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10 Feb. 1955
Prologue to Glory
Abe Lincoln's legendary "tragic love" for Ann Rutledge.
17 Feb. 1955
The Dover Road
A wealthy man who lives on the Dover Road, traditional path of elopers. His practice of forcing such couples to see one another in the sober light of home life in his house, leads to a personal involvement for him.
3 Mar. 1955
Anna Christie
Adapted from the play by Eugene O'Neill, "Anna Christie" is the story of a former prostitute who falls in love, but runs into difficulty in turning her life around.
10 Mar. 1955
Billy Budd
An innocent, naive seaman in the British Navy in 1797 is accused and tried when the ship's sadistic master-at-arms is murdered.
7 Mar. 1955
The Glass Parlor
A small-town schoolteacher's efforts to help a student make her the object of scandal-mongering.
14 Apr. 1955
No Riders
The death of their child almost wrecks the marriage of a truck driver and his wife. Then one night he goes against company regulations and picks up a Mexican waif on the road.
21 Apr. 1955
Thunder Rock
An embittered idealist becomes a lighthouse keeper to escape a world gone mad. In his solitude, he creates a ghost world peopled with undefeated idealists of a previous age.
28 Apr. 1955
Hang Up My Guns
A lawyer's life depends on his successful defense of a Southern mountain boy charged with murder.
12 May 1955
The story of a London attorney who, though married, becomes tragically involved with a shop-girl.
19 May 1955
The Ways of Courage
An elderly scientist is being held captive behind the Iron Curtain. U.S. Military Intelligence asks the man's young protege to risk his life in order to rescue the scientist.
26 May 1955
The Kingdom of Andrew Jones
A well-known playwright has written but one play. Though his students, at the college where he teaches, admire him, his aged mother believes his talent is already played out.
2 Jun. 1955
Patricia Joudry has constructed a merry-go-round of psychological complexes. It starts whirling when a middle-aged psychiatrist, an expert on father-daughter relationships, marries a girl young enough to be his daughter.

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