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Wait, you mean all I have to do is become God to solve all my problems? Why didn't I think of that before???
Anonymous_Maxine9 July 2003
Jim Carrey is back to much the same role that he played in The Mask, a timid guy who is trying to get ahead in the world but who seems to be plagued with bad luck. Even when he tries to help a homeless guy from being harassed by a bunch of hoodlums (and of course they have to be Mexican, obviously), his good will towards his fellow man backfires. In that case, it wasn't too hard to predict that he was about to have a handful of angry hoodlums, but I like that the movie suggests that things like that shouldn't be ignored. I'm reminded of the episode of Michael Moore's brilliant The Awful Truth, when they had a man lay down on the sidewalk and pretend to be dead and see who would actually stop and make sure he was okay. The results were not very promising, so it's nice to see someone in the movies setting a good example.

Jim Carrey plays the part of Bruce Nolan, the nice guy mentioned above whose entire life seems to be falling apart. Or even better, it seems to be breaking up by the blows of bad luck like an asteroid entering the atmosphere (a little metaphor that comes up when Bruce miraculously finds himself a gigantic news story later in the film). Bruce is nearly 40 years old and all he has to show for it is a position as a news reporter of the sort that reports on such exciting news as the local bakery that's seeking to bake the world's biggest cookie. He's desperate to obtain the job of head anchor at the TV station, but he loses his cool on live TV when he hears that the job went to his rival colleague. You have to love how they time the revelation of this news to him seconds before his first live report. Needless to say, he loses his temper on live TV in one of the funniest scenes of the entire film.

Morgan Freeman delivers a fantastic performance as the Man himself, displaying a God whose infinite wisdom is somewhat reflected through Freeman's massive talent as an actor. He is the kind of God who takes his job very seriously, but in such a way as to advise his followers (as well as the viewers of this movie) that there are times when you need to slow down and do some manual labor in life. I love his line that some of the happiest people in the world come home smelling to high heaven at the end of the day. There are a lot of people in the world (maybe more than our share in America) who are so absorbed by their money and their possessions and their jobs and everything that they completely lost touch with the natural side of themselves as humans.

One of the biggest strengths is that the movie is able to provide great advice to people in general about improving their lives, and this message is clear and acceptable regardless of the viewer's religion. I, for example, tend to reject organized religion in all forms and I see God and Satan to be metaphors for different aspects of nature and human psychology rather than actual figures who ever lived or continue to live. But despite the fact that I don't believe that God exists as an entity overseeing the universe or as a janitor dressed all in white who mops the floors of his downtown office in his spare time, I was able to appreciate the messages that were delivered in this movie.

Jim Carrey's movies display this fantastic evolution that ties them all together and makes the newer ones look even better just because you can see how far he's come. If you compare Bruce Almighty with movies like Ace Ventura (both of which I loved, by the way) or a lot of what he did before he got into film, it's amazing how far he's come. He has moved from cheesy TV comedy to cheesy comedic films to comedies that are truly intelligent and meaningful like this film as well as others like The Truman Show, Man on the Moon, and The Majestic (easily one of his greatest films ever). Jim Carrey has unmistakably moved from the cheesy comedy of his past to become one of the most important comic actors working today.

Jennifer Aniston also once again provides an excellent addition to the movie (as she did in the side-splitting Office Space) as Bruce's girlfriend, who becomes increasingly exasperated by Bruce's growing stress about his life as well as his negligence to ask her to marry him. There is definitely some low-brow comedy in the film that doesn't really fit with the importance of the film's meaning or the quality of the delivery, such as the dog reading the newspaper on the toilet and the whole monkey scene, but it was definitely pretty nice to see Ace Ventura's friend Spike make a cameo appearance. As Stephen King very well knows, it's always nice to see familiar characters. It's almost like seeing family again.

Bruce is endowed with the powers of God for a given period of time so that he can understand life a bit better, and he says a lot about himself when he uses the powers only for his own purposes rather than to help all of the people who pray to him. The thing I love about this is that, like I said before, religion is absent from my life, but I was able to watch this and learn a lot about myself as well by thinking about what kinds of things I would have done had I been endowed with such powers. The movie allows us to learn vicariously this way, which empowers the message even more.

The scenes that involve the news station are easily the funniest in the entire film, such as the scene when Bruce loses his temper about the anchor position, the Jimmy Hoffa scene (who was conveniently buried with an original birth certificate and a complete set of dental records), the scene where Bruce's rival colleague is made to go nuts on camera, and my favorites, the ones at the beginning and the end involving the local bakery's cooking. The movie has plenty of time for Carrey to deliver some excellent jokes, such as when he says to God (who reveals that he's the janitor, the proprietor, the electrician, etc) that his Christmas parties must be real bashes, and to be careful about drinking, because on of him might need a ride home! I also loved the end when he says that behind every great man is a woman rolling her eyes. A little too true, and as Gallagher would add, behind every great man is also an amazed mother-in-law.

Bruce Almighty is one of the more memorable comedies to have come out for quite a while, and is probably the only directly religious that I can remember seeing that I am anxious to buy on DVD to add to my personal collection. It is a comedy written and performed in good taste, but with enough relatively low-brow humor to keep the kids entertained. This is a meaningful comedy for the whole family, which is becoming rarer and rarer these days. In a world that is about to be flogged with yet another American Pie film AND another Scary Movie (which are only scary because of their sheer barbarous idiocy), it's nice to see that there are still people making comedies worth watching. Don't miss this one.
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Carrey on form
Chris_Docker27 June 2003
Now either you like Mr Carrey's humour or you don't. Me, Myself and Irene had audiences both walking out in droves and, on the other hand, cheering and collapsing in puddles of mirth. Bruce Almighty is a bit more mainstream, but you have been warned.

If you're not sure, watch the trailer. I saw the trailer three times and still laughed at the same gags when I saw the film. If you don't find the sight of a dog putting the seat down after using the loo funny, don't bother with the movie.

Carrey, a reporter stuck in a rut covering 'lighter news' berates God when the whole of his life seems to be going to pot. God takes up the challenge and asks Carrey if he can do better. Carrey gets into the swing of having all of God's powers by making his girlfriend (Jennifer Aniston)'s breasts bigger, getting himself promoted, and answering everyone's prayers by single stroke computer commands.

This is not a highbrow movie or even that memorable, but it is very well made within it's very limited intent, provides almost continuous laughs to Carrey fans, and even any religious cheesiness is likely to be inoffensive to all but the most narrow-minded god-squadders and anti-god-squadders.

On the more thoughtful level, the film tempts us to speculate about Carrey's own career - stuck in his 'comedy' typecasting he has largely failed to make an impression as a serious actor even after winning two Golden Globes. His most accomplished 'straight' role, the Man on the Moon, is less well known that his comedy romps - or The Truman Show (on which the Academy heaped three nominations whilst bypassing Carrey).
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Nobody does it better than the Almighty.
OllieSuave-00710 April 2014
Discontented television reporter Bruce Nolan (Jim Carrey), on his worst day of his life, rages against God. He responds by appearing in human form (Morgan Freeman) and gives Bruce divine powers, challenging him to take on the big job of being the Almighty.

As the divine-powered Nolan using his new gift, it is actually very hilarious to see him playing tricks on people that annoy him in his life, including the sidesplitting scene where he makes rival reporter Evan Baxter blunder big time on live TV. Makes me wish I have some special powers to counter some of the people that annoyed me to no end.

The film's story also proves that it is not a walk-in-the-park to serve in God's shoes, as he has to listen to all the voices of the people's prayers around him and see what chaotic things actually happen when all people get what they wish for. I think this is cleverly depicted in this movie's solid plot.

Overall, this is one of the better Jim Carrey comedies I've seen, where he is funny, but doesn't go overboard with the slapstick and silliness. Mixing in the humor with some doses of drama, you'll get quite an entertaining movie.

Grade B
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Carrey does it again
helpless_dancer19 June 2004
Well, was Morgan Freeman any more unusual as God than George Burns? This film sure was better than that bore, "Oh, God". I was totally engrossed and LMAO all the way through. Carrey was perfect as the out of sorts anchorman wannabe, and Aniston carried off her part as the frustrated girlfriend in her usual well played performance. I, for one, don't consider her to be either ugly or untalented. I think my favorite scene was when Carrey opened up the file cabinet thinking it could never hold his life history. See if you can spot the file in the cabinet that holds the events of his bathroom humor: I was rolling over this one. Well written and even better played out, this comedy will go down as one of this funnyman's best.
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What if God was one of us? It would be pretty funny.
BlackX19 December 2003
I really do not know what people have against this film, but it's definitely one of my favourites. It's not preachy, it's not anchored by it's moral, it shouldn't be controversial. It's just God. Any possible God, no matter the religion. And it's really funny.

Jim Carry plays Bruce Nolan, a TV reporter usually stuck on the lighter side of the news, desperate to prove himself (more or less TO himself) that he can be taken seriously and do a good job in an anchor job. This drive is what is slowly driving his beautiful girlfriend Grace (Jennifer Aniston) away. When the final straws are executed, he's quick to not laugh, but yell in the face of God, who in turn gives Bruce his powers. Bruce then makes his life better for himself, until he's guilted into helping others, where he then continues to miss the point of his powers. Meanwhile, his constant excitement about his own life makes him more selfish, leaving his relationship on dangerous ground.

OK, that was kinda long. But as a plot, it works well. The step-by-step fashion in which we meet the challenges of being God is much better than clustering his problems together, and is able to hide itself fairly well.

As you probably know from hearing about this movie in the first place, Carrey's pitch-perfect acting stays in character (which, luckily enough, is him), and controls and gives atmosphere to the movie scene by scene. Whether they would admit it or not, the role was written or rewritten exclusively for Carrey. Without him, the humour would turn flat, as humour is half execution. And the humour is very good in the first place. But without Carrey, it would kinda feel like a It's a Wonderful Life wannabe.

Jennifer Aniston is great and, no matter what some may say, does not act like the only excuse for the third act. At least, you don't think that when you see her. She gives a heartfelt performance and makes you forget you're watching a movie, she and Carrey feel very much like a real couple.

The movie feels ggooooodd (see the movie to understand), has a very nice feeling, tackles the idea appropriately and better than expected and overall should never have been called slapped together just to save Carrey's career (which wasn't goin' anywhere.).
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Jim Carrey delivers his trademark antics in this little comedy gem about the responsibility of playing God.
schmimic23 April 2005
Starring: Jim Carrey, Morgan Freeman, Jennifer Anniston I was really quite skeptical the first time I watched this movie. I mean, what a conceptual NIGHTMARE. Jim Carrey playing God? Nothing is sacred anymore.

Well, this movie is hardly sacred, but it also is not sacrilegious, at least not to any great extent. Yes, Jim Carrey has the powers of God for a while, but he is not God. Confused? I'll give you the low down.

Jim Carrey plays Bruce Nolan, a reporter who is down on his luck and feeling very unsuccessful with his life. He lives with his beautiful girlfriend, Grace (Anniston), and you can tell right off the bat that they love each other, but the relationship is on fairly shaky ground.

Then Bruce gets a shot at anchorman, only to have it underhandedly stolen by Evan Baxter. Obviously not please, Bruce shares his thoughts with the world through the television in a way which is comical and definitely worthy of getting him fired.

Much complaining and griping about God later, Bruce gets a page. After a while he gets tired of it calling, so he responds and goes to the Omni Presents building (heh). There he meets God (Freeman), who is the Boss, Electrician, and Janitor of the building. I found this highly amusing. God is the Boss, the Holy Spirit is the Electrician, and Jesus Christ is the Janitor. Think about it. Boss, obvious. Electrician, the guy who keeps everything running. Janitor, the guy who cleans up the mess that the world has left. BRILLIANT.

Anyway, Bruce is a little skeptical about having actually met God, but when God gives Bruce his powers and gives him a shot at playing God, he starts to believe a bit. Wonder why. Enter the flagrant abuse of powers for personal gain and to abuse the enemies.

Since this is Hollywood, Bruce obviously eventually smartens up, learns his lesson, and starts using his powers for the good of the world. In the end he cries out for God to take it away and prays that His will be done, not Bruce's.

Since it is Jim Carrey, the movie is quite amusing, and there are definitely some highly entertaining moments in it. The movie is not perfect theology, but for Hollywood, it is definitely a good attempt. Many statements in the film can be quite thought provoking and even challenging, and I applaud Tom Shadyac for his effort in this movie.

So, while far from perfect, definitely an amusing popcorn movie with a little bit of thought behind it.

Bottom Line: 3.5 out of 4 (worth a view or two)
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Lightweight, Fun Look At Thelogy
ccthemovieman-117 February 2008
As someone who lives near Buffalo, New York, this movie scored points with me before I even saw it, since the story is based here. There are even some bit parts with real-life news-TV anchor people from Buffalo..and, for once, it doesn't knock the area. Hallelujah!

Theology-wise, puh-leeze!!! God is still made to look and think like humans...and, of course, be a bit on the liberal side. Being the lightweight comedy it is, it's nothing that should win any awards but it still is entertaining and is a pleasant way to kill 102 minutes.

There are some laugh-out-loud slapstick comedy scenes and, hopefully, audiences - from Christians to atheists.- got something out of this besides a few laughs, such as what prayer should really be all about. Kudos to the writers for at least getting that theology correct and giving a good message.

Overall, it's a good-hearted film that should offend very few.
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Jim Carrey's last hit
HotToastyRag12 June 2017
Bruce Almighty had such a promising premise: a man, disillusioned with God, suddenly meets The Man is given his powers. Prayers come in to Bruce, and he has "almighty" power to do whatever he wants, which, since this is a comedy, includes adjusting his girlfriend's breast size and destroying a co-worker's career.

This movie marked the last Jim Carrey movie that most people saw in the theaters. After this came his dramatic turn in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, the quirky, hard-to-market A Series of Unfortunate Events, and finally the less-than-stellar remake of Fun with Dick and Jane. So, if you're an old-school Carrey fan and want to see his last hit, you can rent this one. It does have a few funny gags in it, but it's easy and sad to tell he's on the decline.
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Carrey delivers
Special-K8824 May 2003
Broad, amusing, well-intended comic fantasy about an ambitious Buffalo reporter who hates his job and dreams of becoming a news anchor. After suffering from some hard luck, the reporter directs his anger toward God whom he feels is ignoring him completely, until he has an unexpected celestial encounter that endows him with divine powers that allow him to see the truth. Well-crafted comedy suffers from occasional lapses due to conventional story elements, but it's good-natured and consistently laugh-out loud funny, with some terrific sight gags, clever ideas, and a perfect part for Carrey who makes a welcomed return to the kind of silliness that made him a star. ***
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Ultra predictable, but entertaining
educallejero13 April 2020
This movie rest in the shoulders of Jim Carrey. There is almost literally nothing more. We see a bit of his life before getting "God's powers" and then the adventure and predictable tale about "thinking well what you wish for", basically. Carrey is not "The Mask" or "Ace Ventura" level of obnoxious, so the movie flows well with mostly dumb jokes, some better than others, and a bunch of actual real written jokes too. Jennifer Anniston is there. It doesn't matter. Steve Carrell has a criminal ultra small role, but he's the best part of the movie regardless. It's a fine comedy with not much more to it than a predictable but well done message
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So much fun
UniqueParticle26 January 2020
Jim Carrey awesomeness throughout! I remember being little and seeing Bruce Almighty with my family in the theater that was precious! Quite enjoyable entertainment that is always a delightful with great effects and comedy that's memorable. I will say though I'm not a fan of the religious stuff but if anything this is my favorite one with aspects of Christianity.
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namashi_19 September 2010
How would you handle the most awesome responsibility in the universe? Asks, the 2003-classic 'Bruce Almighty'. Some films have a certain feel to them, and this is amongst those films.

Jim Carrey stars as Bruce, who often complains to the man above, of how unlucky and how unkind he's been to him. One fine day, the Almighty appears, played by Morgan Freeman. He gives his powers to him see if he can do a better job.

'Bruce Almighty' is a film that I've loved ever since it's release. I remember watching it in L.A., Universal City Walk. I was awed by it, it's such a touching & moving cinematic experience. It has it's share of hilarious moments, but its the penultimate 30-minutes, when the goings-on get serious, those are the portions that leave a strong impression. You weep in your seat and you exit the auditorium in glee.

Steve Oedekerk, Steve Koren & Mark O'Keefe's Screenplay is legendary. Tom Shadyac's execution to the genius Screenplay is completely justified. Dean Semler's Cinematography is super.

In the acting department, Jim Carrey proves his caliber, yet again. He becomes Bruce from scene A itself. He is the life of the show. Morgan Freeman as God, is wonderfully relaxed. Jennifer Aniston as Bruce's Lady-Love is remarkable. This truly ranks amongst her best performances! Steve Carell fumbles beautifully. Catherine Bell looks ravishing! Her performance is just right.

On the whole, One of the Finest Films of 2003. A film that not only entertains, but also leaves you enlightened. Two Big Thumbs Up!
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I laughed so hard and long, my stomach hurts...
PurpleReign196125 December 2003
If you want a serious laugh pain, watch this movie, and the things Bruce inflicts on his fellow newscaster. The deleted scenes are priceless. I don't know why they didn't include them in the original movie. It can't be because of time, since the movie is only 101 minutes long. Morgan Freeman is a brilliant actor, who has been overlooked for too long. Jim Carrey needs meds!
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unrealized potential
cherold18 December 2004
This movie really ought to have been funnier. It's not that it's a great premise - it's pretty daft, actually - but it's a workable premise. You've got Carrey with ultimate power, which offers all sorts of opportunities for humor. Yet the film rarely made it above mildly amusing and often couldn't even manage that. I think much of the problem was the movie was torn between wanting to be funny versus wanting to be touching and profound (since they throw in a scene from It's a Wonderful Life I tend to suspect they were hoping for something with that feel). The end result is a movie that fails to succeed comedically or emotionally. Bruce is not an especially sympathetic character, he's so petty and self centered that it's hard to take much of an interest in his problems or his life or his decisions. I thought Freeman made a pretty decent Lord Almighty and the bits with the dog were cute, and it wasn't so bad that I gave up on it, but it's really a movie where you just wonder, why did they even bother making this?
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Even God thinks Jim Carrey is God's gift to comedy in this repulsive effort
J. Spurlin13 April 2005
Whenever I watch Jim Carrey I get the feeling he's grabbing me by the collar, slamming his face into mine and screaming, "Laugh at me! Laugh at me, goddammit, laugh!" His efforts to be funny seem so desperate and sweaty, yet for many people it works. For instance, the DVD for this movie includes an outtake where Carrey improvises with baking utensils. Director Tom Shadyac cites this as an example of Carrey's genius, but it reminded me of another exhausting comic, Carrot Top.

Even without Carrey, the premise of "Bruce Almighty" would be charmless. Bruce Nolan (Carrey) is a Buffalo newscaster assigned to featherweight stories like the creation of the world's largest cookie. When the anchorman at his station retires, he feels he has a good chance to get promoted to the job. Instead, it goes to his loathed rival Evan Baxter (Steve Carell), a fact that he learns while doing a live report from Niagara Falls. This results in a bitter on-air hissy fit in which he insults a little old lady on a tour boat and delivers the f-word right to the camera. Naturally, he's fired. This sets off a chain of events that climax with a group of thugs beating him and vandalizing his car. He blames God for this terrible run of bad luck. God, played by Morgan Freeman in a gleaming white suit, is inordinately angered and teaches Bruce a lesson by letting him take over the job of being the Almighty. Bruce uses these new powers to teach his dog how to use the toilet, give his girlfriend (Jennifer Aniston) bigger breasts, return to his old job in a blaze of glory – and humiliate his rivals, especially Baxter.

The script makes a few feeble stabs at making Bruce seem other than the raging egomaniac and obnoxious jerk he clearly is. He helps a blind man at one point; he kinda-sorta answers some prayers. But he's mainly unsympathetic; and it seems horrific that God would give this man nearly unlimited powers just to get him to appreciate his girlfriend and learn a dubious theological lesson or two. What about all the other people affected by Bruce's antics? When Bruce inadvertently brings about tidal waves on the other side of the globe, we briefly see a TV news report showing the people harmed by this disaster. How many were killed?

God helpfully explains this favoritism near the end when he tells Bruce he has the gift of making people laugh. I would have said he has the ability to slam his fist down people's throats and rip out the laughs in bloody heaps.

Honestly, I thought Jerry Lewis was the ultimate comedian-narcissist, but not even Lewis had God fawn over his own genius; still less was there a God who let him bumble his way into destroying the lives of those who evidently aren't hilarious enough to receive special treatment.

This movie would have been so much more tolerable – for me, if not Carrey fans – if Bruce had been played by someone more likable. Just look at God Himself to see what casting can do. Morgan Freeman can tell us that a real miracle is when "a teenager says 'no' to drugs and 'yes' to an education" and make that crap sound like wisdom. In fact, what if the part of Bruce had been retooled for an elderly man so that Freeman could play *both* parts?

I know, I know. Jim Carrey is a huge box office draw, and Freeman is not. If the real God ever decides to exert himself over trivia, maybe he ought to look into that little injustice.
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I Expected Much More Than That
claudio_carvalho26 December 2003
Bruce Nolan (Jim Carrey) is an external and funny TV network correspondent, competing with his colleague Evan Baxter (Steven Carell) the position of 'anchor' in the TV news. He lives with Grace Connelly (Jennifer Aniston), a teacher of children, who loves and wants to marry him. Bruce is a very selfish, grudging and envious man. While presenting a live event in Niagara Falls, he is informed that Evan was chosen as the new anchor man. Bruce gets crazy, says a lot of wicked and non-sense things to the audience and is fired. Bruce blames God, and sooner he is called by Him. God (Morgan Freeman) decides to go on vacations for a week and gives all His powers and duties to Bruce, but the power of changing the free will. With his greed, Bruce commits lots of mistakes, but in the end he is redeemed. The plot of this movie could be funnier. However, the nasty personality of Bruce does not help much. Jennifer Aniston is beautiful as usual and performs a nice character. I myself expected much more of this movie. My vote is five.

Title (Brazil): "O Todo Poderoso" ("The Almighty")
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davispittman22 June 2016
Bruce almighty is just boring and bland. Jim Carrey isn't likable at all here, he is just boring and unfunny, I really did hate his character here. Morgan freeman was alright as God, he is good in theory as the almighty, but idk he was just a little blah, nothing too special. And then there's Jennifer Aniston, she was OK, I am an Aniston fan, but it's kinda hard to be a big fan of her in Bruce almighty, because like freeman, there just isn't much to her performance in the film. Also this movie is just hopelessly UNfunny, I mean I didn't even chuckle once during the entire film, and let me just tell ya, the movie is too long, the runtime is just simply too long. The movie should've been funnier, much funnier, especially since it stars comedic talent Jim Carrey, go figure. Bruce Almighty stoops to childish mediocre stunts to gain laughs, but fails miserably at it. Steve Carrel, another comedic talent, is in the movie, but he is a flop here as well. Boring, boring, and more boring. 1/10 for Bruce Almighty, just a flat out flop. Disappointing too, the movie had pretty good potential to be something funny, original, and intelligent. Maybe Evan almighty will be better, kinda doubt it though.
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God doth have a sense of humor
XFLRWF24 June 2003
Whether or not a person believes in God, most people have thought they could make things better if they ran the world. Some would end world hunger, some would make world peace, and other would just fix the problems in their own lives. But few people would ever consider the burden and awesome responsibility of the universe's most absolute power. How would prayers be answered? How would you handle disasters and riots? What would you do if someone did not believe in you? `Bruce Almighty' presents a view of what would happen if a man's will were done. Bruce Nolan (Jim Carrey) is a field reporter for the local Buffalo, NY news station. Tired of doing human-interest stories, being passed over for promotions, and the overall course his life has taken, he calls out God (Morgan Freeman) and claims he can make things better if he ran the world. God hears Bruce's challenge and offers him the chance to prove it. The Almighty departs for a vacation and endows Bruce with all his powers. Bruce now has the opportunity to demonstrate what kind of God he can be. The only provisions are that Bruce cannot tell anyone he is God and he cannot interfere with anyone's free will. `Bruce Almighty' is wonderfully done by the talents of creative director Tom Shadyac (Liar, Liar, Patch Adams) and the humorous story by screenwriter Steve Koren (Night at the `Roxbury) and television writer Mark O'Keefe (Late Show with David Letterman). Shadyac's direction plays a key role to this visually comedic movie. Not solely relying on his performers, he also implements several sight gags. Shadyac's eye for comedy comes through when he shows how Bruce organizes his prayer requests, how Bruce dispenses justice, and even when Bruce gets a cup of coffee. The script is also well written by the comedic duo of Koren and O'Keefe. The movie is not only funny but it also looks at the seriousness of what it really means to be God. Koren and O'Keefe examine how would an average Joe handle the millions of daily prayer requests, would that person abuse his power, and would he ever give up the job. Don't get me wrong, this is not a movie to would take your children to see to teach them religion. It is filled with teen and adult humor that fans have come to expect from this genre. Koren and O'Keefe not only manage to keep the theatre laughing but give God a human face. Jim Carrey gives another great performance as Bruce Nolan. Known for his way out antics and facial expressions, Carrey combines those talents with a genuine acting ability that sells his performance. Carrey is very much the common man in his role as Bruce. He is frustrated with the morning traffic, he wants more in life, and he wants God to make it happen. Most audiences can identify with his aggravation because most have been where Bruce has been. But Carrey is also a hilarious man-God when he rules the world. He has fun with his powers while making sure the best things work out for him. Carrey delivers just the right mix of comedy with a touch of the Spirit. Morgan Freeman and Jennifer Aniston are also enjoyable in their roles as God and Bruce's girlfriend, Grace, respectively. Freeman plays God with a humanistic yet sympathetic quality. He not only offers Bruce the chance to take his job, but also is ready to help him out when he runs into trouble or needs advice. Freeman's portrayal is also what one would expect out of God: warm, endearing, and forgiving. Aniston's screen time is somewhat limited in the film. Her performance of Grace is the typical stand-by-your-man girlfriend. She loves Bruce and will stick with him no matter how much of a jerk he can be. The role is generic but Aniston plays well with what she's dealt. Perhaps the scene-stealer of the film is the sidesplitting job done by the Daily Show's Steve Carell. Carell plays Bruce's main antagonist, Evan Baxter. Baxter and Nolan's on-going feud sets the stage for very funny on-air showdown in which Carell's performance will have audiences wiping their eyes from laughter. `Bruce Almighty' is no doubt entertaining and humorous. The movie has all the combinations to make it a success and audiences looking for a good laugh will not be disappointed. While the movie may be more popular with the teen crowd, adults may also enjoy the film as well. This is not a Jim Carrey comedy where he talks from his rear but a comedy that also examines a serious nature of life and show's Carrey has evolved as an actor. But let us hope for Jim's case, God doth have a sense of humor.

Grade: B
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Actually better than you might expect
kyle-cruse18 September 2008
"Bruce Almighty" looks and sounds incredibly stupid, especially from the trailers. Nevertheless, I found in it a deeper message that actually made me like this film more. Bruce (Jim Carrey) is angry at God and is given divine powers by him to be God for a week to see if he can do a better job. Morgan Freeman plays a man symbolized here as God, and though it isn't his usual type of film or one of his best roles, he does excellent with what he is given to work with. Although crude at times, the film does have quite a few laughs, from Bruce parting his soup in half like the Red Sea and the customers' reactions to him, as well as Freeman's seemingly laid-back and wisecracking image of God. It is overly exaggerated at times, and there is some crude humor, but overall it manages to be somewhat funny. There is a decent supporting cast, such as Jennifer Aniston, Lisa Ann Walter, and Steve Carrell, which always helps. The end of the film proves to be very romantic and tear-jerking, and the message is clear, that we should do what God has called us to do and "be the miracle." The film is far from perfect, but still enjoyable, and far better than I and many people probably would have expected, especially if we see the deeper message of the film.

*** out of ****
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God Almighty!
Buddy-5117 July 2003
`Bruce Almighty' is yet another `high concept' comedy starring Jim Carrey, this time as a self-pitying, put-upon TV news reporter in Buffalo who finds himself endowed with all God's powers when the Almighty Himself decides to take a little vacation.

This material may seem tailor-made for Mr. Carrey's manic talents, but the makers of the film – screenwriters Steve Koren, Mark O'Keefe and Steve Oedekerk, and director Tom Shadyac – have failed to discover any really innovative ways of approaching it. When Bruce learns that he has the power to alter the world's reality at will, he spends most of his time playing foolish little parlor tricks on people who irritate him. Carrey can still be wildly funny when the script calls for him to do that rubber-faced-and-bodied slapstick routine for which he is justly famous, but `Bruce Almighty' is not content to be a cynical, outrageous farce. It also wants to be a `meaningful' love-thy-neighbor comedy, and falls down miserably in the process. Morgan Freeman as God gets to do little but deliver high-toned, sappy homilies designed to make Bruce see the importance of the power that's been entrusted to him. True to the formula – one that goes at least as far back as Frank Capra films in the 1930's – the film turns hopelessly mawkish and sentimental in its final third. That would be forgivable had `Bruce Almighty' at least given us some cutting-edge outrageousness in its early stretches.

Jennifer Aniston exudes the requisite amount of charm as Bruce's devoted girlfriend, but the role is hardly one to challenge this obviously gifted young actress (see last year's `The Good Girl'). And there are a few moments when the filmmakers seem to have latched onto a clever or creative concept. But those moments are quick to pass and, before we know it, we are once again mired in the predictability of yet another manufactured, by-the-numbers Hollywood product. An additional problem with the movie is that it often defies the essential credibility that even an absurdist scenario such as this one demands. At least twice in the film, for instance, a flipped out, ranting reporter is allowed to stay on the air long after any halfway competent news show producer would have pulled the proverbial plug on him.

If it weren't for the presence of the gifted Carrey, `Bruce Almighty' would seem like just another `Bewitched' episode expanded out to feature length. Come to think of it, it feels that way anyhow.
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This is the best comedy movie in cinema, in my opinion. (Yet, it's so much more than just a comedy).
TheHonestCritic1 August 2019
"Bruce Almighty" (2003), when I first watched this movie, it changed my outlook on the genre of comedy. It's yet another example of what I consider a perfect movie. "Bruce Almighty" also happens to be one of my top 10 all-time favorite movies! While "The Three Stooges" is my favorite comedy TV show and my all-time favorite TV show overall, "Bruce Almighty" is my favorite comedy movie. It's my favorite comedy film of all-time for one big reason; Jim Carrey. He makes this film, had this movie been cast with someone else as the character of Bruce Nolan, this movie might not have worked. Jim Carrey is not the only A-list comedy actor in this movie, Steve Carell; one of my other favorite comedy actors, is in this movie also. These two actors play off each other very well, put them both together and hilarity ensues! Before I saw this movie, I always wondered what it would be like if Jim Carrey and Steve Carrell were in a movie together. Sure enough, it works brilliantly and dreams really do come true! They may not be together during the whole movie, but when they do a comedy scene together it's comedic gold, and in this case less is more. Jennifer Aniston is great as Grace, the fiancee of Bruce. She and Jim Carrey have great chemistry in this movie! Also, they could not have picked a better actor to play God. If any actor could pull off that role, Morgan Freeman is definitely the best candidate for the part. This movie has a great story, great special effects, great sets/locations, great soundtrack, and of course great acting. It fires on all cylinders! As I mentioned, this movie is much more than just a comedy. It has a little bit of drama, a little bit of romance, and a touch of action to keep it interesting. I will not reveal the ending, truth be told, it's one of the best endings in cinema. You'll laugh and you'll cry when you see the ending, but I assure you that you're going to have tears of sadness, but also joy. If you're watching this movie for the first time, bring a box of tissues for the ending. Even though I've seen this movie countless times, I still get choked up watching the ending. This is Jim Carrey's best movie, bar-none. It expands on his true complexity as an actor, and it shows that he can do much more than just comedy. I can watch it 1,000 times in a row and laugh just as hard, if not harder, every single time I view it. Without question, I give it 5 out of 5 stars on my scale, which equates to 10 out of 10 IMDB stars. If you have not seen "Bruce Almighty", what are you waiting for? I guarantee you that you'll laugh, and be moved like you've never been before in your life!
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Being God can be Hell.
hitchcockthelegend11 August 2014
Fans of Jim Carrey can't go wrong with this fun filled picture that's not without serious undertones as well.

The Premise is flimsy as such, Carrey plays Nolan, a harried and fed up TV reporter who feels that all of his problems are God's fault. Having enough of his whingeing, God (Morgan Freeman) summons Nolan to his "residence" and bestows all his powers to him. This is where the film hits its stride, the makers letting Carrey loose for a number of funny sequences as he plays God to further his own ends.

It goes where you expect it to, and nobody else gets a look in as Carrey does his stuff, but the journey is a most pleasant one. 7/10
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A good way to pass the time
mokaeonyejelemikho20 July 2020
Morgan Freeman Jim Carry That's it, that's my review.
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"I Got The Power"
BrnzReviews22 May 2021
This movie is amazing, I've seen it plenty of times in fact I'm watching it another time right now as I review this. An amazing film that I need to compliment wirh the highest honour I can, such a miraculously well crafted movie about being god. Can you imagine being given gods powers where you can do anything you want it seems like a dream come true!... to an extent, we learn how great it can be.

I highly recommend watching this Jim Carrey classic! So funny!

"Did that monkey just come out yo crack man?"
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An agreeable time-passer for those who usually hate Jim Carey's over-acting
planktonrules25 November 2006
Okay, I won't keep it a secret. I am not a fan of Jim Carey and think most of his films are designed for a very undiscerning audience (especially teens). Subtle, they are NOT! However, I did mildly like BRUCE ALMIGHTY--mostly because Carey's usual ranting and raving is under some control. This still isn't Masterpiece Theater, but it's a far cry from DUMB AND DUMBER or ACE VENTURA!! I think what I liked best about the film (other than restraining Carey) was that this film had an actual plot and a message--and surprisingly enough, one that probably WON'T offend most religious people despite its premise. Bruce is a self-centered jerk who tends to blame God for his problems instead of looking at his own contributions to his predicaments. Again and again, he says it's all God's fault that his life is a mess. Apparently, God has a sense of humor and approaches Bruce with a proposition--"if you can do better then the job is yours!" As an almighty deity, Bruce does not do that many funny things that you probably didn't see in the film's previews a few years back. But, he does learn a valuable lesson and the film is pretty entertaining, though slight in its aspirations. A very good time-passer, but not as interesting or having lasting appeal like THE TRUMAN SHOW.
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