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19 Jan. 2007
Mr. Monk Makes a Friend
When Monk suddenly acquires a new friend who rarely leaves his side, everyone is suspicious but him.
26 Jan. 2007
Mr. Monk Is at Your Service
Upset when a hiring freeze at the police department is announced, Monk is pressured by Natalie to investigate the deaths of her parents' neighbors, but when Monk starts considering his undercover role as a viable alternate career something has to be done.
2 Feb. 2007
Mr. Monk Is on the Air
Monk and Natalie take on a very popular shock jock after his sister-in-law suspects that the jock is responsible for killing his wife. But the jockey has an airtight alibi.
9 Feb. 2007
Mr. Monk Visits a Farm
Disher inherits his uncle's farm and invites Monk to visit him when he suspects that his uncle's death was not really an accident.
23 Feb. 2007
Mr. Monk and the Really, Really Dead Guy
A street musician is murdered six different ways and the killer is threatening to strike again, but Monk and his colleagues are forced to the sidelines by obnoxious FBI agents.
2 Mar. 2007
Mr. Monk Goes to the Hospital
Monk goes to the emergency room with a persistent nose bleed, which he becomes convinced is actually a cerebral hemorrhage, and discovers the doctor he sought out for second opinion, dead on his office floor.
13 Jul. 2007
Mr. Monk and His Biggest Fan
When a deceased dog is accused of murder, Monk finds himself in the employ of his biggest fan, Marci Maven. Obsessive-compulsive meets completely obsessed.
20 Jul. 2007
Mr. Monk and the Rapper
Monk, in a nervous stupor, agrees to help a rapper accused of murdering a rival. The problem is, Monk thinks he might have done it.
27 Jul. 2007
Mr. Monk and the Naked Man
Monk is asked to consult on the murder of a woman, but his issues with nudity hamper his skills.
3 Aug. 2007
Mr. Monk and the Bad Girlfriend
When a realtor is shot and killed while showing a house to a couple, Monk and Natalie suspect the killer to be the victim's partner - who happens to be Stottlemeyer's girlfriend Linda Fusco.
10 Aug. 2007
Mr. Monk and the Birds and the Bees
Monk is on the trail of a man who seems to have committed the perfect crime when he murdered his wife and an intruder, and Natalie worries that Julie's new relationship is progressing too fast.
17 Aug. 2007
Mr. Monk and the Buried Treasure
Monk, in competition with one of Dr. Kroger's other patients, gets conned into helping his son find buried treasure. The problem is, it has ties to a recent bank robbery.
24 Aug. 2007
Mr. Monk and the Daredevil
Monk's arch-nemesis, Harold Krenshaw, catapults to fame after he falls from a tower and survives. Now Monk must figure out if he's the real Frisco Fly before someone dies.
7 Sep. 2007
Mr. Monk and the Wrong Man
A convicted murderer put away by Monk is exonerated. Monk must figure out what really happened to keep his remaining shred of confidence.
14 Sep. 2007
Mr. Monk Is Up All Night
Monk obsesses about a woman he bumped into on the street, and the resulting insomnia causes him to witness a crime that apparently didn't occur.
7 Dec. 2007
Mr. Monk and the Man Who Shot Santa Claus
Monk's less than holiday mood is only worsened when he's accused of shooting Santa and becomes the most hated man in the city.

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