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Probably the best TV show around
Blade_Le_Flambeur30 April 2003
Monk is a very funny and very good Television show. The script and direction really fill up the screen well, combining excellent situations with hysterical moments. Tony Shaloub, who won a Golden Globe for his performance is at his best here as the phobic detective solving a new murder each episode. In good support is his aid, a women who sometimes gets sick of his phobia but is still a help nonetheless. Ted Levine, who's famous for films such as Heat and Silence of the Lambs is also an honorable mention as the head of the police department. He has a nerve to his character that kind of says "I don't want your BS." Even though he's a bit skeptic to Monk's theories, he usually ends up helping out in the end. There is also a human drama side to the series, on Monk's relationship with the people and how he's coming to terms with life since his wife died (not an episode, I don't think). Personally, I don't get around to watching TV all that much, but this is a show I must watch. Very enjoyable television, excellent cast and excellent storyline. Some episodes are a bit tedious though and have had the formula done before. 9.5/10
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Best detective show ever
LivingDog13 June 2003
Best detective show ever. Tony Shalhoub is impeccable as the compulsive detective. He is able to solve crimes based on the thinest (and believable) threads of evidence. He is also able to draw you into the plot with ease - like an old friend who brings you into his trust you wait on every word.

Mr. Shalhoub is an enormously talented actor. Anything he has a role in is worth watching just to see him in it. You must watch this great program. 10+/10


PS: ...sorry - I got so involved in Mr. Shalhoub's acting ability that I forgot - major kudos to the writers and supporting cast and the crew. :)

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Lv2return26 November 2002
In my opinion, Monk is one of the best shows I have seen in a long time. The main characters, detective Adrian Monk (Tony Shalhoub), and his friend and personal assistant, Sharona Fleming (the very talented yet underrated Bitty Schram) are very likeable and well-drawn. More importantly, the episodes are very well-written and highly amusing. I definitely recommend it.
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Monk is Brilliant
melodyc31 July 2002
Adrian Monk has OCD in the same way Superman has an allergy to Kryptonite. I LOVE Monk, and this new series underscores how what may seem a "disability" can really be a whole new, wider way of looking at the world. Naturally, he'll need a LOT of help with the disabling aspects, however.

Tony Shalhoub is perfect in this -- every nuance, every moment, every choice is 100%. His empathy with the character is profound, and rather than some quirky stereotype, his Monk is a beautiful, poetic character that will live for a longtime after the petty series characters of modern "hit" television fade away.

Bitty Schram's Sharona is a lovely, warm act of faith, and everyone -- literally everyone -- is perfectly cast.

And along with all this warmth, this is the funniest show to come along in many years.

Ignore the naysayers...watch it.
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Gotta Watch
Alyssa Sloane7 October 2002
This show is awesome..I love the way it is acted out, and how out of the ordinary Monk is. I don't know if I could put up with him (the detective) irl, but its one of the most interesting shows that has been aired recently. This show has its own quirks, and is worth watching if you enjoy reading Robert Parker books. Please, watch this show so it can stay on the air.
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great show. I watch every time possible. wish it were on more
jlowery_20012 February 2006
Monk is my favorite TV show. I wait for it all week until it's on Friday pm. Is it on any other network besides USA? I will watch the same shows over and over if they're on. I love the all day marathons. I spent the entire day New Years Day watching the Monk Marathon! Tony Shaloub is wonderful and so are all the other characters on the show. I love Capt. Stottlemeier, Lt. Disher, Natalee, Sherona, Dr. Kroeger---all of them. They are a perfect cast. I think I'm a "MONK" addict. My son's mother-in-law who lives out in Oergon also watches every Monk episode. She and I both try to arrange our lives around Monk, so we will be sure to see every episode. I like Tony Shaloub in any role he plays. He was excellent in "Wings" Every time I see something he's playing in I watch it. Joyce Lowery
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Pretty good TV movie
douglasp19 July 2002
I really liked this first episode of Monk and hope that its lasts a few years. Adrian Monk is sort of like Columbo taken to such an extreme, he is unable to function alone. Luckily, he is aided by his nurse, Sharona who sees her self as Lois Lane, but reminds me more of Sister Stevie from Father Dowling Mysteries.

Sharona is a single mom with a son who is either a genius, or just appears to be a genius because he is just smarter then all the adults in his life. Which is a pallor trick when you live in San Francisco. I would say he is probably a genius if he is that smart and attends public school.

Fans of Sci-Fi's First Wave will be pleased to find Crazy Eddie working as a mayor's aid who mistakes Oreos for homemade cookies.

Hopefully, the regular TV show will continue to be as much fun as the first movie, but with less commercials. And more Crazy Eddie.
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Awesome show
alientube11 July 2003
I love this series. I hope that it has a good, long run. Tony Shalhoub is awesome in this role, the writing is great, Bitty Schram is excellent as Monk's nurse. More and more of my friends are getting hip to this series and love it too. This is the only show on TV that I consistently watch and tape every week.
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A Delieght for all ages!
tornadopark15 June 2005
Not only is monk the most hilarious mystery television show out there, it puts up a great mystery....television will never be the same, now that monk is on weekly. Monk (played by Tony Shalhoub) suffers from an extreme case of obsessive-compulsive Behavior and is also an extreme germaphobic. Monk is an ex-cop whose wife died about 5 or 6 years earlier, in a car bombing. because of that Adrian Monk suffered a complete breakdown. Ever since then his nurse Sharona Fleming,(played by Bitty Schram) has been taking care of him..... I give this TV series TWO THUMBS UP! For those who are looking for a good mystery series thats mostly clean,low profanity, funny, and most of all an intriguing series. don't miss it! 10/10
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mralldeeds10 June 2005
first, i was aiming to say few words about this amazing series in the forum..afterwards,i decided that such a still in made masterpiece must have the gratitude..which-believe me- it deserve. adrian monk..a detective who is suffering from a very mild obsessive compulsive actions but they develop to a disorder that made him on a medical suspension right after the murder of his wife...the reason that lead monk to such complications is that he is certain that he was the target of the bombing that lead to his wife's death..and guilt distorted his vision that even his genius mind can't concentrate when it comes to his wife's case... monks methods accompanied by his disorder is giving a great flavor to that amazing series..especially that sherlock holmes and Agatha christy made it very hard for others to show us more characters in the world of crimes and mystery...but monk came from nowhere with the help of the talent of tony shalhoub( or should i say mr.monk).. and no doubt that all characters -either guests or permanent- were amazing and participated very helpfully in that work... just to save you time to go and order the whole series i would like to tell you one word that describes this masterpiece.....

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excellent and original
Ekittyguru21 August 2004
I fell in love with this series right from the start. I guess I can relate to Monk and his Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Who isn't afraid of something? Monk has more than his fair share of fears but is forced to face them in each episode. The first season didn't do such a great job explaining how an otherwise "normal" person could be pushed over into full blown OCD after a trauma (the death of his wife, Trudy), but the second season has gone further into Adrian Monk's character. The second season's episode "Mr. Monk and the Three Pies" clears up many of the unanswered questions about Adrian's basic personality. This is also my favorite episode-so many great lines from Adrian's brother!! I don't think anyone really watches this drama for the mysteries but rather for the tragic/comic/brilliant personality of Adrian Monk.
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Smart, Funny, and Quirky comedy
bondgirl678118 August 2004
I started watching this show only last weekeend on USA and I fell in love with it. In the tradition of the Peter Seller in the Pink Panther series, Adrian Monk is a brilliant detective who is also an obsessive compulsive. After the murder of his beloved wife, Trudy, Monk is motivated to fight crime with the aid of his nurse, Sharona (Bitty Schram, who you may remember from the classic "there's no crying in baseball" scene in "League of their Own"). Excellent writing and winning performances from Tony Shaloub as the quirky Adrian Monk and Bitty Schram as Sharona. Supporting cast includes "The Silence of the Lambs" Ted Levigne as Captain Stollemeyer who has winning moments with Shaloub. I give this show an A+
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A True Original
Joe-937 August 2004
The "mysteries" each week are not as interesting as you might expect from a detective series, but the show as comedy and character study is one of the best things ever to come along in TV. Tony Shaloub is terrific, and he has wonderful chemistry with the also excellent Bitty Schram. If you have never seen the show, the first season is on DVD--but I think the best episodes came a little later, most notably the episode in which John Turturro plays his equally disturbed brother ("Mr Monk and the Three Pies"), the episode in which he goes on his first date since his wife's death ("Mr Monk and the Blackout"), and the one in which he loses his detective's license ("Mr Monk Gets Fired").
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Bless his heart, Congratulations! :)
auntygravity10 February 2004
I think he is just super! I enjoyed him as "Antonio" on WINGS, he was so funny in Galaxy Quest, and in his more dramatic roles, he also shines. His latest offering of Monk is a pure delight to watch. Congratulations on his recent Golden Globe win, and hoping he will no longer be overlooked as a serious actor endeavoring to perfect his craft and the range with which he does so. Keep up the good work Mr. Shalhoub and may God bless you and yours.
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'Mr. MONK and the Hit TV Series...'
athenapolyboulos2 February 2004
Warning: Spoilers
(THE FOLLOWING MAY CONTAIN LITTLE SPOILERS) If you pick up your clothes from the floor and make sure your bed is neatly made before watching Monk, then you, too, fellow viewers, have probably fallen under the spell of this charming, quirky, witty and intelligent show. In style, it seems to be a hybrid of open-ended (both we and the detective don't know who the murderer is) and closed-ended (we and the detective know who did it and we watch the detective trap him.) Usually, Monk is more cheek-by-jowl with "Columbo" than with "Murder, She Wrote".

The subtext in the series is the mysterious, violent death of Monk's wife, Trudy, in a car bomb explosion and Monk's anguished reaction to it in the forms of obsessive-compulsive tidiness (everything in Monk's house is arranged at right angles, he continually tries to 'straighten up' crime scenes, arranges his meal dishes, glasses and salt and pepper shakers symmetrically when eating),in myriad phobias (heights, snakes, milk, germs, being touched), in odd physical rituals (he must touch parking meters in order, even when being pursued by a killer in a car!)and in his continuing need to solve his wife's murder case--something he seems unable to do.

The combination of all these traits may leave the viewer laughing out loud or near tears. We feel sympathy--and sometimes, profound empathy with Monk when he mistakenly goes to his late wife's old house, now inhabited by strangers, and tries to fix her favorite dinner to celebrate the anniversary of their meeting, or when we find out why Monk keeps his coffee table at an odd angle close to the sofa, in violation of his 'right angle principle' of the rest of the house because Trudy pulled it close to prop her feet up so a tired Monk could blissfully stretch out on the sofa with his head in her lap. We feel a connection when Monk explains murder suspect Dale the Whale's cruel taunt to him about 'bread and butter'--which was a little remark Monk and Trudy made to each other when they each walked a divergent path around an object--something that people who are close often do. These, as F. Scott Fitzgerald said, are privileged glimpses into the human heart.

The strength of Monk also lies in its cast. Tony Shaloub, Ted Levine and Bitty Schramm all have had stage experience, and that makes a better actor, in this reviewer's humble opinion. Shaloub keeps a delicate balance of canny astuteness, minute observation, prodigious memory, funny (or aggravating) foibles and a touch of poignancy in his Monk.

Levine, as Captain Stottlemeyer, often rages at Monk for his maddening ways, but also mentally genuflects to Monk for his abilities. His Stottlemeyer wishes to be merciful--he literally squirms when directly asked by a review board if Monk is fit to be reinstated on the police force. Based on Monk's abilities, he would dearly love to to say yes, but cannot. He knows that Monk isn't stable enough yet to carry a gun. Levine always makes Stottlemeyer's respect, albeit grudging, for Monk manifest.

As Monk's nurse/watchdog, Bitty Schramm's Sharona, seems at first glance to be an airhead, but then Schramm demonstrates that her character is nothing of the kind. Sharona's tolerance, understanding and alertness seem sometimes to be all that stand in the way of Monk's being committed to a mental hospital. (He does manage to end up in one in Season One's 'Mr. Monk Goes to the Asylum', but it's only for 48 hours' observation. And, of course, he solves a murder there, too.) Schramm conveys Sharona's intelligence and honesty in such scenes as her conversation with her son, Benjy, about some nude photos she posed for in a more impoverished past and that are now being used to force Monk off a case. Monk often tries her patience beyond endurance (as when he doesn't pay her) and she leaves him, but Schramm compels the belief that it's not forever.

Viewers may find Jason Gray-Stanford's Lt. Disher an annoying character. The most charitable description this reviewer can use is that Disher is inexperienced and has yet little common sense. Disher illustrates Agatha Christie's remark that fictional detectives were once required to have 'an idiot-friend' like Holmes' Dr.Watson--Disher certainly seems clueless enough to be Captain Stottlemeyer's.

Stanley Kamel's Dr.Kroger is Monk's endlessly patient psychiatrist and is quietly humorous. A possibly intriguing addition to the cast is John Turturro as Adrian's agoraphobic brother, Ambrose, who appeared in 'Mr.Monk and the Three Pies'. It will be interesting to see if this character is developed.

No series bats a thousand, and Monk is no exception. But, it is consistently better, wittier and all around more interesting than much of what passes for detective drama today. Monk is close kin to the 'cozy' style mystery and has good acting and generally, good writing.

Closing on a musical note--although this reviewer has nothing against Randy Newman's music, there is a place for everything, but Monk is not the place for this music. The 'Mr. Monk and the TV Star' episode seemed to indicate, in a slyly humorous, self-spoofing way, that they will return to Jeff Beal's gentle and subtle Monk theme in the show's opening and closing. One can certainly hope.
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A true revelation-I laughed like a fool at some of the same quirks I exhibit myself!
Carol Cullens5 January 2004
On New Year's Day I lucked onto a Monk marathon, and spent the next several hours in Monk heaven. I don't have cable, but was fortunate enough to discover Adrian Monk anyway, while house-sitting for a friend. We both know I do it so I can suck up some cable for a few days. Every chance I get, I watch the show. I love Adrian Monk-as a character, as a person, as an image of someone less than perfect who inspires such loyalty in a sidekick like Sharona. Some of the things he does that make him so great to watch are quirks shared by many of us out there, and we love to see him succeed. It's just good TV, and I would love to see it continue for years, then go into syndication so those who don't have cable can enjoy it too.
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High-brow fun
tizzi2230 December 2003
I began watching Monk on Star World which imports various American programs to audiences in Taiwan. Monk came out after I had moved to Taiwan, but I am so glad I happened to see a commercial for it. The casting is absolutely perfect. The actors make their characters believable and fun. The scripts are well-written and full of humor without insulting the intelligence of the audience like some comedy programs do. I hope this program is as popular in the States as it is with the expatriate community here in Taipei and has a long run.
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Rosie Millar25 September 2003
Genuinely one of the best and most original Pilot movies in recent years. Tony Shalhoub is a fabulous actor but in the charactor of Adrian Monk he has truly outdone himself, making Adrian come to life before our eyes. I can't say enough good things about this pilot movie, (or about the TV series which followed). See it and fall in love with Adrian's world. I did. enjoy!!
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Absolutely the best thing on television!!
dswatts22 September 2003
Tony is incredible! It was so nice to see someone as deserving as him win the Emmy for Lead Actor in a comedy series. The man is just plain brilliant! I hope this one has a long run! This is 'must see' television. Way to go USA Network!
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We love this show!
slick699712 September 2003
My wife and I watch this show religiously every week. We love the character development and the comedy is right up our alley. We can't wait for this seasons new episodes! Monk is hillarious with his obsessive/compulsive behavior. All of the other characters all fit together great. I hope this show really takes off!
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One of the few shows I'll watch.
Peter L. Wargo24 August 2003
This show is a wonderful oasis in the wasteland that is television today. Well written and well acted. The lead characters are amazingly well-developed, and I honestly enjoy each episode. Well worth watching!
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This is the greatest show on TV!
purplegirl22 July 2003
This show is far better than Diagnosis Murder,Colombo and Murder She Wrote ever could be! It is just hilarious! Absolutely A Must See Show!!!!!!
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It's a Jungle Out There!
turtle-078 July 2003
This is currently my favorite TV show. I can very much relate to Adrian as I too have the same disorder! Though most of us don't have it quite as severe as him.

He notices little things. Very little things. That's what makes him such a great detective, and comedian. I highly recommend you watch this. So far from what I've seen I think this is a great family show.
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Excellent;my favorite TV show
Eva G. Wojcikiewicz26 April 2003
The Monk television series is one of the most original, refreshing, and well-cast shows I have ever seen. Monk and Sherona are terrific together; excellent chemistry. I do not know if new shows are being filmed and aired, but I certainly hope so. I stay up late on Friday nights to catch "Monk" on USA and enjoy it tremendously. Last night's episode about the murderous marathon runner was fantastic, and I laughed out loud at Monk's antics on the jogging trail while he tries out the new running shoes given to him by his "guru." I love the show, including the whole cast. Thank you!
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