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Sex & Nudity

  • Episode 2: A naked male corpse is seen. Male genitalia is visible for some time.
  • There are many episodes that show nudity, strippers, breasts, buttocks, sexual dialogue, men's penis', sex, oral sex, and gay sex -- both men and women.
  • There are multitudinous sexual references in the series, ranging from mild to incredibly explicit.
  • Episode 1: Breast nudity with pasties in a strip club.
  • Episode 3: Breast nudity at a strip club. Sex scene. Thrusting and moaning, but only breast nudity.
  • Episode 4: Pictures of a nude woman are seen. Only breasts are shown. Two women take off their clothes to have sex.
  • Episode 5: Breast nudity at a strip club.
  • Episode 6: Photographs of a dead woman are shown. Her breasts, and briefly her buttocks, are shown.
  • Episode 8: A nude dead woman is seen for a long period of time. Only breasts are shown
  • Episode 9: A women talks very sexually explicit on phone.
  • Episode 13: Pictures of a nude women are seen. A man and women begin to have sex.
  • Episode 1: A man pulls out his penis in a bar. It is clearly visible for a couple seconds (although it seems prosthetics).
  • Episode 2: A man's naked ass is seen. Another man is shown nude for a long time, but his genitals are hidden.
  • Episode 3: Two men begin to have sex. A man and women begin to have sex.
  • Episode 4: A woman's breasts are seen for a while. A picture of a penis is shown on a computer screen.
  • Episode 6: There is a scene at a strip club. Nudity is shown. A man has sex with his soon-to-be ex-wife. He thrusts into her while she holds onto him. Graphic.
  • Episode 8: The same man is also shown having sex with a waitress. He lies down on a bed while she is on top riding him. Her breasts and ass are visible. Very graphic. A man is seen reading a pornographic magazine.
  • Episode 9: The same man again is seen with two prostitutes while one of them is performing oral sex on him. Breasts are visible.
  • Episode 1: A woman is seen giving a blowjob to a man.
  • Episode 3: A man has sex with a woman. His ass is seen.
  • Episode 4: A man and a woman are about to have sex. A group of men are in a brothel where several topless women are seen. One of the men walks through the building, seeing several sexual acts, including a woman riding a man on a bed, (breasts and butt visible) and a man thrusting into a woman from behind on a staircase while standing up.
  • Episode 5: A man and woman begin to have sex.
  • Episode 7: A woman is seen performing fellatio on a man. On another occasion, a woman bends down to give a man a blowjob.
  • Episode 8: Inside a car, a woman rides a man while the car shakes. He finishes inside her and is later seen throwing a used condom out of the car window.
  • Episode 9: A nude woman lays down for a long time.
  • Episode 10: A man visits a gay bar and a gay porno is seen on a TV.
  • Episode 12: Two women have sex. Fairly graphic. A man and a woman have sex. Long and graphic.
  • Episode 1: A poster of a nude women is seen a few times.
  • Episode 2: A man on accident walks in on a man receiving oral sex from his secretary. His penis is very briefly shown as the woman turns around.
  • Episode 3: A man is seen nude for a long time. His penis is seen.
  • Episode 3: A man thrusts into a woman from behind as she is bent over the front of a car.
  • Episode 5: A gimp is tied to a bed and sodomized violently, very violent scene.

Violence & Gore

  • Season 1: Several dead bodies are shown, the most graphic being that of a man who has been stabbed to death. One of his eyes has been injured, he has been slashed. There is blood on his shirt. A few people are shot with shotguns and handguns, one of them violently in the knees. A 16 year old drug dealer is shot. Most of it happens off-screen.
  • Season 2: A man is stabbed to death. A gun battle occurs in the streets. While nobody is killed, it is later revealed that a young boy has been shot and killed by accident. A man is strangled. His facial expression is shown. Very intense. A few severed limbs are shown from far away in a room. A man enters a shop and shoots a young employee and another man several times. The man begs for his life before being shot.
  • Season 4: Several people are executed in empty houses. A major character is ambushed by several other people. He is then shot twice in the head. There are several fist-fights between students at a school, with people often coming out of it with cuts and bruises. A man is suddenly beaten to death. Very disturbing and shocking scene.


  • The word "fuck" is said incessantly throughout the series, along with many other profanities such as "shit," "bitch", "titty", "goddamn," "cunt," "cocksucker," and racial slurs.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Dozens of drug related scenes every season.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Dozens of intense and frightening scenes every season that may be disturbing to the viewer.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • Season 3: Several gun battles occur, in which people are often killed. A main character is shot to death by two others. His bullet-riddled body is later seen.
  • Season 5: A man is shot in the back while running away from somebody. Two people enter a house and gunshots are heard. The inside of the house is later shown, with several people's bloodied bodies lying around. There is some blood on the walls. A gun battle breaks out in an apartment, in which a man is shot and killed. Several dead bodies of homeless men are shown, some of which are then manipulated to look like murder. There are four scenes where main characters are shot.

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