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  • For several reasons:

    1. They wanted to make Lupus believe that they were under control; <----- This is correct...

    2. Give a reason for Lily to get revenge on Jake Vig in order to fake his death and consequently save him from being shot to death;

    3. Make Jake Vig's fake death to be perceived as real in order to get away from Morgan Price. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • When Jake walked into the jewelry store the salesperson is reading off a list of purchases to the old man. She says "one watch, engraved to Carolyn. Happy graduation counselor." Jake overhears this and is able to extrapolate that the watch is for Carolyn, and that she has just graduated from law school (you call lawyers counselor). The salesperson then says the old mans name (Tom Lewis) when telling him she'll be right back. Jake now has all of the information he needs to trick to old man into thinking he is a law school friend of his daughter Carolyn. The fact he assumes that Carolyn was the old mans daughter was a shot in the dark that he had to take. That is why the character of Jake Vig is a good con-man. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • He had several responsibilities:

    1. He was the inside man with the Customs agency. Without him, they would not have been able to move the money into the country;

    2. Secure the money;

    3. Arrest The King;

    4. Arrest the corrupt cops. Edit (Coming Soon)


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