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That's THE Hacker to you
donmccullen-129 November 2002
This latest cartoon show for PBS takes place in cyberspace in which is full of societies in their own right. Cyberspace is governed by a program called Motherboard, and Dr. Marbles makes sure she is able to function. However one of Dr. Marbles own creations called The Hacker is determined to destroy Motherboard and become ruler of Cyberspace. To do this he creates three henchmen, Buzz, Delete, and Digit. The latter of the three betrays his evil creator and sides with Motherboard.

However Motherboard's encrypted chip becomes missing after and she is at risk of being completely deleted. To that end Motherboard recruits three kids from our reality. The kids along with Digit use math and solve puzzle skills in their quest to find the chip and to defeat The Hacker.

Cyberchase is one of the first PBS Kids shows to try to play on the good vs. evil cartoon/kids shows but at the same time try to inject educational information. Cyberchase is more than just the basic and higher math; it also makes uses of common math and puzzles in everyday life.

Their is also a 'Cyberchase for Real' segment in which everyday young people deal with mathematical puzzles and problems and everyday life. Like finding out how far it would take to get to someone's house by bike, rather than a


Cyberchase is a fun way to present math, and shows some of very basics of math. It may not help those who have troubles with it, but it is still a fun show to watch.
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A good show, but....
Calvinsemail3 July 2008
I want to say, that I've watched this show since it started and I think it's great. It's very good for helping elementary kids with math. I enjoy Christopher Lloyd and Gilbert Gottfried as Hacker and Digit. I also enjoy the guest voices that they've had such as Tony Hawk, Jasmine Guy, etc. The only issues that I have with it are as follows: 1.As newer episodes arrive,they seem to become more repetitive. 2.And this is what bugs me the most: the animation. It was fine in the first few seasons but as the new ones came in, it began to look very two dimensional(watch it and you'll see what I mean).

Those are my only complaints. Besides that, it is a very good show.
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Cyberchase is better than Square One TV
durrant4145@rogers.com10 December 2003
I feel that concepts can be taught better with a story that with a program that merely teaches lessons, and this show merely proves my point. I was not very good in math - I had a 59 at my highest grade point average - and this show could very definitely teach this old bird a few new tricks!
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Good fun math show
smokiekittycat15 May 2006
I stink at math and didn't watch this show until last year. At first i only watched it because Gilbert Gottfried was the voice of digit. I'm glad I gave this show a chance I really like this show and i learn at times. My favorite characters are digit and delete. Delete is a fun evil sidekick and digit is a cute lovable bird plane thing. If you think math is boring then watch this show and you might change your mind. My favorite is um when they do to a Greece site to find Zeus. I never saw the first esposode the scenery is interesting I also find the theme song more interesting than Arthur. Christover Lyold does a great job of Hacker in the show. This is one of my favorite educantionul shows. Watch I dare you all or else hahahahahah kidding WATCH THE SHOW!!
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Entertaining and educational
kazoo457317 September 2004
I recently decided to go back to college to further my education. In order to get started, I needed pre-algebra. My kids only watch PBS because of the questionable content of other cartoons that are out there. They love the show. While watching it with them and doing my math homework, I found so many links between my homework and the show that it was just scary. As funny as this may sound, I found it to be a big help for those having trouble in this subject. I think this could benefit children in school because they may see these examples from the show later on in school. Thus making learning easier. Much like School House Rock has done. Gilbert Gotfried and Christopher lloyd lend very entertaining voices. The situations are clever, and the lessons are easy for children to follow. Or, just plain fun to watch for those who don't care or are too young. You also get a real life situation at the end of the show involving what you just watched. Harry and Bianca are very funny. To really understand, you must watch. I recommend it.
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A nice little show
StarburstSucker16 July 2002
Cyberchase is a very nice little show, that shows kids mathmatical ways to solve problems caused by , the *bad* guy, to save Mother Board, the cyber world's main protector person. This show is good for children to learn math.
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I like everything but there is one thing I don't like.
I_Love_Janelle_BB618 May 2003
If I would rate this in stars, I would give 9 stars. I am really glad that PBS had made this show. This is a good show for people who like math or people who want to learn math. I especially like the Cyberchase for Real part. I usually watch this show all the time. If I would tell my favorite episodes from Cyberchase, my favorite episodes are Clock Like An Egyptian and Totally Rad. I like Clock Like An Egyptian because I like to learn about different timepieces. I like Totally Rad because I like skating and learning about some tricks. In some episodes, there is one part that I do not like. The part that I do not like is when Matt calls Inez "Nezzie". That's why I would give this show 9 out of 10 stars.
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Changed My Life
hawkfrost5417 August 2013
This was my favorite show growing up. Cyberchase helped foster my love of learning and even taught me math concepts that haven't come up in the classroom until High School. It's an odd feeling, being familiar with math you shouldn't be, and not being sure why. It gets even weirder when you remember what evil plot Hacker was up to when you learned it!! I'm a High School Senior now and in the top 1.4% of my class. I plan to major in a math heavy field from the most exclusive school in my state, and I doubt I would have been able to get this far without this amazing show. Thank you, PBS and the creators of Cyberchase!
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gusj821 April 2005
An enthralling series that inspires children to the real practicalities of mathematics. The authors have magically intertwined math lessons with intriguing story lines... similar to the very successful Magic School Bus series... any one with children will be able to fully appreciate how these pedagogical stories manage to entertain with so much valuable content. The visual styling of the show is beautiful, vibrant and stands out from the crowd of look a likes that fill children's programming. The use of textures and 3D elements create a balanced visual treat that keep the ever growing audience of this series coming back for more. The word texture also comes into play when listening to the wonderful voice talents. Who would have ever thought of mixing the voices of Christopher Lloyd and Gilbert Gottfried on the same stage? There are some wonderful comic moments when these two come face to face…. Well nose to beak.

I look forward to seeing more of these shows and shows created with the same philosophy in the future, it's a good thing that PBS realizes and uses the true possibilities of this medium. Thank you.
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Best. Cartoon. Ever.
Karuz3 January 2004
Matt is hot. Also,I'm learning something everytime I watch it,but I don't care! If you like this show,you should try ChalkZone,less educational...but just as funny! Both are awesome cartoons. Watch these shows now!
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I love this show...I'm sixteen and I still watch it! However, the new seasons are lackluster and poorly animated.
Ellenstreeter9719 January 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I'll never forget watching Cyberchase on weeknight evenings growing up...I would sing the theme song along and would figure out the math problems as they presented themselves along with Matt, Inez, and Jackie...and I confess that Hacker was my first cartoon crush! XDThe older episodes have so much originality, and I love the character design, and now looking back at it I can appreciate how the math and puzzles were cleverly integrated into the show without making it preachy and boring.

To sum up, It was my first "obsession" and I'm glad they still have the old website up, complete with some of the older fact, sometimes I'll log onto just to replay some of the old flash games the have up there or watch a clip or two.


Like all of my favorite TV shows from the past, Cyberchase's golden age had to come to an end. And though, unlike Arthur, I'm 99% sure they're still using the same voice actors, the story lines are garbage and the animation is appalling. I understand PBS is entirely audience-funded, but can't they possibly do better than cheap flash animation? It looks so cheap and plastic, all the characters look like little rubber cut-outs being stretched and bopped around the screen. :( in addition, they seem to be be focussing more on other topics than math, or at least on some of the episodes. Just today my little cousins and I watched a newer episode centering around recycling and reducing waste (oddly enough, the villain didn't even have a real villainous role in this episode...I don't even know what Hacker was supposed to be doing.) That's a great message, but hey. Aren't there already fifty nine episodes of other PBS shows about recycling? Yes! So why is Cyberchase worried about that? I don't know. They should go back to saving the universe from actual villains with actual dastardly plots.

All in all, this show gets 10/10 stars...but only the original seasons. The flash animated crap gets 4/10 stars.
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A sci-fi adventure with a Math twist
ethereal_heart4 April 2010
I heard so much of this show, basically because someone mentioned of the characters. So curious i checked it out, I may not be a whiz at math or a fan of the course but I got to admit the show is amazing!!!

Although to tell the the truth, I liked the animation better when it was 2D, and using flash to do the rest of the seasons isn't very good.

All in all, the show is wonderful and I love it especially the characters both good and bad. And at least, I recognize two actors, i know: Christopher Lloyd and Gilbert Godfrey.

I look foreword to seeing the next season of this Mind- challenging adventure. ;)
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great show
ktmarley200229 April 2006
Cyberchase is, quite possibly, one of the best cartoon shows I've ever seen. It's also somewhat unique, if you know what I mean. Unlike other cartoon shows, Cyberchase has Christopher Lloyd as a series regular. He provides the voice of Hacker, the show's lead villain who wishes to take control of Cyberspace from Motherboard.

Hacker is evil yet charming, and he's also funny in a variety of ways. I like the part of episode "A Battle of Equals" where Hacker gets covered in garbage, as well as the part of episode "Less Than Zero" where he's spinning around in his recharger chair (it hasn't been properly repaired) and his clothes fly off, leaving him clad in an orange T-shirt and a pair of polka-dotted boxer shorts. I also like the episodes where Hacker loses his wig.

All the acting in this show is good. Christopher Lloyd does an excellent job as the voice of Hacker, as does Gilbert Gottfried as the voice of Digit. I'm a big fan of both Lloyd and Gottfried. They're both great comedic actors.
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A good show for young minds
woodway7722 July 2005
With due respect to "mc-kiernan" this is a fine show for young minds. My 5 (now 6) year old has learned several basic math concepts by watching this show, and I suspect it is actually geared towards slightly older viewers. Being an HR manager by trade I have absolutely no idea what "isomorphisms" are or, in fact, what was the point of the previous review, but in my humble parental opinion this is a great show that gently teaches concepts of math, and shows how the tenacity of the kids is rewarded. The "Hacker" character is, I believe, not intended to represent "criminal" activity but is simply posited as the "bad guy" of the show - in other words the message for the kids is don't act like him (greedy and manipulative). The additional "Cyberchase For Real" segment with live actors also helps with basic concepts like counting, measuring, etc. Overall I believe this show is good basic material for young minds, in that it is an entertaining show which also educates.
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Very poorly realized
Athanatos1 September 2004
This show will make no contribution towards the production of future mathematicians or computer scientists. It may, in fact, alienate bright children (who, as I suppose, must then turn to the life sciences or to the humanities).

The show is tediously paced because all of the characters are of less-than-average intelligence. The mathematical principles are showcased by poorly chosen parables. Isomorphisms are generally unrecognized.

Visually, the show is unpleasant; others have produced far better animation with far tighter resources.

The villain, Hacker, is always thwarted, but not actually punished. Crime seems not to pay, but it is almost costless to the criminal in this world.
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Great Show
1attagirl1 July 2005
This show is wonderful for helping children first through third grade with basic math and reasoning skills. My 6 year old has improved in math from watching this show. She has learned concepts from the show before she learned about them in school. I believed it has helped her with fractions more than anything else.

I wouldn't recommend this show to ages above third grade as the math concepts explained are generally very basic. The target audience would seem to be first through third grades, maybe even some fourth graders as well.

This show is a great supplement for reinforcing mathematical concepts learned in school.
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Cyberchase is all the best of PBS
philos3400224 June 2005
Warning: Spoilers
I think all of those who have watched since PBS was begun have been affected by it at one time or another. Remember "Electric Company"? (I wonder if Morgan Freeman does?) Thank you PBS for continuing a fine tradition of intelligent, entertaining, and accurate shows for children. As a homeschooler, I have found PBS to be my favorite source of educational entertainment and all for free. My 6 year old is ASKING to learn more than just the basic math concepts. He's long past numbers and adding and now begging for lessons in addition, subtraction, fractions, and multiplication - even pre-algebra! OK enough bragging. Truly, his enjoyment of this show in particular shows how valuable PBS is as a tool to encourage children to want to learn and to love doing so.
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As a child, it was OK, as a adult, bland.
Angels_Review13 April 2014
Warning: Spoilers
When I was a child, I actually liked watching this show. It was an American show that made learning fun for children. Watching it now that I'm older, its still educational in putting math to good use in the real world, to bad I learned all this stuff in 6th grade. As for storyline though, it needs a lot of work. The characters are bland, the storyline is one dimensional, and yet it's perfect for children. Each episode is its own storyline without you really having to see all of them except the first episode with intros. Almost all the story lines consist of saving Dr. Marbles or Digit from Hacker before time runs out. It gets really repetitive, especially for how many episodes it is. During the later episodes, it did become better with new enemies and fun stories.

The show really didn't go for me anymore, the story being more for younger children rather then my range now. I'm sure if I was in the age range, I may like it.

The artwork looks like they were done in a flash show, and characters have noodle bodies. They are over exaggerated, stereotypical characters children would probably get connected to. Sadly, they are really lack luster and somewhat bland.

The script is cheesy, the kids sounding like they are really stereotypical of nerd, Teenage drama queen, and nasally guy. Digit 's voice actor was Gilbert Gottfried, the voice of Iago. Half the time, I wanted him to just shut up because he was always getting on my nerves. I did like Hacker's voice done by none other then the 'Doc' (Christopher Lloyd) from 'Back to the Future'! He has the perfect voice for the crazy evil geniuses. The songs are a bit strange and don't really stick out to me. They just feel really lack luster.

The story hasn't ended and they are looking into making the show a 9th season but since the show ended in 2010, I'm not sure they will be able to make it the same. People who played the characters have grown up so I believe there is to much of a gap to make it good.
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