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Jack definitely takes over Sandler, Anger Management is good for a few laughs
Smells_Like_Cheese23 November 2003
I saw this movie in the theater with my father and I have to say even though Sandler can annoy me most of the time, this is one of his better comedies. I think he owes that to Jack Nicholson's performance, since Jack can carry a film so well he also makes the jokes into perfect cues and great laughs. Adam does a good job as well, both actors worked very well together and actually have great chemistry. I think everyone would agree that their version of "I feel pretty" was just so awesome and beyond hilarious. It was also nice to see that this wasn't a typical Sandler film filled with predictable cameo's of his friends, so it showed that he could carry the film without doing the common predictability.

Dave is a man who designs cat suits for fat cats, he has a beautiful girlfriend, Linda, and seems to have it together, only he's actually pretty taken advantage of by his boss and Linda's ex boyfriend. He lets a lot of things go. One day when he is on a plane, he is accused of "assulting" a flight attendant and racist marks, despite the situation actually being the opposite. But he is sent to anger management anyways and is being mentored by Dr. Buddy Rydell, a bit of a psychotic, but this proves Dave's "internal" anger and turns out to prove that Dave does need help and who might be crazier in life.

Anger Management is sometimes a bit silly, but I love this comedy, it's always good for so many laughs. Buddy was just so awesome in that scene where he has to pull his car out of the parking spot, but there is another car blocking him and he just handles it "his way", you'll have to see. Adam and Jack were great together and I would recommend this film for anyone. Like I said, it's not a typical Sandler film and really works well.

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Sandler at his most restrained
winner553 September 2007
This is a pretty good romantic comedy with silly bits tossed in (like the squeaky toy bear). This is the first Sandler performance I've really liked a lot, and while Nicholson is really just tossing it off, let's face it, his throwaways are frequently better than the best from most other actors. Here the match - Sandler at his most restrained, Nicholson getting sloppy - works very well, as each becomes a complement to the other, which is wholly in keeping with the characters and their situation. The supporting cast is also doing very well. And the film is well-made: possibly even too much so, as for instance with the cinematography, which is of a high quality that would suit a heavy dramatic film.

There are definitely some laugh-out-loud high moments along the way, and very few low moments. Not a great movie, but definitely a movie you can spend an evening with and think it money well-spent.
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Good Management
kosmasp5 October 2010
This movie works especially because of Jack Nicholson. The gravitas he brings into his role (especially considering the really crazy things he's doing here) helps a lot improve a not perfect script. And even if some inconsistencies are explained (the airplane "incident"), it still would not make a lot of sense.

It actually doesn't. But with Jack, you just bare with it/him and suspend your disbelief, just like that. Of course many will watch it (or have so), because of Adam S. I myself am not the biggest fan of his "comedy" work. Though I have to say I loved him in some dramas he did. Here it seems, he get pulled into the movie by Jack, who has complete control of the movie ...
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Amazing end
valadas15 August 2008
After watching nine tenths of this movie I was inclined to give it a very bad mark like a 3 or 4: an idiotic scenario and a succession of dull gags, episodes and scenes which not even the enormous talent of Jack Nicholson could save. But suddenly the manner of the movie changes in the last scenes which are gorgeous and even give a quite original meaning to the whole story. If it's not enough to compensate us for the dullness felt till then at least it brings the movie's mark a few points up in my opinion. The scenes at the baseball stadium and the final ones which follow immediately are indeed extremely good comedy scenes. Therefore if you go to watch this movie, have the patience of waiting for its last tenth because it's worth it.
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Better than I anticipated
TheLittleSongbird15 July 2011
I am not a fan of Adam Sandler, I find he is good in the more dramatic films(Punch Drunk Love and Reign Over Me are his best performances to me) and save a few exceptions(Spanglish, The Wedding Singer and Happy Gilmore) I find him irritating in comedy. However, Anger Management is one of the exceptions, Sandler is quite good here but Jack Nicholson outshines him. The script is funny likewise with most of the gags(the describing-who-he-is scene), the story intriguing, the pace snappy in the first two thirds and the characters fairly likable. What lets Anger Management though are one or two scenes that don't quite work such as the basketball scene and a final third that is not only a little draggy compared to the first two-thirds but rather clichéd and cheesy too. Overall, entertaining and a better film than I anticipated. 7/10 Bethany Cox
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Thank god for Nicholson
tomimt20 September 2005
What is the funniest thing about this comedy? Adam Sandler? Hardly. The best thing about this movie is Jack Nicholson. he's the sole reason this movie is funny.

So, Dave (Sandler) is this geeky guy, who has never lost his temper in his life, who by fault of an mistake in an airplane is ordered by a judge to see a anger consultant Buddy Rydel (Nicholosn), whose unorthodox anger management methods soon drive this mosey man crazy. And then there's Dave's personal problems with his girlfriend Linda (Marisa Tomei).

As for comedy Anger Managment flows pretty nicely and the jokes are mostly in their correct places and it has very few awkward moments, which seldom plague comedies of this particular genre.

Can't actually think of anything extremely negative to say about it, I'm very pleasantly surprised by the flick, it gave me good laughs and it will probably last multiple viewings, thanks to Nicholson, who really keeps this movie above the gray mass of comedy sea.
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A Complete Mess
zkonedog5 March 2017
When making a movie, the producers/directors must first and foremost determine what type of project they are creating. In the case of "Anger Management", director Peter Segal tries to weave some semblance of emotion into the ridiculous plot of his film...and fails miserably in the effort.

For a basic plot summary, "Anger Management" sees young, mild-mannered businessman David Buznik (Adam Sandler) being treated as the company peon despite all his hard work and career aspirations. With some prodding from girlfriend Linda (Marisa Tomei) and a series of crazy events, Buznik begins seeing Dr. Buddy Rydell (Jack Nicholson), an anger management therapist specializing in some rather unorthodox "treatments".

The main problem with this movie is that one must simply face facts: it just isn't all that funny. Sandler makes a couple of his trademark wisecracks that might elicit a chuckle here and there, but Nicholson is completely wasted in a terribly annoying role. For being billed as a "comedy", the laughs are few and far between.

What makes it a truly abysmal effort, though, is the fact that the producers had the gall to try and make it "mean something" towards the end. A movie this ridiculous (with characters so over- the-top as to be almost cartoonish at times) in premise cannot make the sudden switch to emotional without coming off as laughable (exactly what happens here).

Overall, "Anger Management" was one of the most disappointing films I've seen in quite awhile. I was expecting some laughs and some great cast chemistry, but received instead a mess of a film that tries to "pull itself together" in the end but only ends up embarrassing itself further.
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Good Fun, even if it's a little muddled
mjw230511 February 2006
Adam Sandler (Dave Buznik) is a mild mannered and submissive business man with an apparent knack for getting himself into unfortunate and disastrous situations. After a very small misunderstanding aboard an aeroplane escalates out of control, Dave is sentenced to Anger Management at the hands of Jack Nicholson (Buddy Rydell)

Dr. Rydell is a therapist with a tendency for the unusual. As the therapy progresses things seem to get worse and after another huge slice of misfortune, Dr. Rydell is forced to move in with Dave and conduct 30 days of intensive Anger Management.

With good comic performances from Sandler and especially Nicholson and some hilarious interaction from the support cast 'Anger Management' is certainly not short of laughs; but it does seem to get a little muddled along the way. That said the movie finishes well (although totally unbelievable) and ends up as a comedy film you'd be silly to miss out on.

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Loved it
kittiwake-16 November 2006
Adam Sandler fan. Yep. That is me. I recommend this one to anyone who has a dark sense of humor. Or anyone who can appreciate the idea of Adam Sandler playing a guy (Dave) who just lets the world trample all over him. All because of one incident when he was a kid. How many of us spend our lives trying to prevent a thing that happened once to us from ever happening again? Dave has spent his life doing just that. Enter Dr. Buddy Rydell. He has quite a way about him that makes you wonder what on earth HE is doing as an anger management specialist. And why does Dave need anger management therapy? He's fully in control of his emotions. It really all was just a misunderstanding. But, somehow, innocent as he is, Dave finds himself railroaded into an anger management course with a man who seems to enjoy being a jerk. Well, Dave will just muddle through it all and wait for it all to end. Oh, boy. It only goes downhill from there. This is not for kids. Anyone with "homosexual issues" would not appreciate parts. The absurd humor is great if you like that kind of thing. This one is worth a ton of belly laughs. Look out for cameos. Delightful ones! Casting was great. Plot totally believable in an absurd kind of way. Watch it for the laughs, and share it with a friend!
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SnoopyStyle4 May 2014
Dave Buznik (Adam Sandler) is a doormat that everybody steps on. Ever since a childhood trauma, he loathes PDA even now with his girlfriend Linda (Marisa Tomei). On a flight, he is arrested for an outburst that only appears to the characters in the movie. Nobody in their right mind in the real world would see it. He is sentenced to anger management with Dr. Buddy Rydell (Jack Nicholson) who was actually the jerk sitting next to him on the plane. The anger group is full of crazies like super angry Chuck (John Turturro), Lou (Luis Guzmán), and lesbian porn stars Stacy (Krista Allen) and Gina (January Jones). After a bar fight started by Chuck gone wrong, Dave who was actually trying to stop the fight gets into more trouble. He is sentenced to 30 days of intensive therapy with Dr Rydell or else one year in the state pen. The treatment gets more and more ridiculous angering him more and more. Dr Rydell even starts dating Linda. Is he in an alternate universe? Is he in a Truman show? Is Dr Rydell the devil?

Those are the questions among others that I kept asking. A good movie allows the audience to walk in the protagonist's shoes. And that's what I did with Dave. Every time people act like they're clueless to reality, it infuriated me. Every time Dr Rydell pushes Dave, it infuriated me. The point of the movie is to make Dave angry. Mission Accomplished. It made me angry. The movie annoyed the heck out of me. I would have made Jack Nicholson the devil, and this would be more fitting as a trial like Job's. The ending try to explain the story. By then, I didn't really care. The only way I can see the jokes working is if I can enjoy hurting Dave.
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Check your Anger on the way out
mick987g18 May 2003
Let me start off by saying that I am not a big Adam Sandler fan. But this movie was hilarious. Nicholson and Sandler work very well together.

John Turturro as usual plays his part well as Chuck.

Marisa Tomei part is good but as a Tomei fan it is not enough

How every Jack Nicholson is his usual psycho funny self in this movie. Pushing the envelope so far with Sandlers character Dave Buznik.

1 hour and 41 minutes passed like the wind.

And please keep watch Woody Harrelson like you have never seen him before. Try not to give too much away here with that one. But somewhere in this movie you will see what I mean

Hope you enjoy the movie as much as I did
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mad about you
lee_eisenberg20 May 2006
Mostly silly, with Adam Sandler doing his usual goofy stuff, but Jack Nicholson - looking like Orson Welles - gives the movie exactly what it needs. There are some scenes that we expect in an Adam Sandler movie (e.g., someone eventually exposes something embarrassing about himself), but other parts really hit you. The whole "I Feel Pretty" sequence was a real surprise. And of course, there's some great lines, especially the "phobe" scene. Also starring Marisa Tomei, Luis Guzman, John Turturro, Woody Harrelson and Rudy Giuliani (yes, THAT Rudy Giuliani).

So, in conclusion, I don't feel angry at all after watching this. In fact, I feel pretty. A real hoot.
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When will I learn???
13Funbags24 August 2017
A good sign that a movie is going to be bad is if the three stars haven't made a total of three good movies in their lifetimes. This is a perfect example of that theory. Sandler had Airheads and Tomei had My Cousin Vinny but neither were even the star in their lone good movies. I've never seen a Jack Nicholson movie because I value my time. A friend of mine asked me if I had seen this and by the time I figured out that she wasn't talking about the Charlie Sheen show, she had forgotten why she asked in the first place. That's another omen. But being the good friend that I am, I decided to give this thing a shot. That was possibly the worst decision I made in my life. There's no reason to even talk about the supposed plot and acting because the movie ended for me at the one minute mark. That's right. By the time they had wasted one minute of my life they had jumped the shark and raped my brain. Immediately after the words Anger Management leave the screen it says Brooklyn, 1978. Then we see a kid wearing a Dukes Of Hazzard shirt. Even though I'm immediately suspicious, I decide to at least wait to hear some dialogue. Wouldn't you know it, the first line is "Hey Dave I like your Dukes Of Hazzard shirt". OK, now they had forced my hand, I had to pause the movie and find out when the show started. I literally only had to type "duk" into the search bar here and without clicking anything I can see that the show started in 1979. That's where a smart person would have turned off this trash. If they couldn't even do the slightest amount of research for a movie that cost $75 million to make(with no special effects), how can the rest of the movie not be total trash? It can't and it wasn't. I watch tons of low budget sci-fi movies and they all have better plots, acting and comedy. Never see this garbage.
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As Sandler comedies go, this is a good one
iKickstand21 March 2006
I first saw Anger Management on release in 2003, and watched it again recently. I must say it didn't feel as good as I remembered it, but I still found it entertaining on second watch and a cut above most Hollywood comedies of the last few years.

I think it is obvious (Even if you haven't seen it yet) that Nicholson makes the film what it is, but thats not to say Sandler acts his typical un-funny self (although I did also enjoy Big Daddy).

Some nice gags, watchable slapstick comedy, and another great Nicholson performance make this stand out as a good comedy of recent years for me. But then again, I'm not a massive ran of the genre.

Its performances like this from Sandler, which put my faith back in Tarrantino for allegedly casting him in his upcoming war movie (if you believe the rumours) And I didn't even mention how good Marisa Tomei and Heather Graham look in this movie..
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Funny comedy
dprincesspotter21 January 2005
This is a funny movie. When my husband and I went to see it in the theater we were actually laughing out loud. And it was not just us, it was everybody in the theater. Someone looking for a deep and meaningful plot will not find what they are looking for, however it is one of the best plots of all the Adam Sandler movies. It would also not be for anyone who would easily get offended by off-color jokes. Jack Nicholson is hilarious as the Anger Management therapist. He has some of the funniest parts in the whole movie. Adam Sandler is not to shabby himself as the not angry guy learning to be angry through a series of seemingly unfortunate and random events.

If you are an Adam Sandler fan or a fan of the screw ball comedy, you will love this movie.
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I feel pretty....
Robbie1431 January 2004
Anger Management was one of the funniest movies I've seen in a while. Sandler and Nicholson make a great team in this flick. Sure, it's not a real 90's Sandler movie, but it's funny in it's own way.

The story: An easy going man, Dave Buznik, is falsely accused of abuse to a flight attendant. So he has to go through anger management classes, taught by Dr. Buddy Rydell. Little does Dave know of the chaos that goes on in his group, but it's his doctor he has to worry about more. Don't know why? Well, let's just say Buddy needs a little anger management himself.

The acting in this movie is very good, with stars like Adam Sandler, Jack Nicholson, Marissa Tomei, John Turturro, Jonathan Loughran, and many more.

Score: ****/*****
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Definition of GASLIGHTING
dilloncamp20 May 2021
I have you ever seen people, heard people talking, not knowing who they are at all, yet just wanted to knock them TF out... Yeah that's everyone in this movie who thinks Dave needs anger management.
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Like an endless string of Miller light commercials..
moribana23 April 2003
Which you may or may not like. I hated it. I found it embarrasingly unfunny, trying to make up for its lack of wit with strained sexual outrageousness. If you can't charm em, brutalize em. An extremely nasty film, its target audience I suppose is adults who never matured beyond 14. Anyway, if your life is in your loins, you'll probably enjoy this piece of ignoble garbage.
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only jack nicholson rules
departed0721 July 2003
This film has Adam Sandler weak as a dog on a hot summer weekend while Jack Nicholoson tries to bring back the film's zest. This is the type of film where you have to lock your kids because of Jack nicholson. In this movie, he is all out. This film is about Adam Sandler, weak as a stick who is falsely accused of hurting a flight attendent. The law requires that Adam sees a thearpist(jack nicholson) and all of a sudden, all hell breaks loose.

7 stars
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Typical Adam but full of laughs
WalterFrith2 May 2003
Wait! If you like Big Macs you don't stop eating them because they're all the same, do you? If you like Coke, you don't stop drinking it because every serving tastes the same, do you? Well, with Adam Sandler you sort of get the same thing. His movies all have a climax that usually deals with resolving silly situations, getting the girl, both or something almost the same with his blue collar and juvenile humour thrown in for honest laughs whether you think it's funny or not. Sometimes you find yourself laughing at these kinds of jokes even though you probably would not in another movie like it. Adam plays a man who is wrongly convicted of air rage and is sentenced to pay a huge fine and is forced to serve 20 hours in anger management sessions. His doctor (Jack Nicholson) is a hostile and irritating boob who increases Sandler's anger. Sandler violates the court order and is threatened with a year in jail unless he spends his sessions with Nicholson in a very close manner for 30 days. The ending has the movie making sense more than you thought it would after you've questioned it all the way through and Peter Segal's frat house style of direction is just right for this mix that puts the characters in ridiculous situations that you may find infectious. Sandler's movies are like the Three Stooges: others are better at what they do but the low brow stuff has a strange kick to it! Cheers to Jack for trying a film far below his talents, making his character work and having a blast at being second banana!
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Sandler's popular tend to breakdown is boosted with the help of one Jack Nicholson
saarvardi9 April 2007
During the past few years, director Peter Segal showed the world he can work wonders with the popular comedian Adam Sandler. Sandler, usually a rather one dimensional actor that enjoys playing himself on screen (a thing he does quite well, if I might say so myself), blossomed in numerous sub-genres under the hands of Segal, showing he can be romantic as hell (50 First Dates), charismatic (The Longest Yard) and most important – irresistibly cranky (Anger Management).

In this comedy powerhouse, Sandler's popular tend to breakdown is boosted with the help of one Jack Nicholson, movie legend and an astonishingly funny actor on his own right. Nicholson's collaboration with Sandler proves he really should be doing more comedies, as their encounter creates many hilarious moments. The plot, in short, revolves around Dave Buznik (Sandler), your average Joe that has a very short temperament that costs him his freedom. After breaking down on a plane, he's teamed up with Dr. Buddy Rydell (Nicholson), an anger management guru with some psychotic issues of his own. Rydell follows Buznik's every move, making his condition only worse and driving him to the edge. This results in some hysterically funny encounters with the law and with unsuspected civilians caught up in the mix. It also reaches a climax in one of my favorite comedic moments of recent years, when Rydell forces Buznik to sing The Westside Story's "I Feel Pretty" while blocking the traffic on a crowded bridge.

On a more personal note, I would like to add that I've seen Anger Management several days after an acquaintance of mine, himself a comedian, was killed in a suicide bombing in Tel Aviv, Israel. It was comforting to snap back to reality with an uplifting feature that puts many things in life in just the right proportions.
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Lovely Conclusion of a Silly Plot
claudio_carvalho2 October 2004
In New York, Dave Buznik (Adam Sandler) is a competent executive, but living with a great trauma from his childhood in Brooklyn that made him a very unsecured man. He is not able to kiss his girl friend Linda (Maria Tomei) in public or fight for a promotion in his job, and is stepped by everybody everywhere. In a business flight, he sits on the corridor chair side-by-side with Dr. Buddy Rydell (Jack Nicholson) and a minor incident with the flight attendant sends him to the court. Judge Brenda Daniels (Lynne Thigpen in her last movie) sentences him to an intensive anger treatment with Dr. Rydell, and his life turns upside-down. I was watching this movie and telling to myself: 'What a silly storyline!'. However, the lovely conclusion when the situations are explained, made me like this film. Although being thirty nine years old, Marisa Tomei is so lovely and beautiful as in 'My Cousin Vinny'. There is a message to Lynne Thigpen, who died before the conclusion of the movie, in the end of the credits. I am a fan of Adam Sandler, Jack Nicholson, John Turturro, Woody Harrelson and Luiz Guzmán, and all of them have funny performances. A great entertainment indicated for laughing. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): 'Tratamento de Choque' (Shock Treatment)
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For Sandler Fans Only!
sddavis6327 March 2004
I was torn about watching this movie. From what I had seen of the trailers it seemed to be a movie with a lot of potential, but two things were competing inside me: I have rarely seen a movie with Jack Nicholson that I didn't like, and I have rarely seen a movie with Adam Sandler that I did like. Which pre-conceived notion would win out? In this case, the Sandler view proved the more powerful. I thought this was a pathetically weak movie, which basically matches my view of Adam Sandler's acting talents.

Some people love him. Fair enough. To each his own. I find him an extremely limited, one-dimensional actor. Movie after movie, he plays basically the same pathetic loser who gets into a series of unbelievable situations and has to find a way to cope. How many times do we have to see essentially the same character and essentially the same story? Think about it. "Happy Gilmore," "Mr. Deeds," "Anger Management." The list could go on. They're all basically the same (and I didn't like any of them.) Which leads to one of two conclusions: either Sandler is hopelessly type-cast, or he really isn't capable of playing any other part. I tend to lean toward the latter, because I don't even think he plays these parts particularly well.

Anyway, if you're a Sandler fan, go for it. You'll like this, because it's like everything else he's ever done. If you're not a Sandler fan, avoid this like the plague because, well, it's like everything else he's ever done.

I'm giving it a 3, just because I can't bear to rank a movie with Jack Nicholson any lower than that.
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Pretty funny
drunken_critic21 November 2003
This is the first movie Adam Sandler has made since Punch Drunk Love. Punch Drunk Love was one of my favorite movies of the last year, so it will be unfair to compare his past movie with this one. He made a good effort in this movie. His co-star is Jack Nicholson; Who just came off of making the successful About Schmidt.

Anger Management is really about the stars. If the same exact story line were made into a movie with unknown actors, it would not have been so commercially successful. That is all right, I enjoy watching Adam Sandler and Jack Nicholson practice their craft. Their acting abilities of intensity and humor are what made them so successful. These actors have the ability to turn a stale script into a good movie. I feel that is what they did on this movie. They made it better just by participating in the movie. I enjoyed watching them interact, and watch their chemistry. It is rare, but these stars made the movie good.

It was about Adam getting assigned to an anger management class for a falsely accused outburst on an airplane, and he keeps getting falsely accused of anger throughout the movie. His anger management supervisor is Jack. Adam has to pass his program to have charges dropped against him. In the end it all ends up being fake. It was designed with the help of his girlfriend to give Adam a wake up call. The whole thing being a set up is kind of outlandish and impossible, but suspend belief and you will accept it, but then again I am the drunken_critic. 75/100
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Better than the reviews would make you think.
DocIndy5 August 2003
Jack and Adam have to be one of the better pairings in film in years. Jack is the one allowed to go over the edge throughout most of the film and Adam plays the more restrained straight man. It has enough of a twist in the plot so that it is not predictable. It is an enterataining comedy that makes you think (well at least pay attention somewhat). It is worth your time to catch this flick.
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