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If you like José Garcia, you'll love this movie !
loutrapine17 February 2003
Finally a movie where Jose Garcia has all the place he wants to breath and really express himself ! (All right, maybe it's because his wife directs the movie, that's a minimum !)And the scenes with Benoit Poelvoorde are masterpieces ! This is not only a very funny movie (sometimes it's very subtle, it's even better) it has a real purpose : to make you realize how lucky you are before loosing everything completely, some moving moments, but there's always a trace of humor after so you never stop laughing while the message goes through.

I had a really good time with this movie, I hope you will too !
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My girlfriend's state of mind after this movie
Gumy1022 April 2012
After this movie... actually, while we were watching this movie, my girlfriend was starting to act weird and she was really sleepy. Few minutes after I noticed this, she lost all her energy and was barely able to move. Like the movie itself sucked the life out of her. I asked her what is wrong with her, she mumbled something about numb brain and limbs. I ignored her words thinking she was only sleepy, but after the movie was done I noticed it was something much more. She wouldn't react to my words in a sensible way. I had to bring her back to life with massage and yelling to her face. All this has made me go write my first IMDb review after many years rating movies on this site. I believe this movie is little boring, pointless and typical romantic movie which I don't like. The thing is, I watched this movie because I wanted to see what will they say/do about the book "Crime and punishment" that is my favourite book. They only included the book in one short story about some guy that is non important and dull. To sum it up: not so entertaining, not a good mention of a great book and my girlfriend almost lost her will to speak.
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Film that you must see.
bobstam13 February 2016
Fantastic performance by Jose Garcia. His grace and charm, and especially sense of humor, gave this piece of art another dimension. Isabelle Doval was brilliant as actor but shows brilliance as director as well. The jokes are so funny but not vulgar. On of the best love story i have ever seen. There are lots of stuff you can learn from this movie. I think that it is way underrated on Internet Movie Database. All characters are well played, and i can not think of one bad thing in this movie. One of the best movies I've seen. This Comedy will make you laugh as never before. Everything is right in this movie. I shall not reveal anything, just watch and thank me later.
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profound and funny, but disappointing ending
alexis-debontoulouse23 January 2003
Warning: Spoilers
It is quite unusual to see a comedy which is both funny and relevantly profound. It's just too bad the director did not believe in the ideas she finely develops throughout the film ; indeed, the end is really disappointing and reminds me (here's the spoiler !) of Boxing Helena.
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