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Entertainment Weekly
By not trying too hard, this remake of a dumb movie has got spring in its step. The bounce is on us.
L.A. Weekly
It's Wilson who's the score here. Quick, scruffy and completely at ease, he takes on Jack's let-it-ride charms and foibles as if he were tossing a Frisbee with friends, and it's impossible to watch him without wanting in on the game.
Chicago Tribune
Like the frosty tropical drinks the people keep sipping here, it's refreshing and icy-cool, a sinful pleasure mixed by experts.
There's some entertainment value, but the production as a whole is unfocused.
The A.V. Club
When the general pleasantness of the atmosphere and the cleverness of the screenplay don't carry the movie, Wilson does -- at least until a hurried, confounding finale that reveals its casualness as sloppiness.
Dallas Observer
The low-wattage thrills, lukewarm jokes and unconvincing caricatures we encounter in The Big Bounce simply don't generate that kind of excitement.
New York Daily News
A sexy crime story. The double-crossing complications don't make much sense, but it's fun to watch Wilson turn the hard-boiled dialogue into a series of ironic one-liners under the hot Oahu sun.
New York Post
That The Big Bounce works at all is a testament to Wilson, an Oscar-nominated screenwriter ("The Royal Tenenbaums") who probably could have come up with something better in his sleep.
Washington Post
A film so boring, unsexy, styleless, sluggish and physically ugly that its badness seems almost intentional.
Wall Street Journal
Go in with lowered expectations, and expect to have them dashed.

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