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I cant believe some of the comments...
mazingol24 September 2004
I think this movie was great. It has hilarious humour and its almost an unique growth story of a man that has grown tired of his miserable life and finds something worth fighting for.

The thing that bothers me is that some people criticize the film cause it has too bad language. In my opinion the used language is important part of the film. I wouldn't find the characters very "authentic" if they wouldn't use the kind of language they do.

Maybe its part of modern trend. People are shocked if somebody swears or shows a breast in TV and after that they go see some idiotic TV series or action movie where they kill 1000 people and not even blink.

Is the message "violence is OK, but sex/nudity and swearing is not" somehow logical? I think in the real life its quite the opposite.
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Crude,Rude and Surprisingly Touching
trickydicky8 January 2005
I avoided this flic when it first came out due to the reviews which concentrated on the 'cynicism'and 'edgyness' of the effort. It is crude.It is rude.And is is filled with enough 4-letter words to be its own zone of bad taste. Know what else? Billy Bob Thorton is masterful as is the rest of the cast.There are no 'heroes',but Billy Bob is not exactly an anti-hero either.He portrays a broken,dysfunctional loser who holds nothing in contempt so much as himself.Desiring nothing so much as extinction,he rambles through life hating EVERYTHING. But it's Christmas,and even for losers third,fourth,fifth,or 50th chances sometimes show up.Watching Billy Bob's character 'grow-up'during the film is surprisingly heartwarming.For a broken man,he does the best he can once he allows himself to 'give-a-damm'. See this for his performance(and the rest of the cast),and be surprised.
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The perfect Christmas antidote
idiopath23 December 2004
Hilarious from start to finish, this movie covers the story of an alcoholic safe cracker who works as a shopping mall Santa to steal money from the mall on Christmas eve. The concept of the movie is simple and the script is razor sharp with well drawn characters enhanced by faultless performances throughout. As with all good comedies, the material is inspired but it's the delivery that makes it unforgettable. Thornton proves that when it comes to Dead-pan comedy, there's no one better! His performance alone would be enough to make this film good but the fact that his high standards are maintained by the rest of the cast elevates it to a classic.
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One of the best, and most surprising, films of the year
carmackdaddy1 December 2003
When I first saw the trailer for this film I thought that it was basically just gonna be a funny little dark comedy that would be a nice distraction from the annoying family movies that are being dumped into theaters around this time. However, leaving the theater after watching this, I discovered how much more it was than what I was expecting. Instead a good movie, I got a great one, with good direction and a wonderful script and, best of all, the performance of Billy Bob Thornton, who makes the film what it is. His foulmouthed, cynical, suicidal character might look two-dimensional on paper and, had another actor taken a stab at this role, come off as forced and tiresome, but Thornton finds just the right blend of humor and reality. The film is touching, but not on the surface. Many viewers will not get it; they'll see this film as a vulgar assault on the Christmas spirit, and, in a way, it is, but deeper than that there is a story here about a man who has lost all faith in the human race and has now been restored. Without being sappy, unlike almost any other film I've ever seen, "Bad Santa" is able to make this an emotional journey for a contemptable character, get us to like him, and disguise it behind dark, sick humor. It's a masterpiece of dark comedy and the best holiday film of the last 5 years. **** out of ****
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marcosaguado28 April 2005
Billy Bob Thornton has found his Josef Von Sternberg in Terry Zwigoff. As a revolting, immoral, insignificant Santa, Billy Bob is a wonder. His face is a moving, disturbing, hysterical reflection of his awareness. His life sucks. The cut from Miami to Billy Bob and his partner walking down the street in their Christmas costumes is, on its own, worth the price of admission. Terry Zwigoff has transformed the crumbs of society into a sophisticated, adult, art form. Billy Bob and his sensational young co star Brett Kelly create characters never seen before on the screen and as a consequence we cling on to their every nuance, incapable to predict what could happen next. That in itself makes Bad Santa a very welcome surprise and a great time at the movies.
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Wonderfully Funny, Very Irreverrent Christmas Movie
jiraf28 December 2004
This is one of the best Christmas movie of all times. The casting is brilliant, and the chemistry between all the characters is very much present.

Billy Bob Thornton was especially funny as the loser in life who dons the red suit every Christmas. Just seeing Santa behaving drunken and swearing every other word tells you how different this is from the typical Christmas family friendly movies.

Bernie Mac was funny in his supporting role, and Tony Cox was OK. Billy Bob was phenomenal.

I've watched this movie twice already this Christmas season, and I loved every minute of it.
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It took two viewings to really get into it- and really laugh my head off
MisterWhiplash18 January 2004
The first time I saw Terry Zwigoff's latest effort (co-executive produced by the Coen brothers) Bad Santa, I didn't know whether I was watching a comedy that had astonishingly funny and madcap moments, or if it was a really bad movie. At times the script felt like it was under the penmanship of demented cretins off loan of some low-rent porno company. But there were scenes and moments with good old Billy Bob Thornton that had me laughing uncontrollably, so I decided to see it again recently. Now I understand it- this is a dig-in nails, ribald, hardcore satirical look at one (un-kept is a term used loosely) man in the midst of Americana during Christmas time.

This man is Willie, played by Billy Bob, as something of a loser, low-self esteem, boozing, cursing, and a thief, though only at Christmas time. In a sense he's a modern day pirate without a shave, though with a yearly plan to rob a large store in a given mall he's given a job at with his co-patriot Marcus (Tony Cox, whom you may recall from uproarious bit parts in Friday and Me, Myself, and Irene). In one season, however, he meets a Kid (Brent Kelly), who for some reason looks up to this con-man in a red suit, giving him a place to stay in turn (never asked for) for some advice and help with bullies and self-esteem. On the first viewing of Bad Santa, along with not knowing whether I was seeing a good or bad film, I didn't know whether Billy Bob was pushing the 'rotten-dude' envelope over the top or just right. This may be a problem for most viewers going to see it once and not thinking of seeing it again.

But I think Bad Santa is one of those movies that merits a repeat viewing- you may laugh less or harder at certain jokes and moments of outrageousness, some may fly over your head completely or make you go "eww". Yet I think the brilliant aspect about Bad Santa is it never takes itself a bit too seriously. Even in the denouement, when we are sort of assured things will turn out alright; it's like a denouement on a South Park episode. In fact, that's something that can be said about Bad Santa, is that it feels like a work in the vein of Parker and Stone, but since it's from the director of Ghost World it comes off a little fresher, with an appeal all its own.
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One of the funniest movies for a long time
Morgan Hua20 October 2004
I saw the trailers and knew what I was in for when I went to see Bad Santa. It's not Nice Santa or Naughty Santa, but BAAADD SANTA, horribly drunk and disorderly Santa. Rude and Crude Santa.

I laughed until tears streamed down my face.

There is a lot of sexual situations and profanity, but you have to look past it. Those sensitive to foul language should not watch this movie nor FOUR WEDDINGS AND A FUNERAL. This is not a kiddie movie, but a movie made for adults.

Compared to ELF, SANTA CLAUSE, and a whole raft of other so-so Christmas related comedies, this is one of the best. Most holiday humor movies are always on the lightside with an eye to the children market during the holidays. This one ranks in there with A Christmas STORY and PLANES, TRAINS, AND AUTOMOBILES and THE GRINCH WHO STOLE Christmas (cartoon version).

BAD SANTA is Christmas at its darkest, full of profanity, bad people, and evil deeds. But at the heart of it is a small bit of caring by one Bad Santa.
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Not For Children
Christmas-Reviewer19 March 2017

The story of this film is Willie T. Soke and his assistant Marcus Skidmore are professional thieves. Every year, Willie disguises himself as a department store Santa Claus and Marcus disguises himself as an elf in order for both of them to rob the store at night, using Marcus' wife Lois as their getaway driver and accomplice. Marcus takes his duty as an elf seriously, but Willie is a sex-addicted alcoholic, and is gradually unable to perform his Santa duties appropriately with children, plus likewise a diminish in his safe-cracking performance, much to Marcus' dismay. When they are hired at the Saguaro Square Mall in Phoenix the following year, the vulgar remarks made by Willie shock the prudish mall manager Bob Chipeska, who brings them to the attention of security chief Gin Slagel.

Now this film has had 4 different cuts. 1) The Theatrical Cut 2) Unrated Extended Edition (Aka Bader Santa) 3) The Director's Cut 4) The Television Cut

Now my preferred version of this film is the "Unrated Bader Santa" edition.

This film is funny! It is mean spirited at times but it is not trying at all to be a "Politically Correct Hallmark Movie".

Billy Bob Thornton is very good in the role. However the late John Ritter and Bernie Mac are gold here! Lauren Tom is unrecognizable here but she is funny!

There is several upsetting images in this film but if you have a funny bone and you want to laugh then watch. Watch this Anytime of the year. It will make you laugh.
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The Ultimate Inappropriate Christmas Movie
RossWrock29 December 2004
Forget Jimmy Stewart and that claymation crap! If you like Christmas movies with more of an edge and lots of comedy however, "Bad Santa" might just be your new favorite holiday movie. In my mind, usurping "A Christmas Story" and "Scrooged" as the funniest holiday movie yet, Bad Santa (or BS as I like to call it) pulls no punches as it delivers a raunchy, yet funny, and yes, even a little bit of a touching film.

Billy Bob Thorton is a drinking, fornicating, defecating thief who freeloads for the whole year, only to work 25 days in December while robbing a mall of all it's holiday proceeds. His partner in crime is Tony Cox, Santa's little person helper who keeps him sober and lucid enough through the season to not royally screw things up.

I won't go into details, because frankly the plot needs work. But the acting is superb, the script hysterical, and the unbelievable jokes and inappropriate situations are just so entertaining you won't care about anything else.

Bernie Mac and Lauren Graham deliver polished supporting roles, as does John Ritter in his final film role before his death. The kid doesn't have many lines (and I want to slap him for the ones he does deliver), but just looking at him makes me laugh, so I can't complain there.

Basically, this is the ultimate inappropriate Christmas movie; one that makes you stand up and scream, "Holly s*!t I can't believe they did that!" This movie is just so blatantly wrong, the only other film I can compare it to is "South Park: The Movie." Just as South Park crosses every line of decency that previously existed, so does BS. A great movie because of it? Hell no. But a funny and entertaining one? Hell yes!
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Every bad joke had landing lights. Nothing funny.
robert23713 December 2003
Ask three naughty third graders to write a script involving and drunken santa and a thieving side kick and there you have it. Make sure to give it an R rating to attract more teens. Plenty of cussing, screwing, and vomiting. No plot but who needs one? My only fear is they left it open so there might be a sequeal. At least I won't make the same mistake twice.
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A Cynic's Perspective Of Christmas, Which Is Something That Works Brilliantly
Det_McNulty24 June 2007
Typically, around Christmas you will find yourself watching a generic, feel-good, moralistic "Christmas movie", Bad Santa is the "reversed" version of the Christmas genre. For those of you who are fed-up with clichéd Christmas films, Bad Santa is the perfect film for you, as it is an entirely altered perception of a now-consumerist holiday. No, Bad Santa is not It's a Wonderful Life, Miracle on 34th Street and nor is it Home Alone, yet it still incorporates features from all of those films and that is what makes it such a special take on the Winter holiday.

Willie (played by Billy Bob Thornton) is a perverted, alcoholic, part-time conman, who during the Christmas season indolently works in shopping malls with his fellow criminal in disguise, Marcus (Tony Cox). Willie dresses as Santa, while Marcus (the more professional of the pair) acts the elf, due to his height. Throughout the tedious Christmas period, the pair use their job at the mall to exploit the opportunity to rob the store overnight. While working at a mall in Arizona, Willie meets a child who teaches him the meaning of Christmas, whilst falling in love with an attractive waitress and having law-enforcement hot on his trail.

When a film starts off with a guy in a Santa outfit, sitting at a bar, drinking his life away you know you are not watching your average tale of "good tidings". From the crude opening narration, to the wonderfully inflated finale, Bad Santa is a taste of comedic genius. Billy Bob Thornton performs as a crude, dishonest cynic who hates everyone and everything. Bringing comedic energy and offensive characteristics to his character he impeccably balances the grumpy scrooge of Christmas with heart. I honestly believe that Billy Bob Thornton's performance in Bad Santa was worthy of an Oscar nomination.

It is not a case of whether you are a lover of Christmas or not –although, it would come as an advantage when viewing the film- as Bad Santa is continually entertaining and at times, even charming. Through its witty script, fuelled by grumpy, drunken humour it is almost impossible not to become entranced by the inconsiderate lines of raucous profanity. Director, Terry Zwigoff proves his quirky talent once again, after the success of 2000's Ghost World. Bad Santa is comedic bliss and a highly recommended comedy for fans of something a little more extreme than the average, feel-good Hollywood extravaganza.
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Excellent casting
George Parker23 June 2004
He drinks and smokes and pukes and wets his pants and has sex in public places. He has a horrible attitude, a trash mouth, is mean to little kids, hates himself, and robs department stores. Ok, so he's not all bad, but he is without a doubt the worst department store Santa ever. There's not a lot of stretching required of Thornton to get into character in this flick which capitalizes on the grosser than gross sense of comedy/humor as it wends its way through a simple tale about a scamming Santa and his dwarf/elf sidekick who rip off a department store a year to avoid honest toil. A mildly creative love it or hate it flick which tries as hard to be disgusting as funny, "Bad Santa" has, for obvious reasons, received mixed reviews. Only for the thick skinned who aren't easily offended by bad language, bad attitudes, or bad, bad Santas. (B)
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One of the best I've seen in a LONG time, good message behind it too (spoiler)
rastanton1121 July 2004
Warning: Spoilers
Well, I think this movie is just brilliant. It has comedy obviously, but it is also sexy, dramatic, suspenseful, and great. The message behind the whole movie wasn't a joke. It was that Christmas shouldn't be about the commercialism. This was symbolized in many areas through the film, one being the pink elephant. Seriously, if you haven't seen this movie, go see it, its one of my new favorites.

Also, if you liked John Ritter, you should probably go see this, because it was the last film he was in. His acting was wonderful, as was everyone else's. Thornton (of course), Lauren Graham, Bernie Mac, and Tony Cox all lend their fine acting skills to this movie. There's even a guy that used to be on Mad TV that did pretty well.

I bought the DVD, Badder Santa, and it is loaded with extras. Check that out.

So, in conclusion, just watch the movie if you haven't already. And if you have, watch it again and appreciate it.
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Really bad Santa movie
Bobo197 December 2006
Quite possibly the worst movie I have ever seen all the way through to the end, with the possible exception of Cats & Dogs or Pokemon that I had to stay through with my son.

When the funniest part is Cloris Leachman sleeping in a recliner, you know you're in trouble.

Career lows for Billy Bob and the Gilmour Girl as well as Bernie Mac, what were they thinking, did they read the lousy script? Swearing drinking swearing drinking swearing at kid, pissing self (twice believe it or not) swearing at more kids, drinking and smashing bottles, trying to kill himself, getting laid totally inexplicably by the beautiful Gilmour Girl (are you kidding me?)...

They must have saved a lot of money having not to hire any comedy writers.

Save yourself the time, get a bottle of Old Grand Dad, dress up as Santa, drink the entire bottle, swear at every kid you see, then collapse in the gutter covered in your own excrement and you will have lived this sorry movie for yourself...
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My Favourite Christmas Movie
Chrysanthepop22 June 2008
I am sick of most the Scrooge-type Christmas movies where the main character does not initially believe in Christmas or is too busy to celebrate Christmas and in the end he's all celebrating it with some strangers because he's become kind hearted. 'Bad Santa' comes as a breath of fresh air. Many people have criticized it because they were expecting the usual boring sugarcoated winter holiday flick and thus the use of bad language may have come across as a huge shock. Well, 'Bad Santa' certainly ain't for the kids. While the swearing and cussing provide humour, they also make the characters more authentic.

'Bad Santa', in spite of the language and sexual content is kind of a sweet movie. Zwigoff does a great job as the director. It's not a brainless tasteless comedy as it does deal with some themes quite sensibly. I laughed out loud at the dialogues and one-liners and in the end I was left with a grin on my face. Ficarra and Requa's writing is very good. We're provided with 90 minutes of wholesome entertainment. Even though the protagonist Willie, isn't likable, you can't help but laugh at this guy and eventually you end up liking him.

Another strong point is the unique ensemble cast. Only Billy Bob Thornton can excellently pull off 'Bad Santa'. I couldn't picture anyone else that could suit the part more. Ditto for Tony Cox. It's good to finally see him in a more significant role that has more scope for his talent to shine. Child actor Brett Kelly is cast well as The Kid. He's not the usual filmy cute kid who gets on your nerves and reminds you why you hate child actors. Kelly plays his part naturally and is very likable. The sizzling Lauren Graham brings out the other side (a much darker one) of Lorelai Gilmore (of 'Gilmore Girls fame). She skillfully portrays Sue's weirdness, sensuality and sweetness. Lauren Tom is funny as Marcus's bitchy girlfriend. The late John Ritter has some of the funniest lines and he delivers them with complete ease. Bernie Mac, however, is the least funniest of them all. It's not his acting but more the comedy of the character that isn't enough. Otherwise he's quite adequate.

Basically 'Bad Santa' is one of the darkest funniest Christmas films, one that has a strong repeat value as it still makes me laugh in repeat viewing and sometimes when I think of the situations in the film, I at least end up with a smile. Strongly recommended but watch it after the kids have been tucked in bed.
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Inappropriately Brilliant
SnoopyStyle22 December 2013
Willie (Billy Bob Thornton) is a drunk who plays store Santa for Christmas. He and his partner-in-crime Marcus (Tony Cox) case out the department store where they work and rob it on Christmas Eve every year. Willie befriends a chubby loner boy (Brett Kelly), and bartender Sue (Lauren Graham) who has Santa issues. Then store manager Gin (Bernie Mac) muscles in on their action.

Bad Santa is demented and destructive. Billy Bob Thornton goes over the edge, and Tony Cox goes right along with him. This is no Christmas special. And I love the kid Brett Kelly. He isn't your average adorable little kid. He's your average loser kid. That makes their friendship so much better. This is a great black Christmas.
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Funny enough.
This movie is miserable! It's ugly, it's undignified, it's twisted and demented, it's uncouth...... And, oh yeah, it's funny and I like it!

Every single character in "Bad Santa" is damaged goods. Throughout their lives, they've all had to cope with a severe shortage of love and care. Granted, it was mostly brought on by circumstances beyond their control but has nevertheless influenced their respective modi operandi noticeably - and mostly for the worse.

Willie T. Soke or simply Santa (Billy Bob Thornton) is bitter alcoholic wreck of a human being with, among other things, two passions that he often combines - those for husky ladies and anal sex. Throughout most of the year he crashes and burns around good ol' US of A eating (and drinking) into the money he made/stole the previous Christmas while anxiously waiting for the next one to roll around since he's usually dead broke by June.

He and his partner Marcus (Tony Cox) who happens to be a handicapped black midget have an annual ritual of getting jobs as mall Santa and his helper Elf, which allow them to scope the place out and rob it blind after closing time on Christmas Eve.

It's an uneasy 8-year relationship based solely on mutual financial interest, but more serious cracks are showing every new Christmas. By the time they reconvene in Phoenix for yet another holiday score, Willie is at his alcoholic, lecherous, unprofessional worst - showing up drunk for work almost every day, having quickie sex in the plus size department, etc, etc...

Despite his abhorrent veneer, he is befriended by not one, but two local oddballs whose names he doesn't even care to ask, simply referring to them as the Girl and the Kid.

The Kid (later we find out his name is bully-friendly Thurman Merman) is lonely, wide-eyed leech capable of creeping you out of your shoes one moment and melting your heart with his sweetness the next. He sees Santa as the ideal of everything good in the world. That this Santa is a foulmouthed, grizzled, unkempt drunk is of not much concern to him. I guess Willie will do just fine when you're a bullied adolescent being raised by your comatose grandmother.

The girl on the other hand is little less of a weirdo. She 'only' has a Santa sexual fetish dating back to her childhood and makes Willie wear his Santa outfit when they make love - although, they both use a different term to describe this activity.

The whole lot fits nicely in this world created by Terry Zwigoff who specializes in characters on the margins of society ("Crumb", "Ghost World"). Also memorable are Bernie Mac as oily mall security chief, late John Ritter as mall manager and Lauren Tom as Marcus' greedy girlfriend Lois.

Watching this film doesn't make you feel good about the state of humanity but IT IS funny, and since that's really the only thing they were going for - mission accomplished. Besides, you'd have to be very deprived to take any of this seriously.
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Absolutely Revolting
mendy661 September 2006
If this isn't the worst Hollywood movie in years, it's close. There is very little to say about the movie. It is a pathetic, adolescent one-note joke – Santa Claus spewing obscenities for an hour and a half. You are supposed to laugh at the notion of a symbol of childish innocence cursing and drinking himself into a stupor. It ain't funny. It's pathetic in the way that a 5 year old shouting excrement words to get attention is pathetic. Bad as the same character was in the "Bad News Bears." Thornton takes this himself to a new low. It's one thing have the occasional profanity for effect or to reveal something about the character, but it's another to assault the audience with an unending stream. The only thing more depressing than the fact that a movie like this could be made is all the positive reviews.
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Santa for Grown Up, Finally!.
Mr_Sensitive12 January 2005
This is movie is great, especially because for once it is Christmas for grown up and not some little kid movie.

I like the movie because it got so much to offer its viewer starting from the brilliant directing and lighting of Terry Zwigoff. Even though Billy Bob was not the first choice to act as Willie he have done one hell of a job (I think even better than the first two choice). The Kid will blow you away with his acting an innocent look. Tony Cox is the good and Lauren Graham looks really hot here.

The story is great and flawless and full of characteristic and emotion even though there are some scenes that might be too much - like taking a leak on himself.

After all the movie is great with a really good ending. Recommended you the grown up who is tired of the kid Santa movie.

Rating: 8.9/10
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Bad Sant, Bad movie
tyezil125 December 2005
This by far is one of the most awful movies I've ever seen. The movie was mostly crude, and had very few laughs which disappointed me because I was told this movie was very funny. I guess you can't always go by what other people tell you. The acting was horrible. My husband said to me, ( Who told you that this movie was funny? Were they even watching the same movie that we just saw?)I just can't figure this out. Why anyone would recommend this movie is beyond me. I would not recommend this movie, and I will tell people straight up to not waist their time. I'm a Billy Bob Thorton fan, but this had to be a low moment for him in his career.
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AKS-626 March 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Bad Santa is everything I wished it to be when I rented it: funny, funny and funny. In fact, I thought this movie was hilarious. However, what surprised me, and made me like the movie even more, is the fact that it is not only a foul-mouthed comedy, it is also very touching and sweet.

Billy Bob Thornton is brilliant as the foul-mouthed mall Santa who hates the kids that sit on his lap. I even liked Lauren Graham in this movie (I don't particularly like her in Gilmore Girls). Also, the young boy who plays the rather slow Merman kid is also great.

So, Bad Santa is a hilarious movie with some sweet elements and great performances from the cast... Can't give it less than an 8 out of 10.
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suzqw9916 December 2003
Going into this movie I was aware there was going to be quite a bit of foul language and disgusting humor, but I thought the movie might also be funny. It isn't. I like Billy Bob and I like Bernie Mac. I think they are hilarious, but Bernie Mac isn't it in the movie nearly enough and Billy Bob isn't enough to save this train wreck. Run, don't walk away from this movie and tell everyone you know not to go see it. It's truly terrible.
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This movie made me sad and depressed.
stamp110 December 2003
This movie made me feel sad and depressed. They abuse a retarded boy and it isn't funny at all. This movie was made for mean people who laugh at the misery of others, who think the sicker and grosser it is, then it must be funny (it wasn't). People who liked it have no heart or sympathy for others. They were the bullies in school who picked on the kids who were different, nerdy, not popular, fat, gay, or ugly. That is why the boy in this movie is beaten up and teased and abused, and told how stupid and ugly he is, because he IS fat, ugly, and seems to be retarded. Of course, he has no friends or parents, and no one loves him, although Billy Bob Thornton does seem to pity him at the end of the film. I felt like crying for this poor abused little boy. Some Xmas movie! :(

Movie Philosophy: Gross out everyone, be really disgusting. Pick on lonely people and make fun of them (which is everyone in the movie pretty much, including Billy Bob Thornton's role). Show how people are wicked and evil and disgusting, and laugh at their misfortunes. Put it out for the Xmas Holidays, so anyone with a heart will feel sad and blue for Christmas. Spread the misery to everyone. Enjoy. :(
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My God, did this suck!
Win14Gipp15 December 2003
Run, don't walk, away from your local theater if it threatens to show this film. There are two funny lines, and if you've seen any of the trailers, you've already heard them both. The rest of this movie is misogynist, crude, depressing, and about as unfunny as unfunny gets. It's the Seinfeld of unfunny. Billy Bob Thornton plays a disgusting drunk who should not be allowed near your food, much less your children. The idea that any mall executive would be stupid enough to hire this misanthrope to talk to children simply because his friend is a midget is ludicrous. (Is this the only midget in Phoenix?) Christmas is a great time to do good deeds for your fellow human beings. If I convince just one of you to avoid this stinker and spend your money on egg nog instead, I've done my good deed for the Christmas season. And if you still feel an uncontrollable urge to see this movie, there's probably a 12-step program in your future.
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