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Chae is the coolest character
lee_eisenberg23 July 2007
While staying in a motel in Bandon, Oregon (on the southern coast) over the past weekend, I noticed that the room had a number of DVDs, including "Out of Time". I decided to kill some time watching it, not expecting very much. I must say that I was pleasantly surprised.

I should identify that the movie has nothing to do with the Rolling Stones' song. Denzel Washington plays Matt Whitlock, a cop in a small Florida town. He's been having an affair with a certain Ann (Sanaa Lathan). Since she's dying of cancer, she's made him the beneficiary of her will. But when she and her husband die in a fire, all evidence points to Matt (you'll understand what I mean if you see the movie). So arises the quandary of how he's going to solve the case and clear his name before it's too late, especially given that his ex-wife Alex (Eva Mendes) is absolutely intent on solving the case.

The movie's real strength lies in the twists and turns that they throw in from time to time. I think that probably the coolest scene is the whole sequence in the police station about halfway through the movie; I would have never imagined any movie having a whole sequence like that! But I actually considered Matt's friend Chae (John Billingsley) to be the best character in the movie; I mean, some of those monologues were so great.

All in all, it's not any kind of masterpiece. But it's better than your average man-on-the-run-has-to-clear-himself story. And if I may say so, Eva Mendes looked mighty fine in some of those outfits!
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One of the best films of the year -- Denzel strikes again with a powerhouse performance.
MovieAddict201612 January 2004
I can't remember a really good film noir being made in quite some time. There may have been a handful of good (or decent) film noirs recently, but the bad outnumber them by about 100 to 1.

I went into Carl Franklin's "Out of Time" with a certain amount of interest--I wasn't sure what to expect. I knew that it was a crime thriller/film noir about a guy who gets caught up in some type of crime, but other than that I really had no idea what the film was like. It hadn't gotten extremely good reviews (although most of them were at least positive), and that lowered my expectations a bit. I had finally come to expect a fairly decent thriller with illogical plot holes and a boring pace.

I was wrong.

With a back-to-back viewing of David Spade's "Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star" and "Out of Time," there was a nice contrast going, which may explain why I enjoyed the film so very much. But there's one thing for certain--it's a lot cleverer than most films of its kind.

Matt Whitlock (Denzel Washington) is running out of time. He's been framed for murder and has to cover his tracks before the clues start to pile up against him. And there are a lot of clues pointing not only in his direction, but directly at him.

Matt is the police chief of a small town in Florida. Nobody suspects him. But he is sole beneficiary on the female victim's life insurance claim. And right before she died, Matt took over $400,000 worth of confiscated drug money and planned to run off with her. Nobody knew they were having an affair because she was a married woman and they were keeping their romantic adventures secret. She made Matt her beneficiary after being diagnosed with cancer--but now she's been discovered dead in a fire with her husband, the money gone, and all the evidence points--as I said before--to him. Fortunately, the police officials haven't picked up any traces. Yet. So, in a frantic race for time, Matt has to cover up all his tracks before the find out.

The doctor who diagnosed her cancer is gone. The money is gone. Matt's ex-wife (Eva Mendes) is bent on finding the killer, and sooner or later she'll figure out that Matt was having an affair, that he had a motive to kill (over 1,000,000 dollars), etc. But will she find out the real truth: That he is innocent?

This stuff's been done before; even I'll admit that. But this time it's great. Everything about this movie works, from the style (with all the vivid brightness of Florida portrayed in films such as "Scarface" or "Get Shorty") to the acting (Denzel strikes again!) to direction (Carl Franlin brings a distinct style to the film). From the opening credits I had a big smile on my face. This was a pleasant twist on film noir.

Admittedly the first half hour is rather slow. I almost came close to giving the film a negative review. But then the chain of events rolled in like a one-two punch; fast, furious, and everything you could wish for in a mystery. And, unlike some films, when you stop to take a look at the plot twists in "Out of Time"...they actually make sense.

Denzel Washington is one of the best actors in Hollywood; he can lift any film out of mediocrity, including that underrated supernatural thriller "Fallen" with John Goodman. He is simply amazing, always able to bring a sense of realism to his roles, and he does this in "Out of Time"--I never doubted his role for a minute. That's pretty rare.

I would say that "Out of Time" is one of the best films of the year. It seems real, with likable characters portrayed by a strong cast, including John Billinglsey as Chae, Matt's best friend who shows up when he's needed the most. In retrospect, a lot of these characters seem pretty typical and routine. But when I was watching the film, it seemed extremely realistic and convincing. That's always a good sign.

"Out of Time" is rated PG-13 for some sexuality, violence, and language. (Re-rated from a mild R after a few scene cuts.)

4/5 stars.

  • John Ulmer
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A lot better than the trailer indicates
Agent108 October 2003
I was expecting some cheesy half-baked effort on all parts, but then again, the film itself took on some twists of its own. Sure, a couple of the twists could be seen a mile away, but it was the way the scenes were cleanly executed to the point where you had to wonder "How is he getting out of this?" While some of the reviews are over the top, this is certainly one of those popcorn movies that I wouldn't mind spending a little dough on. Watch for Denzel and Eva Mendes, enjoy for the tension and the great musical score.
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Would you have given it to me if I slept with you?
hitchcockthelegend29 February 2012
Out of Time is directed by Carl Franklin and written by David Collard. It stars Denzel Washington, Eva Mendes, Sanaa Lathan, Dean Cain and John Billingsley. Music is by Graeme Revell and cinematography by Theo Van de Sande.

Matthias Whitlock (Washington) is chief of police in little Banyan Key, Florida. Respected for his work and basically honest in the line of duty. Away from work, however, his marriage to Alex (Mendes) has failed, he's having an affair with an abused wife and he likes a little drink on duty. So when his lover Anne Harrison (Lathan) springs on him the shocking news that she has been diagnosed with terminal cancer, it naturally shakes his world. But this news is merely the start of something bigger, for pretty soon Matt will be in the unusual situation of having to stay one step of his own kind or face dire consequences.

It's a film proudly wearing a badge of homage to film noir of the 40s. In fact it very much plays out as a contemporary riff on John Farrow's excellent Ray Milland starrer of 1948, The Big Clock. But that's fine, especially when you have some knowing craft in front and behind the camera in the shape of Franklin (Devil in a Blue Dress) and Washington (take your pick here really!). Yet as great as Franklin and Washington's work is, they all owe a debt to Collard's screenplay. Inventive in how it plays out as a plot, with it's many tight situations laid down for Washington's duped law enforcer to try and get out of, the screenplay has a knack for deft humour, often sly, which is something that even some of the hardest of noirs from the golden era are tinted with. The secret is being able to blend the humour with quality moments of suspense, and this picture manages to do that with some interest.

Film also benefits greatly from the tight atmosphere created by photographer de Sande. Sweaty Florida in daylight doesn't cry out as being a good starting point for an offshoot of film noir (real Florida locations were thankfully used), but the scenic beauty is never realised during the drama sequences, colours are toned down, even for a stunning red sky, and this perfectly becomes at one with a near frantic Washington as the tricksters of Banyan Key start to close in on him. It's nice too see, also, interracial couples forming the core of the story, while the dominance of sexuality is firmly given a shrewd work over by director and writer. There's good thought gone in to making this, enough to steer it away from charges of just being a faux neo-noir production.

Problems? Yes, a few. Inevitability of outcome is hard to shake off whilst viewing it, especially for those well versed in the genre (sub-genre). Clichés and contrivances are stacked up like a pile of cop thriller 101 books, and Franklin goes smug (daft) by dropping in a couple of slow frame sequences that the film clearly didn't need. While the big showdown in the finale lacks a gut punch. But this is a good viewing, sexy at times and always eye catching, it also pleasingly chooses perky dialogue over action to make its dramatic point. The cast around Washington enhance the quality: Lathan in the tricky role shows a number of layered gears, Cain is imposing as a bully boy husband (where did this Cain go?) and Billingsley almost sneaks in and steals the movie as the loyal and stoic comedy side-kick.

So pesky flaws aside, this is a good recommendation as a night in movie for those with a kink for contemporary neo-noir. 7/10
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Denzel gives this class!!
supertom-39 June 2004
Warning: Spoilers
This is a good standard and efficient thriller starring Denzel Washington. The film is pretty routine but by having Denzel the film is given extra class. Anyway the story centers around Denzel's character, Matt Whitlock a police chief. He is seeing married woman Ann Merai Harrison (Sanaa Lathan) behind the back of major league A-hole Chris (Dean `Superman' Cain). Ann is dying of cancer and she and Denzel want to be together but the problem is she has to have expensive treatment abroad. Ann transfers her life insurance policy and makes Matt the sole beneficiary. When they decide to cash in on the policy Denzel loses his sense of morals and is overcome by his love for Ann. He steals $500,000 of confiscated drugs money that is in an evidence lock up. He give it to Ann and sets up a meeting. He knows that further down the line they can cash the insurance policy and he can return the money without anyone noticing because as he points out: `These goods can be left un-checked for months'. Problems arise however when he goes to meet Ann and she has apparently been burnt alive in her house. He had been there earlier in the night and was spotted by a nosy neighbour so Denzel is now in trouble, he was spotted by someone and he has motive to have killed her. He soon discovers that she was not in fact ill and is actually still alive. It seems she was hustling him good and proper and Den must now investigate secretly to discover her whereabouts, retrieve the drug money (which is now to be collected by IA as luck would have it).

The film is un-demanding, simple stuff to be honest. The plot doesn't get too convoluted and the pacing is good. The twists and turns happen at good moments and keep the entertainment levels constant. Denzel is excellent albeit in a role he could do with one arm tied behind his back, his eyes closed and with a pineapple lodged between his butt-cheeks. Eva Mendes that saucy Latin minx is also good as Denzels ex-wife who becomes suspicious of his increasingly nervy and strange behaviour. Sanaa Lathan is also good as is John Billingsley as Matt's slobbish friend. The one who really impressed me though was Dean Cain in a superbly nasty role as Lathan's abusive husband. Cain has never really found much success in his movie career doing cheap action movies that gather dust on the bottom shelves of Blockbusters. It is a shame really because Cain is likeable and has some charisma. He was good in Superman but a lot of TV stars are unable to make the transition to movie star because it requires a different kind of presence and charisma. Lorenzo Lamas is an example of someone similar. He looks a worse actor than he is having done so many low budget b pictures. For me seems too nice to be an action man. If he only takes some of the hardness and nastiness from this role and transfers it to his heroic roles he might get better offers in lead roles. However I don't seeing him as a leading man to be honest. He really does give a good performance in this and I'd like to see him in a few bigger films.

Carl Franklin directs proceedings with assurance and when the action kicks in he paces it well, he is good and safe without having the exceptional in his locker. Graeme Revell is a composer who is generally hit and miss and this score is hit. It is nicely understated and works well. All in all this is good entertainment. ***
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Good, if unoriginal noir
blanche-227 June 2009
Denzel Washington is a policeman who is "Out of Time" in this 2003 film also starring Eva Mendes, Sanaa Lathan, and Dean Cain.

Washington plays Matt Whitlock, a policeman involved in an affair with the beautiful Ann Harrison (Lathan). Whitlock is currently embroiled in divorce proceedings from his detective wife (Mendes), and Ann is married to an abusive ex-football player (Cain). When Ann is diagnosed with terminal cancer, Whitlock wants to help her. It puts him in the center of a crime investigation with potentially devastating implications.

This wrongly accused/framed man storyline has been used with great success in films such as No Way Out and the film on which it was based, The Clock, and "Out of Time" borrows heavily from these two films. Whitlock has to stay one step ahead of his wife's investigation in order to keep from being accused of one crime, and he has to avoid an agent for whom he's holding evidence in order to keep from being accused of another. How he wriggles out of various situations makes for some good suspense and engrossing viewing.

Washington is excellent as the harried cop, and the film is well worth watching, even though it's easy to figure out past a certain point. Although very derivative, it's highly entertaining too.
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Intrigue and suspense movie with Denzel Washington's good interpretation
ma-cortes8 February 2005
The film deals with a police chief (Denzel) who is trapped in a cobweb of offenses and he'll have to free himself of a net of strange events that's caught . He is separated his wife (Eva Mendes) and he has a lover (Sanaa Latham) married to Dean Cain . From the beginning to finish intrigue and frenetic action is continued and unstoppable . The picture mingles emotion , suspense , thriller , drama and is very amusing for the mystery and tension along whole runtime film . As the runtime is about two hours , it is adjusted and neither boring , nor dreary but entertaining because being fast moving and happen many events .

The motion picture obtained enough success around the world , in United States was a number one in box office . The film plot is pretty twisted and the end has an extraordinary surprise . The final confrontation amongst the protagonist and the contenders is thrilling and exciting . Denzel Washington acting is top-notch , he has got much experience in twenty and some years of career , Eva Mendes is enjoyable and enticing and Sanaa Latham ready as future first star in ¨Alien vs Predator¨ , Dean Cain (ex Superman) gives a different role to usual . Carl Franklin direction is excellent , he creates enough tension . TheoVan Sande cinematography and Graheme Revell music is atmospheric . The picture has been rated as +16 years because there is violence and cruel murders ; however , being apt +14 with parents guide . The flick will appeal to suspense and thriller movies buffs . Rating: Good . Well catching.
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Enjoyable enough little film but nothing special
bob the moo23 August 2004
Matt Lee Whitlock is the chief of police in a town in Florida. He has an ex-wife on the job and a girlfriend dieing of cancer. When Ann tells him that her husband has changed the details of her life insurance policy, Matt agrees to be named the new beneficiary in order to keep any payout safe. Meanwhile, under pressure to help her treatment, Matt takes drug money from the police safe however, when Ann and her husband are both killed in an arson attack on their home a murder investigation is launched – with Matt's ex-wife Alex heading it up. Initially quick to cover all links between him and Ann, Matt soon finds that all the clues are starting to point to him and realises that he is being framed.

Despite a solid (and sexy) cast, this looked too much like an average crime thriller to bother me to go to the cinema. However on DVD I decided to give it a go over the weekend as it seemed more suited to the small screen. Indeed the plot is no great shakes and is essentially a series of little set pieces on the way to a twist that was so apparent that the film doesn't even really deliver it with any great effort. However this is not to say it is no good, but just that it is nothing particularly special. The direction is good and it really helps the film keep a good sense of pace in the way the camera spins around in even the office environment but really it is the cast that make this stand out from the many other crime thrillers that never make it to the cinema.

Washington may well be slumming it here (he criticised it because he said all he did was run) but he holds the attention really well. His character doesn't really act like he should do and sometimes he is just plain wrong but Washington is suitably frantic and sweaty like a man hemmed in on all sides. Mendes is enjoyable even if she has no real character to speak of either, while Lathan rounds out the sex appeal with an OK performance but hardly the femme fatale that she should have been. Cain does better than he usually does and credit to him that he does manage to hold his own with Washington. Generally none of the lead three really act at the level that they can but their presence makes it more interesting.

Overall, my (and most viewers) assumptions were mostly right – it is an enjoyable little thriller but not one that is really worth hunting down. The big name cast are sexy and do reasonably well with the little they are given and director Franklin injects more pace that it probably deserved and the end result is a solid enough little film but not one that really does anything special.
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Liked It Better Than Most People Did, But Still Not Up To Standards
ccthemovieman-129 June 2006
This is one of the few Denzel Washington movies that flopped. It was just wasn't likable enough to hit a chord with moviegoers. His acting is still fine, but the film as a whole wasn't up to Washington's standards.

Being someone attracted to good visuals, I loved the colors in this film, set in South Florida. The orange-and-greens were beautiful and I enjoyed the music, too. It all elevated the likability of this modern day film-noir for me. Unfortunately, a lot of people were bored with this because it had so little action. That didn't bother me, although I have to admit at one point I began wondering "when is something violent going to happen." Many film noirs were like this, anyway, building up tension until the end.

I still found it pretty interesting most of the way, with a nice twist at the end. It's worth a rental, but not a purchase.
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Old Film Noir plot??
SceneByScene7 December 2006
This reminded me of an old Film Noir style plot.

Was this film a direct copy of any such plot, does anyone know?

Or was it just an 'homage' to that style of 1940s-ish Hollywood plot-line?

It was a good film and kept you thinking. Though had its flaws, as some of the details as why characters were doing what they did could have been filled out.

Denzel Washington nicely underplayed this role, with none of the histrionics a lesser actor could have used to portray the stress he was under (i.e. with his character under such pressure) - bubbling but not boiling over.

And it was good to see Dean Cain in a 'bad guy' role!!

~ Scene by Scene ~
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Eva Mendes & Denzel Burned Up the Screen
whpratt123 May 2006
Denzel Washington, (Matthias Lee Whitlock),"Training Day",'01, played the role of a pretty sharp Police Chief when it came to crime. However, he was having wife problems and they were both thinking about divorce and just recently Eva Mendes,(Alex Diaz Whitlock),"Stuck On You", was promoted to a detective on the same police force as her husband. Matthias decides he is going to find romance and hot love somewhere else and finds a gal who really spins of web of destruction all around him and causes his life to become one big mess and both Matthias and his wife really start having problems they never dreamed would ever happen. Have seen better pictures with Denzel Washington, but this film does hold your interest from beginning to the very end.
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Flawed but still exciting suspense film; Denzel is excellent (as always)
vincentlynch-moonoi6 October 2013
Warning: Spoilers
The question here is who is the bad guy...who is the badder guy. And who is going to win. It's that simple.

Denzel Washington is the chief of police in a small town along the Florida Keys. He has $450,000 in drug money in a safe...the booty from a drug bust that is both local and federally related. He is getting divorced from his wife, a homicide detective (Eva Mendes), and is currently dating a young woman played by Sanaa Lathan, whose husband (Dean Cain) is a security guard. Lathan has been diagnosed with terminal cancer, and Denzel decides to give her the drug money to buy experimental cancer drugs, instead of turning it over to the feds. After doing so, her body and her husband's body -- and the money (?) -- are apparently found in their burned out house. Circumstantially, Denzel will appear guilty, and in part he is, but not of murder. And then the discoveries begin -- a fake doctor and a very alive supposedly burned to death couple.

In terms of plot, what I like about this film is that the twists and turns begin early on, not just near the end...and they seem logical instead of convenient. BUT -- as Denzel gets almost caught over and over and over and over and over, you finally begin to say, "Too much." So, the plot is just a bit too much, but the performances make up for that. Denzel is as solid as ever here, and it's interesting how the director let the 5 o'clock shadow grow during the darkest period when we begin to wonder just how bad a guy he really is. Although the two female leads will never be favorites of mine, they both did very well here -- Eva Mendes and Sanaa Lathan. Dean Cain, who I feel is an under-appreciated actor -- does well as one of the villains, though he doesn't get a lot of screen time. John Billingsley is interesting as the best friend of the chief.

Every movie has its flaws, and this film is no exception. Nevertheless, it's a decidedly good suspense film and I recommend it.
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Suspense, Action & Great Entertainment
seymourblack-18 August 2012
Warning: Spoilers
"Out Of Time" is full of excitement, danger and suspense and although its rather intricate plot is very familiar in nature, it's totally gripping from start to finish. Inspiration for the story was obviously drawn from all those film noirs about a guy who makes a bad decision which gets him into a fix and then has to race against time to prove his innocence. The significance to the story of a life insurance policy is reminiscent of "Double Indemnity" (1944) and the presence of a hapless man who's involved in an investigation where he knows that all the evidence is certain to point to his guilt, brings to mind "The Big Clock" (1948). There's even a scene in a hotel where Denzel Washington is unable to leave by the main exit because of all the activity in the foyer and this replicates a very similar situation in "The Big Clock" where Ray Milland is confronted by the same type of problem.

This movie very successfully combines its themes of adultery, larceny and murder with action sequences, amusing plot twists and a good deal of humour to produce some terrific entertainment. The photography and direction are top class and the locations used contribute greatly to the sultry atmosphere of the whole piece.

Matt Whitlock (Denzel Washington) is the Chief of Police in the small town of Banyan Key, Florida. His wife is in the process of divorcing him and he's involved in a passionate affair with Ann Merai Harrison (Sanaa Lathan) who used to be his childhood sweetheart. She's married to Chris (Dean Cain) a violent ex-pro football player who frequently beats her but also conveniently works in the evenings as a security guard.

Ann asks Matt to accompany her when she visits her doctor who tells her that she's terminally ill with cancer and only has a few months to live. The only possibility of a better outcome is if she's able to undergo some expensive experimental therapies which are only available in Switzerland. As Ann is in no position to afford this option, Matt decides to let her have $485,000 of drugs money which is kept in his office safe to be used at some future date as evidence in a trial and in return, Ann makes Matt the sole beneficiary of a life insurance policy which is due to pay out $1,000,000 in the event of her death.

A little while later, Ann's house burns down, two charred bodies are found inside and the money's gone. Tests indicate that the fire was started deliberately and so an investigation is set up to discover who was responsible for the double homicide. This puts Matt in a real tight spot because he knows that he'll become the main suspect if it comes to light that he is the sole beneficiary of her insurance policy. Just to make matters worse, there's a neighbour who reports that she saw him outside Ann's house on the night of the fire, his estranged wife Alex (Eva Mendes) is the homicide detective assigned to the case and the DEA suddenly demand the drugs money which is needed urgently to be entered as evidence in an important trial that they're prosecuting.

Denzel Washington is excellent as the fall guy who has to suppress the evidence he doesn't want to be uncovered whilst also trying to hunt down the real culprits before it's too late. This involves him in some exciting chases, a dangerous struggle on a hotel balcony and some tense situations such as when he intercepts the records of Ann's telephone calls so that he can delete the entries that relate to his calls before Alex scrutinizes the documents. Despite the things that he does wrong, Matt remains a sympathetic character throughout. Washington is naturally charismatic and handles all the aspects of his role with supreme skill and conviction.

There are also some good supporting performances with Dean Cain being impressively menacing and John Billingsley providing both charm and humour as Matt's sidekick.
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Edge of your seat excitement despite some flaws
blott2319-127 January 2022
Out of Time plays a lot like a modern film noir. It has many of the familiar beats you would expect from classics of the genre, and that worked quite well for me. I'm also a sucker for films that involve a protagonist fighting to clear their name for a crime they didn't commit. It makes almost every single scene of the film tense and stressful, as it feels any moment our hero might get caught. I loved the fact that I could completely understand what was going through Whitlock's head, and why he did each thing as the film goes on. It certainly doesn't hurt that the amazing Denzel Washington is in the lead role, because he has a natural talent for making characters that are charming and sympathetic. There are wonderful twists in the plot throughout, and I could not wait to see what would happen next.

There are really only 2 reasons that I struggled with Out of Time. For starters, while I love Denzel and often think he can do no wrong, it took a long time for me to like this character. He is a man who seems to relish his vices and never apologizes for them. His choices early on are not good, and even when it seemed everything was conspiring against him, I was dealing with feelings of frustration with how he handled things. My other difficulty with Out of Time is a pet peeve about the ending (minor spoilers ahead.) I've always struggled with a finale like this one, where the villain's plan is thwarted, and magically all the things the protagonist did throughout the film will no longer be a problem. The amount of sweeping under the rug that occurs in the finale of this film is almost laughable. But none of that changed the fact that Out of Time was a solid heart-pounding thriller that I'll watch again.
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Great hot noir style
SnoopyStyle2 February 2014
Matt Lee Whitlock (Denzel Washington) is the police chief of Florida small town Banyan Key. He just cracked a big drug case confiscating $450k. He's getting divorced from fellow police officer Alex (Eva Mendes) and having an affair with Anne Merai Harrison (Sanaa Lathan) who is separated from violent husband Chris (Dean Cain). Anne has just been diagnosed with cancer, and Matt takes the $450k for Anne's treatment. However, the money, Anne and Chris all burnt up in a suspicious fire.

This has a great noir sweaty style. Matt's questionable morality is interesting. I prefer his problems be forced upon him. However most of his problems are self-inflicted by his lack of judgment. There is a lot of things that needs to be overlook in this movie. While I like the style, the story needs a little help.
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Decent thriller if...
vertigo_1416 December 2003
Warning: Spoilers
This movie, for me, is most comprable to The Negotiator. Star cop (although here, the main character has more flaws than Danny in the Negotiator) gets framed for a murder/embezzlement scheme and has to prove his innocence in a limited time, despite the enormous amount of evidence stacked against him.

I like those kinds of movies, so I didn't find this one to be too bad with the exception of two things: the predictable plot points (although I think I've just been watching way too many of these movies, so I've come to follow the formula) and the rather thin ending that never really went into much detail as to why the star cop was set up unlike other thrillers where the antagonists usually explain their schemes in considerable detail (some parts filled in by the protagonist). This one was left somewhat unexplained before eliminating the bad guys.

A decent movie, but probably one they didn't need Denzel Washington for. He's too good and, unfortunately, too old, for a role like this. But, if you enjoy the genre, you're likely to find this one to be satisfying...I guess.
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Worth your time
STAR RATING:*****Unmissable****Very Good***Okay**You Could Go Out For A Meal Instead*Avoid At All Costs

Matt Whitlock (Denzel Washington) is the immoral police chief of a small coastal town in Florida.He is having a sleazy affair with Ann Marai Harrison (Sanaa Lathan),a dental nurse and the wife of fellow police officer and rival Chris (Dean Cain),who mistreats her mentally and physically.One day,posing as her brother,he and Ann Marai pay a visit to the doctors to pick up some blood test results.It is here they are dealt the shocking blow that Ann Marai has an incurable form of cancer and has roughly only six months to live.Ann Marai wakes up to the hopelessness of her situation,but Whitlock clings on to hope in the shape of some treatment in a foreign country.It's going to cost a fair bit though,and money doesn't seem to be readily available.Desperate for cash,Whitlock steals a small fortune seized from a drug bust and puts it forward.Then,the next morning everything goes pear shaped when both Ann Marai and Chris are killed in an apparent arson attack.Aside from losing the woman he loved,Whitlock must now also contend with the mounting evidence putting him in the frame,especially when a nearby elderly neighbour (Evelyn Brooks) points him out as a suspect and a homicide squad,headed by his wife Alex (Eva Mendes) find evidence that suggests he was the new benificerary of Ann Marai's will.

This is the second pairing of Washington and director Carl Franklin since the film noir Devil in a Blue Dress,nine years ago in 1995.The films are very similar in substance and style,and are conveyed in a very similar way.Washington,though not turning in the best performance of his career,carries the film fairly engagingly,and is given good support in the shape of Lathan,Cain and Mendes.Though the performances are perfectly on par,a lot of the film's shortcomings are attributable to director Franklin,who allows the pace to become rather laxed and to lose it's sense of narrative structure in parts.Like many thrillers nowadays,he also allows credibility to be stretched fairly far in certain parts,requiring a rather huge and unreasonable suspension of disbelief from the audience.

He does also,however,really require you to use your brain and pay attention at all times to everything that is being said and inferred,no matter how preposterous it may sometimes be.The film emerges as being as good as you could hope it would be,serving it's purpose as a watchable but ultimately generic Hollywood cookie cutter thriller.***
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Entertaining and suspenseful con movie with excellent acting from Denzel Washington and Eva Mendes.
imseeg13 July 2018
Out of Time is an intelligent and very entertaining con movie. Denzel Washington plays a chief of police who gets framed for a murder he didnt commit. All the clues lead to him. Will he get busted for a crime he didnt commit or will he find the culprit who is framing him?

Great acting. Great jokes as well. Great body of the gorgeous Eva Mendes, who can seriously good as well. Simply a thrilling entertaining con flick.

Seen it many times now and at first viewing the story is rather confusing. But that doesnt matter much, because the suspense is the best ingredient of this con movie which is very entertaining and suspenseful till the very end.
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"Time is on my side,Yes it is."
morrison-dylan-fan5 June 2014
Warning: Spoilers
With a poll soon to be held on IMDb's Classic Film board for the best titles of 2003,I started to search round for an 03 Neo-Noir title to view for the year.Struggleing to find any interesting sounding Neo-Noirs from 03,I suddenly remembered a wonderful review that I had recently read on IMDb's Film Noir board,which led to me discovering,that I was thankfully not out of time,to view a Neo-Noir from 2003.

The plot:

Celebrating a successful arrest which led to a large gangs dirty money being captured,small town cop Matt Whitlock decides to mark the occasion,by spending time with his mistress Ann Merai Harrison.Stopping any sense of fun for either of them,Harrison is told that she has cancer,and that she only has 5 months to live.Originally planning to use her medical insurance to fund the only medicine that the doctor says may save her life,Harrison is left in shock,when she finds out that her husband (Chris) has changed the insurance,so that the only way anyone can get to the cash in Ann's name,is if she dies.

Furious by the corner which his lover has been placed in,Whitlock decides to take the only option on the table:stealing the dirty money from the police station,and giving it to Harrison so that she can afford her medicine.Along with her medicine cash,Whitlock also arranges for Harrison to change the details on her insurance,so that Whitlock can get hold of the cash and give it to Harrison,behind her husband's back.

Arranging to meet up with Harrison later that night, (in order to sort out the insurance details) Whitlock instead receives an emergency call about Harrison's house being on fire.Rushing to the scene,Whitlock discovers that he has signed up for a far from risk-free insurance,when the remains of the burnt out house reveal no sign of the Harrison's or the dirty money.

View on the film:

For the screenplay of the movie,writer Dave Collard combines Neo-Noir with crime caper elements,with the Neo-Noir smoke being scatted as Whitlock begins to relies about what murky dealings he has got himself involved in.Despite the plot having a number of clear flaws, (how did none of the other cops spot the phone number!) Collard uses the movies crime caper side to give the title a delightfully playfully edge,with Whitlock having to go from dodging eyewitnesses to jumping out of windows,in the hope of keeping the Harrison's disappearance and the dirty money loss under wraps.

Shooting on location in Miami,director Carl Franklin (who would not direct a film again for 10 years!) perfectly matches Collard's tones by soaking the movie in warm pastor tones which gradually darken as Whitlock sinks deeper into the Neo-Noir world.Along with the eye- catching colours,Franklin also uses sharp whip-pans to superbly show the desperation that is starting to take a hold on Whitlock.

Smashing his Clark Kent glasses to the ground,Dean Cain gives an excellent performance as Chris Harrison,with Cain splattering a wide smirk across Harrison's face,as he becomes increasingly suspicious over his wife and Whitlock's activities.Joining a wonderfully smooth Denzel Washington,John Billingsley delivers a fantastic performance as the only cop who will try to stop time running out for Whitlock.
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Out of time starring Denzel Washington 2003
russianbrother-18 February 2006
Every movie I have seen with Denzel Washington in it has been a good movie.This is no exception .What I liked about out of time is it had everything.It has great comic relief,drama,mystery and action.I really love movies that lead me in one direction and just when I think I have it all figured out wham! They throw a wrench in the cogwheel and everything is completely different then what I expected. Thats what happened in this movie I was not disappointed.This movie kept me entertained from beginning to the very end which is why I watch movies in the first place.If you like mystery comic relief and action then this is a movie for you!
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HardKnockLife21025 January 2004
When I first saw the trailer for "Out of Time," I was pumped to go and see it when it came out. But then I saw the lame TV spots and decided against going, and the reviews it received didn't exactly give incentive for seeing it either. But I still always sort of had the urge to see it, and I finally got my chance, with decent results.

"Out of Time" is the type of thriller that tries hard, but still comes up short. There were no horrible aspects of this movie, nothing that stands out as being horribly dumb or even horribly unorginal. Yet everything seems mediocre. Denzel's acting was great, but other cast members occasionally seemed a little lost. The direction was also pretty good, but Carl Franklin seemed to have a little trouble pacing the movie, with a couple scenes seeming completely out of place. The music also, by Graeme Revell, was pretty good, but wasn't exemplary or especially dramatic. The cinematography was good, but didn't really stand out, while the screenplay also lagged in places. Plus, the story was original, but not original enough to really keep you guessing.

Yet the movie does create suspense quite well and Denzel saves the movie from complete mediocrity.

Final Grade: B.
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Nice unexpected ending
dannyclyde28 February 2022
Nice movie, with a bit of suspense too. I liked the Mendes Washington couple very much. Unexpected ending but that was nice. Many twists and lots of hats every time to Denzel.
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A classic noir for the 2000s
shoobe01-122 September 2021
Surprising to me. Not at all marketed properly. This could be a remake of an unknown 40's noir, even to the point where I sorta don't mind a few coincidences and the overly-slight explanation of the background because it's all played so believably. No explanations, no narrations, just things happen, friends commit crimes to help you, and the real bad guys get what's coming to them, the good guys make out fine.
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Taught thriller with tension and tenacity
djderka3 July 2012
The interplay between the characters in this taught thriller is delicious.

In a small coastal Florida town, Chief Whitlock is enjoying a romantic liaison with the smoldering Ann Harrison while he is temporally separated from his wife, Alex Whitlock, who is a detective on the same small police force. No problem until the Chief comes to believe that Ann needs some 1/2 million bucks to undergoing a special cancer treatment, so he retrieves some confiscated drug money to do so. Uh, oh soon he learns that he was set up and the feds are closing in to count the money, which he doesn't have and as Alex is constantly breathing down his neck for answers to an arson and other issues.

Chae is Whitlock's friend and their playfulness and support for each other is a nice reprieve from the "argumentative" cops in 48 hrs and such films. Ann is the hot film noir babe, Alex the hot stylish homicide cop and John the somewhat goofy medical examiner.

Denzel is superb in what is a standard film noir thriller. The plot is simple and not overly complicated like Sleven, which has more twists and turns than The Beast in Kings Island. And no forever car chases, used when scripts run out of steam. Each scene here is necessary and with progression to the storyline. There is very little "down time" for a rest, but constant forward interest in the Chief's dilemma.

Served simply and straight up like two eggs with bacon on the side, this thriller abounds with tension as the Chief is racing against time to retrieve the federal money and trying to deal with a nagging, annoying "separated" wife that seems to put a road block into his every move. This is a richly textured movie with a nice subtle sound track. I liked the "rattlesnake tail shake" sound as he neared danger.

I am so happy the director, Carl Franklin, didn't use the unnecessary "jumpy" visual effects in Quake's editing program that were so prevalent and distracting in Man on Fire.

I have seen this movie several times and although I have the DVD, I watch it whenever it appears on TV. Hope you enjoy the story, direction, music track, editing, and acting as much as I did.
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