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A fine first film with nice performances
Bruce Coughran22 September 2003
In Scott Caan's first feature, Dallas 362, you can see the same thing as was seen in his first play ('Almost Love'), the raw elements of a budding talent. Caan, son of actor James Caan, wrote and directed the deceptively simple buddy movie and in which he also stars along with Shawn Hatosy, Jeff Goldblum, and Kelly Lynch. The film, shot on a low budget on Locations in LA, manages to create a world of its own, and one in which you finally care about these flawed characters, and without falling into any of a number of possible clichés of this kind of filmmaking.

The film follows two close friends, Rusty (played by Hatosy) and Dallas (Caan), who call themselves `brothers' and are constantly becoming involved in bar fights, repeatedly being bailed out of jail by Rusty's mother, played by Kelly Lynch. Rusty wants to grow up but can't seem to break out of this pattern. Goldblum plays the mother's boyfriend who is a therapist and begins seeing Rusty as a favor to his mother. The obvious complications of this triangle come out early and are resolved in a very honest and truthful manner, and Goldblum gives a surprisingly fresh and satisfying performance.

The relationship of the friends is obvious from the beginning, and the fact that you see the problems coming makes them no less compelling. In fact, Caan has succeeded in something that is really quite difficult. As Dallas begins to dabble in ideas of larger crimes, we see coming the time when guns will come out (and they do), but even as it all happens he manages to keep the focus on the characters and not on the action. We care about what will happen to these flawed characters. This is a real strength of this film.

In fact, all of the performances are good here (including a nice turn by Val Lauren). And the film has the great virtue that it is evenly paced and not overly long. Caan manages the tricky task of working on both sides of the camera well, although this is definitely more a movie of characters and performances rather than a cinematic vision. The photography is effective for the story and shows some of the budget constraints, but it also does not call attention to itself. Undoubtedly Caan will develop as a director over time, but this is a very respectable first effort.
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Very Good First Effort
dslacker19 June 2003
Saw the premiere of this film at the CineVegas Film Festival. It was written, directed, and co-stars Scott Caan. Its the stylishly shot, very well written story of two friends in their mid-20's who are aimlessly drinking and bar brawling their time away. One of them, Rusty (Shawn Hatosy) is beginning to recognise the futility of their lifestyle while Dallas (Caan's character) seems to be headed only deeper into trouble. Rusty has support from his mother (played by Kelly Lynch) and a therapist (well done by Jeff Goldblum). Mom and the therapist are romantically involved adding a funny and bizarre twist to the story. No spoilers here - this is all revealed in the first reel. This film stands out because of the writing and the acting. Caan's semi-autobiographical screenplay is laced with lines that made the audience laugh out loud - dialogue original enough that it seems to come from real life, not a Hollywood script factory. There are a few scenes intended to 'reveal' character that drag a bit. The fine cast is capable of doing with less, not more writing. Caan told the screening audience that he wrote the movie in about a month - yet it seems to be one of those first screenplays that was years in the making. Either way, it led to a film that's far better than 90% of the stuff now showing at your local mutiplex. It deserves to be picked up for theatrical distribution followed by a long run on one of the premium movies channels. Please, Hollywood: More of this and less of 2 Fast 2 Dumberer.
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Really worth your time
apier91122 September 2003
I had the pleasure to see this film at the Toronto Film festival and this was defiantly one of the better screening. I'm not going to give away any of the plot cause you should go see it yourself (if it ever gets picked up). Scott Cann was there to promote the film as was Val Lauren. Although the plot isn't brand new, it's the dialogue and the characters that carry this film. Early on the film establishes the story and really let the actors become their character. Jeff Goldblum's character was my favorite (nice to see him in a non-creepy role) he seems somewhat normal in this film. The dialogue between the two main characters are gut bustlingly funny at times and heart breaking during others.

Scott admitted to the audience after screening that he might not get a US distribution, which is a real shame. Hollywood in the past 15 years of so have rarely put out a film that challenge the mind and makes the audience appreciate the art of film. This film definitely brings some of that art back. It's not perfect (The plot does drag a bit towards the middle) but it's worth the time to see the performance and writing by Scott Cann
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A plot, with a real ending
pdopd16 April 2006
Transitioning from youth to adulthood, and finding ones self isn't always easy. The genius to keeping my attention in Dallas was gently nudging me through my past by watching someone else through tough times. The movie plays well on the decisions to be made in regards to cultural clashes; city vs.country, divorce and re-marriage, throw in the temptation of drugs,lawlessness honesty and making good impressions.

My interest in Dallas stayed at a high level throughout, thanks to the timing with cinematic flashes and real life situations being addressed honestly .
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Good First Try, but...
mambo77197518 September 2005
...not quite the film that it aspires to be.

First of all, the cast is impressive, but too often they are underfed by the drawn-out story.

The performances are all solid, and Caan succeeds in getting you to be invested in caring about the characters.

However, the story is too thin and the attempts at humor really don't land. The previous poster is correct in that the second half of the film drags, and nothing that happens to the characters will come as a surprise to anyone.

There are clear elements in the story which will remind you of "Good Will Hunting" and "The Slaughter Rule", but the characters and actors all carve out their individual idnetities.

I was a bit surprised by the DVD interviews with the cast where they all talked about what a great script it was and how excited they were to do it.

The greatness that these established actors refer to doesn't show up in the final cut.

Having said that, I have to admire Scott Caan's ambition and belief in his work, which is quite evident. But to write, direct and act in your first film is an enormous undertaking and one that very few people outside of Woody Allen could expect to pull off. Yet, "Dallas 362" has strong elements of Caan's directorial talent on display, which I'm sure that he will continue to develop and expand upon.
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The fighting buddies
jotix10019 March 2006
Scott Caan's directorial debut gives us a film that surprises because of the talent he shows and the intelligence it projects. Mr. Caan shows a strong resemblance to his father and he surely makes him proud in his first job behind the camera. This young actor, turned director, seems to be on the right path for bigger and better things.

Mr. Caan was able to attract an interesting cast that obviously loved this project as their performances clearly demonstrate on the screen. Shawn Hatosy, who plays Rusty, is an intense young actor who doesn't repeat himself in any of the films in which he plays. In fact, his inter action with Mr. Caan's Dallas, pays off in a good way. The two of them make an excellent combination.

Others in the cast include a wonderful Jeff Goldblum, as the therapist who is seeing Rusty's mother. Kelly Lynch makes another good appearance. Bob Gunton, Selma Blair, and the rest of the supporting cast do wonders under Mr. Caan's direction.

We look forward to a long career for Scott Caan. He deserves it.
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Originality is always refreshing
itssosublime20 May 2007
If you're expecting a masterpiece in cinema you might be disappointed with Dallas 362. This film doesn't dazzle you with witty one-liners or gratuitous sexual or violent content, it simply tells a story by utilizing a solid script and the tremendous talent of it's cast. Caan and Hatosy are fantastic as a pair of "us against the world" buddies who drink too much, fight too much and aren't quite sure where life is taking them. Even more impressive however is the performance by Val Lauren. His immense talent as a stage actor really comes through in his portrayal of Christian, an overly-neurotic problem gambler who thinks that the world is conspiring against him. Some may find his character annoying, but to me he was absolutely the most enjoyable part of this film. Jeff Goldblum and Kelly Lynch help to round out this brilliant cast and make Dallas 362 a truly enjoyable story. With the proper amount of emotion and real-life dialogue, Scott Caan creates a very unique independent film that does not get the recognition it deserves. If you're a fan of the genre give this one a chance, you might be pleasantly surprised.
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Gritty, interesting, but a bit slow second half
JacquesGilles24 June 2003
Was in 'Vegas for fun at the Palms hotel - caught the CineVegas festival while I was there. Saw a bunch of interesting films which already have distribution, this one and THE ROAD HOME, were the two I saw that did not.

Interesting movie which I heard was the first film written and directed by Scott Caan. He did a good job and I really enjoyed the build up of the first half, but then the film kind of slowed down and lost some of my interest. I didn't get into the characters as much as I wanted to, but I did enjoy the performances especially of Jeff Goldblum.

Overall a decent little film.
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No Caan do
Elliott Noble17 July 2006
This have-a-go, first-time directing effort from actor Scott Caan strives for the cool quirkiness of True Romance but falls into an MTV-style wasteland.

An erratic modern-day western, it's the story of Rusty (Hatosy), a young man whose mum (Lynch) moved away from Dallas when Rusty's rodeo-performer dad bit the dust.

Shortly after arriving in their new hometown, Rusty became firm friends with fellow hellraiser Dallas (Caan). They've been inseparable ever since, sharing the same grotty pad and making money any which way they can.

But the beer-and-broads lifestyle has run its course for Rusty. He wants out of Dodge, even if it means leaving his best buddy behind.

His mum's psychiatrist boyfriend Bob (Goldblum) helps him through his dilemma. Bob's cool – he doesn't judge and he never turns down a spliff.

Rusty's mind is made up when Dallas hits upon the bright idea of jacking in the debt-collection lark to rob his bookie boss, while simultaneously agreeing to be the getaway driver on another job.

Cue many exchanges along the lines of "Are you retarded? Are you a retarded person? Have you lost your mind?" Flaws are acceptable in debut films but dodgy improvisation can be edited out. Or the scenes redone.

On paper, the cast is excellent. Like many other actors who make the switch behind the camera, Caan appears to have cashed in a few favours.

However, Marley Shelton vanishes after a single scene and Isla Fisher (Wedding Crashers), Freddie Rodriguez (Six Feet Under) and Selma Blair display embarrassingly poor improvisational skills. And the less said about Val Lauren's ridiculous turn as the local loser, the better.

Caan doesn't overstretch himself either, with Dallas being a copy of his bone-headed characters from Gone In 60 Seconds and Ocean's Eleven/Twelve.

Much-needed empathy comes from Hatosy as Rusty struggles to solve his friend-or-future conundrum. Jeff Goldblum is as reliable as ever but the show belongs to Lynch, who wrings every drop of dramatic juice from her small role.

There's enough energy to hold the attention but this adds nothing new to a familiar story and the silly and unlikely heist at the end helps not a jot.
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Very Powerful Story told on film
LivingDog26 June 2006
I loved this film. I wasn't going to post a comment about since I read "learned" people's comments about how it isn't that good. Then one poster commented that Scott Caan wrote, directed, and starred in the film - and then continued to pan it (give a poor comment). That's when I knew I had to comment about how great this film is - how powerful - how it grabs you into the life of its characters and how you hang on every unforeseen event. (I jumped at one point.)

The people panning this film are all too edu-ma-cated. They need to watch this film as a movie - sit back, relax and let it grab you by the throat and drag you away. In my opinion they are all falling along "party lines." I know of Mr. Caan from a few of the movies I have seen him in: Ocean's Eleven (2001) as Turk Malloy, American Outlaws (2001) as Cole Younger, Gone in Sixty Seconds (2000) as Tumbler and Ready to Rumble (2000/I) as Sean Dawkins. I thought he was untalented and would go nowhere in his career - they were all small parts except for the wrestle movie and he seemed to fit the role. So I was under-impressed.

Then I saw this film, read some comments, found out he wrote, directed, and starred in this film and then realized who he is ... one of Hollywood's best all around talents ever. If the "connected" people in Hollywood don't bury him, then he will rise as a legend. Powerful story from a powerfully gifted young man - yep, it's the whole thing.


Scott Caan .... Dallas

Jeff Goldblum .... Bob

Shawn Hatosy .... Rusty

Kelly Lynch .... Mary

Heavy D .... Bear

Val Lauren .... Christian

Potter Bob Gunton .... Joe

Marley Shelton .... Amanda

Selma Blair .... Peg

Isla Fisher .... Redhead

Freddy Rodríguez .... Rubin

Raymond T. Williams .... Rasta Tony

Lee Boggs .... Beard

Ann Scott .... Lady Sasha

Perl-Raver .... Girl #1




my faith: http://www.angelfire.com/ny5/jbc33/
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Great first try...I actually loved it!
poppaditty26 July 2009
I really connected and became invested in all of the characters in this movie. It had a simple plot and was somewhat predictable minus the title (you'll understand at the end), but I had a lot of fun with it. Scott Caan really pulls of the tough guy act especially for his height, something like Joe Pesci in Casino. Jeff Goldblum did his consistent but pure acting. The script was savory and sweet and I was content at the end of my 1 hour and 36 minutes less of life. Ever since Boiler Room I've been a Scott Caan fan. Obviously talent runs in the family. If your reading this Scott, thank you keep doing what your doing. I think with the right promotion you could grab a sweet portion of the market share in my demographic. Also, thanks to Netflix for putting it on they're watch instantly online library, I would have never known. 8 out of 10 for me.
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Sub Sub-Par
harkin-17 May 2007
If you want a great example of the new wave of pretentious small time hood films, this is it.

It's kind of amazing that anyone could think that an audience would want to sit and listen to this insipid dialogue. That its delivered by actors resembling a first read-through makes it even worse.

This movie is like an Actors Studio session where the worst students are allowed to 'let loose'.

It's worth watching however for Freddy Rodriguez' making a complete ass out of himself. I'd pay anything to see a shot before/after the scenes were shot to hear Caan's guidance.

This movie reeks.
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Well stylized
trcer127 September 2006
This a great story of a fella coming to a point in is life where he realizes his life is self-destructing before his eyes unless he steps up and makes a change.

Scott Caan presents a masterful script. Sorry Scott, but my first impression of you in earlier movies didn't leave me with a above cromagnum feeling. Wow was I wrong.. who's the cromag now. Each character stands out with their own unique personality, each of them truly contributing to the flow of the story. If your like me predictable movies make you sick. this will not dissatisfy.

10 stars, excellent character study, director's camera work sets the mood.
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excellent movie
jerriannc20053 June 2006
I saw this movie for the first time this week on June 2, 2006. Before this, I had never even heard of the movie. I did however know of Scott Caan, have seen him in quite a few flicks and actually adore him and his acting abilities. I saw only part of the movie on the 2nd, so I rigged my DVD recorder to record the movie early this a.m. I woke up and watched the movie from beginning to end. Now, I consider myself quite the movie buff and consider my critiques to be pretty accurate and informative. If someone in my family or a friend wants to see a movie, they ask me what they should get or ask about the choices they have made. This movie was brilliant. It was witty, down to earth yet anything but boring, and most off all worth watching. Nowadays its hard to say that about a movie. It's a shame that I hadn't discovered this flick when it first came out as I would have watched it and recommended it to EVERY person I know. It truly was original and Scott Caan is more brilliant than I ever gave him credit for. I've always loved his acting, but who knew that he was so incredibly talented all-around? I am proud to say that I love this movie, recommend it to movie lovers everywhere and am going to go out and purchase this film ASAP !! Thanks for letting me say my piece. Jerri
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Pretty Good gritty rebellious coming of age movie
This was 1 of 4 films I was able to see at Cinevegas. Dallas 362 was the film that seemend to have all the attention, opening night, stars, press, etc. Honestly I went in expecting not to like it, I mean who cares about characters in which all they do night after night is get into fights, I'm just tired of movies about young characters who need to be jolted with superficial adolescent activity to create drama. But Scott Caan has been great in all the other movies I've seen him in so I put my preconceived notions aside. I mean we're not supposed to like everything the characters do. The film started out well and I was getting into it. The first act was great, but as it went on it dragged just a bit and lost some of its lure in the second and third acts. The photography was too in your face, too upstaging, I mean the 70's are over and independent filmmaking should evolve in terms of the look and cinematography. But in terms of the story content, it was well shoot by Phil Parmet and well suited for the characters lives. Nevertheless it is an extremely well done first film, a gritty film with some heart. Starring and Directing must be a tough go and he really did a good job. Not the best film at the festival, but a very good one.
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Rough around the edges...
Neil Doyle16 December 2007
This is a story of aimless drifters (SHAWN HATOSY and SCOTT CAAN), bar buddies with no particular marketable skills who spend their time boozing it up, fighting, with at least one of them (Scott Caan) dreaming of big bucks in an easy heist. The heist ends the film on a downer when things go horribly wrong.

It's really aimless stuff, rough around the edges with endless street tough talk and nothing about the script that hasn't been done before in better "heist" stories.

JEFF GOLDBLAUM has the thankless role of a doctor SHAWN HATOSY confides in, a man who happens to be his mother's lover. He doesn't seem to have much on his mind either, smoking pot and dispensing whatever common sense he's capable of offering without much conviction.

VAL LAUREN does a good, over-the-top job as a man on drugs who is hyper-sensitive as well as hyper-active, a Jew called "Christian."

Summing up: A trifle, easily forgotten and anyone who thinks Scott Caan bears even a slight resemblance to James Caan has got to have his eyes examined. No way whatsoever. The two lookalike father/son screen stars are still Kirk and Michael Douglas.
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ivy14 August 2007
this was one of the best movies I've ever seen! i don't know what that idiotic person is talking about. this is definitely time well spent.

although i do realize how some people would not like it i guess, seeing as it does contain adult content and they swear almost every second. but its such a wonderful movie!

i only wish i could find somewhere to buy it. {if you can find anywhere please tell me, because i don't know if its hard to find sundance films. i just saw it on the sundance channel and loved it! so i want to buy it so i can watch it all the time!}

definitely watch this movie if you don't like it. it is wonderfully written, and the actors are superb!
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Now THIS Is A Drama!
Elswet13 May 2007
Scott Caan, Jeff Goldblum, Shawn Hatosy, Kelly Lynch. Two friends ramble aimlessly through life, while one plots a scheme and the other searches diligently for a way into a better life, while he obtains therapy from his mother's lover, unbeknownst to the patient.

This sounded like a convoluted mess, but I'm a Goldblum fan, so I decided to give this a shot, anyway. Goldblum's part is not as prominent as I would have liked, but he is a constant, and prominent enough for his fans to be able to appreciate his talents herein.

The story here is quite gritty, emotionally soliciting, and interesting. There are some dull moments, yes, but for the most part, this film completely engrosses, draws you into an emotional investment in the lead characters, and waltzes you through the manly maturation hazing to the bitter end.

I liked this mainly due to the follow your dream message, Goldblum, and exemplary performances by the main four cast members. This is gritty, and gives a moral lesson, without preaching, or selling itself too hard.

It rates a 9.2/10 from...

the Fiend :.
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Copy cat daddy's boy
gjmounties20 September 2006
I gave the movie a 7 out of 10 only because I liked Good Will Hunting. I've never seen a bigger rip off of a movie hit by an actors son in my life.

Where do I start. Character dev over a bar scene with guys telling stories about each other to women. Thereapy No family Guy who tells how his friends protect him due to lack of family. Fights over inferiority complex Adults fighting over his life describing him to the camera. God whoever gave the money for this please please give me the money for an Original screenplay.

This whole movie was fun to watch if you like remakes....but it makes me sad for Hollywood or Indy films.
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It moved me....
PsychoPhil1 October 2005
Warning: Spoilers
I was really looking forward to seeing this movie for over six months. From when I first wanted to watch it till I finally did, I had a lot of time to go over it in my head and think of what can happen. But I must say that I never thought that this was going to be as good as it is. Caan did a really "Glad" job on this film.

If you head asked me two years ago what I thought of Scott Caan, I would have said that he was in too many films. Because two years ago it seemed to me that every third movie I saw he was in. But he did do a great job.

This film had its weak points, which most films do. But I must say that even though I knew how it would end, in the middle of the second act, it still moved me. I feel like crying right now.

I know not a review, but one day I will learn how to do one.......

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