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Story about a boy who has good reasons to suspect his parents being aliens.
MBSD19 November 2002
A very simple and touching universal story. Wonderful actors. Unique locations and a masterpiece of cinematography. Altogether a small but thrilling, sweet and charming movie. I especially adore the acting of the young boy - you hardly ever see a child actor with such intensity and screen-effectiveness. Another big point for the film is its clever balance between wittyness and sadness, a balance which is well suported by the score and music. An excellent European film for children and family audiences, which will cross borders.
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Great unique film that has a touch of Signs combined with an almost Lynch like atmosphere.
timvdm22 October 2002
Science Fiction was really a surprise. Not only did the film exceed all my expectations but it also showed that small countries can still deliver children films that can easily compete with their American competitors. Even if they have only 5% of their budget. A strong script that is very original but still has a touch of Signs and a very suspenseful atmosphere that sometimes reminded me of David Lynch. The soundtrack is great: finally the composer of Paul Verhoeven's classic The Fourth Man showed his talent again. Great performances by local stars Koen de Bouw and Wendy Van Dijk.

A remake is logical but I still think the original will not see any problems to travel outside of Belgium.

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many questions, may be an answer
stellarubico2 October 2003
Story: Andreas is a boy who's parents are at least strange. They have to move every now and then, they carry sun glasses, even inside the house. They never seem to involve themselves with the raising of Andreas. A new girlfriend and some boys bring even more questions and doubts for the poor Andreas. Every second of the movie you will question the parents. Are they aliens or not? 90 minutes excitement and may be you will know... Original plot and good acting, especially from the rather unknown young actors. A family movie in the European Disney style, with lots of questions which may get an answer at the end, may be...
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A flemish children (and grown up) movie that will conquer the world
Kevin-flot13 October 2002
Finally it's happend a great Belgian movie thats equal to expensive Hollywood productions. SCIENCE FICTION is a children's movie but it looks like a grown up movie, this is Danny Deprez his second movie as a director. The story is about a young boy that frequently has to move from country to country. He only knows that his parents they're job has something to do with micro biology. After eavesdropping on them he is convinced that they are aliens from another planet. Or is this just childlike imagination?
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Just because "it's for children", it does not have to be implausible!
Propagandist31 October 2003
Being a science fiction fan from my early childhood (long time since) I always hated implausible plots. It's a pity that most authors of science fiction stories for children do not show this kind of respect for their audience. I always suspected them of thinking: "children are to dumb to realise, so we don't have to strive". The writer of "Science Fiction (2002)" is no exception. The story is about a boy who is instigated by his new friends to spy after his parents, because they think that the parents are aliens. As intriguing the idea sounded to me, as much was I bored by its realisation. It seemed to me that the filmmakers had exactly this one idea and tried to stretch it over the ninety minutes by dunking it into a dark, stylish and painstakingly slow atmosphere. The only thing that kept me in my seat was the question "how do they manage to get out of this implausible rubbish"? And then - bang - they did not even try. So if you are looking for good entertainment for both children and parents, go and watch "Klatretøsen (2002)" instead.
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great acting performance!
carowaltman24 October 2002
Loved the movie! Lots of suspense! Wendy and Koen's acting performances are stunning! Great movie for kids, they will love the plot. The story is very original. It's a fairy tale for both children and adults.
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