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Pleasantly surprised
OgrePenguin4 July 2004
Perhaps it's because when one sees, "MTV Films", in the opening credits, one's expectations then hit rock bottom. It's as if MTV lulled me into a false sense of security, knowing the usual "depth" of their projects. However, I was pleasantly surprised by this little film. It doesn't hurt that I could watch Scarlett Johansson sitting on a couch doing nothing and I'd be enthralled for hours. At any rate, I found the film, though cliched, quite cute. Roy, the obvious comic relief, played his role very effectively, I laughed at him often. The other characters were of lesser involvement, but several stereotypical demographics were adequately represented: the brain, the jock, the average joe, the stoner, the angry rich girl, and the decent good guy. It truly was as if MTV was trying to create "The Breakfast Club", twenty years later, for a new generation. If they succeeded in that is debatable, but at least the made a decent, funny flick.
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A PG-13 Teen Movie...that works
Chris30 January 2004
Those expecting cinematic events like the Godfather or Saving Private Ryan.

Stop reading this.

Those expecting crude teen humor films featuring underage drinking and nudity, such as Road Trip and Varsity Blues.

Stop reading this.

But those of you looking for a teen movie full of the typical adolescent hinjinx and cheap laughs.

Start reading this.

The Perfect Score won't light up the box office or have everyone waiting day after day for its release onto DVD.

Instead, it's a movie targeted towards middle schoolers, high schoolers, and most college students.

Typically good kids under rough circumstances, most of us who have taken the SATs remember the pain in the arse they were. Throw in two very attractive, and talented acting-capable, girls...two guys and a jock...and an Asian pothead quick with one liners...

and you got a pretty solid movie.

While the Perfect Score won't give you everything you want, I feel that it will make you just happy enough that you caught the showing.

So if you're looking for a movie to sit back and relax too...and perhaps vicariously wonder if you could steal the answers to the SAT...check out the movie.

I enjoyed it, and chances are if you kept on reading this post.

You will too.
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Mild, entertaining distraction
Shawn Watson11 September 2004
There's lots of clichés and stereotypes to endure when watching a high school movie. For the most of it, The Perfect Score manages to avoid most of these clichés though the characters are a bit stereotypical. There's the brainy kid, the rebel, the stoner, the loser, the jock and the good guy. Hardly a breathtaking assortment of originals eh?

But their plan to steal the SAT scores and their interaction together are what make this movie worthwhile. The unimaginative marketing for this movie claims it to be Ocean's 11 meets The Breakfast Club. But the actors are carrying the movie, doing the best they can with weak material, rather than the 'wild' premise.

I especially liked Roy, the stoner and narrator as he got the most back story and had more a character arc than the rest of them. And it was pleasant to have the lovely, oh-so-cute Erika Christensen though I'm not too fussed about Scarlett Johansen (she looks like a teenage version of my mother!). A non-Shaggy, but still manic, Matthew Lillard has a small role as a concerned big brother.

You'll not remember it 5 minutes after the credits role but for a non-threatening, easy-going movie The Perfect Score fits nicely. You could do a helluva lot worse. And what else do you expect from an MTV movie?

The DVD is in 1.78:1 anamorphic widescreen with lackluster Dolby 5.1, though to be fair it mostly a dialogue-driven movie. There are a bunch of fluff features for those who care.
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Better than expected
Joseph Pintar28 July 2004
The Perfect Score is one of those movies you would expect to be incredibly stupid. The premise is absurd: kids try to steal the answers to the SAT. However, I found myself enjoying this movie. The characters are likable and have good reason to cross the line to cheat on the SAT. I especially enjoy Erika Christenson (who I didn't recognize from her work in Traffic and Swimfam) as the girl who needs a high SAT score to get into Brown University. This movie shows the pressure that high school students have on standardized testing in general. Their grades may be good, but without a good score on this one test makes the difference in what college they can get into. I was not a fan of standardized tests in high school and I do not like them now. I think that dislike of these tests adds to the appeal the movie. I give this movie a 6/10. It is worth 90 minutes of your time.
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Cheating or not... as long as you pass that exam!
Rido253 June 2004
Imagine, you failed your SAT test and your environment is pushing you so hard that you HAVE to pass for the retest. But, you're just not good enough. Or that the university you would like to go to requires a score that is way-beyond your capabilities.

What would you do? And if you decide to cheat, would you keep it a secret or would you share it with some people? In this movie, the secret leaks out and more people get involved in the plan: to steal the answers.

The diversity of characters in this movie often leads to funny situations or strange conversations.

The movie itself is a little predictable, but it stays nice. I would say, 7 out of 10.
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The perfect no-brainer
Thomas19 June 2004
Of course, this isn't great citizen kane style cinema, but this movie is fun to watch, especially if you are in the target demographic like me. This is a typical teen/college movie, minus the grossness of movies like American pie. If you liked "Better luck tomorrow" (also distributed by MTV films), then I think you will like this one. I have to say that "better luck tomorrow" was a much, much, better teen scam/heist movie, but this one rolls along merrily. The script isn't really well done, but it has a few good jokes, like "If they make it into a movie, I wonder who'll play me...I hope your hung like a horse." Scarlet Johansson is great, as always, even with this auto-pilot acting.(like in eight legged feaks, but tha's what I like about Scarlet. She switches from camp/kitch/crap to great movies without any difficulty) The movie is perfect for when you're way to stressed because of your exams at college, like me today.
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Not the greatest teen movie, but not the worst, either
margoworld26 November 2004
Warning: Spoilers

I had pretty high expectations of this movie; it has Scarlett Johanson in it (great actress) and looked good in the previews. Twenty minutes in I realized that the acting seemed amateur, overall. Darius Miles's, especially. The guy had pretty much no feeling in his voice - I think some members of our high school drama club can act better. Scarlett Johanson was fine, but her performance didn't look that great next to all the mediocre actors.

When the two main guy characters were in the bathroom discussing their plan to steal the SAT's and Leonardo Nam made his first appearance, my brothers and I laughed so hard. I know it's stupid humor, but that guy as the Asian stoner Roy was the highlight of the movie for us. The way he talked and the stuff he said was so hilarious. I wouldn't have enjoyed the movie nearly as much of it weren't for him.

The best word to describe this movie is average. When I saw it was put out by MTV I thought, I hope it doesn't suck, then. It is an interesting plot idea that they could've taken so much further and made into a much better movie. The way they tried to get into the character's lives (humanize them as someone else said) seemed very Breakfast Clubish, but more cliché and less thought out. Maybe this is supposed to be The Breakfast club for the new generation, but it just doesn't measure up.

This movie really got me thinking about SAT's. I am a freshman in high school. The movie did a good job showing the reality of doing whatever necessary to get a decent score.

Many parts of the plot were unrealistic. The way they just managed to FIND the SAT scores as easily as they did. I mean, honestly, in real life they would not be nearly that accessible. There were only a few roadblocks. Also, the romance between Francesca and Matty wasn't that realistic either.

A fine movie to watch if you have nothing else to do. It's way better than a TV movie, not boring, and I think it's worth watching just to see Leonardo Nam's performance!
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So far, absolutely delightful!
Scott74117 February 2011
Of COURSE this is not Gone With the Wind or The Godfather or Apocalypse Now, it's a teen flick and I find it absolutely hilarious, and vastly underrated by some very snobbish commentary I've read.

First, please understand that this reviewer is several things: A BIG movie buff capable of separating movies into genres and mental compartments rather than comparing apples to oranges in boneheaded fashion, I am not finished watching the DVD yet (it's on pause, but...I do that: watch and simultaneously check out IMDb, part of the fun), I'm utterly enamored of the freshness of this film. So far. But I've already had more laughs than I've had a long time (watching a slew of flicks where great actors were hired to do dreck with no apparent motivation).

I'm also a high school dropout, a college dropout (which means I've taken various tests of achievement and intelligence, the GED, the SATs and various other limiting, mind control efforts); fortunately I am now several decades old, and well beyond the reach of the academia nuts who currently crank our future fellow citizens out like Twinkies; i.e., old enough to have seen their results.

Hence, I get the premise, and I love these characters. I find this film vastly more entertaining than any Ocean's XX movie made after the Rat Pack got it right the first time. This is more fun than Hackers (and since I also spent years at IBM, yes, I loved that one, too; but I'm giving this a ten for the acting, the story, and the fresh handling of the genre).

If it disappoints in the end, I may come back and rate it again, but for now I'm laughing my ass off. Great commentary on our educational "bubble" system, great fun with each of the characters. (Especially Roy, I eagerly await his next scene. Though all these kids are good, and the dialog is exceptional.)


Okay, this previous post hasn't been posted yet, so now I can conclude: great stuff. I repeat, for the genre. Some of the best out there. And we'll see some of these kids later. But really, a great movie. Not necessarily a keeper, a watch again, for sure. Still a 10 for it's intended scope, and I'm still a critical bastard. Loved it.
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The Perfect score has Perfect Combination...
jpenrod50228 January 2004
First let me say it is true this movie is not a new cutting edge idea, nor will it be nominated for any academy awards, but hopefully you were not expecting that. I thought this movie had the perfect combination for a classic comedy, great character combinations, interesting plot, and yes even some moral conviction. If you are looking for a good laugh this movie is a must see. Some of the characters kept me laughing long after the movie was over. To the detailed observer you may even find a few ironic twists and laughs throughout the movie Some almost assuredly intended and some only fate could have delivered. One of the best aspects the director and writer brought to this was to poke fun at some of the Aspects that will remind you of other films and popular teen television shows. If you are looking for an intense thought-provoking movie full of amazing special effects and academy performance this movie is not for you; however, if you just need a good laugh to brighten your day this film will almost certainly do the trick.
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The S.A.T is hard to take. It's even harder to steal.
Jessica Carvalho2 April 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Six high school students from different backgrounds are frightened because the upcoming SAT exam. None of them was great in the first exam as they should be, and the perspective of their futures being destroyed, makes them conspire together to steal the answers. In this way, they can get perfect scores and have the success they need.

''The Perfect Score'' is a teen comedy and the only actress I recognize in this movie, is Scarlett Johansson. The movie is ordinary and weak and no one has a great acting in it, Scarlett Johansson included. The characters are boring and the romance in it is cheesy as well. The thing I liked the most was the end of it, because it came with some surprises. If the movie ended how I expected it to end, for sure I would give a lower rate. The good thing about this movie, is to show how S.A.T is terrible and how it scares the students.Many important things, like the students grades in school,are not taken care of.

I don't think this is the worst movie of all, but sure is far from being the best teen movie I already watched.

For my own surprise, the character I liked the most was Roy, the Chinese drug addicted and super genius student.
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The Perfect Score is predictable, boring and unfunny
christian12314 November 2004
Warning: Spoilers
The Perfect Score shows what happens when six diverse high school students work together to try to steal the SAT exam in order to help them achieve their goals. From different backgrounds, each of them have their own reasons that force them to cheat on the test.

When I saw the preview, I thought it was going to be a funny movie but when I saw the movie there were no new jokes. The trailer had used all the funny moments and had cheated the audience. My expectations for the film weren't high but I was expecting it to be at least above average. The film really had nothing new to offer. Just some recycled jokes that we have seen before. What keeps the film from completely sinking is the cast. Some aren't very good while others actually give engaging performances.

Scarlett Johansson gives the best performance out of everyone. She held my attention whenever she appeared on screen. Erika Christensen was also pretty good, a little bland though. The rest of the cast were all pretty bland and wooden. Chris Evans just doesn't have what it takes to be a leading man. He was so unconvincing in this film. Bryan Greenberg was completely bland and pale. Darius Miles may be a good basketball player but he can't act at all. The worst performance goes to Leonardo Nam since they hyped him up as being so funny and he completely stunk. Matthew Lillard is underused in a small role. Which is too bad since his character could have been good.

Maybe my expectations were too high since The Perfect Score is directed by Brian Robbins. He brought us classic films like Good Burger and Ready to Rumble. He just doesn't have a very good imagination and his idea of comedy is weak. The ending is at least honorable, well sort of. They do get the answers to the test but decide not to use it. It was kind of stupid because they already knew half of the answers to the test. I know this is supposed to be a stupid teen movie but it should at least have been a funny one. In the end, The Perfect Score is a huge letdown that's worth skipping. Rating 4/10
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Almost Perfect...
mdeibel30 January 2004
After enduring the torture of Cheaper By The Dozen, This is a welcome high school flick. The cast though not conventional, does a pretty good job with an original script. Most teens in school films are all about going to prom, while one character falls for a jerk/skank then in the end up with the childhood friend. This film is different and should be appreciated for something different. A really good film with a decent ending. Oh, it also has the really hot Erica Christenson in it!(scarlet looks good also in this film). Not a bad way to spend a Friday night..
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Scarlett Johansson is THE reason to see this movie...!
junkySTL28 January 2004
Well, not the ENTIRE reason to see this film... but she was certainly the highlight for me. Why? Frankly because I didn't even know who she was until I saw this film (sad, considering her other work is extremely interesting).

At any rate, the plot is simple; high school students pressured by life decisions plan to steal the S.A.T. (which has various definitions assigned to it throughout the movie). It becomes an elaborate scheme and many people get caught up in it.

Including shinning Erika Christensen (from SWIMFAN and TRAFFIC).

There's the obvious collection of somewhat stereotypical kids (a stoner, a brain, two slackers- one more academically charged than the audience would like to believe).

At any rate, this movie plays well.

I actually loved it!

I supposed it was a bit more personal for me since my PSAT and S.A.T. were HELL!!!!!! And I sunk my teeth depe into a movie that blasted these types of standardized tests and the implications they hold (sexism, racism, placism, all of which are true of standardized tests and the current education system in general, sad to me... and me on the brink of being an English professor).

At any rate, the bottom line is this: You HAVE to admire a movie where one of the "heroes" of the film is a stoner who's so ultra-smart among his peers that he excells past all of them while convincing everyone around him that he's borderline stupid. Only Mtv could produce such a character, or such a film.

I give it 5 out of 5 stars.

And watch Johansson... She's gonna be a star if her smoldering performance here is any indication! She plays the best goth/metal/rebellious/finger-to-the-system/badgirl I've seen in film today...
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An Incredibly stupid film, that is completely pointless and horribly scripted
MovieManMenzel5 February 2004
I do not know why I went to see The Perfect Score earlier today. I have this huge ego thing that I should give almost every film a chance no matter how bad it looks. I can also admit that I am a huge fan of Scarlett Johansson because of her work in both Ghost World and Lost in Translation. This film to me looked rather Idiotic even at first but I figured it couldn't be as bad as it looks. Well, sadly I was wrong but please continue reading my review as I rip apart the disaster that is the Perfect Score.

The Perfect Score is about two best friends Kyle (Chris Evans) and Matt (Bryan Greenberg) who want to steal the answers to the SAT in order to achieve their own personal goals. Well, they decide they can't do it alone so they need the help of Francesca (Scarlett Johansson) to help. They need her because guess what her Daddy owns the building where the make the SAT test. Oh how convenient. Well, then Kyle falls for Anna (Erika Christensen) who is the 2nd smartest girl in school but for some reason is afraid she will fail the SAT. Well, sooner or later Anna tells Desmond (Darious Miles) who asks Anna for help on the SAT because he needs to get into college to play Basketball. Well, before all is said and done Roy (Leonardo Nam) overhears a conversation that Kyle and Matt are having in the bathroom about robbing the SAT answers so he too wants in. Together these 6 morons will work together to plan the ultimate heist to steal the answers to the SATs and achieve the perfect score.

Well, lets tackle the films acting first. Well, it's very amateurish. Scarlett Johansson who is a brilliant actress and she proves so in such great movies like Ghost World and Lost in Translation is truly horrible in the film. She plays a smart slutty girl who does nothing but hate daddy and wear push up bras. I normally don't make sexual jokes but I think if anyone in this film should get an applause it should be Scarlett Johansson's boobs. They gave a terrific performance. Scarlett I beg of you no more bad films, you're a terrific actress read the scripts and say no to the bad ones. I know you can do it. I also usually enjoy the work of Erika Christensen who starred in the films Homeroom, Traffic and Swim fan. Once again she is useless here but at least her character isn't as annoying as rest. Leonardo Nam was the worst character in the whole film. The always high Chinese guy. Oh my god I wanted to run for the exit when he popped on screen. Awful who writes these freaking characters? Chris Evans, who starred in one of the worst films I have ever dared to witness, Not Another Teen Movie was actually tolerable in this film although a few more acting classes may be necessary. And lastly Bryan Greenberg and Darious Miles seemed like they were trying to make the lousy script work but failed at it horribly.

The director of this masterpiece is named Brian Robbins who brought us other Academy Award winning films including the wonderful Ready to Rumble with David Arquette, and Varsity Blues with James Van Der Beek. Needless to say he hasn't made too good of choices in the directing category. He actually produced Radio which was a huge surprise to me since I think that's one of the only films I have seen that he has been apart of that hasn't sucked! I know I am sounding mean but there are far to many crappy films being made each year so I feel I have to really criticize the ones that are truly awful. I am actually going to give Brian Robbins one last chance in 2005 when he directs the remake of the Shaggy Dog with Tim Allen. I am a big Tim Allen fan so if he can screw that movie up well then I will never watch another film he directs.

The funny thing about this film is the fact that it actually took three writers to write this piece of garbage, yes three. Mark Schwahn who wrote the horrible 2000 teen flick Whatever it takes, Marc Hyman who wrote the flop Osmosis Jones, and finally Jon Zack who wrote 2001s Out Cold which has the honors of being on my worst movies ever made list. I guess I should expect this script to be every bit as bad as it was just looking at who wrote it. I mean the dialog was so crappy. It looked like a five year old wrote it. And who was responsible for putting in the Matrix joke. Haven't we learned Matrix jokes aren't funny and never will be? The script is truly insulting. The whole movie was pointless. I ask if these 6 morons can take the test on a computer and get a perfect 1600 in order to get the answers. That's right they actually have to make a perfect score in order to even get the answers. I mean what the hell? Why steal the test if you can take the test and get all the answers right. How stupid! And also who was responsible for the great job on the blatant product placement? The greatest line ever used in a film is when Scarlett's character says to Erika's character "You look comfortable in your Old Navy cotton pullover" It was like what the hell? Where did that come from? Needless to say the script was horrible and the film was completely humorless.

So was their anything remotely good about the film? Sadly there really wasn't except Scarlett's boobs. Its a shame to see both Scarlett & Erika wasting their talent. Believe me its there, just watch some of their other films and you will see it. This movie has been the worst film I seen so far this year and damn it its only February but luckily so far it has been the only bad film I have seen. I wanted to like this film, no matter how dumb it looked. I wanted to actually have a good laugh or two and watch these kids steal the SAT. I just didn't know I was going to be in pain for the entire 1hr and 40mins the film lasted. I can't recommend anyone to watch this film. I give this film a very low 2/10. I am sure it will be one of the year's worst films.
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Average Teen Film. Scarlett still Great.
iwatcheverything31 January 2004
I think that this film was missing many things in making it good. It was your average teen film with nothing special. Plot was kind of like that of the movie Cheaters. The movie was borderline R rated. The only pluses were the stoned guy the whole film and Scarlett who is quickly becoming one of my favorite actresses. If you must see this film go into it with no thought and you may actually like it. Or you could just go see it for the only two good things mentioned above.
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Had its moments. Both of them.
George Parker24 July 2004
"The Perfect Score" aspires to be like a John Hughes film (Breakfast Club, Sixteen Candles, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, etc.) but falls short...way short. Telling of six High School seniors who, faced with having to take the SAT's, decide to steal the answers to the test's questions only to have epiphanies go off like flash bulbs as they just sort of realize that crime doesn't pay and careers don't either when one has cheat their way to the top. The result is an awkward and stiff dramedy fusion of cliches and stereotypes sorely lacking in the creativity, imagination, and inspiration which teen flick maestro Hughes brought to his hit films. Passable and forgettable stuff only a teen could love. Adults might want to check out the much more provocative TV flick "Cheaters 2000" instead. (C)
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For the foolish only
george_mase22 December 2004
Warning: Spoilers
This film was mildly entertaining, but incredibly dumb. The premise itself pure sucked. A group of teenagers, all from different backgrounds, all too dumb to get a decent SAT scores but nonetheless want to get into colleges they are not qualified to get into. It seems they spend a considerable amount of time plotting a scheme to steal the SAT scores from ETS, but no time actually trying to study and take the test honestly. The dumbest part of the movie was probably when the basketball player who can't get a 900 on the test, and has a terrible GPA reveals he's a math whiz and can "ace" the math portion of the exam. I can see these MTV morons sitting there saying let's not stereotype the black basketball star, so they throw in a quasi-curveball into an otherwise completely brain dead stereotypical group of characters.
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Turn Back Now!!!!!!!!!
madonova4 May 2004
Simply put, this is one of the worst movies ever made. Everyone involved in the making of this film should be punished in the worst possible way (especially the girl from Swimfan, why did they let her make another movie?). Anyways, 6 highly stereotyped high school students attempt to steal the SAT. The stoner, the moron basketball player (who by a shocking turn of events is able to do math! What character development!), hot punk(tm) Scarlett Johannsen, dorky swimfan girl, semi long-haired Abercrombie model, and his tool friend. If you didn't already know MTV sucks, this is another reason why. Sure, the girl with the "princess" belly shirt sitting in front of me enjoyed this film, but I was ready to puke up the past 3 lunches I had eaten. DON'T SEE THIS MOVIE
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Much more enjoyable and smart than I thought it was going to be.
TxMike17 May 2005
Warning: Spoilers
OK, "Perfect Score" is not going to go down as one of the better movies of the 21st century, but I found it to be much better than I expected, and that is always a welcome outcome. The plot is simple -- a couple of guys who need good SAT scores plot to steal the answers. So the middle of the movie plays out like any heist caper, the gathering of the team, the planning, the beginning of the heist operation. It seems like they end up on a random discovery process where the final team is made up of 6 high school seniors. One needs to get to Maryland, where his girlfriend already is. Another, second in her class but not good at taking tests, wants to get into Brown. Another has always wanted to be an architect and wants to get into a certain school. Another is a star basketball player (and in real life an NBA star) whose mom wants him to go to St. John's to get a diploma also. And, the other two just want the thrill of being involved.

Erika Christensen is Anna Ross, who is a model student and daughter, has never even broken curfew. Scarlett Johansson is Francesca Curtis, her dad ignores her while always chasing young tail. Darius Miles is Desmond Rhodes, the basketball player. My favorite character was played by Leonardo Nam as Roy, the kid at the very bottom of the class and who always seems stoned, but is in fact brilliant with computers and higher mathematics. He just lacks direction and motivation.

SPOILERS. Francesca has access to the building and gets cards and plans. They sneak in through a skylight at night, hack into the computing system, together they read all the questions and as a group figure out the answers and create a cheat sheet. The guard is coming, one of the boys sacrifices himself by appearing to be taking a computer monitor, is arrested, while all the others escape. He gets bailed out by Francesca, the next day they all meet in the gym, but no one wants the answers to cheat. Well, maybe Roy. The night before through conversation they all realized they didn't need it, their goals were misguided. Each followed his or her own path afterwards. And, Roy found his dream job after getting the best SAT score in his district, and later getting his GED, he became a video game designer.
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The Best Teen Flick Ever.. Ever!
devil_dude14010 June 2004
Warning: Spoilers
Cast: Anna Ross - Erika Christensen Kyle - Chris Evans Matty - Bryan Greenberg Fransesca Curtis - Scarlett Johansson Desmond - Darius Miles Roy - Leonardo Lam

Okay, I was forced to watch this movie, expecting this to be a horrible piece of crap, i was dead wrong! This had to be the funniest teen flick I have ever seen in my entire life!


This movie is about 6 kids who need help, or didn't do so hot on their SATS, and try to steal a test from an office where the SAT questions are made. Fransesca (Johansson) is the only one in the group whom is permitted to enter the building, so they try to do this at night. That is all I am going to say because I don't want to ruin the movie!


Once again, great movie! You have to love Roy (the stoner), hes one of the best characters ever created! And this movie would have been crap if Scarlett Johansson wasn't in the movie!

Rating: 8/10
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Top film
Quayee17 July 2005
I've been looking at many posts in the forum's and this film has been given lots of negative comments. I think "The Perfect Score" was a fantastic film. It contains humor, action and some deeper moments which I think helped this film to be an interesting and great watch. I was kept entertained, didn't look at how long there was until the end and enjoyed the lightheartedness of this film.

I certainly don't recommend this film to people who only appreciate films for how they're made or who made them. However, if you are in the mood for a relaxing, comical film that keeps you entertained and happy, then see this film.
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A pleasant surprise or two here, would that that made a movie...
One surprise from this movie: Erika Christensen is not distractingly bad! And I thought that I'd never be able to say that after Swimfan and The Banger Sisters! The rest is no surprise, except maybe that director Brian Robbins expects us to believe that a group of nice high school students smart enough to find a way to steal the answers to the SAT's, would go to the bother of taking such a felonious risk, when they could JUST TAKE THE TEST! And this movie, like "Freddy Vs. Jason" and "Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back" before it, features a betooked, addled but lovable stoner character (Leonardo Nam), continuing the latest Hollywood cliché. Also, what a waste to have Scarlett Johannsen delivering an intelligent and appealing performance in the service of something this dopey. No oscars here, I guess.
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"The Perfect Score"- 8/10. Fast paced and funny.
movies2u4 February 2004
The Perfect Score (2004)

This movie focuses on six senior teenagers who decide to steal the SAT answers after the decision of the damage it will do on their futures. With the help of Francesca (Scarlett Johannson), whose father owns the building were the SAT answers are held, they plan a heist and try to steal the answers without getting caught.

This movie has some cheap laughs and good actors including Chris Evans (Not Another Teen Movie), Erika Christensen (Swimfan, Leave It To Beaver), and Scarlett Johannson (Ghost World, Lost In Translation). The film surprises you at the end, and it isn't what you expected at all, but it works out okay. The film starts in quick and fast and doesn't stop till the end. Roy was the funniest character in the movie, and you'll see why when you watch it. It's a great movie for teenagers, but adults probably won't enjoy it at all. 8/10.
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Worse than your average high school movie
napierslogs17 July 2010
"The Perfect Score" is like your typical high school movie. When things get tough (the SATs), the not-so-tough turn to crime (stealing the SATs). These students are able to justify their crime with their morally-weak minds. That at least is like high school I know, self-important students are able to justify anything if it's something they want.

They tried to present us with both plot and characters. These are characters we've all seen many times before, including such classics as the sports star, the over-achiever, the stoner, and the better-than-thou rebel. They are all painfully, predictably cliché. The plot is why they get at least a few stars but not many.

Where "The Perfect Score" falters the most, is with the 'hooks' MTV tried to give it: it's narrated by the stoner, and everyone speaks with only swear words. Stoners of course typically speak slower than an average person which just make all the predictable things he's going to say and the inevitable events happen even slower. The exaggerated use of swear words I'm assuming is just to give the movie an edge. Just remember that this is produced by MTV, that should be all I have to say.
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I Want My, I Want My, I Want My SAT
wes-connors10 May 2009
Chris Evans, Erika Christensen, Bryan Greenberg, Scarlett Johansson, Leonardo Nam and, "NBA star Darius Miles lead this hip coming-of-age comedy about six students who try to break into the testing center and steal the answers to the SAT," according to the official synopsis, "The classmates are wildly different, but share a common goal - to prevent the standardized test from unfairly defining their lives. As they plot a hilarious heist that could make - or break - their futures, the students grow closer, never suspecting where they'll ultimately find the real answers… within themselves."

The leading players are good-looking, but they neither look nor act like they are in high school. Nothing against the actors hired, but there are adult performers who could pass for high school age students. A couple of changes would have given the cast a more believable appearance. What makes it worse is that the idea was a good one, but, really… this cast doesn't look like they are teens stressing-out over getting "The Perfect Score" on their SATs. Instead, they look like they should be having sex and getting sliced up by "Freddy" or "Jason". The lighting and photography (Clark Mathis) are nice.

*** The Perfect Score (1/27/04) Brian Robbins ~ Chris Evans, Erika Christensen, Scarlett Johansson
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