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If you liked Rockford Files, you might like this, too!
dlhunt2 March 2002
An ex-cop, ex-oil-rig worker, Tom Stone, (Chris William Martin), is sprung from jail to go undercover by a an amateur boxing champion mountie, RCMP Corporal, Marina Di Luzio, (Janet Kidder), to investigate an oil rig scam in Calgary. The mountie is a commercial crime specialist from Toronto and the two of them work on getting the "bad guys."

This series is somewhat reminiscent of the Rockford Files (RF) in its pace, tone and incidental music. The connection with RF becomes clear as this series is directed by Stuart Margolin who also stars as Tom's buddy, Jack Welsh. Welsh, a surly fellow who enjoys his scotch and cigars, is originally from the US.

Another similarity to RF is that Tom lives in a trailer, but with no beach.

Marina and Tom get along with plenty of friction between them which makes for humorous instances. For example, when Marina is trying to set Tom up with a wire and insists, in spite of his protests, he has to take off some clothing, someone walks in on them and gets the wrong idea.

All in all this is a promising new series and should make for some great viewing!
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Great Show!
sp2744327 August 2007
I have been watching the syndicated version of this show this past year, re-named "Stone Undercover" for here in the US. I Like it a lot, and ma surprised that it was actually produced five years ago up in Canada, and never heard of it before. The two leads are great with a lot of chemistry between them, the only cast member who seems two stiff though maybe she was told to act that way, is Sherry Miller (a very attractive women for her age) as the Police Captain. Chris William Martin plays this role with roguish charm, but he makes it far more believable as a good guy, than a bad one. The show seems to have been done in two parts, as while the cast mostly stays the same, the second 10 episodes have different feel two them, in writing, direction, and locations used to film. Not the first time that a show goes through some re-tooling, I guess. It's a shame this one didn't have a longer run.
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he lives in a trailer & dates a horse trainer
writeroffthelake-14 December 2006
Okay, so the lead guy's too young, too thin, and his hair's way too short to make him a sex symbol, but he lives in a trailer, dates a horse trainer, knows how to mend fence, and has a natural born-to-it way in scenes where he's dealing with horses.

Don't miss the very end after the closing credits when he's standing on top of his trailer roof yelling "Shut up!" to the howling wolves. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful! I make sure I stay tuned for this extra added nugget every week.

I wish the story lines were more country and horse based, but at least every episode isn't set in another boring, every-day city that every other show seems to think every viewer wants to see.

Believe me, this viewer longs for an hour long drama set on a horse ranch (preferably with Robert Wagner and Don Johnson playing the lead characters as brothers). Until that happens, STONE UNDERCOVER is the best it gets.

It's great fun and I'm thankful that channel 5 out of Cleveland has chosen to run it.
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Tom Stone or StoneUndercover
mford878318 May 2008
Can you tell me the name of the title music, and performers. I have just begun watching and tried this page for an answer to my question but you supplied me with everything I could think of, except my question. I enjoyed the program, and agree with your info about it being similar to Rockford Files. That, too, was a favorite of mine. I am surprised it was not touted down here in the USA because it is fun and still interesting enough to keep me interested. The intro music is so catchy that I thought I would like to find it and buy it if it was mass produced somewhere, or perhaps I could attempt to record it myself from the beginning and end production. However, I have found that a little difficult inasmuch as I am not a professional, just someone who likes that type of music very much. Thanks for your page.
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