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Brittany Murphy: Sarah



  • Tom : Okay, whatever. Listen, you get guests here from all over the world, it's up to you to have some American on your signs.

    Sarah : He means English.

  • Tom : [weilding a fire poker]  Hello Peter! So happy you could join us!

    Sarah : Tom what are you doing?

    Tom : I was thinking, that it's time for Peter and I to TANGO!

    [smashes vase with poker] 

    Peter : He's crazy! See you have no furture with this guy.

    Sarah : Peter, shut up. Tom you're acting like a crazy person.

    Tom : Oh yeah? Well, maybe that's cause I just got hit in the head with a ten-pound ashtray !

    [shrugs shoulders] 

    Peter : I'm warning you Leizak

    [strikes a kung fu stance] 

    Peter : I studied karate with a Grand Master.

    Tom : Yeah? Well I sure hope he showed ya how to pull a fire poker outta your ass!

  • Tom : Are you going to tell me what really happened with Peter?

    Sarah : Are you going to tell me what really happened with red bra?

    Tom : Nothing happened

    Sarah : I hope you used a condom

    Tom : I hope Peter used a condom

    Sarah : I'm sorry, they don't make condoms that big.

    Tom : That's funny

    [to a fellow passenger] 

    Tom : we've got a comedian here

    Sarah : You wanna hear something funny, I'm moving out when we get back

    Tom : I'm just gonna stop talking

    [The other passengers clap] 

  • Tom : I specifically asked for a compact.

    Sarah : This is a European compact.

    Tom : No, this is a Ringling Brothers compact! I don't understand it. I loooked at the brochure and it had a Fiesta on the cover, not a Bingo!

    Sarah : Baby, just floor it.

    Tom : I *am* flooring it! If I pushed any harder, my foot would blow through the floor and we would be Flintstone-ing our asses there!

  • Sarah : Tom, you're acting like a crazy person!

    Tom : Well, MAYBE it's cuz I just got hit in the HEAD with a ten pound ASHTRAY!

    [Shrugs his shoulders sarcastically] 

  • Sarah : [to customs agent]  No, but my husband does have two pounds of hash in his rectum.

  • [Outside bathroom] 

    Stewardess : Return to your seat please

    Sarah : [Inside bathroom]  Just a minute

    Stewardess : Return to your seat now please, playtime is over

    Sarah : BEAT IT STEW!

    Stewardess : The captain has turned the fasten your seat belt light on

    [The stewardess knocks on the door, Sarah imitates her, she imitates her again, they both knock once, Tom and Sarah knock the door into her face] 

  • Sarah : Is that a Thunderstick A-200o

    Tom : When did you become an expert?

    Sarah : I told you about that night in college.

    Tom : But you never told me about the hardware.

    Sarah : Getting a visual

    Tom : We gotta charge this thing

    Sarah : That plug won't fit in European outlet.

    Tom : I'll make it fit.

    Sarah : Don't force it.

  • Tom : Hey, we're in this together.

    Sarah : Do you have four guys staring at your boobies right now? No.

  • Sarah : Tom, have you ever not told me something cause you were afraid of how I would react? Like have you ever not told me the truth about anything?

    Tom : Like when I told you I liked your brother?

    Sarah : This is serious Tom.

    Tom : I am serious, I really don't like him.

  • Sarah : [crying on wedding night]  Tomorrow my parents are going to know I'm not a virgin anymore!

    Tom : You haven't been a virgin since college.

    Sarah : Yeah, but tomorrow they're going to know for sure.

  • Tom : So, everyone thinks we're crazy for doing this, huh?

    Sarah : Since when do we care what people think.

  • Sarah : [to Tom]  We were evicted from a five star hotel, given the boot and now we're yelling at each other well not really, I'm yelling! I'm sorry I want to go home.

  • Tom : Maybe we should just have sex.

    Sarah : Call me crazy, but I'm not in the mood to make love to you.

  • Sarah : Grazie, grazie, grazie

    [slaps man helping her up] 

    Sarah : Grazie, grazie god dammit.

  • Sarah : I miss doing time in prison with you.

  • Tom : HOOKER!

    Sarah : MURDERER!

  • Sarah : Cheese and rice.

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