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Season 6

24 Jan. 2007
George's Mom Faces Hard Tambien
In the season premiere episode, just as George and Angie finish sending their daughter off to college, Angie discovers that the Lopez family could be growing.
31 Jan. 2007
George's House Has Two Empty Wombs
Angie continues to let George believe she's pregnant after finding out she's not, just to ease the pain of Carmen going away to school, while Vic introduces his hot new girlfriend to the family.
7 Feb. 2007
George Nieces a New Media Room
When relatives contest her late mother's will and freeze her trust fund, George's niece moves in, and brings along a boyfriend George has no intentions of contending with.
14 Feb. 2007
George Testi-Lies for Benny
George becomes reluctant to testify on his mother's behalf at her sentencing when his grandmother reveals a secret kept from him since he was a baby.
21 Feb. 2007
Sabes Gay, It's George's Fantasy Episode
After a fight with Angie, George returns to the bar to be with Ernie, and when he accidentally eats the worm from the bottle of tequila, he begins to hallucinate about really being with Ernie.
28 Feb. 2007
George Thinks Vic's Fiancée Is Lion About Being a Cheetah
When Vic and Lindsay announce their engagement, George and Angie worry that the much younger woman is only interested in Vic's money. George becomes determined to prove to Vic that Lindsay is cheating on him.
7 Mar. 2007
George Helps Angie's Wha-Positive Self Image by Saying, 'You 'sta Loca Good.'
George keeps sticking his foot in his mouth when Angie starts feeling self-conscious about her looks and feels she losing her youthful appeal.
14 Mar. 2007
George's Grave Mistake Sends Him to a Funeral, Holmes
George's bad memory comes to bear when his mother-in-law passes away and he can't fulfill Angie's wishes.
21 Mar. 2007
George Joins the Neighborhood Wha-tcha and Raises the Vigil-ante
When a sexual predator moves nearby, George and Angie use their membership in the neighborhood watch to take action in different ways. Angie advocates sending a certified letter to the offender and hanging posters around town....
4 Apr. 2007
George Is Maid to Be Ruth-Less
When Anige's business takes off, she and George decide to hire a maid to help around the house. But George has difficulties differentiating her between being a maid and being an adoptive mother.
4 Apr. 2007
George Is Lie-able for Benny's Unhappiness
George has trouble keeping the truth from coming out surrounding a man from his mother's past and why he won't let the guy get together with his mother.
11 Apr. 2007
George Uses His Vato Power to Save Dinero Que La
George and Angie get into a brutal battle over who can be more frugal.
11 Apr. 2007
George Rocks to the Max and Gets Diss-Band-ed
In an effort to get closer with his son, George buys him a guitar, but is left on the outs when Max is asked to join a band.
24 Apr. 2007
George Gets Smoking Mad at Benny and Develops an Órale Fixation
Due to a new health plan at the factory, Benny has thirty days to quit smoking, but finds that her nicotine fits are based on George.
24 Apr. 2007
George Can't Let Sleeping Mexicans Lie
While on their neighborhood watch route, George and Angie stumble across the new neighbor and his offensive lawn ornaments.
1 May 2007
George's Bogey-ous Relationship with Vic Is Putt to the Test
George always feels lonely on Father's Day since he never knew his father. So when his father-in-law, Vic, asks him to play in a father-son golf game against Vic's biggest rivals, Dr. Anthony Tovar and his son, Tony, George is touched.
8 May 2007
George Thinks Max's Future Is on the Line
When Max breaks George's computer, he decides to teach Max the value of a buck by making him pay for it by working at the factory with him. But the plan backfires when Max decides college isn't for him and decides to work full time at the plant.
8 May 2007
George Decides to Sta-Local Where It's Familia
When the factory is bought out by someone who plans on moving the plant to Mexico, George goes to bat for his employees, until the new owner presents him with a very lucrative offer.

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