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Did Michael Jackson rock our world? Yes, he most certainly did.
Aussie Stud31 December 2001
Michael Jackson organized this two hour spectacular that was proposed to be an audio trip down memory lane of his past hits as a solo singer in a somewhat bizarre dedication to himself. Presented over two nights in September 2001 at Madison Square Garden, New York, Michael Jackson was to make a noticeable comeback to perform a few of his own hits and to reunite and perform with the original Jackson 5 line-up for the first time in nearly 20 years.

Popular pop acts of today such as Destiny's Child, N*Sync, Usher, Mya, Whitney Houston and Shaggy graced the stage to perform some of their own hits along with some of Michael's. The biggest highlight of the show was Billy Gilman performing "Ben", and the strangest highlight of the show can be awarded to Liza Minelli for performing a rather haunting and shaky rendition of "You Are Not Alone".

Playing to a sold-out audience, Destiny's Child also performed "Bootylicious" and Shaggy performed "It Wasn't Me" - two chart hits personally requested by Michael Jackson himself.

While this two-hour special was to also prepare the world for the release of Michael's latest album "INVINCIBLE", it also showcased the talents of the original Jackson 5 line-up as they performed such hits as "ABC" and "I Want You Back". Perhaps the biggest roar in the audience went up when Michael performed his famous dance moves in his solo acts such as the 'Moonwalk' and 'grabbing his crotch'.

The concert closed out with Michael performing his latest hit from "INVINCIBLE", "You Rock My World" with Chris Tucker providing a few un-choreographed dance moves for laughs. Other highlights of the night would include the 'unification' of three former child stars of separate generations, Michael, Elizabeth Taylor and Macauley Culkin who sat together in the audience while enjoying the concert.

Unfortunately, other highlights of the two-night concert were left on the cutting room floor, including Marlon Brandon's infamous 'couch speech', a performance by Britney Spears (who apparently could not be shown on this television special due to legal reasons surrounding her recently aired concert special on HBO) and special presentations given by Ann Miller, Cyd Charisse and Jennifer Jones.

Overall, this was a spectacular showcase for both Michael Jackson and the Jackson 5 and was widely received by his fans and critics alike with lots of praise and admiration for the man who gave us such timeless hits as "Thriller", "Beat It" and "Bad".

This concert gets a special 'gloved' thumb up!
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liberian_girl17 February 2002
This is definately a brilliant concert which sees Michael performing again with the Jacksons and his own solo songs. I must say that the duet with Britney on The Way You Make Me Feel is brilliant along with the performance of Billie Jean. I got it on tape and I can't stop watching it, it is AWESOME. MICHAEL JACKSON TRULY IS THE KING OF MUSIC.
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King Of Pop proclaims his thorne
DunnDeeDaGreat25 February 2002
The Michael Jackson: 30th Anniversary Celebration was a historic tv event. The music and dancing were amazing. My favorite parts of the show were with Usher and N'Sync. But the best part had to be Mike solo spot. When he came out with suit case and just started to dance my my mouth dropped. My only complaint is that Mike didn't have the bands 112, Jagged Edge or New Edition there. But all in all it was a great show. I can't wait for the DVD.
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Super Awesome
Lck2001328 November 2008
I saw this in 2004 when it was on TV and absolutely HAD to find out where I could get a copy.---I went to e-bay that night and ordered it on VHS for 35.00.---I would have paid 50.00.----Now what I would like to do is have it transferred to CD.---Hands down a truly remarkable show----I would so much have loved to have been there in person--Did anybody get a glimpse of the young girl that was awestruck during Michael's performance of Billy Jean.---Totally perfect dancing by Michael. He wasn't even breathing hard at all-GEEEEEZ.--Only thing I didn't like in it was Liza Minelli which I don't care for at all anyway.--On a scale of 1- 10, I rate this a 10 being perfect.
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The best concert ever!
jenay8428 January 2002
I am a huge MJ fan and have most of his videos but this concert beats them all! It was the most exciting show to watch, there were so many great performers like Mya, Usher, Whitney Houston, Marc Antony, Gloria Gaynor, Gladys Knight, Britney Spears... and Michael's solo performances were the best he's ever done. He did a jazzed-up version of The Way You Make Me Feel, and then continued the song as a duet with Britney Spears which was awesome. And the Jackson 5 performed together for the first time in almost 2 decades, singing hits like "I Want You Back, ABC, Dance and Shout etc.

If you haven't seen this concert, get hold of a copy because you are missing out on seeing the best concert ever! It's pure magic!
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The Concert That Made HIStory
averman27 June 2003
Highlights of the Michael Jackson 30th Anniversary celebration which took place in September 2001 in New York City and reunites the Jackson family for the first time since the 1984 Victory tour. Features artists such as Marc Anthony, Gloria Estefan, 98 degrees, N*Sync, Destiny's Child and lots more. The Michael Jackson performance is spectacular, but the constant close up shots of the audience members crying and screaming is very distracting and makes viewing this excellent concert a little awkward, but enjoyable none the less.
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this is such a great concert!
qteepie211223 December 2001
This concert was so awesome I taped it and watch it all the time The dance moves are AMAZING the singing is great I love Michael and he is the greatest entertainer of all time he IS the King Of Pop!! the only thing is Usher thinks he is Michael but other that that Michael Jackson is the greatest!!
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King of Pop, Rock, Soul and Entertainment!
rogerspy-118 March 2002
Elizabeth Taylor and Oprah Winfrey are right indeed! Michael Jackson is the true King of Pop, Rock and Soul and King of the Entertainment! This show is the living proof that after 30 years this man still got what it takes to drive an audience wild! He dances as good as he did 10 years ago, he sounds better than he did 10 years ago, he dresses better than 10 years ago! HE'S WITHOUT ANY DOUBT UNBREAKABLE! This concert is absolutely AMAZING! Michael at his best after years without performing, and all the artists are also great! But the highlight is really watching Michael Jackson emerge from the floor to perform after all these years! HE'S JUST THE BEST PERFORMER THAT EVER LIVED! BUY INVINCIBLE AND BUY THIS DVD WHEN IT COMES OUT!

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The concert was amazing...
missycah22 August 2010
You know, I have listened to MJ critics for years, I'm a fan from the 60's , but because everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion, I will let the haters, hate. He was from the beginning, a stunning performer, and remained so until the end. I am so glad we have footage like this to keep those of us who appreciate his magic, and dedication to the art forms of music and dance. I, unlike some of the other's, loved the footage of the fans. It's always great to see the real reactions of the folks who were there live. The electricity of being in the moment, adds to the footage. You can't stage that. I love to see the fans in the US, going wild for a change, we always see footage of other countries. He belonged to the world, but he came from us. We can be proud, he was, and will continue to be an American Icon. I love you Michael, I have since 1969. Thank you, and I love you Jackson 5; for all the memories of my youth, thank you Michael for the music as we grew into adults, I am forever a fan!!!
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Where was Michael?
SwatCat12 February 2010
I don't understand the raving reviews. While watching this concert I cringed a lot. Michael covering his mouth all the time because he was lip syncing in his solo parts. Then he 'sang' the last minute of the songs live, as if that fooled anyone. (well, reading the other reviews, apparently it did)

Then Man in the Mirror gets totally messed over by Usher and Luther. Terrible execution of a beautiful song, I hated it. The whole while I got the feeling Michael didn't really had fun, almost as if he wasn't there. Maybe he didn't feel well. He seemed embarrassed about the lip syncing also or afraid. I think I saw him smile once and look at the audience twice or something.

I enjoyed the Jackson 5 part but Michael's solo's just made me sad and I did not care for all the other messy artists.
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The True American Icon & the one and only King Of Pop "Gone To Soon"
nprmg814992 July 2009
If anyone know's of where i could get this DVD please let me know,i would love 2 own this DVD. It's got way too many fond memories of the King himself, to actually see him perform with his brothers for the very last time no words can describe what that prob felt like for them it was just a very priceless moment. And to see all those many many famous people and to also see the late Luther, this is truly a gift that will always be cherished. To just watch the way he dances and sings he's truly one of a kind,he has opened up so many doors for so many people. It's still so very hard to grasp the concept that he's actually gone, but i know that his memories and what he has accomplished in this world will always live for ever in our hearts. he will forever be missed and loved so much. He will forever be the King Of Pop!
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