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Why don't I ever get jury duty on courts like this?
David Brown23 November 2003
Warning: Spoilers
Warning: There are spoilers in this review. Continue reading at your own risk.

This is obviously a softcore parody of the daytime judge shows that are all over TV these days. Fortunately, the parody is kept to a minimum and the softcore is cranked to the max. Yes there are some extremely lame attempts at humor that rival the stupidity of a PBS British sitcom, but the sex scenes in this video are plentiful and very good. This is directed by John Quinn who has given us excellent material in the past and continues his winning streak here. This ranks with the best softcore that I have ever seen.

You get eight full sex scenes. Six are straight boy/girl and two are all girl three-ways. Julie Strain is only in one scene so if you're expecting a lot of her, just be warned. But Julie strain wasn't the big selling point for me. The gorgeous Ava Lake has two excellent scenes. Also, the always great Inari Vachs has three scenes. One of them has her in a really cute cheerleader outfit. Inari, Ava, and Julie are also the participants in one of the all girl three-ways.

The other all girl three-way was really memorable too. Skye Ashton, Stephanie Swinney, and some other girl frolic in the kitchen while slathering each other with ice cream, whipped cream, and chocolate syrup. Stephanie and Skye haven't shown up in much other stuff, which is a shame because both are real knockouts.

Nikki Fairchild and Regina Russell are also present and have one scene each. To top it off, there are enough short, "almost" scenes throughout the video that if you put them all together, you'd have the equivalent of another sex scene.

Great stuff!
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Excellent cast with steamy sex scenes!
insomniac_rod26 June 2010
You can't get much better. This one offers spectacular women such as Regina Russell, Mia Zotoli, etc.

Most of the movie is exaggerated on the sex aspect. I mean, it happens during legal situations, bondage, and other aspects that are not very common for us mortals.

Still, the sex is explicit, steamy, almost feels hardcore in some moments. Truly you can't find much better on the production values and sex.

I recommend it for those who are into quality soft core. I caught in on late cable and it's a recurring one. There's plenty of sex and different hot women on each scene.
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