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Absolutely AMAZING
ncm2155 June 2004
Tony Shalhoub is a genius in inhabiting the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of this character. I myself am an obsessive-compulsive, and he gets the experience of suffering from this disease exactly. I watch this show regularly. It's therapeutic (partly because I get all the OCD jokes and get to laugh at myself) - and HILARIOUS, even if you don't know anything about OCD! Shalhoub completely deserves the Best Actor Emmy and SAG Awards he's won for this role. Shalhoub's sweet, anxious genius, Adrian Monk, is dead-on. And Bitty Schram as his nurse is also hilarious and so marvelous! I highly recommend you watch this show!

Thank you Tony Shalhoub, Bitty Schram, and everyone else involved in this show!
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It's time to say goodbye
benjamitesandwich5 December 2009
Warning: Spoilers
I have been watching Monk ever since the beginning 8 seasons ago. I have been a major fan. I have been holding this review until the very last episode had aired. Well, it has, and this is what I have to say.

After 8 seasons and over 125 cases solved (including Trudy's) Monk had been the funniest, most engaging, and absolutely the BEST show on television (in my opinion). I had stuck with this show until the end; until I had to say goodbye to Mr. Monk. Well, that is what I am going to say now. Goodbye to my favorite show, a true television treasure. Goodbye to the most remarkable show ever aired on television.

Here's to you, Monk :)
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Best and Funniest Show in Years
michealmce22 August 2004
Seriously, what shows have been that great in the past few years, that could appeal to just about any person? Monk delivers laughs and mysteries to a wide range of audiences. Experts on O.C.D. (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) say that the show does a credit to all patients in this field, instead of insulting and making fun of them, as many shows and movies do.

I'm so glad I discovered this show for my whole family. Now we refer to Friday night as "Monk Night", just because we love this show so much. Everyone should give this show a chance because it deserves at least that much. I almost felt sorry for it, seeing how ABC canceled it and all. But then, luckily, USA saw the promise in it and picked it straight up. Now most people feel sorry for ABC! Of course, if they weren't so quick to, as I say, "Judge and Cancel" all new shows, maybe they could have some decent programs on. 2 episodes just isn't enough.

This isn't one of those shows where I'll say "Well, if you have some extra time one Friday night and you're feeling bored..." No, trust me, this is a show you want to MAKE time for. Let me include a brief overview:

Adrien Monk (Tony Shalhoub) is a Detective with O.C.D. (see above), whose wife died 6 years ago when a car bomb killed her. Monk believed that the bomb was meant for him, and blames himself for her death. For the main part, Monk is going around solving crimes of all shapes and sizes (although they are all homicide), although every once in a while Monk, on one of his cases, will uncover something about the murder of his wife, which is a top goal for him. He is accompanied by his nurse/assistant Sharona Fleming (Bitty Schram), and just about every episode has the police captain Leland Stottlemeyer (Ted Levine) and Lt. Randal Disher (Jason Gray-Stanford), who is an absolute riot at times, because he has a heroic sense. In other words, he's watched too many episodes of "Cops" and likes to imitate major police films. He also seems to have a "thing" for Sharona, even though they act like they hate each other. One last character that finishes off a great cast is Doctor Charles Kroger, Monk's Psychiatrist.

Overall, this is a must see for all, and if you miss this show, you're missing out on a great entertainment opportunity.
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One of the best shows around...
Rattrap00727 August 2002
Monk is one of the best new shows around.

Tony Shalhoub plays Monk perfectly. Monk isn't your average detective. His wife was killed in a car explosion 3 year ago. He suffered a major breakdown and is now trying to get reinstated on the police force with the help of his private nurse. Monk's got lots of problems. He is Obsessive Compulsive, has fear of crowds, heights, the dark, and milk. Yes milk. Yet he is the greatest detective around. In one episode he even tried to straighten up the crime scene because the mess was driving him crazy.

Here is a sample story. The chief described Monk's first day on the job in one ep. It was as follows:

They were called to a run down hotel. A prostitute had ODed on some pills. Over a dozen cops said suicide. Monk said murder. They all thought he was crazy. The chief asked "why murder?". Monk points out that if she was commiting suicide where was the glass of water needed to get the pills down..

He notices little thing no one else would.

I give this show a 10/10.
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Mystery/Comedy...who knew?
jwhale938231 March 2005
I used to watch Murder She Wrote with my parents, but I never really got into the stories. Mysteries just weren't my thing back then. Then, a few weeks ago, my parents introduced me to this show on USA network about a neurotic detective. So I watched it and after one episode I had a new favorite show.

Adrian Monk is a detective with an obsessive compulsive disorder that apparently enhances his perception skills. Most of his friends at the station think he's just weird.

Tony Shalhoub portrays the nutty sleuth. Before this, I did not know that Tony could act...well. I had only ever seen him in Men in Black as Jeeves. But a role like Monk proves to me that Tony can carry a story.

But it's the humor in the show that keeps the show entertaining. If the jokes and zingers weren't there, Monk would probably be just another boring mystery where I'm trying, futilely, to solve the case before the hero. So, thank you Tony Shalhoub for making mysteries fun.

If you're a mystery fan, a comedy fan, or a combination of the two, you will love Adrian Monk.
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Charming, intelligent and hilarious
Bondorf396 July 2004
This is written in direct protest of a user comment on this site which called this remarkable series "drivel," "awful," and other things that made me think the jerk was accidentally watching "Law and Order."

This is one of the best shows on TV. I say that because it shares one common trait with every show I have ever loved: Heart. Behind the ominous tinge of death, the cynical barkings of Captain Stottlemeyer, the Barney Fife-esque antics of Randy Disher, the equal parts maternal nagging and New Jersey attitude of Charona Flemming and the fact that it's basically a show about poking fun at one guy's mental problems is love. We LOVE Adrien Monk. We join him in mourning his wife's death, and we live and die with each step he takes toward being reinstated.

This is more than a cop show. This is more than a detective show. This is more than a comedy. This is more than a drama. Given the slightest amount of cosmic justice, this show will go down in history alongside "Sports Night," "Freaks and Geeks," and "Star Trek: The Next Generation" (I apologize for nothing) as a show that did not give in to the horrors of professional television, but rose above them to produce pure art.

As for the last guy's comment that Monk should've been reinstated a long time want to give Adrien a gun and set him loose in your neighborhood? Fine by me, and sleep tight.
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Monk Mania Is Upon Us
ccthemovieman-127 January 2006
Here's a cable television that, by word of mouth, is really gaining in popularity..... and it's easy to see why. It scores a bullseye by combining interesting crime stories with humor. When you have that combination and it works, you have a winner.

Monk's comedy, despite what the producers say, is really making fun of people who have compulsive-obsessive disorders (OCD)., but not in a mean-spirited manner. Adrian Monk (Tony Schaloub) and his many phobias are what make us laugh. That's what makes this show unique and sets it apart from every other "whodunnit" show, from Sherlock Holmes to Det. Robert Goren on Law And Order: Criminal Intent.

Shalhoub excels in his comedy, in large part, to his body movements, his reactions to situations and to his deadpan deliveries of hilarious lines. He is a master at all of it, and always entertaining.

I did have trouble, unlike most people, with his sidekick, "Sharona," played by Bitty Schram. I'm sorry but I found her extremely annoying with her OMG's every other sentence and her horrible nasal New Jersey accent. I was glad to hear she left the show midway through the following season but, as others have pointed out: the shows have gone downhill since she left. However good Scrham was in her role, (and she was effective) the show getting weaker by the fourth year is due to the writers, not the appearance of "Natalie Teeger."

The two other main characters and good and bad, too. Levine is good as the no-nonsense, gruff and tough police captain. He looks the part and acts it, but Gray-Stanford is ludicrous as his main detective. He's portrayed as someone totally stupid and immature, and no lieutenant would act like him. He's an insult to the viewers' intelligence. Oddly, he was pictured much more realistically the first season of the show but by the second season he was made into a goof-ball.

Story-wise, each episode is entirely different so it never gets stale. Most shows feature surprising twists and clever plots. That's the idea of the show - odd cases that nobody but the extremely observant Monk could figure out. All his phobias wound up costing him his badge, but he's so smart, the police have to call him in to solve the difficult mysteries.

It's beautifully filmed and occasionally you get a travelogue-type glance at the San Francisco scenery. This show is picking up new viewers each week because it's addicting. Once you've seen a show or two, you have to see more....and it rarely disappoints. After watching this, I purchased the first and third seasons. The first season is outstanding, particularly the opening episode. I'm now looking forward to viewing the third season.
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A Fun, Funny, and Entertaining Show
Spooky20011 August 2004
I don't have cable but I was happy when the first season of Monk came on DVD. I always wanted to see that show because I heard good things about it. I finally got to see the show. I loved it. It was funny and entertaining. There was never a dull moment in any of the episodes. It held my interest. I have heard bad things about the second season but I will still watch it. For anybody who said murder isn't funny(like the last reviewer) it is not the murder that makes the show funny but Monk himself and the other characters help too. I can't wait to see what the writers will think of next. If you like detective mysteries and you like comedy then this show is for you. I can't wait for the second season to come out on dvd.
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Best New Show
WWalrus3 December 2002
It isn't often that a series on a cable network turns out to be the best new show of the season, but that is just what happened with "Monk". It is off beat, delightfully acted and very humorously written. Monk, himself, is outrageous and unpredictable. The viewer never knows what Monk will find to obsess over. However he is as observant or even more so than Sherlock Holmes. Tony Shaloub is really great in bringing this difficult character to life. The whole cast is exactly right. It is no wonder that ABC picked up this show to repeat the original episodes on broadcast TV.
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I really like this show!
TheLittleSongbird14 July 2009
Monk is a very entertaining detective series, that is excellent if you want some chuckles for 45 minutes. Tony Shalhoub is fantastic in the lead, giving the character a sense of charm and humour. Monk suffers from OCD. However, because of this, Monk's actions are priceless, as he is obsessed with everything. There was even one episode, when he was at a school, and he wrote his name very neatly on the blackboard, and rubbed it off again, after he was unsatisfied with how it looked. Bitty Schram is lovely as Sharona, and Traylor Howard was a very worthy replacement in the later series as Natalie. Ted Levine is amusing as Stottlemeyer,(I loved the episode with the chimpanzee and Levine jumping up and down in the interview room) there was one episode, when he was exasperated when Monk was convinced that a man who is "conveniently" in a coma sent bombs to two people, Levine's reactions were priceless. Jason Gray-Stanford has his moments as Lieutenant Randall Disher. There have also been some great guest stars, one of my many favourites was Tim Curry as Dale "the Whale" Biederbeck in the episode Mr Monk Goes To Jail, as well as John Tuturro as Monk's estranged brother Ambrose. I am not hugely keen on Randy Newman, so I don't know what to think of the title song. Other than that, I really like Monk. 9/10 Bethany Cox.
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One of the best US exports
wednesbury30 March 2006
As a viewer in England, Monk is, in my opinion,one of the best US series exported TV programmes. Compared to other US series that have been screened in prime time slots in the UK this series is truly brilliant. Mr Monk, suffering with OCD, generates sympathy as well as humour. Currently I am watching the series on the BBC who are repeating each episode in the afternoon. For some reason Monk has never been aired in a UK prime time slot despite being far superior to the current dross and reality TV programmes that are filling our TV channels on most evenings. My solution is to record the afternoon episodes and they then become my evenings viewing highlight. Forget other current US series such as Invasion (yawn), Lost (lost the plot) Surface, etc. they pale in comparison. All the roles in Monk are well acted and each of the characters have their own identities. I love the inept Lieutenant Randy who tries to emulate the archetypal portrayed TV cop. Long may the series run.
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One of the must-watch series
ctomvelu124 August 2009
As MONK winds down, I must admit I did not think the show would run as long as it did. I was obviously wrong. The series, about a mentally defective detective, has had its ups and downs, but Tony Shalhoub always managed to keep things moving along as the quirky investigator. The episodes in this final season have been wildly uneven, but it is interesting to note that Monk seems no longer in constant need of hand wipes. That's akin to Mel Gibson's character in the LETHAL WEPON series eventually giving up smoking. And Monk's adorable aide Natalie has been more playful and affectionate with Monk, making me hope they will stay together as this series rides off into the sunset. The only other show with this kind of pull is HOUSE. And LAW & ORDER, of course. MONK will have a long life in reruns.
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9/10 everything.
Michele_with_one_L25 November 2008 everything.

This sums up Adrian Monk, played excellently by Tony Shalhoub. The 'defective' detective is paranoid, has OCD and a laugh-out-loud relationship with his assistant. And don't get me started on germs! The plots of each episode are fantastic and the way Monk's mind works is incredible...all great viewing. And it's not the physical comedy that most shows these days have, it's just the way Monk reacts to situations. 'Intellect' laugh-out loud moments at I've heard it be called. Comedy gold!

A special shout-out also has to go to Ted Levine as Captain Leland Stottlemeyer, definitely the surprise cast of the lot. Because although Stottlemeyer and Monk's differences do make them disagree on mostly everything, the friendship between the 2 characters is evident and strong.

Congratulations goes to Tony Shalhoub for making a memorable and amusing TV series. Keep the laughs coming!
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vote for monk
FishHeadSweety23 October 2006
Monk has been on TV for years and hasn't received 5 votes yet as of Oct.23, 2006? RIDICULOUS! VOTE PEOPLE. I gave it a 10. It's the official show for anxiety ridden people. Monk is a phobic-ridden detective who solves crimes by noticing obscure evidence. It's funny,well acted, and well-known. Tony Shaloub has won Emmys for his role. Ted Levine was Buffalo Bill in "Silence of the Lambs." It is shown on USA network. Plenty of Monk marathons to catch up on the shows you missed. Monk is one of the most popular and Emmy appreciated shows on cable TV. It's also family friendly so far, with no gratuitous sex. Monk is a well written, clever show. If you haven't watched it, give it a try. If you have watched it-vote.

Let's get the vote tally up.
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AAA Show...sad to see it end :(
npatel-87 March 2010
Monk is an awesome show. 8 seasons and I still wish there were more. The characters are all lovable and fit their roles perfectly.

A few of my friends told me to watch this show but I never listened. The title of the show is horrible and it was a turn-off from the start.

The first episode will pull you in real fast. As mentioned before, the acting is great.

Each episode focuses on a new murder. They rarely have 2-part shows but there are some. There is a series-wide storyline (the death of his wife Trudy) that really isn't addressed until very later.

I was hoping that each season had some sort of storyline that would be of focus for that season, but Monk doesn't have this. Aside from the Trudy storyline (which doesn't really impact much of the show until much later), each episode features a new storyline (i.e. new murder; new suspect).

The plots for episode often vary. Sometimes you know who the killer is before Monk and sometimes you don't. My favorite are the episodes where you don't know because you can often figure things out yourself if you pay attention to clues. Some of the plots are used over and over again in new circumstances. But Monk and company keep you watching.

Monk uses a few phrases one will come to love such as "He's the guy" or "Here's what happened." I hope you will love them too.
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Law and Order Witha Comedic Twist
asam31225 June 2005
Meet Adrian Monk. He's a detective solving crimes in San Francisco. He is also obsessive compulsive. Being obsessive compulsive, Monk pays attention to small details, which helps him solve the crimes.

Monk is hilariously played by Tony Shaloub. I don't think they could've gotten anyone better to play Monk.

Traylor Howard plays Monk's assistant, Natalie. I really do miss Bitty Schram as Sharona, but she moved on, and Monk needed another assistant. Overall, this show deserves a 9/10. It's basically Law and Order with only one detective, a group of cops, and his assistant. (And sometimes his brother, Ambrose.)

I would recommend this show to anyone who likes Law and Order. You'll get a kick out of watching Monk solve all these cases.
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One of the Best Shows on TV!!
rocker_girlzz14 July 2006
Absolutely MARVELOUS! The concept of this show allows the viewers to have a fabulous show that actually "thinks outside of the box"! There is NEVER a dull moment on this show, all the characters and actors are OUTSTANDINGLY amazing. Tony Shaloub brings life, compassion and understanding to the world of people with "issues". Monk is a rare find on TV and am pleased to share my Friday nights watching such an intelligent and funny show. This is not a typical neurotic or compulsive behavior, he takes it the next level but is able to show the person is actually a human also. Randy - is by far one of the FUNNIEST characters next to Monk on this show. I personally would like to see "Rocker Randy" again. The Captain is not as "Gruff" as he appears, he has heart also. This show is HIGHLY underrated and deserves to be recognized for its creativity, humor and good old fashion fun!!!!
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Monk is one of the most intelligent shows out there.
Lavender_Gooms31 December 2008
Adrian Monk.....the real O.C.D. I was introduced to Monk several years ago. On New Year's Day, USA Network always hosts a Monk marathon. The first episode I saw was "Mr.Monk and the Blackout." After seeing that episode, I've been in love with the show. I know that this rating system is based on people's opinions, and I respect that, but I believe that it deserves a higher average rating than an 8.2.

People complain that the show has lost some of its magic, and that it's more of a sit-com now than an intelligent mystery show. Well, I agree. Maybe the mysteries aren't as ingenious as they were at the beginning, but there's a reason for that: there are only so many ways to kill someone in a "clever" way. I think the writing staff should all be given some form of gratitude for all the witty little Monkisms they have established over the course of the show. I give Monk a 10/10 (and not just because that's his favorite number.)
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Best Detective of Last 10 Years
gutenbird24 August 2011
The show has several characters and they do their jobs quite well. Some people love Sharona and some prefer Natalie. They both did quite well. But the whole show really rested on the shoulders of Tony Shalhoub. How difficult it really must be to be funny ever episode in a crime drama. Its amazing that even though monk evolves during the show, Tony Shalhoub doesn't abandon the true essence of what makes him tick. To keep this going for 8 seasons really had to be a challenge. I hope Tony does another show and doesn't lose the charm. I hate to see an actor take a show that is so completely different what what he did before just to fight typecast. Keep the charm and innocence.
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One brilliant show
vranger11 April 2009
Amazingly, the USA Network is somehow coming up with some of the most solid and entertaining shows in evening prime time, and has been doing so for the last few years.

Monk is a prime example, and benefits from having the casting come out perfectly. When I read of some of the other actors that were considered for this role, I just shudder. This brilliant show that has entertained us for several years now would most likely have gone down the tubes after a few shows with someone like Michael Richards in the role. He would have overplayed Monk's idiosyncrasies to the point that they would have become tiring to the audience VERY quickly. With Tony, they are a constant backdrop that provide just the right balance of comedy, sympathy for his problems, and dramatic device on occasion.

The show is quite well acted, and the mysteries are solid. I find very little in the way of plot holes, and normally I can find enough of those in a mystery show or movie to make it look like Swiss cheese! Very enjoyable, highly recommended.
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Mr. Monk and the Naked Man
CAmatucci29 July 2007
Monk, Tony Shaloub (?) has always been a favorite with me, since 'Wings'- he also played an absurd character on that show-- although admittedly not this crazy. I have to say I like Natalie much better than Sharona who annoyed me immensely. He plays an extremely mentally unhinged man-- with with many phobias that are pretty absurd.

The do get many excellent guest stars, including one guy (sorry I can't remember his name at this time) who was on the show 'Wings' with him. I have always enjoyed him as an actor, and once again USA has surrounded their star with a very good supporting cast.

All I can say is what happened to ABC, CBS, and NBC- seems to me that USA and TNT are coming up with the best stuff!

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very original and funny. One of the best shows on TV right now
hchais14 May 2007
This show is one of the greatest shows on TV right now. "Monk" is about a former San Francisco detective who has an emotional breakdown for four years because his wife Trudy, is killed by a car bomb, and Monk thinks that the bomb was meant for him. He then gets OCD from the breakdown, and thinks that everything has to be perfect, and during that time, he works as a consultant with the San Francisco Police and helps them solve murders and other crimes. Monk is a very funny and happy, dramatic and sad, and very original and unique show. This is my favorite show on right now. It is in with my top five TV shows of all time which is "Seinfeld", "Family Guy", "The Simpsons", "Unsolved Mysteries", and "Monk". This is a great and funny show with great acting. One of the best shows ever. 10/10.
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It's A Blessing...And A Curse
BigBadaBruce21 October 2008
A lot of TV Shows have become popular with the main character having disability. Look at the old-fashioned Ironside, wheelchair-bound. The new Psych, with Shaun Spencer a fraudulent Psychic . Just two examples of this genre. A third is the extremely popular Monk. A Police Officer, who had a nervous breakdown after his wives murder, is also a sufferer of OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder), which helps him solve his cases, as he obsess over every element and goes over every crime scene excessively. He notices unimportant details because of it and uses that to solve his case. The show does have an element of believability in that it would be more believable that someone obsessed about everything would solve difficult crimes, not an average joe. Humour is also a main point, as it's very tongue-in-cheek, and it's the character interactions between Monk and his "co-workers" that make you interested. A very good show, and worth watching.
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Monk makes riveting viewing
ali_gata14 June 2008
Recently was given season one of Monk to watch on DVD while I was on holiday and loved every minute of it. Watched the complete season in one day, found I was unable to stop watching it! Then had to search the net for more. Thankfully I was able to find seasons one & two on an auction site. Have since managed to find seasons three and four. Loved seasons two - four just as much as season one. I have to admit I was a bit worried when I saw that Monk's first assistant Sharona was being replaced half way through season three, but found that by the end of the episode that Natalie was introduced I really like her character. She seems to be a bit more patient and understanding with Monk than Sharona was. Some times Sharona seemed to get rather short with him. Have just ordered season five from the States as it has not come out here in New Zealand yet and don't think it will be long before I do the same with season six. My thanks to everyone who helps to provide such entertaining viewing. Long may it continue!!!!
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Amazing but underrated
armis-et-virtute28 January 2008
I am still amazed that Monk at the time of my writing still has no rating while Psych a clone of Monk has a rating of 8.7 from 6000 votes. Both are USA TV shows, yet where I live in NZ, Psych is on Prime time while Monk has the ignominy of being in the afternoon on a weekend. What i like about this show is that the forensics are kept to the minimum or that they are stumped. I really can't stand the unrealistic sci-fi of CSI or its other clones.

This show uses much more observational detective work, the good old fashioned way. And the grand finale comes when Adrian Monk summarizes the Murder or when he finds the vital clue. Of course Monk's OCD gives a lot of light humour to this show, not demeaning but sympathetic. Like all good shows, it has its peak and that was its first few seasons and when Sharona left, I didn't enjoy it that much. But I am giving this rating on the basis of those good seasons
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