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Real logs were tested for the crash sequence, but they "didn't bounce enough", so in the film the logs are CGI.
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The accident on the highway was based on the 125 car pileup on Interstate 75 in Ringgold, Georgia, on March 14, 2002.
In order to film the massive pileup sequence, several miles of highway had to be closed down for several days.
(at around 5 mins) The school bus full of kids chanting "pile up" is from Mt. Abraham, the same school as all the victims from the first movie.
(at around 1 min) There is a sticker that says "ROAD TRIP" on it. The "T" is covered, so it reads "ROAD RIP", hinting at the opening accident about to happen.
The character of Tim was supposed to be nine and then thirteen but New Line decided it wasn't okay to kill off a little kid so they eventually settled on the age of fifteen.
John Denver's "Rocky Mountain High", the song that accompanied most of the deaths in the original film, plays in the elevator that Eugene and Nora enter, and in the dentist's office.
The Stonybrook Institution sanatorium that Clear places herself in is the same sanatorium used in the opening of Halloween: Resurrection (2002).
All of the news anchors featured in the movie are actual news anchors at local Vancouver-area stations (the film was shot in Vancouver).
The police officer radios in an accident at mile marker 180 (the accident where the news van eventually blows up). Also when Kim is standing next to her SUV at the exit ramp just before the officer pulls her out of the way of a truck, she sees a road work sign "next 180 feet". These are references to flight 180 in the first movie.
(at around 31 mins) In the movie, Ali Larter's character is at the Stonybrook Mental Institution. However, there is a real town named Stony Brook on Long Island that is home to a university and medical hospital that bears its name. The map displayed on mapquest in the movie is the actual location.
(at around 1 min) In the opening sequence Kimberly's car keys are shown. Her key chain is an evil eye bead. The evil eye, in middle eastern cultures is a talisman that wards off evil spirits and negative energy, and by doing so protects the owner. There are also other superstitions regarding the evil eye, the main one states that the evil eye can not be bought for oneself, it has to be gifted to them.
(at around 29 mins) The book Tim is reading is Stephen King's "Bag of Bones".
In the original Final Destination (2000), many characters are named after black-and-white horror film stars or directors. In this movie, Kimberly Corman is named for famous horror director Roger Corman.
(at around 31 mins) Filmmakers say that the man hanging on the jail bars when Kimberly walks into the insane asylum is put there to pay homage to Chief Bromden (Will Sampson) in One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (1975).
Keegan Connor Tracy who plays Kat was cast just 5 days before filming.
(at around 32 mins) When the principal character enters the sanitarium the words "Get them off me" can be heard coming from one of the cells. This is a reference to a lunatic (also imprisoned in an asylum) in Hellbound: Hellraiser II (1988), who carves himself up with a straight-razor because he suffers from a delusion that he is covered with bugs.
(at around 41 mins) When Nora is reading "Reader's Digest" in the dentist's waiting room waiting for Tim to be done, the camera pans in on her showing only the word "Deader", another premonition of things to come.
James Kirk, who portrays Tim Carpenter in the film, had previously been an uncredited extra on the first Final Destination (2000).
(at around 8 mins) A stunt coordinator on this movie is named Freddie Hice. In the movie a truck passed Kimberly's SUV with a man drinking a beer. The name on the truck is HICE Pale Ale.
(at around 1h 9 mins) The TV news van at the farm has the call letters WWED which is registered to a classical music station in Virginia meaning the crew picked those letters on purpose. They stand for "When Will Everyone Die."
(at around 1h 4 mins) Billy Hitchcock is also mentioned when Officer Burke mentions he was called out to 'scrape' him up.
Writers Eric Bress and J. Mackye Gruber came to write this movie after Benderspink entertainment read "The Butterfly Effect". The writer agreed to do this if the studio would let them direct it.
(at around 15 mins) When Officer Thomas Burke sees the pile-up and collisions, he runs to his car and radios in, "This is Unit 13, requesting medical assistance and back-up for a major traffic accident." It hardly needs to be pointed out that 13 is considered an unlucky number.
Jonathan Cherry also auditioned for the part of Evan.
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Numerous cast members from the film have appeared in the long running series Smallville (2001), including Tony Todd, Sarah Carter, Shaun Sipos and James Kirk, to name a few.
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The Region 1 USA/Canada DVD from New Line Home Entertainment is available in both a regular DVD cover and a holographic DVD cover.
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Lynda Boyd (Nora) and Justina Machado (Isabella) would later co-star in a Cold Case (2003) episode titled Cold Case: The Good Death (2007).
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The trivia items below may give away important plot points.

(at around 27 mins) Originally, Devon Sawa was to reprise his role of Alex Browning in this film, but a dispute concerning his contract with New Line Cinema could not be settled. In this film, it is implied by a newspaper clipping that his character Alex was killed off by a falling brick to the head.
(at around 46 mins) The Mortician foreshadows Clear's fate when he says "Such fire in you!"
(at around 21 mins) When Evan first goes into his apartment before his death, you can see a baby doll on the floor that is missing an eye, foreshadowing his death.
(at around 23 mins) When Evan is examining his new ring, the horseshoe shape is pointing downwards, which is considered bad luck. It is immediately after this that the chain of events begin that lead towards his death.
(at around 29 mins) When Nora tucks Tim in at night, dimming the lights, his face is illuminated with a skull outline, and can be better seen when the scene dissolves into the next, foreshadowing his death.
(at around 22 mins) When Evan is in his kitchen before his death, he leans over to get something out of his fridge and you can see the letter magnets "HEY E" on the side of the fridge. When Evan puts the leftover Chinese food container on the counter, the "H" magnet falls off and lands in the container. The letters left spell out the word "EYE," which foreshadows that Evan will die when he is impaled through the eye with a fire escape ladder.
The fire that kills Clear and Eugene was originally started by a birthday cake.
Alex was originally planned to have been killed by a flesh-eating virus.
(at around 47 mins) The mortician says that only new life can break death's cycle, a life that wasn't meant to be. This is already proven false as Alex was technically dead after he was electrocuted in the first film yet he and Clear still die.
(at around 1h 18 mins) In Final Destination 2 Clear Rivers is killed by a fire in the hospital. In the first film Alex's premonition is that she is burnt on the plane, the exact same way she burns in real life on the second film.
This is the only film in the series with survivors. The first film left two characters still alive at the end, Alex Browning and Clear Rivers, however they had not evaded deaths wrath, with Alex dying between the first and second films and Clear dying in this film. Kimberly and Officer Burke are the only characters in the entire series to have successfully escaped Death's wrath, with the third, fourth and fifth films in the series all ending with the remaining characters killed in a disaster similar to the first disaster they escaped.
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(at around 8 mins) In the beginning of the film while they're driving a little kid is playing with a toy truck and four wheeler smashing them together foreshadowing the accident.
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When the magnet falls into the chinese food during the kitchen scene, it leaves behind the word "eye", foreshadowing how Evan dies.
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