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Fantastic film, it is possible to make a good student film
Rajeev Dassani11 July 2005
This film was exceptional. I've seen countless student films, and what made this stand out was the professional quality of the directions and the acting. Again and again there were moments where I knew it would become cheesy and silly, or drag, or be boring, and each time Sarah and her actors steer clear and become professional, as good as the best romantic comedies.

And really, it comes down to the fact that your story was so strong, and lent itself to such small, genuine moments, which I really appreciated. Really, I was just continually impressed... not only that, but you set out to make a comedy, and the audience consistently laughed throughout.

To Sarah and especially her two leads, bravo, you have amazing careers ahead of you.
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An exceptional student film
MartinHafer1 September 2008
This is the story of Alyssa--an adult who is embarrassed because she has a severe case of alopicea. In other words, she is totally bald--totally. Although no fault of her own, she is very embarrassed and hates dating because eventually her dates learn she's wearing a wig and are scared off by it. Again and again, she tries to think of the perfect way to deal with it--after all, she wants a relationship and is scared about being left alone.

The film manages to take a very simple idea and make the most of it due to excellent writing, acting and direction. All this is quite amazing considering that this is the first film by the director/writer Sarah Johnson--it is so very polished and professional looking--not at all what you'd expect from a student film.

The only reservation I have is that some of the subject matter is sexual, so it's not a film for kids. Otherwise, I have nothing but praise for this film and would love to see more from Ms. Johnson.
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Entertaining short
jon-gwynne29 March 2008
I saw this on my "video on demand" menu and since I rarely get any shorts on the list, I thought I'd check it out.

It gives the impression of being an exceptionally well-done student film or the early efforts of an untrained filmmaker with innate ability.

It wasn't perfect of course, but most of its flaws only served to make it more charming.

The only problem that came close to actually distracting from the story was the makeup department didn't do enough (or perhaps anything at all) to deal with the "five o'clock" shadow on the lead's head.

Having said that, I hope to see more from this filmmaker.
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