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10 Reasons I Love Justice League – Available on Blu-ray March 13th

Justice League will be available on Blu-ray next Tuesday, March 13th

Ok, I get it, the jury is in, the Justice League bombed at the box office and most critics were less than kind. I don’t care, I saw it three times (not as often as Wonder Woman) in theaters. I love it anyway. Even though I had my own problems with this latest DC Universe movie.

My problems, in brief: First, the missing and deleted scenes. Youtube was loaded with many and various previews for Justice League leading up to its release, all of which had scenes and lines of dialog that didn’t make it into the final cut. I sincerely hope the blu ray will present an extended or director’s cut of Justice League. And of course the blu ray release has been delayed.

Second the threat is too generic, Steppenwolf never does seem like
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$10 mil epic next on Kang's plate

$10 mil epic next on Kang's plate
SEOUL -- Kang Woo-suk, one of Korea's most successful directors, on Thursday announced his next film, Hanbando, a futuristic tale of Korean unification and international intrigue. Produced by major production house Cinema Service, Hanbando (The Korean Peninsula) will star Cha In-pyo (Bicheonmu) and Cho Jae-hyun (Bad Guy) as well as veteran actors Ahn Sung-ki and Moon Sung-geun. The $10 million epic will begin filming in October, with the fast-moving Kang aiming for a Jan. 29 release.

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