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What movie did you all see?
baeza-ariel23 April 2007
Personally, I thought that the movie was misinterpreted. Compared to the movies that are currently being produced with million dollar budgets this film comes across as raw and unpolished... But that was the point!! It was an independent film made almost three years ago and because of the lack of money and exposure it took all this time to get it into theaters. The movie was received well in the independent/artistic film sector and it deserved every positive comment it received. Not only was the soundtrack amazing but the acting was so profound and movie. This movie was a beautiful and realistic glimpse into the adversities of street life. Whether autistic, bipolar or a recovering addict there we learned so many different reasons people become homeless on the streets. What I loved most about this movie was the authenticity, and the reality that it transpired with out leaving the audience entirely helpful. I think it was artistic and beautifully done. It was moving an edgy...see it for yourself!!!
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Independent film by someone who has lived on the streets
jjcremin-116 October 2010
Warning: Spoilers
I first saw this as part of the Covenant House staff based in Los Angeles, California. Seeing this again six years later, it's easy to see why this independent film was a hard sell to the general public though at the time it was released, did garner some positive reviews. This was a dream project of Joey Delio who starred, wrote and even attracted some names to the project. It is possible that there may have been an intention for a sequel or even a series but as this fell off the radar fairly quickly, Delio hasn't really done a lot since.

He is introduced in the beginning as a gay hustler. Only his face is shown, grimacing as he's allowing his client service him in a car. Later, we find he's living with other young in some vacant building and even allows a new couple stay there. Everyone is trying to find one's self as they take drugs, eat out of trash cans and there's even a retarded Hispanic who stutters but somehow remains innocent.

Genevieve Bujold, still quite slim though her face lines show she's well past her seventies-mid eighties heyday, plays a very straight forward no nonsense approach social worker who strives to make sense of all the madness around her. Another name from the past, John Savage has a small part of being in a wheelchair and who eventually gets robbed by the street kids.

The scene that really stands out is when a lit fused white drug addict stabs his Cuban girlfriend with her own knife. Finding out that the girl of the visiting couple is pregnant is quite anti-climatic after that. The man doesn't want to face responsibility so Bujold takes her under his wing. Though I give the movie kudos for bringing really desperate people on the screen, it's main fault for me is that I don't really feel sympathetic to any of them.

And perhaps that's the point. How can one ask society, most who are afraid of their types anyway, to care about a population that has a hard time for themselves?

The soundtrack does have songs performed by Irene Cara and Petula Clark who had a big sixties hit called "Downtown". Six years later and the homeless problems still continue.
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Downtown a Street Tale is a "must see' film
danskevej20002 May 2007
I saw this movie with a couple of friends at the Apollo theater in New York while on vacation. And must say this movie 'stayed with me' for days. It is incredible. So much so when I found it premiering back here in Los Angeles, after wrangling some tickets I went to see it again with my family. This is one of the most gripping, in your face films I've come across in ages. Kudos to the writers.... And the fact that so many Oscar nominees invested their time in the film alone, says a lot. I was so touched at the plight of those kids, it brought me to tears. I wasn't alone. There were also a number of laugh out loud scenes, making it a good mix. This is a must see film for every parent. And for kids that get mad at parents. Even those kids that have running away from home - in the back of their minds will certainly change their perspective. Wake up America,,,,,,,,, For those taking time to write trash about the film, where are your heads???? I can see that 'You' simply don't get it. Go - take another look ---this time with an open mind. I personally hope this film is shown in every city in the country. And the sooner the better. Music wise Irene Cara did a great job. But my favorite was the Petula Clark song 'Children of Color'. Hear it once and I'm sure it will become a classic. Again the acting was great and I advise everyone not to miss this film.

PS. It should be known the night we were there 1500 people packed the Apollo Theatre while another few hundred had to be turned away..(I learned later) And all of these folks gave standing ovations several times. Which prompted me to write this not so idle comment.
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