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9 Jan. 2001
On a cold afternoon in March 1989, Marine Captain Shirley Gibbs Russell failed to report for duty at the base in Quantico, Virginia. Friends and colleagues were certain she had not gone AWOL. FBI agents noticed her husband, former Marine Robert Peter Russell, was acting strangely. A blood-like stain in the couple's home disappeared before it was properly examined. There was no body, no witnesses, and no weapon.
16 Jan. 2001
Millionaire Murder
New Jersey millionaire Frank Black flew to West Palm Beach, Florida to close a major business deal but never returned home. When the FBI was called in, agents learned of a mystery woman whom Black met while on his trip. Eventually they untangled a web of deceit that had led to a vengeful killing.
20 Feb. 2001
Deadly Business
Follow the investigation of a New York gas station mogul that uncovered a mob operation of brutality, kidnapping and retaliation killings, leading FBI agents to infiltrate the crime ring. Intervention came too late for one cooperating witness.
6 Mar. 2001
Temple of Fear
The decapitation of a young African-American male led the Miami-Dade police and the FBI along a trail of murder. Authorities discovered that the man was a dissident member of a religious cult headed by a murderous man who called himself Yahweh ben Yahweh, or God, Son of God.
3 Apr. 2001
Silent Strike
In 1994, an armored van driver was murdered and the vehicle and its cargo of nearly a million dollars went missing. Authorities were led to a bounty hunter, a former prison guard and a former cop.
24 Apr. 2001
Deadly Stranger
In 1995, a mother of three was murdered and her corpse burned in Los Angeles, California. Weeks later, a young woman was killed in Mississippi and another was killed in Florida. Agents hunted down a charismatic man named Glen Rogers who used charm and generosity to target women for his brutal attacks. He would eventually become known as "The Cross-Country Killer."
1 May 2001
Backstage Murder
In 1987, a television producer was gunned down in his New York office. Four years later and thousands of miles away, a man told Los Angeles police he had been hired to murder two Chippendale's dancers. When the FBI was brought in, they linked the two crimes and uncovered a businessman willing to kill to protect his interests.
8 May 2001
Under Fire
In Nyack, New York, an armored car robbery left one guard dead and another critically wounded. The FBI suspected domestic terrorists with a history of violent crime. Their investigation led them to the Black Liberation Army and the Weather Underground.
17 Jul. 2001
A California man was found dismembered in 1990 and the murder suspect, Danny Ray Horning, was caught six months later as he was robbing an Arizona bank. He was convicted and sentenced to life. But when he escaped from prison, the FBI launched an expansive manhunt for the killer through the American West.
14 Aug. 2001
Hunter's Target
A teenager was shot to death on a hunting ground in rural Virginia. His death was initially considered a tragic accident but investigators soon suspected foul play. Years later, a man contacted the FBI with a complex story of conspiracy and murder-for-hire.
21 Aug. 2001
No Remorse
On a warm summer night in 1990, the body of a suspected drug courier was discovered burning in a Minnesota alleyway. The FBI teamed up with local police to uncover a dangerous crime ring run by a vicious drug lord who used violence and intimidation to keep those around him quiet.
18 Sep. 2001
The C-11 Squad
In the early 1990s drug gangs terrorized Harlem, New York neighborhoods. When a 10-year-old boy fell victim in the cross-fire, NYPD detectives and FBI agents clamped down on the problem. They formed a task force called C-11, designed to dismantle the gangs. In an environment of violence and fear it would be difficult to identify, arrest and convict those involved in the secretive and deadly world of big money drugs.
2 Oct. 2001
The Search for Lisa Rene
A hopeful teenage immigrant came to the United States to realize her dream of being a doctor but she found herself an innocent victim of drug trafficking. Agents discovered a trail of drugs, hit men and murder as they attempted to solve her kidnapping.
9 Oct. 2001
Hidden Agenda
After bank robbers raided cities across seven states, the FBI discovered that the criminals had a hidden agenda beyond their personal wealth. They were tasked with capturing the leaders before the violent organization grew out of control.
30 Oct. 2001
Small Town Terror
Two people are missing in a small community near Port Washington, Ohio. Then an elderly couple is found murdered in their basement, only a mile from the first disappearance. Can the FBI find these small town killers before they strike again?
30 Oct. 2001
A Family Torn
A class field trip ended with an 11-year-old girl missing. When the parents failed to locate their daughter in their quiet Illinois town, the FBI joined the investigation, working with friends and family in an urgent search to find the missing girl. Faced with conflicting witness reports and false leads, agents wouldn't stop until they uncovered the truth.
27 Nov. 2001
The case of Newton Alfred Winn who kidnapped Annie Hearin for a ransom payment.
4 Dec. 2001
Deadly Heist
In Arizona, a shipment of money vanished without a trace, along with the two men hired to guard it. Agents didn't know if the guards were willing participants or victims of an ambush. When the vehicle was recovered -- but with hundreds of thousands of dollars and the drivers missing - suspicions grew that the crime was an inside job.
19 Mar. 2001
Evil Intent
After Anita Wooldridge was found missing from her home in Indiana, detectives suspect she was abducted by a man from her fitness center. When authorities discover this man to be convicted rapist, they travel to Wisconsin, hoping to find Anita still alive.

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