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An appalling boxing movie
franssilbubber30 December 2007
This Puerto Rican drama tells the story of a heavyweight boxer Andrés (Oswaldo Rios) preparing for a big match. It turns out he has a medical problem, which could kill him if he continues boxing. Unfortunately his manager Mariano (Rey Pascual) doesn't tell him about his condition and lets Andrés just go on with his training.

There are various subplots involving, for example, an obsessed boxing fan trying to become a boxer himself and Andrés trying to get back together with his ex-wife.

This film is poorly written, unimaginatively directed and hastily edited. The actors are adequate at best. The only reasons to watch this movie are the few attractive actresses like former Miss Puerto Rico Brenda Liz López. The song during opening credits, "No Te Quiero Más" by Ednita Nazario, is also OK, so my advice is to watch the opening credits and skip the rest of the movie.
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