorn Movie
SnoopyStyle29 January 2014
Peter Parker (Tobey Maguire) is struggling to make ends meet and having a hard time keeping his secret. He can't even keep his pathetic pizza delivery job. Mary Jane Watson (Kirsten Dunst) is having some success on Broadway. Meanwhile Harry Osborn (James Franco) hasn't lost his hatred of Spidey. He is now funding Dr. Otto Octavius (Alfred Molina) and his work on fusion. However something goes wrong in his demonstration and a new villain is born.

Director Sam Raimi is able to inject a bit of spidey fun in this movie. The internal struggle in Peter Parker about his identity is very compelling. And Alfred Molina makes for a great villain. I especially like J.K. Simmons as Jameson. They're great characters. As for the CGI, they look very nice without looking like a video game. I like the arms and I like the web swinging. It's a well put together movie and may be even better than the first.
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Another excellent superhero movie
MR_Heraclius24 February 2020
This is a movie that surpasses the original one on many different levels! It has a better villain, a better story and, most of all, a better message. The movie is about Peter Parker who loses faith in what he does, so he loses his powers. Tobey Maguire is magnificent in this movie and he plays so well off of all the other actors in the movie. Alfred Molina is great as the villain and, as always, J.K. Simmons steal every single scene in which he is present. This is really one of the best superhero movies that has ever been made.
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The best one out of the trilogy.
drawlife28 September 2014
Sequels are very tricky. They're very hard to crack open, but every so often we do get a sequel that is better than the original like Empire Strikes Back, The Godfather Part II, Terminator 2: Judgment Day, Aliens, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, The Dark Knight, and others.

Spider-Man 2 is one of them. The common thing among mostly all sequels is that bigger is better, that's not always the case, and that's where director Sam Raimi comes in, he does the opposite. He makes it smaller, more personal, but with big impactful moments.

Here we see a damaged Peter Parker, still full of guilt with the death of Uncle Ben, he's getting fired all the time and late to school because he's busy protecting New York as Spider-Man. His relationship between Harry and Mary Jane are deteriorating as he keeps disappointing them. In the end, he gives up his duties as Spider-Man, only to return to action when Doctor Octopus is threatening the city.

This movie in many ways is a coming of age story for Peter Parker. With a moving romantic subplot, Peter learns to accept his responsibilities as Spider-Man in the long run, and puts that first above all his desires including Mary Jane, and he also finds closure by telling Aunt May the truth about what happened on the night of Uncle Ben's murder. Tobey Maguire brings much depth and complexity to Peter Parker. A very fine performance by him showcasing the right amount of emotion in every single scene.

Alfred Molina is excellent here as Dr. Otto Octavius, also known as Doctor Octopus, whom Peter deems as his idol in the beginning of the film. What makes him such as awesome and likable villain, is that film allows you to like him from the beginning, and to see his downfall to villainy, then to a redeemable hero at the end makes an engaging story. Give credit to Raimi and his writing team, as they provide Doc Ock much needed flare.

Kirsten Dunst here is pretty good as Mary Jane. Peter and Mary Jane also get a lot time bickering at each other here. It's a very complicated and complex romance as she wants Peter and Peter wants her, but he can't cause of his duties as a crime-fighter. James Franco is great playing the a-hole friend. As an audience member it's very sad to see their friendship deteriorate as Harry questions Peter's loyalty to him or to Spider-Man.

The action serves the story here, it seamlessly transitions to action set pieces while still serving the narrative. Not to mention they are awesome. All the fights between Spidey and Doc Ock are an adrenaline rush, particularly the subway train fight. But with that being said, if you took out all the action sequences in this movie, you still have a very intriguing and moving story to watch. That's how good this film is.

Raimi and his crew of filmmakers did a tremendous job with Spider-Man 2. There are real human moments in this film, one of them involves Spidey and a group of civilians in the train. A real nice, tender, and human scene. Rosemary Harris as Aunt May even has a substantial role in the film as Peter's moral compass and she also has an action sequence in the middle of the film. J.K. Simmons is even better as J. Jonah Jameson this time around and has the film's funniest moments.

Everything in this film clicks on all cylinders. The music by Danny Elfman is better than ever, and also provides the film with lots of tender scores. The visual effects are better, Spidey's web-swinging abilities are better, the romance is better, the action is better, the sound mixing and editing is better, the story, the acting, just everything. It's pretty much a perfect film.

I for one thought it deserved just a little bit more from the Academy Awards other than winning the well deserved special effects award.

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Mature, nuanced and layered; the superhero genre at some of its very best.
Pjtaylor-96-13804414 February 2018
It's hard to decide whether or not I prefer this film to the first, as it tells - in some ways - a more mature, nuanced and layered tale, but what isn't hard to decide is that 'Spider-Man 2 (2004)' is a fantastic movie and easily one of the best sequels of all time. The villain is wonderfully rounded, his motivations constantly clear and his character arc drawn in full before the credits roll, and presents both a physical and psychological challenge for our hero. The story expertly balances the phenomenally fun yet still emotionally resonant web-slinging sequences (a high-speed train in danger provides one of the feature's nicest character moments whereas the whole 'bank' section is amazingly accomplished and thunderously entertaining) with the relatable central dilemma of our very human protagonist. Raimi's directing seems to be stepped up a little, too, as he leans further into his own quirky style - evident in the renowned 'surgery' scene which is one of the best in the entire film. The entire piece just gels together to make a cohesive, complex and rare example of the superhero genre at some of its very best. 9/10
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"I believe there's a hero in all of us."
utgard1429 May 2014
Being Spider-Man is wrecking poor Peter Parker's life. He's had to give up his chance at love with Mary Jane, he can't hold a job because he's always late, his grades are suffering at college, his Aunt May is struggling with the loss of beloved Uncle Ben, and his best friend Harry blames Spider-Man for the death of his father. All of this leads to Peter deciding to give up being a superhero. But a new threat rises in the form of mad physicist Otto Octavius, dubbed Dr. Octopus by the press, that may force Peter out of retirement.

Sam Raimi's direction is much improved from the first film. This one he seems completely at home with the big budget blockbuster and creates many memorable scenes and images, as he often does in his lower budget work. Comic fans should appreciate the homages to the works of Lee, Ditko, and Romita, The CGI improves from the first film. There's still a little bit of the rubbery animated look of the CGI humans but not as distracting as before. The action is also more impressive. The fight scenes between Spider-Man and Dr. Octopus are well-done. The scene where Spidey saves an elevated train is arguably the movie's highlight. Danny Elfman's music is good but, as with the first film, not in the same league as his iconic Batman work.

The cast knocks it out of the park. Tobey Maguire perfectly captures the essence of Peter Parker, even more so than the first movie. His inherent nerdiness, awkwardness, and struggle to do what's right even at the cost of his own happiness. Kirsten Dunst and James Franco build upon their performances from the last movie. Dunst rises above the damsel-in-distress role she's saddled with quite nicely and by the end finally feels like the iconic Mary Jane ("Go get 'em, Tiger."). Rosemary Harris gets far more to do as Aunt May this time around and she's amazing. She steals every scene she's in. The supporting cast (J.K. Simmons and the rest) are all great. Alfred Molina brings Dr. Octopus to life and treats the character seriously, which is miles above the hammy performance given by Willem Dafoe's Green Goblin in the first film.

When this came out, it was the best superhero movie since Superman '78. I walked out of the theater beaming from ear to ear and feeling like a kid again. It was one of the rare summer blockbusters I went to see more than once. It still holds up and is a high water-mark for Marvel movies, in my opinion. It's followed by a terrible third film and then a reboot series that, while good, misses a lot of what makes this film work so well. This is the definitive Spider-Man movie. Lots of humor, heart, romance, and action all told in a bright, colorful fashion. Everything a Spider-Man film should be.
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blacklist-129 September 2009
My presumptions of a sequel to a successful original are that they are worn out and are a desperate attempt to cash in on it's predecessor. Look no further for conclusive evidence with the terrible Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen to know what I'm talking about.

But every now and again a sequel comes along that just simply changes your perceptions and gives you faith in a continuing franchise where the sequel is just as or in the case of Spiderman 2 better than it's predecessor.

Toby Maquire, Kirsten Dunst and James Franco return with director Sam Raimi who has done a terrific job in making this for me one of the best sequels of all time.

One of the successes Spiderman 2 has is the depth of the characters and stories as there is more than one strand. Toby Maquire has the same natural ability which he possessed in the first film to accurately convey the character of Peter Parker who struggles with his feelings for Mary Jane who becomes frustrated that he can't return her feelings for him, to his fractured friendship with Harry Osborne who harbours a deep grudge against Spiderman to trying to balance his life as superhero, student and employee and struggling with his Aunt May over Uncle Ben's death to finally battling the new villain Oto Octavious played memorably by Alfred Molina and all these story strands thread there way through two hours of pure entertainment.

With the main story and these sub-stories the film could have become confusing and meaningless but thanks to the sublime artistry from Sam Raimi, it flows beautifully and never loses sight of itself.

Which goes to say the acting is as brilliant from the main cast which helps the film has more exploration and depth and the special effects this time round are flawless and much improved on the first.

This has everything for the comic fans and those who just want to be entertained of action (which there is plenty of particularly towards the end) drama, romance and humour mostly from JK Simmons who when he was on screen I was laughing out loud.

Credit goes to all involved and I very much look forward to Spiderman 3.
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Better than the first- Sam Raimi proves his cool knack for balancing elements of action, drama and comedy
Quinoa198414 July 2004
Spider-man 2, at least, accomplishes one thing above all else- this time, when the Spidey flings himself through the air, it doesn't look as fake as it did in the first film. If anything, this time I did feel the exhilaration that the filmmakers intended. They, being the team at Edge FX, have taken the huge lot of profit from the first film, which became the smash of smashes in the comic-book movie genre, and on that end the film is a success. But even on the human front with characterization the film is a bit of an improvement, which is always tricky for a sequel to do. Two major action sequences involving Spider-man (Tobey Maguire) and his nemesis, Doctor Octopus (Alfred Molina, in a compelling turn), are shot and edited to a wonderful, creative impact. And, in an interesting bit when Doc Ock escapes a hospital, echoes of Raimi's Evil Dead comes through with subtle, if grin-inducing touches. The work done on the villain as well as the hero shows, and it helps that Ock is a sleeker, more threatening presence with his mechanical arms than the weird madman in Willem Dafoe's performance.

There are also other factors that give Spider-Man 2 it's worth of entertainment, even as if follows story turns that we as the audience have seen in plenty of other movies (comic-book or otherwise) from Hollywood. There's a nice dosage of humor to tip the scale on the romantic/non-romantic drama, courtesy of J.K. Simmons' added time as the over the top newspaper editor, and as well to a few bits of business in dealing with the problems of being a guy in a costume (plus, there are a couple of fun cameos from some Raimi regulars). The performances aren't bad by the leads, but they haven't improved too well, and with the script that they're given some of the lines don't work as well as they should. Some are appropriate in their corny quality, some aren't. One of the key performances that comes through is Rosemary Harris' Aunt May, who's the most effective of the dramatic parts to the story.

So, is Spider-man 2 as great as everyone's saying, that it's one of the great sequels and comic-book films of all time? To me, almost- it actually gets even more engrossing and interesting in its comic-book atmosphere on repeat viewings. It has a fresh appeal as a mainstream, thoughtful action film and, like Raimi's Evil Dead trilogy in the horror genre, it will live on when other superhero movies bite the dust in the video market. A-
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One of the greatest superhero movies of all time
gangstahippie24 August 2007
Rated PG-13 for stylized action violence.

Now I have not seen Spiderman 3 yet but I really want to.Spiderman is my favorite superhero.He is so cool and his movies are great as well.The first Spiderman film was pretty good but it could have been better.This film however is much better than the first and also one of the greatest superhero movies of all time.The action scenes are amazing because of the use of CGI and the storyline is great as well.The film is about Peter Parker, a nerd who has an alter ego as a superhero.He must fight Doc-Ock, a professor who turned evil after his mechanical arms took over while trying to save his relationship with Mary Jane, the woman he loves.Spiderman 2 is a great superhero movie and If you haven't seen it yet, you should.
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Just rewatching in 2020
koyushun14 April 2020
I was a kid when I watched this in cinema back in 2004 I just want to say after all these years after a few version of Spider-Mans and all the MCU movie. This one is hands down the best Superhero movie. It has everything done within 2 hours. Perfectly caught up what it left of from the previous Spider-Man and Toby Maguire will always be my Spider-Man.
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My favourite film of all time
J49afc10 December 2020
Inspired by the recent news about Tobey's likely return to playing the web-slinger in the MCU's Spider-Man 3, I rewatched this film. An IMDb score of 7.3 for this film is one of the biggest injustices I've seen on this website. In my opinion this is THE definitive and THE best superhero film of all time.

This trilogy of films is my childhood. I've loved Spider-Man as long as I can remember and he has always been my favourite superhero. These films came out at just the right time when I was growing up so watching this films just brings it all back. And that's not to say my judgement of this film is blinded by nostalgia- this is genuinely an amazing film that holds up in the present day.

The story is an interesting one, with Peter grappling with the personal consequences of being Spider-Man and feeling the subsequent effects, all whilst he fights the best Spider-Man villain ever to be put on screen, Alfred Molina's brilliantly menacing Doc Ock. The sequence in which Spider-Man returns and fights Doc Ock on the train is for me, the best superhero fight scene of all time and my favourite cinematic sequence ever. You can feel every punch, every wince and every scream- something that unfortunately, today's comic book flicks are devoid of.

And it's not just all action and no heart- when it wants to tug on the heart strings it yanks them. The scene with Uncle Ben is so painful, raw and acted to perfection. It makes me tear up every time. There's also the usual Raimi campiness, with quips and funny moments giving the film a real charm about it. All of this is underlined by Danny Elfman's brilliant, bombastic and booming score that really does sound like the audio equivalent of a comic book.

This film is a 120 minute thrill ride with heart-stopping action and heart-wrenching drama. The best superhero film ever made and my favourite film of all time.
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A damn near perfect summer blockbuster
bob the moo23 August 2004
Two years on from defeating the Green Goblin, Peter Parker is having a harder time meeting the ongoing expectations of the public. On top of this the double life is taking its strain on his job, his personal life and his ability to even cast webs. Parker decides enough is enough and throws it all in – after all, he is only one man. Meanwhile, A brilliant scientist, Dr Octavius sees his life's work on a fusion reactor explode – killing his wife. Wife the protective device on his computerised arms broken, Dr Octavius loses his grip on sanity and starts to rebuild his reactor using money and materials from crime. With him seemingly intent on destruction, Parker must decide if the needs of others outweigh his own.

With many blockbusters falling at the opening weekend this summer, the title of 'summer's best' was still up for grabs when I arrived at the cinema to watch Spiderman 2 (having only the week earlier given it the miss in favour of lighter fare). Two hours later I emerged having enjoyed one of the most entertaining popcorn films I'll probably see all year. The plot is more than able to fill the running time and, although the action scenes often have large gaps between them, there are no moments where I was bored – even if there are a few moments where the film slightly slows. The complexity of the hero is the main thing – he is an unwilling hero and the strain shows well on him. Even the potentially ponderous thread with Mary-Jane plays pretty well for the most part.

The villain of the piece is similar to the Green Goblin of the first film in that he is a scientist driven to madness by 'voices' who we want to lose as well as feeling for – more tragic than evil. Where Dafoe was great as the Goblin, the silly costume hindered the actor, here Molina has no such obstacle and does very well – carrying off the 'voices' scene without it looking silly – it is only a shame that he has so little screen time as a person (he has little time anyway – but the vast majority of it is throwing cars around). With these complex people as the fronts it is any wonder that the script has no problem being surprisingly strong for a summer action movie. You could read meaning into most of it but it is hard to not see the New York people on the train carrying the prone body of Spiderman backwards as having a bigger significance – a surprisingly poignant movie after a big effects-driven scene. The script also throws in a real mix of emotions – perfect for a film that is more about being an exciting ride than a piece of art. Plenty of it is very funny, some of it is touching, some of it is about character and some of it, well, some of it is about cars being thrown through windows! And of course the latter is what we have come for.

In terms of action, the several big action sequences are very enjoyable and put the skirmishes from the first movie very much in the shade. Part of this is down to the increased intensity of the fights due to the close combat nature of the character but it is hard not to be impressed by the impact of the vastly improved effects. In the first movie I struggled occasionally to get past the fact that some of it (not all but some) looked very much like an average playstation game. Here the effects are great; sure, you can still tell when a mid-shot of a character is real or CGI but they are much more convincing and they are used a lot better – making it easier to accept them as real for the purposes of the film. Of course what really makes the action sequences is Raimi's great direction. He is very able in the smaller moments but he is fantastic in the massive action scenes that he pulls together. At times his direction is very clever and my favourite 'reference' scene is also the one that surprised me that it was rated PG. In a very clear reference to Evil Dead, doctors are hammered by Dr Octopus' arms for the first time – dragged screaming (ED's trees) and tackling it with bone saws (Ash's chain saw). It was a very intense scene and, with it being in a PG, it acts as proof that the BBFC are not as strict as the moaners would have us believe.

Working with this direction, the cast all do really well. Maguire takes the pratfalls, the moral questions, the romance and the action equally as well. He is very much the likable everyman that the film needs Spiderman to be and he is good throughout. Dunst has talked about her desire to do more than just this type of film and, from this, I can see why. Although she has some good scenes, generally she is sidelined and it is to her credit that she does as well as she does with comparatively little to work with. Molina is given too little time and lacks a really strong scene of emotion in the same way that Dafoe did in front of the mirror but he still does well. I didn't feel his pain as much as I really should have done but that was more down to his low screen time rather than his performance. Franco is good but a bit too one-dimensional; given that the third film will be very dependent on him I'm hoping he can step up to the plate more than he did here. Of the support cast, once again it is a wonderfully OTT Simmons who steals every scene he is in – he is so good that I never once saw him as his Oz character – an association I never thought he'd be able to break but he did – and he did it hilariously. Cameos from Campbell, Raimi and Dafoe are all enjoyable and add to their scenes.

Overall this is not a perfect film and I am bemused by its appearance in the top 250 list here but it does basically everything it sets out to do and does it in a manner that puts this years' other blockbusters in the shade. The script is clever, interesting and involving; the characters are complex and pretty well drawn while the film delivers laughs as frequently as it does action. With improved effects and some very impressive action scenes this is definitely the movie to sue in a summer full of misses and average thrills.
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Go watch this movie right now
gusgusedu2 November 2020
This movie it's not just a good superhero movie, but a great film. The source material has been analyzed, and overall studied so It would make the fans happy, but a great superhero movie understands that this is not just for the fans, It's for the whole public, so the screenplay and the dialogue that sometimes sounds a little corny is very well writen. The CGI effects still looking good at this point, watching Spider-Man swinging around it's just amazing. Peter Parker's story arc it's perfect, for the people he interacts with he is just another nerdy guy who doesn't understands the meaning of puntcuality, but for us (the audience) he is the perfect protagonist. This movie is made by someone who understands the character and undertsands about cinema, and that man is Sam Raimi.
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Takes every element from the first film and improves on it!
MinorityReporter27 April 2005
It only happens very rarely that a sequel surpasses the original (Terminator 2, Star Wars Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back) and after the relative disappointment that was the original my expectations for the second film in the series had decreased. When I finally did sit down in the cinema to see this film I was a bit anxious. But my anxiety was quickly put to rest because Spider-Man 2 took the premises from the first film and improved upon them all. The first Spider-Man film a well meaning picture but quite as good as it could have been the second film is a good film for both hardcore fans like myself and the broader audience.

First off, the acting in the second film has improved tremendously. Tobey Maguire feels more right in the second film. I found him quite shallow in the first film but in the second one he seems to have developed more depth. More nuances have found their way into his acting in the second film making the character more believable and less of a square. Kirsten Dunst is never a good actress but I found her a little less annoying in this film than in the first and therefore I felt I could tolerate her presence. James Franco is decent but still has a problem with portraying nuances which basically means that in order for his performance to work he has exaggerate every emotion his character feels. As it is with most superhero movies the villain is the most interesting character and Sam Raimi couldn't have picked a better actor than Alfred Molina to play Otto Octavius aka Doc Ock. I'm a big fan of Willem Dafoe but I didn't like his performance in the first Spider-Man film very much and therefore I was delighted when Alfred Molina turned out to be a far better villain than Willem was. His performance was both menacing and nuanced and even though the character isn't always directly in control of his actions (making him somewhat misinterpreted) Molina's performance makes the character highly credible and undoubtedly the most interesting character in the film.

The effects have improved which is logical considering that it has been 2 years since the first film hit the cinemas. Also I found that Doc Ock was much better suited for flashy moves and cool fights than Green Goblin ever was so in that aspect the film is far superior to the first film as well. Especially the train fight will, I think, go into history as one of the best hero/villain showdowns in history if not the best. The computer effects have become slightly more subtle making the film seem more polished. There were still a few unfortunate scenes were the CGI was pretty obvious but overall the effects have improved dramatically and received a well earned Oscar.

The musical score continues in the same epic fashion from the first and Danny Elfman does an exceptional job as usual. The score is both thrilling and epic but it is also subtle when it has to be and that aspect of the score works wonderfully as well. Elfman has some experience in super hero scoring (having done both Batman and Hulk aside from Spider-Man) and it shows as the score is very appropriate and fitting. Two thumbs up on the music.

In terms of story telling the second film is also far better than the first. I found the first film to be very unoriginal in terms of its story. Anyone who has just an ounce of knowledge into the myth of Spider-Man knows the story beforehand and thus the film becomes very predictable and boring quite frankly. The second film did not have this problem. It was a breath of fresh air. The story seems to flow more from the heart this time around. Raimi proved in the first film that he could take a situation from the comics and translate it reasonably to the screen. In the second film he proves that he can make a highly original story as well and make it entertaining. It should also be added that Spider-Man 2 has a lot more of the humor like the kind that appears in the comics. J.K. Simmons who was one of the elements in the first film returns in his role and he is absolutely hilarious. He truly embodies the spirit of J. Jonah Jameson. There is also a very funny elevator scene which should be mentioned.

Some people complained that Raimi has turned mainstream with the Spider-Man films. That is a load of rubbish and Raimi proves it by adding some elements from his cult films, the Evil Dead series. He even lets Bruce Campbell tell Spider-Man off as if to symbolize that he hasn't forgotten where he came from.

All in all Spider-Man 2 surpasses the first film in the franchise in almost every way imaginable Spider-Man 2 is twice as engaging, entertaining and heartfelt than the first film in the series.

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Spider-man some more... please!
WilsonLau10 December 2004
After being very impressed with the first one after some skepticism, Spider-man 2 is tackling a sequel with great anticipation and even greater expectations. The way Sam Raimi was able to produce the story of Spider-man with such style, realism and above all, faithfulness to the Marvel original comic is tremendous to say the least. The reason why it took this long to make a live action movie for Spider-man is due to the difficulties in making the action sequences look real and being able to connect all the side stories and characters in a single effort. Although it doesn't look flawless, it is still able to fool the eyes. The characters are also faithfully represented.

Spider-man 2 is a great sequel for many reasons. First it ties right into the original without skipping a beat. Set a few years after the original with all the same actors and characters. Though it differentiates itself enough from the original so you're not watching a clone of the first. It dives deeper into the psyche and the experiences of its main character in order for you to gain a greater understanding of his situation. At the same time it still provide great visuals, pulse pounding action sequences, humorous side sequences and breath taking special effects and camera work. This movies stands head and shoulders above all super hero comic movies. It delivers what a movie goer seeks and leaves them gasping for more. Immediately after viewing, I was pondering what they will do with the next installment and i am sure that the majority of the viewers were thinking the same thing.

The movie is strung together in a great sequence that never ever bores the viewer. The new villain gets a good intro which explains his situation in a neat and tidy manor. Doctor Otto Octavius is a perfect villain which is played and visually represented to perfection. The movements of Doc Ock are fantastic. It's just as i would have pictured it in my mind, if i could... while watching the cartoons or reading the comics. Only Raimi presents it in a way that connects the loose visuals in our minds with the visual reality (of course with the aid of computers).

Some may complain about there being too much story, too much Peter Parker and not enough action. One must realize that if it were the other way around, that you'd be complaining that there wasn't enough storyline. People are so hard to please. Even with this seemingly flawless movie people still find something to complain about. The only thing i didn't understand was the presence of Ursala, the daughter of Peter's landlord. What was her role in all of this?

Anyways, i just bought the DVD for this and realized that i should voice my opinion especially seeing how low of a score this movie got in contrast with what i would score it.

Action:10 Directing:10 Acting:10 Re-watchability(if thats even a word):10

Overall rating: 10 out of 10... bravo!

Bring on part 3 whoever the villain might be. Venom, Lizard, Gobblin, Scorpion, whatever. Heck bring on the sinister 6!
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Almost as good as the first film, with terrific visuals and a (I think) superior story
TheLittleSongbird28 October 2009
I really enjoyed the first film, despite its unevenness in the script, and its length. This sequel is almost as good as its predecessor, and for me one of the better sequels out there. If there is one thing that I do prefer over the original, despite the rather slow start, I do think this film has the stronger storyline. The script is in general very good too, but the only other real problem I have with this film is its length. Despite the flaws, it is a pretty darn good action sequel. Two things made this movie as wonderful as it was. One was that it was terrific visually and technically, with splendid special effects and jaw-dropping stunts. The final action sequence between Spiderman and Dr Octopus was in particular brilliantly staged. The cinematography is focused and makes the film even more a wonder to look at. The other was the villain Dr Octopus, superbly played by Alfred Molina. Dr Octopus is made into a rather complex villain, after the death of his wife Rosalie, and becomes a villain after being part of his own invention. The music was also dramatic and fun. The remainder of the performances were very good too, while not admittedly the most charismatic actors ever, (Sean Connery is definitely a contender for that) Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst still give believable lead performances. All in all, a very good sequel. 8/10 Bethany Cox
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"Face it, Tiger ...
Mister_Gordon_Shumway4 December 2007
... you just hit the jackpot", Mary Jane Watson ~ Dialogue straight out of the comic book ensuring that this sequel is going to be well worth the wait! OK, not quite as good as the first - sequels seldom are - but a valiant effort on the part of Sam Raimi.

Here we have the next big Super Villain, Dr Otto Octavius/Doctor Octopus (Alfred Molina), who is about to further complicate Spider-Man's (Tobey Maguire) already failing personal life: Parker is experiencing financial difficulties and his studies are slipping. To top it all off, Mary Jane (Kirsten Dunst) is now engaged to astronaut John Jameson, son of Parker's overbearing newspaper editor, Jonah. Things just go from bad to worse for the web-slinger.

Meanwhile, following the death of his father (the Green Goblin), Harry Osborn has now now taken over Oscorp Industries and is in business talks with Dr Otto Octavius. The Doctor, Parker's idol, has created a set of mechanical arms that are impervious to heat and magnetism; the experiment goes wrong and the arms become fused to the spine of Octavius, taking complete control of the doctor both mentally and physically.

Aunt May is later captured and taken hostage by Dr Octopus. Spider-Man too falls prey to capture and is delivered to Harry, where his true identity is under threat. How much can one guy take? 'Spider-Man 2' is all about choices for Peter Parker: lose his alter-ego and concentrate on number one or continue with the responsibility he chose after the death of Uncle Ben ~ Raimi has skillfully recreated the classic scene - panel-for-panel - from Amazing Spider-Mam #50, Spider-Man No More, written by Stan Lee, pencilled by John Romita, and inked by Mickey Dimeo. Here Parker is seen leaving a rainy alleyway where his discarded costume hangs from the throat of a garbage can. Raimi has concentrated on the Parker who is forced to deal with actual everyday problems in Spider-Man 2, one we can all sympathize with. Parker's character outweighs that of other superheroes, for the simple fact that - at heart - he is just an ordinary guy trying to exist in a complicated world.

Also stars: Bill Nunn, J K Simmons, Ted Raimi, Bruce Campbell with Cliff Robertson and Willem Dafoe.

Matthew J Lee-Williams, Review.
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A Flawless Super Hero Movie
john_murdoch200230 June 2004
This is what a good summer movie should be.

Spider-Man 2 transcends the boundaries of being just another comic book movie to being a richly character driven movie with a very conflicted hero. Here, for the first time, we see the actual emotion behind the facade of the hero behind the mask. Gone is the richly colorful look of the first part, here in Spider-Man 2, we are plunged into a world of shadows and off colors.

Picking up two years after the first Spider-Man left off, Peter Parker (Tobey Maguire) has his hands full with three full-time jobs. He is going to school full time, he is working full time to pay off his rent, and he is a hero always on call whenever he hears a siren. Not to mention, we see the emotional toll that has been taken on him, his only surviving family member, his Aunt May (Rosemary Harris), has become consumed with grief and loss over the death of her husband (incidentally, creating Spider-Man in the first part), Peter's friend Norman Osborne (James Franco) is now at odds with him since he has become consumed with revenge over Spider-Man killing his father (the Green Goblin), and his love affair with Mary Jane-Watson (Kirsten Dunst) is slowly being extinguished because he is never there for her to return the feelings she has for him. And this is all in the first fifteen minutes of the film.

As Spider-Man, Parker is even in danger of losing his powers as his exhaustion slowly begins to take over. Is it medical or is it because he has stretched himself too thin? Eventually, Peter decides to give up being Spider-Man to finally bring peace into his life. There is a brilliant sequence in this film when we see Parker returning to his alter-ego from the first part before the mutated spider bite as he puts on his glasses again, clouding his vision to the world around him. When he sees someone being beaten up in an alley, he turns around to walk away. When the familiar sirens fly past him again, he just eats a hot dog. In short, Parker has finally succumbed to being a New Yorker.

In the midst of all of this, we see the creation of a new villain, this time in the form of a deranged scientist named Doctor Otto Octavius (Alfred Molina), who has four frighteningly powerful arms welded to his spine after a disaster with his life's work. This disaster not only turns the Doctor into Dr. Octopus (Doc Ock as the papers call him), but the artificially intelligent arms seemed fuse to his id, placating his desires to not want his life's work to be a failure. Doc Ock will try again at the expense of anyone around him.

The standout here is Tobey Maguire, who can convey the film's entire heart with a look or a gesture, but is most heart-wrenchingly done in his hesitations. For a man so used to having quick reflexes, when he has to slow down and realize what is going on around him, we are instantly in his head. Maguire also has to command the screen as Spider-Man and convince the audience that he can stand up to someone like Octavius and not seem fantastic.

Sam Raimi also does a knock-out job as well, knowing when to hold on a character's face long enough or swinging the camera along with Spider-Man to give the audience the exhilaration of flight. Raimi is more than competent enough to give this movie the look and feel of a moving comic book and by utilizing his most signature camera shot (zooming into and out of the character's eyes), the audience is invited to live for a moment in the tights of a superhero.

Spider-Man 2 has so many great messages to be heard in this film, the best of which seems to draw both Peter and Octavius together in the end: In order for the right thing to be done, does it mean that we have to put away what we want the most? In both cases, there are some strong arguments and that is what makes this movie such a surprise is the depth that it possesses. Seemingly, we have entered the bizarro world of sequels, where they seem to surpass the original (Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King, Toy Story 2, etc) and Spider-Man 2 definitely joins these ranks. Perhaps in allowing a series to expand rather than compliment the original, we can expect more depth out of movies, which has been as equally absent in this day and age as heroes as Spider-Man 2 also suggests.
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Great Spider-Man Film
whpratt18 January 2007
Tobey Maguire,(Spider-Man/Peter Parker), gave an outstanding performance as a very weak and helpless type of guy who tried to fly like a bird and fell on his face all the time, so to speak. As the picture progresses you wonder just how Spider Man will eventually put an end to his octopus friend and his evil deeds. There are many exciting scenes and especially when Spider Man is trying to save a run-away elevated train from going off its track and winding up in a river. Kirsten Dunst, (Mary Jane Watson) is about to get married to someone other than Peter Parker and something takes hold of her and sends her in another direction. This was a great entertaining film and very well viewing over and over again.
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This movie has a criminally low rating
ditkovich_rent4 January 2019
7.3/10? Seriously? Most mediocre MCU films get a better rating than that. This movie is up there with The Dark Knight as one of the best superhero movies. This movie was loved when it came out, now it's cool to hate on the trilogy. Spider-Man 2 improved on all aspects of Spider-Man 1. Peter is struggling to be Spider-Man, and the movie illustrates that very well. The action is better than lots of movies today, most notably the train fight scene. Danny Elfman provides an unforgettable soundtrack. This movie and the trilogy shouldn't be overlooked as some cheesy 2000s movies, because they paved the way for the MCU as we know it today.
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With a brain in its head and style on its side, this is one hell of a ride
StevePulaski16 July 2012
Spider-Man 2 is an adrenaline-packed cinematic delight. A purely functioning superhero film, serving as a sequel to a film that was surprisingly capable after spending a fourth of a century in development hell. Not only is this one of the best sequels I have yet to see, but one of the strongest superhero epics of the decade.

What little Raimi and the writers neglected in the original Spider-Man film is injected into this sequel with full-force intelligence, depth, and attitude. Certain action scenes are so artfully designed and professionally crafted, it appears they could serve as the long-awaited climax in any film of the genre. Scenes themselves play like epics within an epic and some, like the infamous train sequence, are so breakneck and excessive they could use an intermission.

But Spider-Man 2 doesn't have time for preposterous breaks or intermissions. They would disrupt the flow of poetry the film so effortlessly excels at, and for that matter, it is too busy furthering Peter Parker's entertaining story and fueling its action scenes with the coherency and structure they need. The film takes place two years after the events of the first film. We see Parker is still doing vigilante justice around the city of New York, yet we see he is breathlessly struggling to juggle his alter-ego's duties, his schoolwork, his freelance photography job, and his own free time. Because of this, he has long been distant from the love of his life, Mary Jane Watson (Kirsten Dunst) and his best friend Harry Osborn (James Franco).

Now that Harry is the leader of Oscorp, he has been funding research for the nuclear scientist, Dr. Otto Octavius (Alfred Molina). Octavius's goal is to perfect fusion power, and he creates and operates a harness equipped with several long, windy robotic arms that seem to take on a mind of their own. Unfortunately, due to a series of disasters, the arms are now sewn to his spinal-cord and have corrupted his mind and are now influencing his decisions and actions. Dr. Octavius, who will later be known as "Doc Ock," serves as the main villain in the story, as one can expect.

Parker not only must try and defeat Doc Ock, but must figure out how to get his spidey-legs working again after numerous web malfunctions, and has just learned that Mary Jane is engaged to an acclaimed astronaut. And don't even get him started about how he must continue to comfort his Aunt May, who is still grieving over the loss of her husband and Peter's uncle, as well as telling her the real truth about his death.

Speaking as a sizable fan of the original Spider-Man, the one part I mentioned in my review was that Raimi showed Parker's newly-discovered powers to be all fun and games with no consequences or brewing agony. It was a chockablock of excitement for him, and never once did the story showcase how these powers would've inevitably burdened Parker with a barrage of responsibility and tribulations. It almost seems Raimi and the writers left that part out on purpose, so they could center the sequel primarily around the agony of being a superhero. If that was their plan, their have succeeded, because not only is this one of the most riveting and entertaining superhero films, it is also one of the deepest.

Tobey Maguire, returning as Parker, bleeds charm and confidence in the role of a character that just has the charm part down. With the new Amazing Spider-Man film just released about two weeks ago, boasting the relatively new star Andrew Garfield in the central role, I can't help but remind readers who I believe is the real Peter Parker. Maguire's Parker has mastered the role of a shy nerd who lacks any and all confidence. Garfield's character was still in that nerd-position, but he was far more secure in his witticisms and his confidence. To me, Peter Parker is and always will be a nerd. Regardless of how tight and brazen his costume is.

When it came down to the villain of the original Spider-Man, unlike many people, I was satisfied that it was the Green Goblin. If anything, Willem Dafoe portrayed the character in a lot more of an eerie light than I assume many others actors would've. Doc Ock is a more impressive villain in every sense. Quite possibly one of the most enticing to watch on screen. The Goblin, no matter which way you examine him, is a rather stock villain. Ock's robotic arms make for a never-ending line of possibilities and events, and the action sequences involving him are stylish and crafty, perfectly complimenting the film itself as a whole.

Spider-Man 2 is a shivering example at what makes a great superhero film. It shows us what most of us want, which is explicitly entertaining action scenes, and the something extra I hope most of us crave, which is the humanity and exploration of the character. To show Parker's powers as a burden to him was a brilliant move on screenwriter Alvin Sargent's part (who would later go on to write the third part of this franchise and be one of the three to construct the new one) and Sam Raimi's. With a brain in its head and style on its side, this is one hell of a ride.

Starring: Tobey Maguire, Kirsten Dunst, James Franco, Alfred Molina, Rosemary Harris, and Donna Murphy. Directed by: Sam Raimi.
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Maintains the energy of the first one
dfranzen7020 December 2004
A cut above the typical comic book movie, S-M 1 did what this type of movie is supposed to do: introduce the main characters, have 'em fight a Super Bad Guy, and then have it all end happily ever after, for the most part. In other words, for the first movie in a supposed franchise, you have to allow time for exposition of the protagonist's background, even if millions already know him from another medium.

With S-M 2, though, such an obligation isn't necessary. We've met Spidey, MJ, Aunt May, et al., and we're ready to jump into a new story. So while the first one explains why Spidey is, the second movie devotes more time to fighting the Bad Guy du Jour, Doctor Octopus.

Peter Parker (Tobey Maguire) still pines for MJ (Kirsten Dunst), from whom he steers clear despite his undying affection for her. It's for her own good, he tells himself. If we're together, my enemies will top at nothing to get at me through her, and I can't put her in that position. And so, in typical superhero fashion, he broods and broods and broods. The relentless push-and-pull between his love for MJ and his devotion to using his powers for good is a constant theme in the Spider-Man universe, and in the movies it either smolders in the background or charges with a raging fury to the forefront. Peter is given the impossible choice - true love or good deeds - and it's a choice to which, at its core, everyday people can relate; we all have exceedingly difficult choices to make throughout our lives.

And in this especially, the movies succeed. Peter Parker is supposed to be an average teen - well, except for those powers he has. He's not morally superior. He's not smarter. He's just a poor schlub who accidentally has these super powers, and he doesn't quite know how to deal with them. On a smaller scale, a comparison can be made to a supremely talented collegiate football player who's just made it to the pros. He has otherworldly talents. He has money, fame, fortune. And can he handle it? About as well as Peter can.

Anyway, the big villain here is the aforementioned Doc Ock (Alfred Molina), yet another in a long line of Good Scientists Gone Wrong. You may recall that the Green Goblin from the first S-M movie was also of this line. This Doc has found a way to manipulate metallic tentacles with his mind. (It helps that the tentacles are physically attached to him.) Something goes wrong, he goes mad, and next thing you know it, he's gonna take over the world. Give these boys a Happy Meal, and they'd still want two prizes.

Along with the inevitable Spidey-Doc Ock battles, Peter Parker's best friend Harry (James Franco) is still quite resentful as Spidey's killing of his father in the first movie. He doesn't know Peter is Spider-Man, but he knows only Peter is able to take photographs of him. So the second thematic struggle is within Harry - does he resent his friend for knowing the murderer (in his eyes) of his father? All of the cast returns from the first movie (well, all that survived the first movie), and they all do a collective good job. Maguire is a perfect choice for the lead; he's unassuming, can't really emote, is stoic, and even a little bit wimpy. All are qualities that plague the characters of both Spider-Man and Peter Parker.
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This and dark night are the greatest super movies ever made
mkayseryan11 May 2021
I knew this movie hit me diff as a kid mannnnnnnnnn what a beautiful touching movie please go watch.
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Best Spider-man Film
Lord_Crypto24 June 2007
Spider-man 2 is a perfect example of a film with a good story with lots of action, drama, entertainment, and has a good love story. This film surpasses the first one and despite the fact I had high expectations for this film, those expectations were sufficiently met. This is the best spider-man film.

Sam Raimi returns as the director in this popular movie series. This film covers the emotional battle of Peter Parker and it is handled perfectly. Peter is torn between his duties as Spider-man, his responsibilities as a student, and most of all, his emotions. The result is Peter is uncertain what he wants and what he should do. The ultimate theme, the true test of a hero! What are the choices that Spider-man makes and the actions of those choices. They will define and determine the fate of his character, Spider-man. This story of Spidey's problems is handled perfectly alongside the story behind Doctor Octopus. The special effects in the movie are very good! Although some of the effects at times seemed obviously fake and way overdone! One of which I disliked was the Spider-man/Doc Ock battle on the skyscraper! Other than that, the special effects of the film were very satisfying.

Tobey Maguire returns in perhaps his best performance of the movie series. Kirsten Dunst and James Franco are back as Mary Jane and Harry Osborne. I think Franco has a better performance as Harry in this film over the first film. But yet again, just as in the first film, the villain steals the show. Alfred Molina portrays Dr. Octopus. My personal favorite spider-man villain aside from Venom. He handles the character terrificly and the character is used perfectly as well. A good hearted man trapped in a mechanical and "superior" intelligence. Molina has the appearance and attitude of Doc Ock. He takes a very serious approach to Doc Ock which is very satisfying. He is a dangerous threat instead of a sometimes viewed old, crazy, and laughable villain. One of the best performances by an actor on a super-villain. He did not disappoint. J.K. Simmons returns in his humorous role as J. Jonah Jameson and Bruce Campbell makes a hysterical cameo appearance. Rosemary Harris portrays Aunt May and in this film, her character is more influential than ever! Her character has always been important to Peter but in this film her role is most significant. She has always been there for Peter but in this film she is able to provide Peter with the most wisdom and guidance he has ever needed. Her character is perfectly portrayed in this film. She is used as a pivotal necessity which is exploited wonderfully.

Just an outstanding movie with an outstanding story and an outstanding usage of secondary characters! One of the best comic book films ever made and a true compliment to the Spider-man character. A fantastic film! The only reason I give it a 9 instead of a 10 is that it does not seem as captivating as other movies. It is a good film but I do not really get sucked into it near as much as I do with movies I give higher ratings. An outstanding movie, a must see by spidey lovers and spidey haters alike.
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~ MORE Web-Slinging Fun ~
Aysen086 January 2005
Normally sequels are hugely disappointing in comparison to the original film. So it's hard to believe that they could even come close to topping this movies original, alas they do!

Picking up where the first movie starts off and introducing several new comic book regulars, we bypass the history establishing story of the original and head straight into what life is like for Peter Parker being a college student, Spiderman, and trying to hold down a job.

This time Spidey must face the likes of Doc Ock, portrayed by Alfred Molina (he's come a long way since Indiana Jones cameos) excellently. Once again they couldn't have picked a better actor to portray the villain Spiderman has to face.

Spiderman must take out Doc, save the city, save the girl, and still get good grades.

The action sequences once again are entrancing and the story is well written. Kudos once again to the actors involved and Sam Raimi on creating another hit. Looking very much forward to Spiderman 3. Another hit I'm sure if 1 & 2 are any indications.
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