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Great Job, Internet!: Let’s revisit the Z-grade classic Clash Of The Ninjas

Clash Of The Ninjas is a 1986 marvel of trash cinema, best viewed in a dazed fog surrounded by similarly antagonistic fellow travelers. You remember it afterward as a mélange of VHS blur, weird dubbing, cartoonish violent intensity, aerobics, government conspiracies, and shit-loads of ninjas. Written and directed by Hong Kong anti-auteur Godfrey Ho, the movie is worth watching in its entirety. But if you just need a quick fix of people saying the word “ninja” very seriously to each other, briefly discussing ghosts, and doing a bunch of high kicks, you could do worse than this three-minute edit from Everything Is Terrible.

Think of it as a shot of espresso, a quick blast of shitty movie energy to keep you moving. It is, after all, almost the weekend, when you can once again plumb the depths of cinema to your heart’s content.
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