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Great sequel for a great game!
KellySmiths553583 November 2002
This game is amazing. There are a few bad things about it, but overall it is great. In my opinion, everyone should try this game out. I think that most people will like this game a lot, People who own SSX, or have played it a lot, might not want to buy this game because of the lack of new features over the last game. I would recommend for previous owners of SSX to might rent this game, everyone else should either rent or buy SSX: Tricky. If you have the option between buying SSX or SSX: Tricky, definitely go with Tricky, it is worth the extra money that it costs.
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Blue Thunder: Video game reviewer.
BlackJack_B6 August 2002
I've decided that I want to review video games as well as other stuff. After all, if I'm "avid" I better show it.

SSX Tricky is the sequel to SSX, the wildly successful boardercross game that was part of the PlayStation 2 launch. EA Big out of Vancouver, B.C. has come up with a great sequel that I'll be buying soon after a free one-week rental ate up a significant chunk of my free time.

The object of the game is to snowboard down a number of gorgeous mountains and terrain from all over the world. You can either race 5 other computer-controlled racers or play "showoff" which allows you to do inhuman tricks to gain medals. Getting bronze and silver medals will unlock courses while golds will unlock extra characters and more attributes.

The game offers outstanding control and easiness in having a great time in playing SSX Tricky. The graphics are great, but I don't play video games to look at them. The music is filled with a variety of licensed tunes. Some well-known actors (Lucy Liu, David Arquette, Oliver Platt, Billy Zane)and recording artists (Macy Gray, Bif Naked) supply the voices of the characters. Liu is especially good, voicing Canadian Elise Riggs. It's fun to listen to hundred or so phrases she recorded for her character, especially when she misses a move or takes a spill. David Arquette's Eddie is also well-done.

PS2 and XBox owners will also get DVD features such as movies about the making of the game, the music, the actors talking about the experience of doing voice-acting in a videogame, a jukebox, and previews. The final verdict: a must buy (or at least a must-try to get you converted), if fun is the only way you judge games, this one has it spades. ***** out of *****.
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Pretty fun at first, but it becomes tiresome
MovieAddict201627 December 2005
This is a sequel to the "SSX" fantasy snowboarding game. "Tricky" implements new advances on the Playstation 2 and the graphics are better. The levels are pretty good and there are a wide range of characters to choose from.

I enjoyed the game when I played it, but couldn't help but grow tired of it after a while. The soundtrack is really grating and the large voice cast - Macy Gray, David Arquette, Billy Zane - purposely stand out, which becomes kind of irritating also.

You can perform many advanced (and ridiculous) snowboarding tricks (in fact, that's the basic goal of the game), build stats, etc. There are also many shortcuts on the courses so when you are playing with two people, being a veteran of the game certainly helps.

Overall, a good game - but not one I'd want to buy.
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Worth Adding to Your PS2 Library
strikerowen10117 March 2003
SSX Tricky is one of those games that should be added to your PS2 library. Celebrity voices, DVD features, and the game itself makes it well worth the buy.

The Making of SSX Tricky comes along with the game though it can only be played on the PS2. It shows the behind the scenes look in producing the game and utilizing voice talent. The only criticism is Lucy Liu's comments on the game where she only mentions a few minute's worth. However, looking at David Arquette, Macy Gray, Jim Rose et al provides a spin in making the game. The soundtrack and music, especially Run DMC's "It's Tricky", makes the tunes mesh along with the game well.

As for playing the game, the courses are challenging but the game can be easy or difficult to accomplish depending on the character and board selected. Gameplay is easy though executing the tricks can take time.

Also, don't forget to have a memory card in the system. It takes a good deal of time to finish on top in each category, be the race or showoff part of the game. If you only have heard about Tricky, you don't need to play the original game SSX to be a master, though fans of the original will get their money's worth playing Tricky.

In terms of a fictional game compared to those using real names it's easy to get caught into the "story" of Tricky.

The next SSX game when and if it gets released will have to exceed the gameplay of Tricky (and SSX the Original), and Jam Master Jay will be missed!
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It's Tricky
I_saw_a_squirrel11 September 2002
First off, this game is one of the only fantasy snow boarding games. The other is its predecessor, SSX. Next, the "Tricky" song is a bit grating after a while. But the whole sound track is great. I love the outrageous tricks, and I also like the TRICKY system. Do six Uber tricks, get infinite boost. The Uber tricks vary from character to character, which is great. Rohzel, well, is, annoying. But the characters' comments can be great. Ooh, the sharpness. And the simplicity of it all. Good for beginners, hard enough for Masters. It took me more than 2-3 weeks to get Kaori to a master. And since then, I have gotten everything for: Kaori, Psymon, Marisol, and Elise. I'm trying with JP and Zoe.
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Outstanding game, and good VOs
deltwalrus11 January 2002
The majority of the characters in the game are voiced by famous people, and done awfully well. Worth renting just for the extra DVD content. Highly recommended! And be sure to watch the actor profiles, there are some interesting interviews there.
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Much more than a fantastic game!
Elli G14 December 2001
The music in this game is to die for, no wait. It's definatly to live for. And all the tricky tricks are something to make you drool all over the place. I really can't stop playing the game until my body stops functioning.
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