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What fragrance is this advertising?
BornJaded31 March 2004
This is an ideal film to watch while stair-climbing at the gym, I guess, or working out on your Nordic Track at home. Under any other conditions, though, the brain is likely to atrophy.

The premise is: present the story of Adam and Eve as a new-age exercise in soft core titillation with the deeper purpose of "art," without actor or actress uttering a line of dialogue throughout the film's duration (if Neil St. Clair is as bad a writer as he is a director, this is a blessing). Depict Eve as a child of the Earth, rising up through stone on a quest to connect with Adam (described in the credits as "First Man") and discover, like, sex and stuff. If this sounds similar to "The Blue Lagoon," heed your intuition. Imagine the Adam and Eve segments from "The Loss of Sexual Innocence" extracted, "tastefully" remade by a Playboy photographer, and stripped of all visual intelligence.

This director's notion of primitivism and purity is to have his First Man and First Woman wriggle about on natural, sun-baked landscapes (various U.S. and international locations are used) in faux balletic movements, the First Man appearing with a dirty tee-shirt wrapped around his waist for decency while songs like Deep Forest's "Sweet Lullaby" (which was already passé ten years ago), the rights to which probably come cheap to cheap filmmakers like St. Clair, and Moby's equally expired "Porcelain" occupy the soundtrack, reminding one of St. Clair's fatal lack of imagination. One expects the film to end with a promotional logo for Calvin Klein's Eternity for Men fragrance.

The star of the film, Inger Ebeltoft, is a former Miss Norway, and she's apparently modeling here in lieu of acting, and likewise for Matt Scarborough, whose only other acting credit is as "Delivery Boy" in an episode of "Relic Hunter." Neil St. Clair regularly interrupts his action with generic quotations to let you know you're watching an art film.
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Tastes differ...
day-99 April 2004
I have seen this film recently and I have enjoyed it very much. So,let's forget about unnecessary criticism and just get aesthetic pleasure watching "EVE". I am sure that all those who love nature and understand the deepest movements of the human soul will join my opinion.In fact,"EVE" is a very good example of a creative work which can awake both heart and soul. The tastes really differ,but each film has its viewers who understand and accept its philosophy. I wish I could watch many more films of such kind and I wonder what might be next. Probably "LILITH"... I suggest Mr.St.Clair would get another success presenting "LILITH" to the world.

My best wishes,

Vadim Svetlov
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Uncle Klaus' Amazing Travel Slideshowwith bonus bikini model included
Maltbar16 April 2004
Who wouldn't want to travel to some of the most beautiful places on the planet and bring along a blonde European bikini model to add a little interest to the frame. You have to give the filmmakers a lot of credit for getting those shots. No easy task. Especially when you've got a model to consider. Sunburn, sprained ankles, exhaustion.... Think of your Uncle Klaus who just came back from his worldwide photo expedition. "Oh yes well this is Inger we met in Austria, she's a real trooper" Who would of thought Uncle Klaus was so naughty? You can't help but think of the Squatsi movies even though the comparison ends at the slideshow technique. You know the routine. Time lapse landscapes new age soundtrack.(I think Inger lent her CDs to uncle Klaus for the background music.) Bringing Inger along was probably a good idea. Otherwise you might get a little bored with Uncle Klaus' impeccable framing and choices of location, as gorgeous as it all is. I also think that Uncle Klaus had a little too much fun with the suntan oil.
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Had potential ... but became too hokey
Stefan____26 April 2004
Well, I'm watching the film as I write this so maybe I'm reviewing it prematurely, but I thought that once I started laughing the intended emotional grasp was lost on me. My wife is asking how much longer it is.... it's another hour.

As a photographer, I do commend the images. Very beautiful. As is the model. If this was a 30 minute film and the soft porn was left out then it would probably rate much higher. No need for the Calvin Klein ads interspersed. The music does get tedious after a while as well.

Still, I'm glad I saw it once, at least to see the beauty of nature captured on film if nothing else.
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This movie... a masterpiece !
prazbin17 May 2005
Eve is an eye opener, because of the great sceneries and the tech-no music in the backgrounds, we hear. This movie shows a good aspect on the human body being God's creation and to considerate about it, viewers can earn better respect on the legendary story of Adam and Eve (either if it's true or just a fairy tale, depending on what we believe) from watching this movie. Actress/model Inger Ebeltoft's impersonation of Eve is so good, there's no good word to describe her performance, and I can't imagine having another actress being Eve. This movie to me, comes in really handy for the type of therapy of stress relief. We'd never fell so relax then before from watching this movie. This movie is a masterpiece, God supposedly wanted this movie to be made in the first place!

Mr. Razbin!
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