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14 Sep. 2002
Home with Hector
When a mosquito bite transfers Ozzy and Drix into the body of a boy, Hector Cruz, another germ comes with them. It is up to Ozzy and Drix to capture this germ, Scarlet Fever, before it has disastrous consequences.
21 Sep. 2002
Ozzy crashes his car into a nerve causing Hector's leg to fly out. Normally that wouldn't be much of a problem, but this time Hector accidentally tripped the local school bully, getting him into a fight after school.
28 Sep. 2002
Ozzy becomes jealous of a super agent (Penicillin G.) who has been injected into Hector to track down a powerful germ known as Strepfinger.
5 Oct. 2002
A Lousy Haircut
Hector has head lice. As the authorities don't take the problem seriously Drix and Ozzy fights the lice on their own outside of Hector.
12 Oct. 2002
Oh My Dog
As Hector finds a stray dog outside, an allergen is wrecking Hector's insides. The size changing allergen alternates between a huge monster and a meek guy. At the same time Drix finds a pet dog cell of his own.
19 Oct. 2002
Street Up
Drix is getting tired of having no street smarts so he hires a teacher. The problem is who he chooses as his teacher, a criminal.
16 Nov. 2002
Where There's Smoke
Hector has been hanging with the cool kids at school and tried smoking. This has brought in the addictive Nick O'Teen and his associates who want to enslave all cells in Hector.
7 Dec. 2002
Ozzy Jr.
Strep-finger is back and he has a surprise for Ozzy: a parasite that grows inside him.

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