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James Franco: Harry Osborn



  • Harry Osborn : Now... lets see who's behind the mask

    [pulls off the mask to reveal Peter] 

    Harry Osborn : [stumbles backwards]  Peter? No... it can't be.

    Peter Parker : [gets up]  Harry, where is she? He's got MJ!

    Harry Osborn : No... all he wanted was the tritium.

    Peter Parker : Tritium? He's making the machine again. When he does, she'll die alone with half of New York, now where is he?

    Harry Osborn : [pause]  Peter... you killed my father.

    Peter Parker : There are bigger things happening here than me and you.

  • [about Spider-Man] 

    Harry Osborn : He humiliated me by touching me.

  • [a troubled Harry holds his unused dagger in his hands, and broods over the revelations revealed to him. A door swings open, and he suddenly hears a cackling laugh... ] 

    Harry Osborn : Hello?

    [he takes a few steps and then hears a noise] 

    Harry Osborn : ...?

    Green Goblin : Son...

    [Harry looks around] 

    Green Goblin : [in a mirror]  I'm here.

    Harry Osborn : Dad? I thought you were...

    Green Goblin : No. I'm alive in you, Harry. You swore to make Spider-Man pay... now make him pay.

    Harry Osborn : But Pete's my best friend!

    Green Goblin : [serious]  And I'm your father. You're weak. You were always weak and you will always be weak until you take control!


    Green Goblin : Now you know the truth about Peter. Be stong Harry. Avenge me.

    Harry Osborn : No...

    Green Goblin : AVENGE ME!

    Harry Osborn : NO!

    [he hurls the dagger at the mirror, smashing it. Within it, he discovers, lies a secret room. To his shock, he discovers the Goblin mask, shelves of pumpkin bombs, tubes of green elixir, the glider and finally understands it all... ] 

  • Harry Osborn : Kill Spider-Man, I'll give you all the tritium you need. On second thought, bring him to me, alive.

    Dr. Otto Octavius : How do I find him?

    Harry Osborn : Peter Parker.

    Dr. Otto Octavius : Parker?

    Harry Osborn : He takes pictures of Spider-Man for the Bugle. Make him tell you where he is.

    Dr. Otto Octavius : Have it ready.

    [Runs down the building] 

    Harry Osborn : [shouts]  Don't hurt Peter!

  • Harry Osborn : [lamenting Otto's experiment]  I'm ruined! I have nothing left - except Spider-Man...

  • [Spider-Man rescues Harry] 

    Harry Osborn : This doesn't change anything.

  • Peter Parker : Um, I don't have time for girls right now.

    Harry Osborn : What are you - dead?

  • Dr. Otto Octavius : [during the lab demonstration]  Precious tritium is what makes this project go. There's only 25 pounds of it on the whole planet. I'd like to thank Harry Osborn and Oscorp Industries for providing it.

    Harry Osborn : Happy to pay the bills, Otto.

  • Harry Osborn : Nobel Prize, Otto! We'll see you in Sweden!

    Dr. Otto Octavius : [to Peter]  Interesting person, your friend.

  • Peter Parker : [sees Harry drinking]  Hey, you might wanna take it easy there, buddy.

    Harry Osborn : What, it's a party... wouldn't you be drinking if you lost a bundle on some crackpot who you thought was gonna take him with you to fame and fortune? Not to mention your friend the bug.

    Peter Parker : Not tonight Harry.

    Harry Osborn : Every night! Until I find him it's 24/7.

  • Harry Osborn : He's my best friend!

    Green Goblin : And I'm your father!

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