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  • A coming of age romantic drama set in 1972 based on real life events.

  • This is Peter's story; an 18 year old boy who takes a journey through a conservative southern all-male university in order to discover himself. With the help of his roommate, Joe and his roommate's girlfriend, Bess, Peter begins to explore more about himself and his values only to be crushed by those who love him. The path becomes blurred and treacherous and Peter learns that only by relying on the strength of strangers will he be able to heal himself. The decisions he makes when confronted with this new truth will affect him forever.


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  • It is 1972, and muscularly, handsome and blonde Peter heads off to an exclusive Virginia university, not knowing what to expect or what he'll find there. He joins a fraternity and there meets William, a classics major who develops a strong attraction to him. Despite their flirting the reserved Peter becomes romantically involved in a menage a trois with his roommate Joe and Joe's girlfriend Bess. Following the threesome, 17-year-old Peter finds himself distanced from the pair as his attraction to Joe grows ever more apparent. After a violent episode disrupts the trio's social bliss, Peter is taken in and protected by his poetry professor, Ian. While recuperating at Ian's idyllic country house, Peter soon finds himself falling in love with his hunky professor. Of course, their hot and heavy affair which includes skinny dipping, passionate sex and bathing outdoors is taboo. When jealousy rears its ugly head, Peter and Ian's happiness is threatened.

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