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Visually stunning and contextually provocative, God Grew Tired of Us is quite simply one of the most beautiful documentaries I've ever seen. Intelligent, heartbreaking, uplifting, humorous and reverent, the film is an adventure in what it means to be human.
A moving documentary that informs, entertains and inspires.
The Hollywood Reporter
An incredibly powerful story of renewal, commitment and the resiliency of the human spirit, this is a movie that should attract a large theatrical audience, and no one will go home disappointed.
Quinn discovers an unexpectedly funny, trenchant fish-out-of-water-eye-view of American life.
If nothing else, this doc, which one the Grand Jury Prize and Audience Award at last year's Sundance Film Festival, will leave you feeling that the American dream is still alive and well.
Although shot over a longer period of time than "Lost Boys," God Grew Tired is a softer, less complex version of essentially the same story, far less troubling in its explorations and implications than "The Lost Boys," but with far greater commercial potential.
This is an important film. It's amazing that it exists, and the events it recounts are still more amazing. Everybody should see it.
God Grew Tired of Us never brings us half as close to its subjects as the far more penetrating "Lost Boys of Sudan" did in 2004.
The A.V. Club
It's convincing as everything but a piece of good filmmaking.
Village Voice
A borderline lazy but nonetheless compelling documentary co-produced by National Geographic.

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