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  • After eight years as the new Santa Claus, Scott Calvin (Tim Allen) is informed that, according to the second rule in the Santa clause, there must be a Mrs Claus, and that he has 27 days to find and marry her or he will revert back to his former self and lose his position as the jolly old elf. On top of that, his 16-year-old son Charlie (Eric Lloyd) has been placed on the "naughty" list because he's been caught by school Principal Carol Newman (Elizabeth Mitchell) for maliciously spray-painting the gym walls. Consequently, Scott is forced to return to his hometown in order to deal with Charlie and find a wife, so Elf Curtis (Spencer Breslin) creates a toy Santa to take his place. Unfortunately, the substitute Santa has his own ideas about how Christmas should be run.

  • The Santa Clause 2 is a sequel to The Santa Clause (1994) (1994), which was created by screenwriters Leo Benvenuti and Steve Rudnick. Screenwriters Don Rhymer, Cinco Paul, Ken Daurio, Ed Decter, and John J. Strauss wrote the screenplay for The Santa Clause 2. It was followed in 2006 by a third movie, The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause (2006).

  • Besides Tim Allen as Santa/Scott, his ex-wife Laura (Wendy Crewson) and her new husband Dr Neil Miller (), as well as his sweaters, are also back. So is Bernard the Elf (), but Judy the Elf is not. In addition, Charlie now has a six-year-old half-sister named Lucy Miller (Liliana Mumy).

  • Curtis the Elf (Spencer Breslin) comes to the Miller house to tell Scott about the mess Toy Santa [also Tim Allen] is making at the North Pole. Scott has used up all his magic wooing Principal Carol Newman, and Comet has overindulged on chocolate and can't fly. Scott tries unsuccessfully to knock out a tooth so that his friend, the Tooth Fairy (Art LaFleur), will visit. Fortunately, Lucy loses a tooth, so Scott waits up for the Tooth Fairy to arrive. The Tooth Fairy flies Scott and Curtis back to the North Pole where they join the elves in defeating the toy soldiers. Toy Santa takes off in the sleigh with his sack of coal for all the naughty kids, so Scott follows him on the only air transport left to him, a young reindeer-in-training called Chet. Scott successfully stops Toy Santa and has him reduced in Curtis' machine. The Tooth Fairy flies Charlie and Carol to the Pole, Scott proposes to Carol, and she accepts. They marry, Scott re-Santifizes, and Christmas goes on as usual. In the final scenes, Charlie tells Lucy about Scott being Santa.


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