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I regret for not buying it!
insomniac_rod28 February 2007
Damn! I regret big time for not buying this game when I could. I always rented it but never bought it. Anyways, this was video game with a high fun factor. You could play it for hours and not getting tired of it although some scenarios and enemies were repetitive to the point that most stages look exactly the same! But it didn't matter; there were enough cool in-jokes and spoofs to keep you entertained. I don't know if the gaming experience changed if you played with the girl because I always used the boy character.

The neighborhood was pretty colorful but also creepy at the same time; for it's time it was a creative game. I mean, there were minimal Horror video games and specially for Super NES.

You had plenty of freedom to move through the scenarios and "investigate",; of course, not like in "Super Mario 64" but still it was a clever decision.

A "classic" on the Horror spoof video game sub-genre. I miss this video game big time.
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Mindless fun!
moviewatcher74729 December 2001
Some of the most entertaining games are for the Super Nintendo, a video game system that was popular in the late eighties and early nineties. In this game, you play a kid (either boy or girl) who must walk through sometimes difficult obstacles and save neighbors from creatures like zombies, mummies, dolls, and globs of toxic pink goo. The graphics aren't great and the sound is rather fuzzy, but, unlike most games for the NES, it has a simple plot and you'll find great uses for household appliances such as fire extinguishers or high-powered artillery! Sure it's dated, but it's very easy to get caught up in it and play for hours! Highly recommended (if you can find it)!
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"Uh-oh!" Forever fun, it's a totally unique cult classic from the world of video games!
Foreverisacastironmess5 August 2014
Warning: Spoilers
The concept of this game is simplicity itself, but hugely awesome and pure macabre magic! It's filled to the brim with everything from zombies, aliens, vampires, Frankensteins, mummies, Creatures From the Black Lagoon, werewolves, killer dolls, chainsaw-wielding maniacs, evil clones, the blob, mutant fungus, giant worms ants and freaking babies(how random is that!?) that have all been unleashed by the mad scientist Dr.Tongue, and are all out to terrorise your neighbourhood and chow down on your neighbours, and you've got water pistols(apparently zombies *really* don't appreciate water!), silverware, weed-whackers, soda cans, bubble guns(ideal for dealing with the ants!), bazookas(!!!) and much more with which to outwit and annihilate the endless hordes of fiends - so let's go! You get to choose between a boy or girl, although there's no difference whatsoever in what they can do, which leads me to think that the choice was only there so kids of either gender could pick which one they liked better. One question though, why was "Zeke" wearing 3D glasses? I always found the difficulty level to be tough but fair, to me it's easy to get into and get a nice gaming flow with. The first eight or so levels are simple, but there's a steep difficulty curve from then on, and it only gets harder. And some of the enemies are so tough that you're really better off just running from them.. I'm looking at you hedge-maze maniacs! The whole thing from start to finish is one big flight for your life, and you've just gotta keep moving and never stop as you kill enemies and try to rescue the hilariously-designed victims. My favourite was the two fat tourists! The victims just kinda meander around in the same spot looking pretty unconcerned, do they not register the zombie and monster invasion happening all around them? A good way of giving yourself a bit of a head start ammo-wise, is if you use the code that allows you to begin the game on the secret Level 0: "Day of the Tentacle", which is "BCDF", at least that's what it was for the Snes. Collecting, conservation and careful consideration of your crazy ammunition is vital for success at this game. I never found it to be repetitive for a second, it's a romp! It's like an interactive E.C. horror comic where you're the star. It's so much fun and funny to play, and there are so many different little horror themes and monsters crammed into it, and that's what I also love about an 80's monster-fest known as "Spookies". And the fantastic music score is what really glues it all together and brings it to life. It runs the gamut from pulse-pounding to campy and even a little Gothic and sinister. A game that is just as much fun as it is a brilliant idea, it's like every B-movie and classic scary picture you ever heard of all rolled into one package, and it pays homage and makes fun of everything that's great and ridiculous about them. And I don't speak for everyone, but for me it never gets old, and much like Frankenstein, is much more than the sum of its parts! There's no question it's one of my favourite games ever, it's still a kick to play today, and I still like to play through it every once in a while because it reminds me of why I love monsters and horror movies the best. "Whoo-ha-ha-ha!!!"
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Even after two decades a Monster Bashing good time!
reddragonhero1724 May 2014
Ah, Zombies Ate my Neighbors. A Super NES classic. A friend of mine first showed me this around the time of its release and I was hooked right from the getgo. I mean come on, you've got a wide variety of monsters (from zombies, evil dolls, pod plants, spiders, vampires, fishmen, and much more) and weapons of the unconventional variety (from squirt guns, silverware, soda cans, popsicles, and the secret weapon the flamethrower!) how can anyone not like the idea? Thanks to some expert programming the same is never played twice all the way through from start to finish. Add in a haunting soundtrack plus a variety of secrets and you've got a winner that stands the test of time.
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godzuky4212 May 2007
I've never been a big gamer, but it kind of seems like this movie was made specifically for me.

You go through 50+ levels fighting every single monster ever wielding a wide arrange of frequently ridiculous weaponry.

The inspirations are very obvious, and range from stuff like The Creature From the Black Lagoon and The Blob to Child's Play to Dawn of the Dead.

It really feels like you're playing a b-movie. And I mean that in a good way!

Plus, the gameplay is extremely enjoyable and the soundtrack is amazing.

A highly recommended title, especially if you have a soft spot for campy films.
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bazmitch2317 May 2016
The game starts off fun, but then it quickly gets repetitive.

Much like Rampage World Tour where you do the same thing over and over again, in this game you kill monsters and rescue people. Kill monsters, rescue people. Kill monsters, rescue people. Kill monsters, rescue people. Kill monsters, rescue people. Kill monsters, rescue people.......

Also, you find yourself in the same locations over and over. Plus the music cues are mostly the same.

If you're playing with a friend, you would have fun for 20 levels and then you both say "Okay, this is getting boring now."

It's not a bad game, it's not that great. It is fun when you start playing it, but it gets tiresome later.
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Quite the game
Terryfan22 April 2015
Zombies Ate My Neighbors is one of the many games I remember from my childhood of playing video games on the Super Nintendo.

And I knew I would talk about this game sooner or later so now let's review Zombies Ate my Neighbors.

The game has you pick between two characters Zeke a young boy and Julie a young teenage girl. The main focus of the game is that you are two teenage friends who must save the neighbors from Zombies and other monsters in the game in a night time setting.

However that is not going to be easy with these monsters and your main weapon is a water type gun, you can get a formula to transform yourself into a monster and you can unlock new weapons as the game goes on.

What I found most trouble about the game is that as you play the levels get harder and the enemies become more powerful that's why I never beat the game for it insane challenging game play.

I'm not saying this is a bad game it could have do better without the insane difficulty.

Game does feature very well done graphics the characters look design from the heroes and the monsters are very interesting the level design are colorful as well, the sound is good with music that make you feel tense in the game as well having good sound effects.

The controls in the game do require your best gaming skills to make sure you master the controls because it is not a easy game.

Overall the game is regard a classic the only problem is that the insane difficulty really hurts the game

I give Zombies Ate My Neighbors an 7 out of 10
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