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Philip Roth Emerges From Retirement to Rip ‘Megalomaniac’ Trump: ‘Massive Fraud’

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Philip Roth Emerges From Retirement to Rip ‘Megalomaniac’ Trump: ‘Massive Fraud’
Novelist Philip Roth has emerged from his retirement to slam President Donald Trump a “massive fraud” and “megalomaniac.” In a wide-ranging interview with the New York Times in which he wrote out his answers, the author of “Portnoy’s Complaint” and “The Human Stain” slammed Trump as a “massive fraud, the evil sum of his deficiencies, devoid of everything but the hollow ideology of a megalomaniac.” Roth addressed comparisons to Trump and “The Plot Against America,” his 2004 novel that presents an alternative history in which the famed pilot and fascist sympathizer Charles Lindbergh defeated Franklin D. Roosevelt in the 1940 presidential...
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The underside of history by Anne-Katrin Titze

Gay Talese at home in his office: "Can you imagine if Anthony Hopkins was a voyeur? What a part it could be." Photo: Anne-Katrin Titze

In the final installment of my conversation with the author of The Voyeur's Motel and the subject of Myles Kane and Josh Koury's documentary, Voyeur, Gay Talese envisions Anthony Hopkins playing the voyeur and notes that both Dustin Hoffman (Alan J Pakula's All the President's Men) and Jack Nicholson (Mike Nichols' Heartburn) played Carl Bernstein, so "anybody could play me", if the abandoned Steven Spielberg and Sam Mendes feature film had been cast. He remembers Nicole Kidman who starred opposite Hopkins in Robert Benton's adaptation of Philip Roth's The Human Stain as "what a cleaning lady!".

We start out with a discussion of his latest book which takes us to Voyeur, the film, that had its world premiere in the Spotlight
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Nicholas Meyer To Appear At "Star Trek II: The Wrath Of Khan" 35Th Anniversary Screening In L.A., May 31

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By Todd Garbarini

Arguably the best Star Trek film ever made, Nicholas Meyer’s Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (1982), which was originally subtitled The Vengeance of Khan but was changed so as not to interfere with Richard Marquand’s Revenge of the Jedi which itself was changed to Return of the Jedi, celebrates its 35th anniversary this year and is the subject of an exclusive screening at Laemmle’s Ahrya Fine Arts Theatre. The 113-minute film, which stars William Shatner and the crew of the Enterprise, will be screened on Wednesday, May 31, 2017 at 7:30 pm on Digital Cinema Projection (Dcp).

Please Note: Director Nicholas Meyer is scheduled to appear in person for a Q & A following the screening.

From the press release:

Star Trek II: The Wrath Of Khan

(35th Anniversary Screening)

Wednesday, May 31, at 7:30 Pm at the Ahrya Fine Arts Theatre

Followed by Q&A with
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The Rocky History of Philip Roth Novels Being Adapted to the Big Screen

Philip Roth (Courtesy: Eric Thayer/Reuters

By: Carson Blackwelder

Managing Editor

When it comes to acclaimed American authors, Philip Roth is right up there with the best of them—so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that his work has been translated from page to screen numerous times and to varying degrees of success.

Over the years, seven of the novelist’s books have been adapted to the big screen—with two of them coming out in 2016 alone: Indignation and American Pastoral. Before that, though, there was Goodbye, Columbus, Portnoy’s Complaint, The Human Stain, Elegy (based on The Dying Animal), and The Humbling.

Goodbye, Columbus (1969)—which starred Ali MacGraw and Richard Benjamin—earned Arnold Schulman a nomination for best adapted screenplay and was generally well-received by critics and did quite well at the box office.

Portnoy’s Complaint (1972)—which was adapted by Ernest Lehman—didn’t fare that
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Match the movie still to the book adaptation - quiz

The Toronto film festival is over and with it our first glimpse at Ewan McGregor’s attempt to bring Philip Roth’s American Pastoral to the big screen. How well do you remember other notable film versions of novels?


The Human Stain

The Hours

The Great Gatsby

The End of the Affair

The Reader

The Remains of the Day

The English Patient

The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie

Doctor Zhivago

Women in Love

The L-Shaped Room

Fahrenheit 451

My Fair Lady



La Confidential

Devil in a Blue Dress

Fight Club

The Talented Mr Ripley


Enduring Love

Pride & Prejudice

Never Let Me Go

True Grit

No Country For Old Men

The Road

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

A Most Wanted Man

Our Kind of Traitor

Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy

The Constant Gardener

Million Dollar Baby

The Green Mile

The Notebook

Revolutionary Road

Out of Africa

The Conformist
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Indignation Movie Review

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Indignation Movie Review
Indignation Roadside Attractions/ Summit Entertainment Reviewed by: Harvey Karten, Shockya Grade: B+ Director: James Schamus Written by: James Schamus, based on Philip Roth’s novel of the same name Cast: Logan Lerman, Sarah Gadon, Tracy Letts, Linda Edmond, Danny Burstein Screened at: Review 2, NYC, 7/7/16 Opens: July 29, 2016 If nobody can surpass F. Scott Fitzgerald’s ability to conjure up the 1920s in America, ditto for Woody Allen for the 1930s, then can anyone capture the spirit of the early 1950s better than Philip Roth? The great novelist (30 books) is now retired, but happily movies continue to be adapted from his works, such as “The Human Stain,” Goodbye [ Read More ]

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‘Indignation’ Director James Schamus: Film Is Dead, And That’s Okay

‘Indignation’ Director James Schamus: Film Is Dead, And That’s Okay
“Being dead is not the same thing as not existing — many things exist that are dead. Indeed, I would argue that many of the greatest things that exist are dead and this is not necessarily a bad thing.” — James Schamus

In November of 2014, a little more than a year after he had been fired from his long-time job as the CEO of Focus Features, James Schamus was invited to the German Film Academy to give a speech about the future of cinema. Naturally, the underlying assumption of the event was that it had one.

The talk began on a routine note, as Schamus name-checked Theodor Adorno, bridged the gap between George Méliès and Christopher Nolan, and pushed through the obligatory references to the rise of Netflix and the fall of DVD. And then, reaching the fifth point of a lecture that he had split into 23 discrete fragments, Schamus reframed the conversation,
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‘Indignation’ Review: Ex-Focus Boss James Schamus’ Directorial Debut Is Exceptional

‘Indignation’ Review: Ex-Focus Boss James Schamus’ Directorial Debut Is Exceptional
Having written more than 30 books, including the Pulitzer Prize winner American Pastoral, it is somewhat surprising that there haven’t been more film adaptations of Philip Roth’s work. Portnoy’s Complaint, Goodbye Columbus, The Human Stain and more recently Barry Levinson’s The Humbling have been among the few to make it to the screen. But this year with American Pastoral (October 21) and this week’s release of Indignation, Roth is a hot commodity in cinemas. As I say in…
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Ewan McGregor’s ‘American Pastoral’ Gets October Release

Ewan McGregor’s ‘American Pastoral’ Gets October Release
Lionsgate has set an awards-season date of Oct. 21 for a limited release of its drama “American Pastoral,” with Ewan McGregor starring and making his feature directorial debut.

The studio will expand the run a week later. The cast includes Uzo Aduba, David Strathairn, Jennifer Connelly, Rupert Evans, Peter Riegert and Dakota Fanning.

Lakeshore toppers Tom Rosenberg and Gary Lucchesi are producing along with Andre Lamal. John Romano adopted Philip Roth’s novel, which was published in 1997.

American Pastoral” follows Seymour “Swede” Levov, a legendary high school athlete, who grows up to marry a former beauty queen and inherits his father’s business. His seemingly perfect life shatters when his daughter rebels by committing a deadly act of terrorism during the Vietnam War.

The book, published in 1997, is the first novel in Roth’s American postwar trilogy, followed by “I Married a Communist” and “The Human Stain.” Lakeshore has produced two
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Berlinale ’16: Indignation review

Indignation review: Logan Lerman leads this interesting drama from long-time Ang Lee producer James Schmaus in his directorial debut.

Indignation review by Paul Heath, Berlin Film Festoval, 2016. Indignation is the new film from celebrated American filmmaker James Schamus, the producer behind movies like Brokeback Mountain, Sense and Sensibility and The Ice Storm. Here, Schmaus moves to direct his first motion picture, a period drama based on The Human Stain writer Phillip Roth‘s novel, Indignation.

Leading the cast is rising star Logan Lerman. He plays the character of Marcus Messner, a working-class, Jewish student from New Jersey, who wins a scholarship to attend a prestigious Ohio college, thus avoiding the call-up for duty in the Korean War. There, he attracts the attention, and is attracted to, fellow student Olivia Hutton (Sarah Gadon), causing his sexual liberation, and the indignation of the title, most of which comes from the direction of
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Review: Indignation (Sundance)

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Plot: A Jewish boy (Logan Lerman) attending a Wasp-y university on a scholarship, falls for a beautiful, sexually provocative classmate (Sarah Gadon). Review: Novelist Philip Roth is generally considered to be the hardest author to adapt to films. While screenwriter Nicholas Mayer gave it his best shot with The Human Stain and Elegy, the books are probably too specific to their form to make for good movies.... Read More...
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Uzo Aduba, David Strathairn Join Ewan McGregor’s ‘American Pastoral’

Uzo Aduba, David Strathairn Join Ewan McGregor’s ‘American Pastoral’
Lakeshore Entertainment has added David Strathairn, Peter Riegert, “Orange Is the New Black” star Uzo Aduba and Valorie Curry to the cast of “American Pastoral,” with Ewan McGregor directing and starring.

Jennifer Connelly and Dakota Fanning have been previously announced as the female leads. McGregor will direct from John Romano’s adaptation of the Philip Roth novel, with filming scheduled for later this month in Pittsburgh, Pa.

Lakehore toppers Tom Rosenberg and Gary Lucchesi are producing.

The story follows Seymour “Swede” Levov, a legendary high school athlete who grows up to marry a former beauty queen and inherits his father’s business. His perfect life shatters when his daughter rebels by becoming a revolutionary and committing a deadly act of political terrorism during the Vietnam War.

Lakeshore first attempted to develop “Pastoral” in 2003, picking it up when Paramount’s option lapsed. In 2012, it attached Fisher Stevens to direct and had Sidney Kimmel co-financing.
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Listen Up Philip review: Jason Schwartzman's acerbic character study

Listen Up Philip review: Jason Schwartzman's acerbic character study
Director: Alex Ross Perry; Screenwriter: Alex Ross Perry; Starring: Jason Schwartzman, Elisabeth Moss, Jonathan Pryce, Joséphine de La Baume, Krysten Ritter; Running time: 108 mins; Certificate: 15

The daggers are out for Jason Schwartzman's novelist Philip Lewis Friedman in this acerbic comic character study that doubles as a rib-tickling guide in how to lose friends and alienate people. Indeed, it's the titular writer who is the architect of his own misery (not the critics) by treating people with disdain. Similarly, writer/director Alex Ross Perry challenges viewers by making his antihero so anti-everything.

Playing the erudite idiot is second nature to Schwartzman, having done so in films dating back to Wes Anderson's Rushmore, and it's hard to imagine anyone else hurling elaborate insults with the same devastatingly flat delivery. His arrogance is countered by a deliciously dense voiceover from Eric Bogosian who speaks with the air of superiority you would
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Cannes '15: Hailee Steinfeld & Robert Sheehan in 'The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight'

Continuing with their numerous exciting news The Exchange's CEO Brian O'Shea has announced that Robert Sheehan ("Geostorm," "Mortal Instruments," Moonwalkers," "The Misfits," and "Red Riding")has been cast as the male lead in the feature "The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight" alongside Hailee Steinfeld.

The Exchange brought the feature to Cannes'15 to sell to international buyers. CAA holds domestic sales rights.

"The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight" is written, directed, and executive produced by Academy Award-winner Dustin Lance Black ("Milk," "J. Edgar") and produced by hit makers Bruna Papandrea ("Gone Girl," "Wild," "Warm Bodies"), Caroline Kaplan ("Time Out of Mind," "Boyhood," Letters to Juliet"), and Steve Hutensky ("2:22," "The Human Stain," "The Moon and the Sun"). 

Set over a 24-hour period, "The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight" follows Hadley (Steinfeld,) stuck at John F. Kennedy Airport and late to her father's second wedding in London, who meets the "perfect" young man in the airport's cramped waiting area. His name is Oliver (Sheehan), he's British, and he's found his way to seat 18B. Hadley is in 18A. In this story about the mad fears when love first strikes, Hadley and Oliver make it clear that true love isn't what greeting cards peddle, it's an act of bravery that's well worth the leap.

"Robert and Hailee together are perfect" O'Shea went on to state "They are both identifiable and winning, the script is sharp, the production team is aces, I really think we could have 'When Harry Met Sally' for the younger generation."

Robert Sheehan is represented by The Gersh Agency and Lisa Richards Agency.
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Cannes: Robert Sheehan Joins Hailee Steinfeld in 'Statistical Probability of Love'

Robert Sheehan (Geostorm, Mortal Instruments) has been cast as the male lead in Dustin Lance Black's The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight alongside Hailee Steinfeld.  Sales company The Exchange will be bringing the feature to Cannes and offer it to international buyers. The Exchange's CEO Brian O'Shea announced the casting on Thursday. CAA holds domestic sales rights. The film is written, directed and executive produced by Black (Milk, J. Edgar) and produced by Bruna Papandrea (Gone Girl), Caroline Kaplan (Boyhood) and Steve Hutensky (The Human Stain). Production is set to begin later this year. Read More Cannes:

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Ewan McGregor to Make Directorial Debut with ‘American Pastoral’

Ewan McGregor to Make Directorial Debut with ‘American Pastoral’
Ewan McGregor will make his directorial feature film debut with Lakeshore Entertainment’s “American Pastoral” in addition to starring with Jennifer Connelly and Dakota Fanning.

The long-in-development project is based on the Pulitzer Prize-winning novel written by Philip Roth. Phillip Noyce was previously attached to direct.

“Ewan’s talent goes far beyond his on-screen work, and we’re excited to be working with a director who is as passionate as we are about telling the story of ‘American Pastoral,’” Lakeshore CEO Tom Rosenberg said in a statement.

“It’s a great privilege to be working with Lakeshore on Phillip Roth’s astounding novel ‘American Pastoral,'” McGregor said. “I’ve wanted to direct for years and wanted to wait until I found a story that I ‘had’ to tell, and in this script I knew I had found that story.”

The screenplay was written by John Romano with filming scheduled for September in Pittsburgh.
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The Humbling | Review

Or The Unexpected Convenience of Sexism: Levinson’s Perplexing but Deviously Funny Stab at Roth

Decades passed between initial adaptations of novelist Philip Roth’s novels (1969’s Goodbye Columbus; 1972’s Portnoy’s Complaint) before filmmakers like Robert Benton and Isabel Coixet mounted their own renditions to varied reception in the past decade or so with The Human Stain (2003) and Elegy (2008), respectively. After a decently received found footage horror film with 2012’s The Bay, seasoned director Barry Levinson adapts The Humbling, which, like Roth’s novel itself, initially received some of the same unfavorable notices from Venice and Toronto Int. Film Fests. But Roth’s novels are exactly the kind of difficult narratives that used to make for a tradition of daring cinema that’s been eclipsed by safety and sanitization in an effort to decrease offense and increase mass satisfaction. That’s not to say that Levinson is entirely successful
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James Schamus Makes Directorial Debut with Philip Roth Adaptation

James Schamus Makes Directorial Debut with Philip Roth Adaptation
Schamus, Oscar-nominated screenwriter of "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" and producer of "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" and "Brokeback Mountain," is set to make his feature-length directorial debut with his adaptation of Philip Roth's "Indignation."  Per the press release: "Set in 1951, Indignation is the story of Marcus Messner, the idealistic son of a humble kosher butcher from Newark, New Jersey. Marcus leaves for Ohio to study at a small, conservative college, where he finds himself at odds with the administration, grapples with anti-Semitism and sexual repression, and pines after a troubled girl." Roth's licentious novels have proven notoriously difficult to translate for the big screen, with directors from Robert Benton ("The Human Stain") to Ernest Lehman ("Portnoy's Complaint") struggling to retain Roth's erudite Jewish-American voice. Larry Peerce's well-received "Goodbye,...
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Jennifer Connelly to Star Opposite Ewan McGregor in 'American Pastoral'

Jennifer Connelly to Star Opposite Ewan McGregor in 'American Pastoral'
Jennifer Connelly has come aboard to play the female lead opposite Ewan McGregor in American Pastoral, director Phillip Noyce's adaptation of Philip Roth’s Pulitzer Prize-winning novel. Connelly will play Dawn, the wife of Seymour "Swede" Levov, McGregor's character. The project marks Lakeshore Entertainment’s third Roth adaptation, following The Human Stain and Elegy. Lakeshore's Tom Rosenberg and Gary Lucchesi are producing American Pastoral. “Jennifer Connelly is one of the great actresses of our time,” said Rosenberg. “We always wanted her to play Dawn in American Pastoral and we’re thrilled to be working with her." The story follows a

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It’s Them And Us For Ewan McGregor In ‘American Pastoral’

Ewan McGregor is to get his gums around an American accent again as he takes the lead in American Pastoral, an adaptation of Philip Roth’s 1997 novel. McGregor will play Seymour “Swede” Levov, a Jewish businessman whose successful career is derailed by the revolutionary activities of his daughter during the Vietnam War. Though a period piece examining the attitudes of the time, the narrative also goes back and forth in recent history, so plenty for the actor and director Philip Noyce (Rabbit-proof Fence) to work with here.

Lakeshore Entertainment are producing, having brought two previous Roth tomes to the screen, The Human Stain with Anthony Hopkins and Nicole Kidman and Elegy with Penelope Cruz and Sir Ben Kingsley. Neither set the box office ablaze, so expect another complex and intelligent effort that will hopefully navigate that tricky path between honouring the book and creating something cinematic. John Romano (The Lincoln Lawyer) is writing the script.
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