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Very funny, but without some shallow spots...
Tom3 April 2002
I caught the pilot of this new series last night, it's first airing. I have to say, I was impressed. I love Bill and Bryan-Doyle Murray, and I've been introduced to 2 new brothers in this show who are also pretty funny. The problem with this show is that it carries that goofy, obnoxious, dumb feel that most Comedy Central original series' do (i.e. Upright Citizens Brigade, Strangers With Candy, Strip Mall.) But that is easily overlooked and not very hard to forget about, due to the Murray brothers being so funny. Also since there is no real plot to it, it leaves you to enjoy the comedy and not have to try and decipher the dumb storyline, like in the above listed shows. Overall, this is a pretty good series, and I'm looking forward to watching it for however long it may run, hopefully a long time. Heres to hoping Bill decides to do Ghostbusters III while enjoying himself golfing.
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A hilarious show worth seeing
Red Diablos11 November 2002
When I first saw the commercials for this show, I had no idea what it was about, except that it involved the Murray brothers playing golf. I've seen the show, and now know it's plot: It's about the Murray brothers. Playing golf. Whether you're a golf fan or not, you'll find the show is very enjoyable to watch. Whenever it looks as if they're going to get technical, discussing things only a professional golfer would comprehend, comical jokes will occur as the brothers try to come off as serious and experts. All four of the Murray brothers very fun to watch and the comedy never stops, making this a great show to check out for anyone, whether they're a golf fan or not.
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Expected more from a show with Bill Murray
MovieAddict201618 April 2002
In the new Comedy Central show, "The Sweet Spot," Bill Murray and his 4 brothers, John, Joel, Ed, and Brian, compete in teams of golf, using slapstick comedy during the 18 holes. I must say I expected much more out of this show than I got, and the "comedy" if you must call it, was weak and stupid. The same kind of slapstick used in the "Police Academy" series was used in this show, and to tell you the truth I laughed only once or twice during the show. How Bill Murray agreed to this show is beyond me. Maybe he thought it would be a good way to work with his brothers. Anyway, overall this show fell short on it's face with the jokes and comedy. Lets all hope Bill Murray decides to go back to his old comedy work, like "Stripes," "Groundhog Day," and the other Murray classics. 1/5 stars, don't even watch it if you're dead bored.
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