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(1993 TV Special)

Full Cast & Crew

Cast (in credits order)  

Fionnuala Sweeney Fionnuala Sweeney ... Herself - Host
Enrico Ruggeri Enrico Ruggeri ... Himself - Italian Entry: 12th Place
Burak Aydos Burak Aydos ... Himself - Turkish Entry: 21st Place
Alexander Grünwald Alexander Grünwald ... Himself - German Entry: 18th Place (as Alex Grunwald)
Rennie Hatzke Rennie Hatzke ... Himself - German Entry: 18th Place
Michael Kunzi Michael Kunzi ... Himself - German Entry: 18th Place
Aron Strobel Aron Strobel ... Himself - German Entry: 18th Place
Stefan Zauner Stefan Zauner ... Himself - German Entry: 18th Place
Annie Cotton Annie Cotton ... Herself - Swiss Entry: 3rd Place
Tommy Seebach Tommy Seebach ... Himself - Danish Entry: 22th Place (as Tommy Seebach Band)
Kaiti Garbi Kaiti Garbi ... Herself - Greek Entry: 9th Place
Barbara Dex Barbara Dex ... Herself - Belgian Entry: 25th Place
William Mangion William Mangion ... Himself - Maltese Entry: 8th Place
Ingibjörg Stefánsdóttir Ingibjörg Stefánsdóttir ... Herself - Icelandic Entry: 13th Place
Tony Wegas Tony Wegas ... Himself - Austrian Entry: 14th Place
Anabela Anabela ... Herself - Portuguese Entry: 10th Place
Patrick Fiori Patrick Fiori ... Himself - French Entry: 4th Place
Niamh Kavanagh ... Herself - Irish Entry: 1st Place
Jimmy Martin Jimmy Martin ... Himself - Luxembourg Entry: 20th Place
Simone Weis Simone Weis ... Herself - Luxembourg Entry: 20th Place
Andrej Bedjanic Andrej Bedjanic ... Himself - Slovenian Entry: 22nd Place
Tomaz Kosec Tomaz Kosec ... Himself - Slovenian Entry: 22nd Place
Cole Moretti Cole Moretti ... Himself - Slovenian Entry: 22nd Place
Barbara Sinigoj Barbara Sinigoj ... Herself - Slovenian Entry: 22nd Place
Brane Vidan Brane Vidan ... Himself - Slovenian Entry: 22nd Place
Sandra Zupanc Sandra Zupanc ... Herself - Slovenian Entry: 22nd Place
Katri-Helena Katri-Helena ... Herself - Finnish Entry: 17th Place
Muhamed Fazlagic Muhamed Fazlagic ... Himself - Bosnia-Herzegovinan Entry: 16th Place
Sonia Sonia ... Herself - United Kingdom Entry: 2nd Place
Ruth Jacott Ruth Jacott ... Herself - Dutch Entry: 6th Place
Naim Ajra Naim Ajra ... Himself - Croatian Entry: 15th Place
Pater Cucak Pater Cucak ... Himself - Croatian Entry: 15th Place
Olja Desic Olja Desic ... Himself - Croatian Entry: 15th Place
Vivien Galletta Vivien Galletta ... Herself - Croatian Entry: 15th Place
Andela Jelicic Andela Jelicic ... Herself - Croatian Entry: 15th Place
Melita Sedic Melita Sedic ... Herself - Croatian Entry: 15th Place
Eva Santamaría Eva Santamaría ... Herself - Spanish Entry: 11th Place
Demos Van Beke Demos Van Beke ... Himself - Cyprian Entry: 19th Place
Kyriakos Zimboulakis Kyriakos Zimboulakis ... Himself - Cyprian Entry: 19th Place
Guy Brakha Guy Brakha ... Himself - Israeli Entry: 24th Place
Rachel Haim Rachel Haim ... Herself - Israeli Entry: 24th Place
Julia Julia ... Herself - Israeli Entry: 24th Place
Benny Nadler Benny Nadler ... Himself - Israeli Entry: 24th Place
Sara Sharon Sara Sharon ... Herself - Israeli Entry: 24th Place
Varda Zamir Varda Zamir ... Herself - Israeli Entry: 24th Place
Silje Vige Silje Vige ... Herself - Norwegian Entry: 5th Place
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Olli Ahvenlahti Olli Ahvenlahti ... Himself - Conductor: Finland
Ettore Andenna Ettore Andenna ... Himself - Italian Commentator (voice)
Haris Andreadis Haris Andreadis ... Himself - Conductor: Greece
Arvingarna Arvingarna ... Themselves - Swedish Entry: 7th Place
Isabel Bahia Isabel Bahia ... Herself - Portuguese Commentator (voice)
María Ángeles Balañac María Ángeles Balañac ... Herself - Spanish Vote Presenter
Andrej Basa Andrej Basa ... Himself - Conductor: Croatia
Colin Berry Colin Berry ... Himself - United Kingdom Vote Presenter
Dafni Bokota Dafni Bokota ... Herself - Greek Commentator (voice)
Bert Candries Bert Candries ... Himself - Conductor: Belgium
Vittorio Cosma Vittorio Cosma ... Himself - Conductor: Italy
Christian Cravero Christian Cravero ... Himself - Conductor: France
Norbert Daum Norbert Daum ... Himself - Conductor: Germany
Jørgen de Mylius Jørgen de Mylius ... Himself - Danish Commentator (voice)
Claude Delacroix Claude Delacroix ... Himself - Belgian Commentator: French Speaking Region (voice)
Eileen Dunne Eileen Dunne ... Herself - Irish Vote Presenter
Leif Erik Forberg ... Himself - Norwegian Commentator (voice)
Münchener Freiheit Münchener Freiheit ... Themselves - German Entry: 18th Place
Amir Frohlich Amir Frohlich ... Himself - Conductor: Israel
Emanuela Gaggini Emanuela Gaggini ... Herself - Swiss Commentator: Italian Speaking Region (voice)
Kåge Gimtell Kåge Gimtell ... Himself - Swedish Commentator (voice)
Francis Goya Francis Goya ... Himself - Conductor: Luxembourg
Ernst Grissemann Ernst Grissemann ... Himself - Austrian Commentator (voice)
Jan Hofer Jan Hofer ... Himself - German Commentator (voice)
Curt-Eric Holmquist ... Himself - Conductor: Sweden
Harry van Hoof Harry van Hoof ... Himself - Conductor: Netherlands
Janne Jingryd Janne Jingryd ... Himself - Swedish Commentator (voice)
Noel Kelehan Noel Kelehan ... Himself - Musical director and conductor: Ireland and Bosnia-Herzegovina
George Keller ... Himself - Conductor: Denmark
Pat Kenny Pat Kenny ... Himself - Irish Commentator (voice)
Christian Kolonovits Christian Kolonovits ... Himself - Conductor: Austria
Patrice Laffont Patrice Laffont ... Himself - French Commentator (voice)
Eduardo Leiva Eduardo Leiva ... Himself - Conductor: Spain
Rolf Løvland Rolf Løvland ... Himself - Conductor: Norway
Jakob Magnússon Jakob Magnússon ... Himself - Icelandic Commentator (voice)
Jean Marc Jean Marc ... Himself - Swiss Commentator: French Speaking Region (voice)
Linda Martin ... Herself - Previous Winner
Maurice Molitor Maurice Molitor ... Himself - Luxembourgian Commentator (voice)
Armindo Neves Armindo Neves ... Himself - Conductor: Portugal
Erkki Pohjanheimo Erkki Pohjanheimo ... Himself - Finnish Commentator (voice)
Joze Privsek Joze Privsek ... Himself - Conductor: Slovenia
Joseph Sammut Joseph Sammut ... Himself - Conductor: Malta
Jon Kjell Seljeseth Jon Kjell Seljeseth ... Himself - Conductor: Iceland
Marc Sorrentino Marc Sorrentino ... Himself - Conductor: Switzerland
Giorgos Theofanous Giorgos Theofanous ... Himself - Conductor: Cyprus
Bernard Thurnheer Bernard Thurnheer ... Himself - Swiss Commentator: German Speaking Region (voice)
José Luis Uribarri José Luis Uribarri ... Himself - Spanish Commentator (voice)
Willem van Beusekom Willem van Beusekom ... Himself - Dutch Commentator (voice)
André Vermeulen André Vermeulen ... Himself - Belgian Commentator: Dutch Speaking Region (voice)
Terry Wogan ... Himself - United Kingdom Commentator (voice)
Nigel Wright Nigel Wright ... Himself - Conductor: United Kingdom
Bülent Özveren Bülent Özveren ... Himself - Turkish Commentator (voice)
Humphrey Campbell Humphrey Campbell ... Himself - Dutch Backing Vocal (uncredited)
Kim Carlsson Kim Carlsson ... Himself - Arvingarna (uncredited)
Tommy Carlsson Tommy Carlsson ... Himself - Arvingarna (uncredited)
Casper Jarnebrink Casper Jarnebrink ... Himself - Arvingarna (uncredited)
Lasse Larsson Lasse Larsson ... Himself - Arvingarna (uncredited)
Debbie Scerri Debbie Scerri ... Herself - Maltese Backing Vocal (uncredited)

Produced by 

Kevin Linehan ... producer

Production Design by 

Alan Farquharson

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