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The best one of the two!
ivo-cobra86 January 2012
Jeepers Creepers II is much better movie then the first one ever was and i think is the best one of the two! Here we find out more about the Creeper like who he is, what is he want's. Better story then was in first one, high school kids on corn field. Part 2 is the best one of the Creeper. I was also reading about Gina Philips that she declined offers to reprise her role as Trish Jenner in sequel but i'm so glad that Justin Long did return in this movie as Darry Jenner when he warned Minxie Hayes what is going to happened to her and her friends and what has happened to him. Ray Wise did great job as Jack Taggart Sr. getting revenge on Creeper for kidnapping his younger son. Great story, plot, writing and acting i was really surprised with this movie. The best one of the two. I still don't understand why people don't like this movie, criticizing and saying not better then the first one or first one is the best? You don't have a taste in movies. What did you except that is going to be like 1st one a copy of the movie? What's wrong with you? Part 2 beats the first one and you can't say it was the worst one when it was not! You don't understand this movie if you leave complain about it!

OK the story set after the first one Creeper: Stranded on a lonely road, a school bus full of high school basketball players, their coaches, and cheerleaders must defend themselves from the Creeper - a flesh-eating ancient beast that resurfaces on the earth every 23 years to feed. Meanwhile, a farmer and his son set out on a personal mission to hunt the Creeper down.Schoolbus tire's got flat on a lonely road full of high school kids who are returning home from there basketball game. Minxie Hayes a cheerleader got a vision from Darry from the first movie that they are stuck on a lonely road because of Creeper and the flat tire wasn't an accident it was a set up. Now this kids are facing with new terror in the night a flesh-eating ancient beast that resurfaces on the earth every 23 years to feed. They are all his food now they have to defend them self's. Meanwhile, a farmer and his son set out on a personal mission to hunt the Creeper down Jack Taggart Sr. and his son Jack Taggart Jr. are out for revenge when Creeper kidnapped and took their own younger son now they wan't revenge and those kids find them self on the way, so they are trying to help them and destroy the Creeper once and for all. At the end of movie they stopped him and capture him. Awesome movie much much better then first one. Btw Trish Jenner was really hot in the first movie. I love this movie i have part I on DVD i wish i could got this movie part II on DVD too. I also hear they are planing to filming part 3 aka.. Jeepers Creepers III : Cathedral (2013) which set's events after their first movie ended and both of character's Trish Jenner and Jack Taggart Sr. come's back in third movie. Just why? Also Trish Jenner is now powerful and rich but why?

If they going to do the same plot with the same characters they are going to ruined this sequel movie. Gina Philips turned down the role for her character Trish Jenner why will she come back to get revenge, she didn't wanna come back in part II why now? Gina Philips is a loser so i would rather put some other actress to play her character.Gina Philips didn't make that character: writer,producer and director did! So she should shut the hell up because she's a crappy actress and she's not even famous at all. Nicki Aycox as Minxie Hayes should return back. Nicki Aycox is amazing actress she even played in sequel Joy Ride 2:Dead Ahead that fallowed from the first movie with Paul Walker.

I love this movie and i recommend you to watched on DVD or TV is awesome movie beat's first one. I gave 10 out of 10
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Worthy sequel!
jluis198414 July 2006
2 years after the surprising success of "Jeepers Creepers", Victor Salva returns with a sequel that continues where the original left. Although at first reluctant to making a sequel, Salva crafts a competent horror film that continues exploring the formula of the supernatural hunter in the desolated rural setting. Despite having the obvious flaws of a minor sequel, "Jeepers Creepers II" is a worthy follow up that has its own share of tricks to keep the fans happy.

The plot of the film follows a school bus of a local high school that just won the championship and are on their way back home. To their misfortune, the Creeper (Jonathan Breck) is one the loose as he is on the final day of his 23 days eating cycle, so this ruthless hunter will do whatever is necessary to find food before his time runs out. But the Creeper has another problem, he is being hunted down by Jack Taggart (Ray Wise) the father of one of his victims who is looking for revenge.

While it lacks the originality of the first one, "Jeepers creepers II" has a more focused and consistent plot due to the fact that the Creeper is now an identifiable villain. Victor Salva's new tale of rural horror is now a full-fledged supernatural horror in the vein of Wes Craven's "A Nightmare on Elm Street", where typical elements of Americana become sources of horror. Having most of the movie set inside of the school bus with the cast's fears and personalities clashing makes a good source for classic suspense and tension between characters.

Visually, the film is a step forward and showcases that deep down the obvious commercial intentions of this film, Salva is still an artist that has a great eye for visual compositions. His camera-work does miracles both in and out of the school bus (the movie's main location) and he captures the lovely and scary things about rural North America. The visual effects of the film are not as good as in the first one, but they are still effective and the CGI is not that dominant.

The young cast does a fine job and the overall performance is not as poor as one could expect. However, they are nothing spectacular and some seem to had been chosen based more on looks rather than talent. The two veterans of the movie are where talent is. Jonathan Breck and Ray Wise give the film soul as the opposite forces who are destined to clash. Breck is quite good as the Creeper and looks more comfortable in the role now; Wise on the other hand, is a scene stealer and he owns the film every time he is on screen.

"Jeepers Creepers II" has a lot of what's good about modern horror movies, but sadly, it carries also some of the worst. The fast packed action at times gets distracting and contrasts badly with Salva's honest attempts to create suspense and atmosphere. There is an apparent effort in developing characters and while in some cases it works, in others it terribly fails (due mostly to the actor's lack of talent). also, it is fair to point out that the movie lacks the scares of the first one as it has more in common with the final part of it. It is great fun and entertainment, but if scares are what you are looking, better look elsewhere.

To summarize, the film is an entertaining and very well-directed scary movie that makes a worthy sequel to the original one. Victor Salva's second part of the series is a good addition if you liked the first one, otherwise it will be just another teen horror movie. Personally I liked it, but it would be wiser to rent it first. 6.5/10
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A very fun sequel!
Nightman8522 December 2005
Sequel to the terrific 2001 horror film is a wildly fun ride, even if it doesn't quite live up to the chilling original.

On the final evening of his annual feeding, the Creeper terrorizes a bus load of students, while a local farmer is looking for some revenge.

While it may lack some of the unique elements of the original film (like the Creeper's truck, the title song, etc.) this sequel is still a highly-energized and occasionally spooky thriller. There's plenty of action, impressive makeup FX, moments of gruesome humor, and tightening suspense to drive it. Once again Salva delivers good directorial touches and an entertaining story.

The cast, headed by veteran actor Ray Wise, is good. Especially good are the relatively unknown young stars Nenninger, Aycox, Schiffner, Brown, Hammond, and Delfino. Breck returns as the Creeper and is creepier than ever.

While Jeepers Creepers 2 is never as scary as its predecessor it is a very entertaining sequel.

*** out of ****
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A terrific creature feature!
moviewizguy3 February 2017
Honestly, with the onslaught of low budget horror flicks in the past few years - yes, even the good ones - rewatching JEEPERS CREEPERS 2 was a breath of fresh air. Simply put, they don't make 'em like they used to anymore. A mid-range budget ($19 million!) creature feature with fantastic practical effects, great lighting, above average cinematography, and it doesn't even take place in a house! You can feel a grand scale to this film, something that's uncommon in many modern horror movies these days.

It's also one of those rare action/horror pics that's equal parts exciting and scary. Obvious thought was put into the way the film's made and some of its more ingenious set pieces - like the Creeper's wing separating the bus in half - so yeah, I pretty much think JEEPERS CREEPERS 2 is incredibly fun and underrated as hell. And yes, it's superior to the first film in almost every way.
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Good sequel. Decent scary movie!
Coventry28 November 2004
I recently re-watched the first Jeepers Creepers and I don't really get why so many people seem to hate it. Sure, it had quite a disappointing climax and Victor Salva is an infamous figure in Hollywood but his visions did lead to one of the best horror films in the post-Scream era. And the same goes for part two! If you leave logic behind, this is quite an intense and well-elaborated scary movie. Opposite to most directors nowadays, Salva perfectly knows how to create suspenseful situations and emotional devastation. The Creeper (portrayed once again by Jonathan Breck) is a far-fetched new horror icon but it does bring terror in the most isolated outlands of America. This sequel takes place a few days after the original (of which the happenings can be heard on radio-broadcasts all the time) and features a bus full of high school jocks and cheerleaders terrorized by the Creeper. Judging by their fear's smell, he picks out victims to devour and to re-furnish his rotting corpse.

Victor Salva makes great use of the 'surprise element'. All the characters in Jeepers Creepers are equally meaningless so you never really know who will get killed next. Even the most popular jock, the most innocent child or the cutest girl can die at any time and this results in an exiting drop-out race of which you don't want to miss a second. The film is not as gore as you might think and the stress is more laid on tension. Salva and his crew use the remote location to the fullest and the film contains eerie shots of wide cornfields and roads with no chance for shelter. The cast of young and inexperienced kids do a fairly good job. The only familiar face in Jeepers Creepers 2 is Ray Wise (from the cult series 'Twin Peaks'). This film will never be a classic but at least its entertaining horror without much pretension.
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Excellent horror movie!!
rgelmers5 March 2008
Now this is what I call some good old entertainment. The creeper is one of the best movie icons out there in my opinion. I thought the first movie was quite mediocre. It was all a bit too cheesy for my liking. But then this sequel came. At first, I didn't't expect too much from it: I rented it at the local Videoland. But when I watched it, I was sold. I bought it at the very next opportunity and I watched it 3 times so far (quite a lot in my book). It's too bad the dutch release is a sorry excuse for a DVD but hey, this one is all about the contents! The plot is quite simplistic, and it's no Oscar material but if you're looking for some good entertainment with a mean "mofo" playing the star of the evening, this should be your pick. The action is wonderful and it has a healthy dose of humorous moments (well, they may not be humorous to some but to me they are :)).
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works on some levels
Special-K8830 August 2003
Decent follow-up to Jeepers Creepers takes place just days after the original. The story focuses on a group of athletic high school kids (a varsity team along with their coaches and cheerleaders), who are on their way home when they get stranded in the middle of nowhere after their bus breaks down. They soon come to the terrifying realization that it wasn't an accident, and that they're all being hunted by a meticulous monster who's in the midst of a timely feeding frenzy. At times exciting, with more than enough violence and effective scares make this good fun if you're willing to pardon the annoyingly one-note characters and banal dialogue. **½
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OK sequel tries hard, but misses the mark
Libretio18 April 2005

Aspect ratio: 2.39:1 (Panavision)

Sound formats: Dolby Digital / DTS

Stranded in a broken-down bus on a lonely country road, a group of high school jocks and cheerleaders are targeted by the monstrous Creeper (Jonathan Breck) who needs their body parts for the purposes of regeneration. But the Creeper hasn't reckoned on the tenacity of one of its earlier victims (Ray Wise), a grieving father seeking revenge for the loss of his youngest son...

Though crafted with technical precision and performed with gusto by a strong cast of newcomers and veterans, this disappointing sequel sacrifices the heartfelt emotional undertow of its magnificent predecessor JEEPERS CREEPERS (2000) in favor of bigger and splashier set-pieces. While it's as raucous and entertaining as one could hope for, it's also a surprisingly conventional effort from writer-director Victor Salva, whose best work (POWDER, RITES OF PASSAGE, etc.) has always focused on small groups of characters caught up in extreme situations. Here, his attempts to shoehorn deeper issues into what is essentially a popcorn movie seems forced and inconsequential, and he spreads his narrative concerns too thinly over a broad range of interchangeable characters: The elements of homophobia and racism which initially divide the young heroes - until they're forced to overcome their differences in order to survive the Creeper's onslaught - are rendered increasingly meaningless as the movie progresses, until they no longer have any direct influence on the wider storyline.

But Salva is too much of a craftsman for his movie to be a complete washout. The action/horror set-pieces are genuinely spectacular, and Breck camps it up superbly as the hideous Creeper, swooping out of the darkness to carry unsuspecting victims to their doom. Working in scope format for the first time in their respective careers (REAL scope, not that Super 35 rubbish), Salva and cinematographer Don E. FauntLeRoy conjure a series of startling images from the outset, many of them tinged with visual poetry: The golden cornfield in the opening sequence, where the film's first victim suffers an appalling fate (a genuinely horrific set-piece); the point-of-view shots from the Creeper's perspective as it swoops on fleeing prey; and the eerie calm of the closing sequence, which portends sequels to come. Salva's regular composer, Bennett Salvay, delivers a terrific symphonic score, as brassy and frightening as any in recent years, which serves to boost the film's dramatic appeal in no uncertain terms.

Wise, a late addition to the cast, dominates the film as an avenging farmer who is every bit the Creeper's equal in terms of strength and persistence, and he's given strong support by veterans Diane Delano and Thom Gossom Jr. The younger cast members are enthusiastic and talented, and it's a fair bet that some of them (Travis Schiffner, Al Santos, Nicki Aycox, etc.) will figure heavily in various Hunkiest/Sexiest lists during the next few years. Look out for a brief - but welcome - cameo appearance by Justin Long from "JC1". It may not live up to every expectation, but there's still much to enjoy in JEEPERS CREEPERS II.
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Scary follow-up...a winged creature frightens stranded teen-agers on a bus...
Doylenf19 August 2006
Not since the early days of Wes Craven thrillers have we had a really good fright flick to scare us in true Halloween fashion. This one does the trick thanks to some extra good CGI effects and some scary situations in the middle of a deserted countryside where teens find themselves menaced by a winged creature determined to make them his flesh-eating victims.

In the only adult role, RAY WISE does a convincing job of making it all look reasonable enough to swallow--and it owes a lot of its punch to the imaginative tales of authors like Stephen King. There are no standout performances among the various teens, but all of them look incredibly afraid of the winged creature--with good reason. The make-up job here is marvelously chilling.

The story is the stuff dreams are made of--or rather, nightmares. And it's all done with extremely clever build-up of suspense as the teens, one by one, become divisive and challenge each other in ways that only undermine their vulnerability. A few of the scenes are very graphic in depicting the creature's stranglehold on his victims and not for the squeamish--or the young and impressionable.

Recommended as a good fright flick, nothing more. But credit must be given to director Victor Salva for keeping the whole tale tense and taut with visual excitement.

Summing up: An above average thriller of its kind. Jonathan Breck makes one scary Creeper.
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Hot shirtless guys arouse Creeper's, uh, appetite
Dr. Gore31 August 2003
Warning: Spoilers

So the Creeper comes back. Jeepers. The Creeper gets horny every 23 years. Lucky for him, a bunch of hunky guys get stranded in the middle of nowhere. This turns the Creeper on. The rest of the movie has the Creeper trying to pick them up and carry them away to his love shack. A farmer comes around with a harpoon gun to bag his own Moby Dick.

The Creeper has a thing for guys. Girls don't interest him. When I saw the three girls in this one, I knew they were not picked for their hot bodies. I don't know what they were picked for. When he stares into the school bus looking for his next hot meal, he licks the glass as he makes longing eyes at them. This is how he lets guys know he wants them. There are also a ton of scenes with the guys tanning their bodies. The guys also sing a song that has the c-word for the male sex organ repeated numerous times. This song was all the Creeper needed to hear to know that they swing his way.

"Jeepers Creepers 2" is as brain dead as a horror movie can get. The school bus breaks down, the Creeper flies around and that's it. There's not much here in the way of variety or imagination. There were some decent action scenes as the farmer went night fishing for Creeper. "Jeepers Creepers 2" would make a decent rental.

But there is only one thing on the Creeper's mind, and it ain't eating. Love shack! Baby Love Shack! Hop in my Chrysler, it's as big as a WHALE!!!
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Did not want to like a Child Rapists film but I did.
airsnob28 April 2014
I really resent that talent and genius have no say in who they inhibit. It hurts that I enjoy a Woody Allen movie or book, and it hurts when I like the Jeepers Creepers films.. Victor Salva was convicted of raping one of his 12 year old co stars in one of his earlier films. He went to prison, paid a fine and now he is out, making millions of dollars and probably watching a lot of child pornography at home ( which he was also convicted of) I suppose , unlike Woody Allen, at least this guys movies make sense. He makes twisted movies, horror films. Which you would half way expect from someone that did. So despite my real trepidation at giving a high rating , it is a good horror movie. So is the first. Great idea, great monster, great horror. I have to admit. Thought it less than a coincidence that these movies feature a monster/demon that feeds on and mutilates young men ( Victor Salvas type) that in this particular film, they are shirtless, good looking and sun bathing. That the demon seems to become sexually aroused at the sight of them, licking the window and shuddering as if having a orgasm , while they scream in fear. Yep. This is probably a jack off movie for the director and I'm sure he probably violated a few of these fame hungry actors in more than one way . But it's a good horror movie. Period.
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Good action.
Hey_Sweden8 October 2012
More elaborate sequel to the effective monster movie of 2001, "Jeepers Creepers II" is more about action than anything else. It's definitely not as creepy (although it does have its spooky moments) and since we now know a fair bit about the Creeper, the mystery element is gone. This story takes place on the last day of the Creeper's feeding cycle, a few days after the events of the first film. A basketball team is returning from a championship game, and the Creeper, after snatching a kid away from his farmer father, tails the teams' bus, crippling it by ruining the tires with something akin to a ninja's throwing stars. It proceeds to decimate the coaching staff & the bus driver, and then terrorize the teens, making sure they can't escape. It's true enough that there are many points in the script with which a viewer can take issue - even yours truly had a hard time buying some of them, and he's a pretty forgiving person. Things tend to get particularly muddled when it comes to the big climax as the teens finally leave the bus, and we wonder where they all get to from scene to scene. It does take a lot of suspension of disbelief to enjoy this movie, but if one can accomplish this, "Jeepers Creepers II" does reward us with some exciting moments and some extremely amusing money shots. For one thing, it's a total hoot to see the Creeper forced to regenerate certain body parts. It gets a LOT more damage done to it this time around; it's good to see various assorted characters be able to fight back. Particularly interesting is the vengeance-obsessed farmer Jack Taggart (veteran character actor Ray Wise ("RoboCop", 'Twin Peaks') getting a rare case of top billing), who fashions some killing implements using his post puncher. Naturally, due to there being a greater number of characters this time around, they don't get fleshed out too much, although writer / director Victor Salva tries to give the material some meat by introducing an element of racism. Overall, this suffers the same fate as many sequels, lacking the originals' freshness and in truth it doesn't give the viewer too many people for whom they can really root. At least it allows Justin Long to reprise his Darry character from the first film, appearing in ghostly form to offer warnings and information to one of the characters here. Nothing especially good, but not bad either; fortunately, one thing it's not is boring. Seven out of 10.
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Passable follow-up to the monstrous Creeper movie
ma-cortes8 July 2004
After the smash hit ¨Jeepers Creepers¨ , the Creeper is back for more , every 23rd Spring, for 23 days, it gets to eat , welcome to day 23. As director Victor Salva made this second part, a decent sequel . Here isn't the surprise that originated the first entry . However , the monster Creeper who can taste your fear appears more time than previous outing , this time attacking a championship basketball team bus . By the time you hear him, by the time you see him it's too late , he is like a bat out of hell. This summer feed your fear , are you hungry for more?

The hapless boys are a teen bunch on a bus, Creeper will attack until to obtain his purpose : a good lunch. Also the feared beast will have to face off an old man (Ray Wise) and his son who will make use a puncher to track down creeper (Jonathan Breck) .

In the film there is terror, gore , action, thriller and suspense during all time of lasting film. The final showdown between Creeper and the old man is breathtaking.

Creeper's make-up is excellent . Ray Wise interpretation is good, previous starring Justing Long appears briefly, also a cameo. Direction by Victor Salva is nice and acceptable . Rating 6/10 , good sequel.
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Better than most folks said it was!
marxsarx19 September 2003
Warning: Spoilers
I saw several negative comments here on IMDB and thought this movie would be one of those horror movies that was a real turkey.

Fortunately, I took a chance Jeepers Creepers II anyway, and surprise, surprise, it was better than the majority thought.

************Mild Spoilers Ahead***************************************

I'll grant you, it's a formula teen horror movie, but it doesn't have all the plot holes in it that people complained about. All the stuff about the kids getting out of the bus, the unlikeable characters, blah blah blah ad nauseum were overblown. I found it much more entertaining than any of the Scream movies or the I Know What You Did Last Summer series.

I liked the comment about it being a bit of a throwback to some of the old creature movies. I thought the Creeper was great and he scared me throughout the film. I'll take the man in the Creeper Suit over many of today's cheesey and usually boring CGI effects. The person who played the creature did a great job and I loved the special effects in this move. This probably isn't a classic movie, but I can truthfully say I enjoyed the special effects in it more than those in The Matrix, Spiderman with Tobey McGuire and the second X-Men movie, which were all about as exciting as watching paint dry. CGI has to blend seamlessly and realistically into a move to make it work, and CGI just for CGI's sake doesn't impress movie lovers, just CGI freaks.

I liked Jeepers Creepers II. It was a fun horror flick to see at the theater. Sure, it could have used a bit more character development, but that's my only gripe. I rate it 7/10. If you like teen horror flicks, I think you'll enjoy it.
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Jeepers Creepers II (2003)
SashaDarko8 December 2017
A great continuation, which technically not a second part now (Part III is the actual sequel). It probably wasn't that obvious in the first movie, but now Jeepers shows very strong similarities from the beginning, making himself look like a scarecrow. Because he IS somewhat a scarecrow, an anti-version of it, which crows don't fear but probably see as a master.

Ray Wise plays a father who wants to take a revenge on Creepers for taking his son, a character which sadly doesn't get a back story told, so it's not clear where did he get that police scanner and harpoon. The action now takes place entirely on the road and fields around with youngsters being trapped in the school bus on their way home.

The movie has a bigger budget and they used it right - there are much more makeup and special effects than before and they look really great (something of the high quality like Alien series). Which allowed to show more of the Jeepers character, like its process of regeneration. And yet again, one of the girls in the bus suddenly turns into a psychic to tell everyone the information about the creature.

The aftermath ending is not believable though.
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"Every 23rd Spring, for 23 days,it gets to eat."
Backlash0077 March 2004
Warning: Spoilers

While Jeepers Creepers 2 is not nearly as well done as the original, it is still worth a watch. Victor Salva never intended there should be a sequel, but still wrote and directed this project. I find that a bit odd. I think much of why I didn't like it as much as the first film is that we already know everything about the Creeper. The ground rules are already set-up so there is no mystery. The Creeper just gets to play in this one and, while it's fun, it makes it a borderline-slasher movie. I also wish more time would have been spent with the Ray Wise character. He had a very Ahab-esquire quality that could have been explored more and he was by far the most complex and interesting character. The kids on the bus for the most part just got on my nerves. I couldn't wait for the Creeper to start tearing into them, especially Scotty. The kid deserved worse than he got. There were some terrific action sequences though. The scenes with the spear gun were awesome. Also the beginning of the film (much like the original) was brilliantly done. Very scary. These movies have a strong cult following who believe that the Creeper is a homosexual. It is a very interesting point and the movies show nothing to disprove this theory. If it's true, I think that only adds to the originality of the character. He is, after all, unlike every other horror icon that's out there. That's what makes both films worth watching. Jeepers Creepers 2 is a decent sequel, but has nothing on the original. Salva is still a cool writer/director and I'm looking forward to more of his work (I just hope it's not Jeepers Creepers 3).
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Great....Or Slightly Better then the First one.
sahilparab-490894 February 2018
Another great encounter of the Creeper with the teenagers but more teenagers ......I just love the struggle ....The fear of the teenagers when they first saw The CREEPER.....Best memories of mine......I just love Rural American Horror...... Especially this one. It's just Mind-Blowing. Some would say it's just the same as First one..........But I would say just give yourself a try and watch this one. Best in the Franchise.
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Campy Horror - Entertaining
Rainey-Dawn3 July 2014
Jeepers Creepers II (2003) for me is not nearly as good of a story as the first film but it has a few scares and lots of campy humor. This is one of those films where you will find yourself cheering on the monster and not cheer-leading on the side of all those annoying jocks. Instead of hoping there is a way that (most of) the group can survive you will find yourself yelling at the screen "Get all the jocks Creeper!".

No this is not a good movie but it is very entertaining and it might get quite a few laughs out of you. Watch this movie for the humor factor and not the horror factor. Jeepers Creepers II (2003) is not a comedy horror but works well with that genre be cause it's more on the funny side and not on the creepy side.

I would have rated this movie a 5.5 but it gets a 7 from me for making me laugh.

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Jeepers Creepers pt. 2
dee.reid30 August 2003
The first "Jeepers Creepers", which was released in 2001, brought much-needed life into an ailing genre of films. That movie redefined horror and its settings, which instead of the usual ominous darkness, and confined spaces, took place mostly out in the open and in broad daylight. The movie also introduced us to a truly terrifying creature that could give any other slasher a run for their money. That movie earned a lot of its merits through tension, genuine shocks, and a general cloud of mystery of the "Creeper" monster. It didn't try to gross you out with the requisite gore, but the movie worked because so little was explained and a lot was left up to the viewer.

Now we're at 2003's "Jeepers Creepers 2." The movie works on the level of tension and genuine scares, but sacrifices itself half way through when we learn about how the creature hunts. (A girl on the bus begins having psychic visions and learns a little about the Creeper from one of the kids who died in the first movie.) I liked it better when we knew little or nothing about a monster in one of these movies, because that's where the real terror comes from in a horror film.

Victor Salva, who wrote and directed both movies knows what he's doing but I just hope that he doesn't screw up his own franchise. He knows how to scare an audience, but I hope he doesn't give into popular opinion and sacrifice everything he's probably worked so hard for.

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Great Monster Movie, And A Lot More Fun Than The Original!
movies2u30 August 2003
Jeepers Creepers 2 (2003)

I went to see this movie, expecting a bit less than the first movie, but it ended up to be a bit MORE than the first. Jeepers Creepers 2 starts off with a kid in a cornfield, wiring up scarecrows for his father's farm. I won't tell what happens, but it then cuts to a school bus full of basketball players and cheerleaders, who are on their way home from a championship game. Then, they're tire blows out from a sharp metal object thrown by an unseen presence. They decide to try driving for a bit longer, still with 5 running wheels, and then another blows out, again by a sharp metal object thrown at the bus. Then the body count starts. This attempt to create a sequel succeeded, and the very ending of the film, I won't say what it is, was a neat idea. This movie had less gore, but more action and fun than the one before it. I give it an 8/10.
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I do believe we have bats in our belfry
bowmanblue27 July 2014
I'm one of those rare people who thinks that this - the sequel to the original 'Jeepers Creepers' is actually better than the first one. The original film was too irritating due to its central characters never really bothered to *properly* escape the 'Creeper' (aka a giant half man/half bat monster with a taste for human bodyparts). However, here we have a central scenario which lends itself better to the situation.

A schoolbus full of teenagers gets stranded (with a little help from the Creeper himself) in the middle of nowhere, now the flying bat out of hell can take his pick of their tender, young, tasty bodies for him to consume and regenerate.

However, all is not lost for our prepubescent Creeper-fodder, for a local father (played by the typically brooding and sinister Ray Wise, of Twin Peaks and Dead End fame) lost his young son to the Creeper recently and has sworn to track it down and exact some gruesome revenge (with a little help from a pneumatic harpoon).

Although most of the action is centred on the (pretty unlikeable) bus-load of teens, there is plenty of gruesome gore and nastiness as the Creeper picks them off one by one.

Personally, I would have preferred Ray Wise to be in it more, as he's clearly the best part of the film, but it's still an enjoyable little horror flick nonetheless.
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Series killer.
universal_monster12 January 2007
A school bus full of football jocks and cheerleaders, bad young actors and actresses all, breaks down in the middle of nowhere. Nice time for the legendary winged Creeper creature to come flying out of the corn fields to feast on nubile young flesh. Ray Wise has a costarring role as a father out for revenge against the ghoul because it ate his son. One girl with the unlikely and extreme annoying name "Minxie" conveniently has psychic abilities that come in handy. And that's all she wrote in this lackluster fright flick which consists mostly of endless scenes of teenagers running around in fields. Just another tepid horror sequel or an ode to shirtless, sweaty high school boys? You be the judge. The special effects and production values are pretty good, but that just illustrates what a waste of money this entire production is. The acting is this bad, the dialogue is stupid, there are dozens of people running around to assure none of the characters are reasonably developed and the plot is nonexistent. There's absolutely nothing to really recommend here. Even if you're a fan of the first one (which I think is actually pretty decent for a modern horror), you'd be best off to pretend this one didn't even exist.
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Underperforming sequel
gregsrants30 May 2004
Back in 2001, audiences were introduced to a creature which we came to understand fed every 23 years for 23 days. Why? Well, let's not worry about that.

The movie was Jeepers Creepers, and I have to admit that I gave the first installment a mild thumbs up as there were some genuine frights and a villain that was as uniquely interesting as the first time Freddy Krueger reached from under Johnny Depp's bed. It wasn't a movie that I would tell friends and family to fork over $13 bucks for to see on the big screen, but for a late, rainy Saturday evening, one could do worse.

Well, skip ahead two years, and the moderate success of the first installment brought back writer/director, Victor Salva to continue the story of the feeding creature in the crops.

I imagined Victor sitting at his word processor and thinking aloud to himself, `Hmmm. Ok… The creature feeds every 23 years and it has only been two since the last movie, so we better not dwell too much on that topic. Ok… For a sequel we need a bigger body count and sexier stars so lets have a full school bus of ballplayers and cheerleaders stranded and being picked off one by one. Ok…. We need to recognize the first film and show continuity so lets have the main actor from Jeepers Creepers I appear in the sequel. Oh wait… I killed him off. Ok…. Let's have him back in a dream sequence. Yeah! That'll work! Ok…. Last thing to worry about is trying to give the creature new characteristics while still making him vulnerable. I got it! Let's have him lose his head in one scene and replace it with one of the heads of the school children. Excellent. And then let's top off the thrills with having a vengeful father who creates a weapon that will ultimately destroy the creature. Got it! Good to go!'

I doubt I am going verbatim with what might have been thought or said while trying to shop Jeepers Creepers 2, but I don't think I am straying too far from the truthful facts either.

Jeepers Creepers 2 does offer more victims a la every horror sequel and most of the male characters are unbelievable brats that like to get their screen time without their shirts on. They run around uttering such ridiculous dialogue as `We have just dropped a notch on the food chain, man' while showing no signs of protecting he females they lust after so much within their own group.

Jeepers Creepers 2 had double the budget as did the first, so it is not surprising that the creature gets more computer generated close-ups or scenes where he flies around picking off his victims at will (Didn't he drive a truck in the first one?). However, instead of this developing the evil being, it desensitizes us and quite frankly, I was as bored of him as I was of Michael Myers or Jason Voorhees after their second kick at the can.

For horror fans, I still expect that this film was a bit of a disappointment. The characters were so annoying that you found yourself routing for the creature and as far as beatings go, the creature was stabbed, decapitated, speared, impaled and thrown through a windshield all to no avail. Where is the tension therefore if a creature is virtually indestructible?
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Salva goes Big Spielberg this time
razorwirekiss-12 November 2014
Warning: Spoilers
i loved the first one, it felt like Duel and worked really well, people seemed to freak out after the wing appeared but going bigger was the only way or we would be disappointed. Now with number 2 we have to go bigger again..

Salva is obviously a huge Spielberg fan and here he channels him on the bigger budget full 2:35.1 cinema experience. I didn't like this one the first time but now I see it for what it is. The Spielberg horror he never made. Sure Jurassic Park and Jaws are brilliant but he never seemed comfortable with horror per se.

Salva runs with the set pieces and delivers on all the steps needed. Watch it in a double bill with number one on Blu ray and see how he builds thru the first and continues until the end of 2.

It's pure cinema from the building dread of 1 to the flat out action of 2. Try it, you might like it. And there is great humor hiding in there too.
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Far better sequel than the great original
kannibalcorpsegrinder31 October 2014
Stranded in the countryside, a group of teens returning from a basketball game find themselves set upon by the vengeful Creeper while a local with a score to settle tries to help them escape from its' clutches.

This is a great example of a sequel being better than a good original. One of the better elements here is the fact that this one has a lot more action to it, which is far better than the first one. It has a lot of cool moments and action set-pieces that easily make it a lot of fun. Among the better parts in the tons of great action scenes include the final twenty minutes, when the Creeper has fully been unleashed on the trapped group and tries to hunt them down while trying to avoid being hunted. That whole sequence is very exciting, as it features tons of many new ideas to trapping a creature that its ingenuity and creativity is really new for these kinds of films nearly triumphs over the fun created from the extensive running, hiding and just-plain frenetic action that occurs as the creature goes about trying to pick them off in the meantime. The opening is a great way of building suspense in the scene as it's one of the creepiest openings as the combination of the setting, the camera movements and the unknown figure seen is really creepy. Still, very few scenes can match the fun of the attacks on the bus stranded on the roadside with this one really getting a lot of suspense from the continuous assaults that really work to a thrilling climax of building terror at the increasingly flimsy manner of keeping it out as the desperation to get away really works well with the copious action within the scenes. Carried over from the first one as well is the series of strong make-up work on the Creeper as he looks as menacing as ever and really evokes quite an air of menace here with the transformations in the later half. The entire plot of this film is perhaps the greatest part of this film. It has one of the simplest plots yet it manages to contain enough great moments and ideas that it holds your attention for the entire running time. There's not a whole lot really bad with this one, beyond maybe a little stronger work to the plot here being that it is so simple and flimsy that some stronger scenes could've been added to help this part out, but otherwise this is such fun that it hardly matters much.

Rated R: Graphic Language, Violence and implied child violence.
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