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Funnier than the original.
The horror sequel is less philosophical than the original, but it's just as intelligent.
Washington Post
Can't wait for the next sequel . . .
Essentially dumb and sadistic, but it's not like that's something new for pop culture. What we've got here is a solid, grade-B genre sequel, not as scary as the original but a bit funnier, and with a nasty little sting in its tail.
It’s most definitely not for the squeamish nor the easily offended -- the death scenes in Final Destination 2, of which there are many, are immensely bloody and imaginative affairs, full of exploding limbs, squashed bodies, and graphic, gory ultra-violence.
Has a ghoulish wit. It's not as cheekily knowing as the "Scream" movies or as trashily Grand Guignol as the "Evil Dead" franchise, but like those pictures it recognizes the close relationship between fright and laughter, and dispenses both with a free, unpretentious hand.
A series of Grand Guignol skits played for mean-spirited laughs.
The movie mandates complete gullibility and vacuous attention in order to work on any level.
That a group of creative people chose to direct their energies on this repulsive spectacle simply provokes disgust.
The A.V. Club
While “Final Destination” was gimmicky enough, its sequel begins with the same flawed premise, then piles on layers of contrivances until it reaches a level of implausibility rarely seen outside of films pitting giant radioactive monsters against each other.

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