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Can you beat the house by counting cards in Blackjack? Movie 21 tried to answer that question.

Movie 21 – True story or fiction?

The movie “21” was released on March 28th, 2008 and the movie is fact based on Ben Mezrich’s book “Bringing Down the House” which tells the true story of the real MIT Blackjack Team during the 1990s. To be honest, the movie plot was far from the book, but then again even the book wasn’t especially true to the original story, and the original MIT team, either. The movie wasn’t completely fictional, as there were MIT blackjack teams who went to Vegas, counted cards and won some money.

Inspired by the real-life story of the MIT students who took Las Vegas casinos for millions, 21 has been reshaped to fit a simple movie template, but at the end, you must question is the counting cards business really so profitable overall?

Maybe the most important thing to know is that counting cards aren’t so hard at all,
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It Came From The Tube: Halloweentown (1998)

No! Don’t run away! Where’s your Halloween spirit? Yes, Halloweentown (1998) is a Disney Channel movie, but that in and of itself isn’t a bad thing; if you’re looking to introduce your kids to horror, it’s better to pitch them some underhands than speedy overhands. (I don’t really know baseball.) In a cynical and bitterly crumbling world, it’s nice to know that a bit of low-key innocent charm still exists.

Originally airing Saturday, October 17th, Halloweentown was a big hit for the channel, and spawned three sequels over the ensuing years. If you’re looking for some smiles, good performances and charming effects, Halloweentown is a fun place to visit.

Let’s open up our mouse eared (insert groan here) TV Guide and see what’s up:

Halloweentown (Saturday, Disney)

An adolescent girl realizes with the help of her grandmother that she’s a
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Top Four Hollywood Movies based on Blackjack Games

If you are a movie lover and always loved movies that have great, suspense thrills and the horrifying moments which can keep you going. Get ready to dive into a few other movies that are a different genre altogether. Below are the lists of five Hollywood movies that are loosely based on Blackjack/gambling. If you are games player, you can find most of the games based on these movies and more at Spinzwin Casino. Try your luck over there on your mobile or laptop.

The Gambler

First up is movie ‘the Gambler’, it is an intense and a serious gambling movie. The movie shows that the Roulette game can be a riskier game compared to the Blackjack. The story dives into the story of the main character Jim Bennett who is a big fan of both Blackjack and Roulette games. Eventually, Jim lands up in debt and to pay his debt off,
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Disney Executive Kristin Burr Transitions to Production Deal

Longtime Disney production executive Kristin Burr is transitioning to a Disney-based producing deal on the Burbank lot as Burr! Productions.

Burr joined Disney in 1997 as a creative executive. She most recently served as an executive VP of production in the live-action film division.

During her tenure, she oversaw “Sweet Home Alabama,” which starred Reese Witherspoon; “The Proposal,” starring Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds; Christopher Nolan’s “The Prestige;” “Bringing Down the House;” and the Muppets movies.

She recently worked on “Mary Poppins Returns,” starring Emily Blunt, Meryl Streep, and Lin Manuel Miranda; the live-action “101 Dalmatians” prequel “Cruella,” starring Emma Stone; and “Jungle Cruise,” starring Dwayne Johnson.

“Kristin’s experience, strength and talent have been of great value as part of our executive team and will serve her well as she transitions to a producorial role here at the studio,” said film production president Sean Bailey. “We’re very much looking
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Scream season 3: Brett Matthews & Queen Latifah join creative team

Rob Leane Chris Longo Apr 27, 2017

Scream season 3 is still alive. Brett Matthews is the new showrunner, and Queen Latifah is an executive producer...

It’s not often you see a non-anthology show go for a full reboot in its third season. But, after a leadership shakeup, MTV believes it has gone as far as it could go with the original cast of its Scream adaptation.

Last month, Deadline reported that the network was looking for a new showrunner to reset Scream with a fresh premise and cast. Now, we have the details of who is coming on board.

In a new report, Deadline has revealed that Brett Matthews (former The Vampire Diaries producer and Supernatural story editor) is Scream's new showrunner, and Queen Latifah, Shakim Compere and Yaneley Arty are coming on board as executive producers.

It remains to be seen if Queen Latifah will also appear on screen.
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Charles Barkley Gives Turrible Blackjack Advice ... Ripped By '21' Expert (Video)

  • TMZ
[[tmz:video id="0_3wj27lah"]] Here's the situation ... You have 16.  Dealer has a 10 showing.  Hit or stay?!!?! Charles Barkley -- one of the most famous high-roller blackjack players in the world (he's won and lost Millions over the years) -- gives his take and it seems like awful advice!!!  But to confirm our suspicions, we went to the leading blackjack expert in the world -- Jeff Ma -- a former member of that MIT blackjack team that inspired the book,
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Fox’s Sleepy Hollow Season 4 to Premiere on Friday, January 6th

  • DailyDead
The adventures of Ichabod Crane will continue on Fox early next year, with the season 4 premiere of Sleepy Hollow scheduled to air on Friday, January 6th at 9:00pm Et.

Press Release: Fox is announcing premiere dates for new series The Mick (special premiere Jan. 1; time period premiere Jan. 3), Star (special premiere Dec. 14; time period premiere Jan. 4), My Kitchen Rules (Jan. 12), 24: Legacy (two-night event beginning Feb. 5, following Super Bowl Li, and continuing on Feb. 6) and Apb (Feb. 6); and returning series Bones: The Final Chapter

(Jan. 3), Sleepy Hollow (Jan. 6) and Masterchef Junior (Feb. 9). In addition, New Girl moves to its new Tuesday night time period (8:00-8:31 Pm Et/Pt), beginning Jan. 3. Hell’S Kitchen moves to Thursdays, beginning Jan. 5, with two all-new back-to-back episodes (8:00-9:00/9:00-10:00 Pm Et/Pt). The series then premieres in its regular time period Jan. 12 (8:00-9:01). Rosewood
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Newswire: Enchanted sequel wakes from its slumber, finds new director

2007’s Enchanted was a critical and box-office hit, so it’s surprising that additional chapters in the fairy tale haven’t been churned out, especially since “happily ever after” isn’t a hard and fast rule anymore. And yet, nearly 10 years have passed since Amy Adams chirped her way into Patrick Dempsey’s and our hearts. A sequel was announced back in 2014, which was to be written by The SmurfsJ. David Stem and David N. Weiss, though it’s languished in pre-production.

But now it looks like someone’s said the magic words to reinvigorate the project, as Empire Magazine reports that Rock Of Ages director Adam Shankman will helm the Enchanted follow-up. Shankman’s filmography includes 2007’s Hairspray, as well as such contemporary fairy tales as The Wedding Planner (there’s a coveted shoe involved in their meet-cute), Bringing Down The House (in which ...
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Enchanted 2 Brings Back Amy Adams, Gets Hairspray Director

Enchanted 2 Brings Back Amy Adams, Gets Hairspray Director
Nearly nine years after it first hit theaters, Disney's follow-up to Enchanted, titled Disenchaned, has finally found its director. Hairspray and Rock of Ages director Adam Shankman is in talks to direct the Enchanted sequel, which the studio has been developing since 2010. Original Enchaned star Amy Adams is expected to reprise her role as princess Giselle. Although it isn't known if James Marsden or any of the other original cast members will be back for Enchanted 2.

The original Enchanted centered on Amy Adams' Giselle, who is set to marry her Prince Charming (James Marsden) before she is taken from her animated fantasy world and thrust into our real world in New York City. There she meets a lawyer (Patrick Dempsey) who is about to marry a woman (Idina Menzel) who is completely wrong for him. The Hollywood Reporter reveals that Disenchanted will take place 10 years after the original movie,
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‘Enchanted’: Disney Taps Adam Shankman to Direct Sequel

‘Enchanted’: Disney Taps Adam Shankman to Direct Sequel
Disney is in talks with “Hairspray” director Adam Shankman to helm “Disenchanted,” the sequel to the Amy Adams 2007 comedy-fantasy “Enchanted.”

Disney has been developing the sequel for several years. Adams said earlier this year that she was enthusiastic about the project.

“They’ve been talking about it for a while, so I really embrace and look forward to what they do and hope to be involved,” she said in April.

The story is set ten years after “Enchanted,” with Adams’ Giselle character questioning her happily ever after, and accidentally triggering events that make everyone’s lives turn upside-down in both the real world and in the animated kingdom of Andalasia.

Kevin Lima directed the original movie in which Giselle was magically moved from her animated world into the live-action world of New York City. The film, which also starred James Marsden, Patrick Dempsey, Idina Menzel, and Susan Sarandon, was a
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Amazon Video Direct: E-Commerce Giant Reveals Top-Performing Content Partners (Exclusive)

Since Amazon’s launch in May of Amazon Video Direct, the company says users have streamed several billion minutes of video from its partners the service, which is open to any content creator or owner and provides multiple options for generating money from that video.

That’s likely less than the staggering amount of video gushing from the fire hoses of YouTube or Netflix. But Amazon Video Direct content partners say the program represents a noteworthy new platform that is letting them generate incremental revenue. And for the first time, the e-commerce behemoth has released the list of the best-performing movie titles, TV shows and digital partners the service — which Amazon is rewarding with extra cash doled out from a $1 million pool on a monthly basis, through its “Avd Stars” program.

Amazon Video Direct partners have four distribution options: They can make their content available to Prime Video subscribers and
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La La Anthony’s ‘Love Playbook’ Movie in Development With Queen Latifah, Codeblack (Exclusive)

La La Anthony’s ‘Love Playbook’ Movie in Development With Queen Latifah, Codeblack (Exclusive)
Queen Latifah’s Flavor Unit Entertainment and Codeblack Films are partnering to co-produce and co-finance a slate of films, starting with an adaptation of La La Anthony’s “The Love Playbook: Rules for Love, Sex, and Happiness.”

“The Love Playbook” was published in 2014 and became a New York Times bestseller. Anthony channeled her life and love lessons into a personal playbook, offering no-nonsense advice on dating, love and marriage — advising women on how to take control of their relationships, rise above adversity and live their lives by their rules.

Anthony will also executive produce for the project through her Lala Land company.

The slate will be co-produced By Flavor Unit Entertainment’s Shakim Compere and Queen Latifah. Quincy Newell and Jeff Clanagan will also serve as producers on the projects.

Codeblack Films and Flavor Unit Entertainment will collaborate on the marketing of the films under the slate.

Codeblack Films, a division of Lionsgate,
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Newswire: Movie scientists to clone wooly mammoths, which worked great in Jurassic Park

Studies in genetics over the past 20 years have involved some of the most exciting and potentially transformative advances in the history of science. The birth of Dolly the cloned sheep (exactly two decades ago) ushered in a new era of human understanding, one that may revolutionize animal conservation and challenge the idea of extinction as a point of no return. Any account of these advancements and the science behind them is compelling material on its own—so naturally, it’s time for Hollywood to take that true story and make it absolutely fucking ridiculous.

Deadline reports Fox has purchased the rights to Woolly: The True Story Of The De-Extinction Of One Of History’s Most Iconic Creatures. It’s a forthcoming book by Ben Mezrich, acclaimed author of Bringing Down The House and Accidental Billionaires, the nonfiction tomes that were adapted into the films 21 and The Social Network ...
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Ben Mezrich’s Woolly Mammoth Book Being Adapted Into Movie by Fox

Ben Mezrich’s Woolly Mammoth Book Being Adapted Into Movie by Fox
Fox and Temple Hill are developing a movie based on Ben Mezrich’s upcoming book “Woolly: The True Story of the De-Extinction of One of History’s Most Iconic Creatures.”

The studio and the production company have acquired movie rights to Mezrich’s book, set to be published in the fall of next year by Simon & Schuster’s Atria Books. The story follows a geneticist and a team of scientists attempting to bring back the woolly mammoth from extinction.

Geneticist George Church’s lab at Harvard University successfully copied genes from frozen woolly mammoths last year and added them into the genome of an Asian elephant. It was the first time that woolly mammoth genes have been functional since the species went extinct about 4,000 years ago.

Mezrich’s book “The Accidental Billionaires: The Founding of Facebook, A Tale of Sex, Money, Genius, and Betrayal” served as the basis for the 2010 film “The Social Network.
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Fox Buys Ben Mezrich’s ‘Woolly’: Next ‘Jurassic Park?’

Fox Buys Ben Mezrich’s ‘Woolly’: Next ‘Jurassic Park?’
Fox might have just gotten its own Jurassic Park. The studio has landed Woolly: The True Story of the De-Extinction of One of History’s Most Iconic Creatures. It’s a new book by the authors whose film-friendly past books include Bringing Down the House, which became the hit 21, and Accidental Billionaires, which became The Social Network. Temple Hill partners Wyck Godfrey and Marty Bowen are going to produce, and they are locking a filmmaker shortly for what could be a…
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Watch the first trailer for Lee Daniels’ music drama series Star

A first trailer has arrived online for Fox’s upcoming music drama series Star. The show is written, directed and produced by Lee Daniels and features a cast that includes Queen Latifah, Benjamin Bratt, Jude Demorest, Ryan Destiny, Brittany O’Grady; take a look below…

Academy Award and Golden Globe nominee Lee Daniels – creator and executive producer of broadcast’s No. 1 series, Empire – partners with Tom Donaghy (“The Whole Truth”) to pull back the curtain on music’s gritty and dark reality in Star. Featuring a soundtrack of original music and stunning music performances, Star follows three talented singers, desperate for a new start and with ambitions of stardom, as they navigate the cut-throat music business on their road to success. Meet Star (newcomer Jude Demorest), a tough-as-nails young woman, who came up in the foster care system and decides one day to take control of her destiny. Star tracks down her sister,
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‘Prison Break,’ ’24: Legacy,’ ‘Lethal Weapon’ and More Trailers From Fox’s 2016-17 Season

‘Prison Break,’ ’24: Legacy,’ ‘Lethal Weapon’ and More Trailers From Fox’s 2016-17 Season
Fox has released the first trailers for the network’s 2016-17 lineup of shows, including revivals of “Prison Break” and “24,” adaptations of “Lethal Weapon” and “The Exorcist,” the latest musical drama from “Empire” creator Lee Daniels, and more.


Lethal Weapon

Based on the hit movie franchise of the same name, “Lethal Weapon” follows iconic cop duo Riggs and Murtaugh, as they work a crime-ridden beat in modern-day Los Angeles. From the moment the brash and impulsive Martin Riggs (Clayne Crawford, “Rectify”) meets prudent, by-the-book Roger Murtaugh (Emmy Award nominee Damon Wayans, Sr., “My Wife and Kids,” “In Living Color”), it seems as if this partnership is doomed. But after their first case together, both realize this arrangement might just work out after all – if Riggs doesn’t get them killed first.

The Exorcist

Widely regarded as the greatest horror movie ever made, “The Exorcist” terrified audiences around the world.
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24: Legacy Gets a Series Order on Fox

24: Legacy Gets a Series Order on Fox
Fox Broadcasting Company (Fox) has given series orders to new dramas 24: Legacy and Star. Both series are scheduled to premiere in the upcoming 2016-2017 season. 24: Legacy is the next chapter in the groundbreaking and award-winning action series from Emmy Award-winning executive producer Howard Gordon (Homeland, 24: Live Another Day), Academy Award- and Emmy Award-winning executive producer Brian Grazer (A Beautiful Mind, 24), writers and executive producers Manny Coto and Evan Katz (24, 24: Live Another Day), director and executive producer Stephen Hopkins (24) and executive producer and original series star Kiefer Sutherland.

Starring Corey Hawkins (Straight Outta Compton), Miranda Otto (Homeland) and Jimmy Smits (Sons of Anarchy), 24: Legacy chronicles an adrenaline-fueled race against the clock to stop a devastating terrorist attack on United States soil - in the same real-time format that has propelled this genre-defining series. Fox hasn't announced how many episodes of 24: Legacy will be produced, or when the series may debut.
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Why was the movie 21 so factually inaccurate?

The movie 21 is famous for being choc-full of inaccuracies. Many people have commented on this over the years since its release, from movie pundits and casino goers to the actual casinos themselves – 888 recently posted a piece on Gambling Fact or Fiction, looking at where Hollywood completely missed the mark with casino-themed movies. Despite butchering most of the facts, the film was fairly successful, taking almost 4.5 times its budget at the box office alone. The question is, considering the movie was fairly successful, why is the movie 21 so factually inaccurate?

To answer this we need to look at where the story comes from. 21 is based on the ‘true story’ book, Bringing Down the House, which recounts the success of Jeff Ma and his gang of card-counting MIT buddies. While the book is a fictionalised version of what really happened – the author Ben Mezrich admits that he “took literary license to make it readable,
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Best movie guide: watch or play casino online

Games of chance started to appear with the formation of social inequality caused by the excess of food or money among certain segments of the population. Therefore, it is not surprising that movies about gambling and casinos are so widely popular in our time. The overwhelming majority of the present world population knows about the biggest and fabulous gambling wins, which became a cause for joy or even death of some of the players.

The increased public attention to the individual games and gambling in general (like Australian online casino and movie theatre) could not go unnoticed among the producers and directors. There were filmed dozens of well-known movies on the basis of real and fictional events. Excitement, cards, money, crime – these are the keywords for many films that are popular today.

All great documentaries on gambling addiction deserve special attention. All beginners get the chance to learn the basics and history of the game,
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