The United States of Leland (2003) Poster

Wesley Jonathan: Bengel


  • Bengel : You're the one who killed the retarded kid, huh? Was it some kind of devil worship thing?


    Bengel : What did you do to your hand?

    Leland : I stabbed myself

    Bengel : If you're going for suicide, I'd say try for the stomach or somethin'

    Leland : I just wanted to know what it felt like

    Bengel : I bet it hurt. You should've just asked me devil boy. I would have saved you some trouble

  • Pearl Madison : You'll have to forgive Mr. Madison today, he's moving kinda slow. His head's hurting like it's the end of the world.

    Guillermo : You been drinking that cheap ass burgundy, ain't you?

    Pearl Madison : No comment.

    Bengel : That stuff's gonna make you go blind, Sir.

    Pearl Madison : Hey, 3 bucks, 2 liters. I couldn't pass it up.

  • Bengel : You ever think the whole thing doesn't make sense? I mean, they take all this stuff away from you; freedom, girls and sunshine - because it's supposed to make it so when you get back on the outs you never wanna screw up again. All that really does is get you to thinking that you're... just so small. You know? Like you're this... this small thing that doesn't matter for anything. And by the time you do get out - you don't even feel like a human person anymore.

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