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Season 2

14 Sep. 1993
Curse of Axh'oon
Conan and Zula are tasked by Zula's cousin Prince Gora to deliver the cursed Mask of Axh'oon to the Orashawa, ancient enemies of the Wasai, as payment from Gora so he may marry their princess and be made their king. Conan and Zula are skeptical but agree to the task, for it may deliver peace to the two kingdoms... or it may deliver doom.
17 Sep. 1993
The Red Brotherhood
The pirate captain Valeria invites Conan to join her crew.
1 Oct. 1993
Return to Tarantia
The circus crew that raised Jezmine managed to find Jezmine's real parents. It turns out that Jezmine belongs to a noble family of Aquilonia. But there is more to her family than meets the eye.
29 Sep. 1993
Birth of Wrath-amon
In an attempt to destroy the Black Ring and save his family Conan asks the reclusive Spellbinder for help, and is sent to the distant past, before the rise of Wrath-Amon to power.
24 Sep. 1993
In Days of Old
While looking for a way to rescue Conan's family, Greywolf falls prey to an ancient wizard who survives by draining people of their youth.
13 Sep. 1993
Tribal Warfare
When Snag's tribesmen, the Vanirmen, are attacked by what appears to be Cimmerians -Conan's tribe- Conan and Snag's friendship is tested. To compliment the matter further, men who appear to be Vanirmen attack the Cimmerians. This escalates to war between the two tribes and now between two friends.
5 Oct. 1993
Labors of Conan
Following the advice of a wizard who claims to be able to undo the spell of Living Stone, Conan and Jezmine set out on a dangerous journey to gather the necessary spell ingredients. Meanwhile, Greywolf has a mission of his own.
20 Sep. 1993
Thunder & Lightning
Wrath-Amon sets a devious trap - one spell to get rid of Conan's horse, Thunder, the other to deal with the barbarian himself.
27 Sep. 1993
Windfang finally discovers a way to break Wrath-Amon's spell and become human again. But to do this, he requires Jezmine's help.
19 Oct. 1993
The Queen of Stygia
Conan is warned about a new pyramid that Wrath-Amon is working on. But the message comes from the evil sorceress Mesmira, who has her own plans for Conan.
23 Sep. 1993
The Crevasse of Winds
Conan and his friends look for the ancient Book of Skelos, hoping to use its magic to remove the spell of Living Stone. But Needle's loyalty is questioned when he encounters an older, larger phoenix.
25 Sep. 1993
Bones of Damballa
Wrath-Amon's inability to deal with Conan makes Set question the wizard's worthiness, and he picks another servant for the Black Ring, Sakumbe of the Damballas.
15 Sep. 1993
The Master Thief of Shadizar
Conan and Jezmine seek the help of a famous thief against Wrath-Amon. The thief leads them to a wizard's tower, which seems strangely familiar.
16 Sep. 1993
The Vengeance of Jhebbal Sag
Wrath-Amon attacks the Picts, searching for more star metal, and Zula summons Jhebbal Sag, the Master of Beasts, to protect the land.
5 Nov. 1993
Dregs-amon the Great
When Wrath-Amon's reptilian nature forces him to enter a hibernation, Dreggs sees this as a lucky chance to get the Black Ring and become the ruler of Stygia. Soon, he's slightly disappointed.
8 Oct. 1993
An Evil Wind in Kusan
Conan is summoned to Kusan after Falkenar's mysterious disappearance, not realizing that Wrath-Amon's allies actually want Conan to come, since there is something they need from him to fulfill their plan.
10 Oct. 1993
Conan of the Kosaki
In order to destroy Wrath-Amon's new pyramid, Conan has to unite the militant Kosaki who trust no one, especially not each other.
29 Sep. 1993
The Treachery of Emperors
Conan sets out to rescue a princess from a dark wizard, hoping to get his own kingdom in reward. Little does he know about civilized rulers and their promises.
12 Oct. 1993
Dragon's Breath
The dragon that Conan once freed from a spell might possess the knowledge of how to revive Conan's family, but to gain that knowledge, the barbarian first has to pass the deadly trials of the dragon.
30 Sep. 1993
A Needle in a Haystack
Jezmine is captured, Needle is stolen, there is a spy sent by Wrath-Amon in the Hall of Justice, and the only allies Conan has are a gang of young thieves. What else could possibly go wrong?
9 Nov. 1993
Torrinon Returns
Conan and his friends find themselves trapped in the power play between Wrath-Amon and Torrinon, and if Wrath-Amon wins, he'll have just enough star metal to finally free Set from another dimension.
11 Nov. 1993
The Stealer of Souls
Wrath-Amon uses the treachery of prince Gora and the power of monstrous Stealer of Souls to strike against the King of Wasai, Zula, and Conan.
13 Oct. 1993
The Amulet of Vathelos
Wrath-Amon prepares the last Living Stone spell to use against Conan, and Conan finds out the story of his grandfather's amulet.
22 Sep. 1993
Hanuman the Ape God
The search for Star Metal brings Conan and Jezmine to the mysterious Golden City, ruled by the cult of ape god Hanuman, where things are far from what they appear to be.
14 Oct. 1993
Nature of the Beast
In an attempt to break the curse on Greywolf's brother and sister, Conan and his friends walk right into a trap set by Mezmira.
7 Oct. 1993
Final Hours of Conan
A magical trap of Wrath-Amon's doing slowly transforms Conan into a serpent man. To stop the transformation, Conan's friends have to find the cure, or trade their star metal to Wrath-Amon before it's too late.
23 Sep. 1993
Isle of the Naiads
Conan and Snagg visit a mysterious island where supernatural tricksters live. Windfang follows, trying to capture their weapons for Wrath-Amon.
11 Oct. 1993
Blood of My Blood
Conan discovers the value of education as he learns to read and write.
12 Nov. 1993
Amra the Lion
Gora unleashes his revenge against Conan and Zula using voodoo dolls. Will the heroes escape or have they met their doom?
15 Oct. 1993
City of the Burning Skull
Conan and his friends find a mysterious city with a struggle going on between the city's last people and a diabolical sorcerer who wears "burning skull" and needs their bodies to continue his life.
1 Nov. 1993
Down to the Dregs
Needle and Dregs are forced to team up to escape an evil collector (dwarf) of rare animals.
17 Nov. 1993
The Wolfmother
Conan and Greywolf travel to an unnamed country of frost, when Sasha and Misha run away, Greywolf goes in search of them and vanishes, Conan goes to a nearby lodge to solicit the aid of its residents. Meanwhile, a mysterious woman teaches Greywolf to understand his siblings.
1 Nov. 1993
The Last Dagger of Manir
Conan and his allies land in the pirate city Tortage, where Conan soon lands them in some deep trouble. Now Conan must convince a greedy pirate captain of the power of star-metal and the danger of Set before he and his friends are handed over to Wrath-Amon.
12 Nov. 1993
Cornucopia of Grondar
Conan and friends seek the lost Cornucopia of Grondar, a mystical horn of plenty with the ability to create any object. But when the horn falls into Wrath-Amon's hands, will they be able to stop him before he creates enough star-metal to free Set?
29 Oct. 1993
When Tolls the Bell of Night
Yin Doo enlists the aid of Windfang to free an evil demon of fear and darkness imprisoned in ancient times. But when the demon turns out to be more powerful than they thought, an unlikely alliance may have to be made to vanquish the beast.
27 Oct. 1993
The Frost Giant's Daughter
Eager to win the heart of a fiery warrior woman Breda, Snagg brings Conan along into the wilds in search of a flower from the garden af Atali, the Frost Giant's Daughter. But will they find more than they bargained for?
18 Oct. 1993
Son of Atlantis
Wrath-Amon finds a magical horn that controls the people of Atlantis. The Cimmerians, with the blood of Atlantis flowing through their veins, are called to Stygia by the horn's power. Will Conan defeat Wrath-Amon's plot, or are the people of Cimmeria doomed?
2 Nov. 1993
Thorns of Midnight
Conan and Greywolf finally manage to track down some lycanthrus flowers to return Sasha and Misha to normal, but it looks like they have competition - Mesmira is after the plants as well.
5 Nov. 1993
Turn About Is Foul Play
When a new queen is revealed to be a Serpent-Woman, she tricks the king into imprisoning Conan and Zula. Now Conan and Zula, facing execution, must escape and put the treacherous snake's plans to an end.
9 Nov. 1993
Sword, Sai & Shuriken
Conan is asked to return to Phenion to face an unstoppable warrior who has defeated every ninja in Phenion. Will Conan suffer the same fate?
10 Nov. 1993
Full Moon Rising
Greywolf and Conan thwart the attempt of a rogue wizard to steal forbidden knowledge, resulting in his expulsion from Xanthus. Vowing revenge on Greywolf, he teams up with Mesmira, with devastating effect. Can they be stopped before the full moon is over?
9 Nov. 1993
The Sword of Destiny
A brash, foolhardy kid steals Conan's sword and goes off heedlessly to confront Wrath-Amon and prove himself as great a hero as Conan.
4 Oct. 1993
The Book of Skelos
Conan, Jasmine and Zula, in search of the second Book of Skelos (the first having been destroyed in "The Crevasse of Winds"), enter an ancient ruin that leads to a nightmarish pocket dimension controlled by a monstrous demon.
3 Nov. 1993
The Vale of Amazons
Conan is taken prisoner by the Amazons and made a slave, and it is up to Jezmine to defeat the treacherous queen of the Amazons and rescue her friend.
19 Oct. 1993
Conn Rides Again
Mesmira summons Conan to her boat, claiming she will undo the spell of living stone cast on Conan's family, meanwhile, Conn and Greywolf plot to stop Mesmira.
15 Nov. 1993
Escape of Ram-amon
On a quest to destroy Wrath-Amon, Conan finds the long-imprisoned Ram-Amon, predecessor of Wrath-Amon and sets him free, the two then team up to defeat Wrath-Amon.
16 Nov. 1993
The Star Metal Monster
In search of friendship, a young orphan girl with innate sorcerous powers breathes life into a grotesque metal statue. Dubbing the extremely protective beast Titainus, she feels safe at last. Unfortunately for her the statue was forged entirely from star-metal.
8 Nov. 1993
Once & Future Conan
Conan walks into a trap set by Wrath-a-mon. Just as Conan leaps into battle, he's transported into the future. There he finds Greywolf, much older. Set has taken over the World, and many of his friends have been lost. They're trying to prevent Set's rise to power, by preventing Conan's death in the past.
17 Nov. 1993
Into the Abyss
After a tentative meeting with Ram-Amon to discuss the Amulet of Vathelos, Conan discovers that it needs to be recharged with some of Set's own dark magic from Abyss. Now Conan and Jasmine are surrounded by hostile Serpent-Men against which their star-metal weapons have no effect.
18 Nov. 1993
A Serpent Coils the Earth - Part 1
Wrath-Amon finishes the building of the pyramids required to open the Gates of Eternity and bring the evil Set back to Earth. After destroying the city of Shushan, Set and his army go to the north, bringing fear to everyone.
19 Nov. 1993
A Serpent Coils the Earth - Part 2
The battle rages on as Set invades Tarantia, being opposed by many of Conan's friends and allies. Meanwhile, Conan and his grandfather, Conn, go to Galamira Mountain and the tomb of Epimetrius, who informs them of how to defeat Set. Later they must reluctantly trust Mesmira if they are to succeed in infiltrating Wrath-Amon's stronghold.
22 Nov. 1993
A Serpent Coils the Earth - Part 3
Conan and his friends succeed in closing the Abyss by destroying the Star-Metal Disc atop fortress, but then, Ram-Amon reveals himself, captures them and assumes the role of second-in-command due to Wrath-Amon's defeat. And Set prepares attack on heroes.

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