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Season 1

Sep. 1971
Episode #1.1
Lorne Greene, a narcotics detection canine, wolves, and German Shepherds.
22 Jun. 1971
Episode #1.2
Mary Tyler Moore, poodles, plus Betty's trip to Africa U.S.A. to see the lions and tigers.
2 Aug. 1971
Episode #1.18
Miyoshi Umeki shows off her canines; Stewart Raffill brings in a camel; Kay Finch displays a gaggle of Afghan dogs.
2 Aug. 1971
Episode #1.19
Bill Bixby introduces his dog, Crash. The director of the San Diego Zoo brings in a baby emu and a Russian steppe cat. Tak Kubota shows how karate was adapted from animal movements, and a variety of Japanese dogs are discussed.
5 Aug. 1971
Episode #1.22
Eva Gabor, George Crosier from the Los Angeles SPCA, Hungarian dogs, a surprise appearance by Oscar Beregi Jr., plus Ralph Helfer brings in an ostrich.
10 Aug. 1971
Episode #1.25
Gloria and Jimmy Stewart show off golden retrievers Simba and Beau,. Also a baby orangutan, baby gorilla. An albino gorilla named Snowflake. Golden retriever puppies being trained to be guide dogs.
12 Aug. 1971
Episode #1.27
Dennis Weaver and his son show their dogs, a seeing-eye cat is featured, Ralph Helfer brings lions, and Charles Eisenmann shows how he trained the star of The Littlest Hobo.
13 Aug. 1971
Episode #1.28
Jim Nabors shows off the son of Carol Burnett's dog; Ralph Helfer discusses unusual animal pairings and brings snakes; sled dogs and other Arctic canines are featured.
10 Oct. 1971
Episode #1.29
Vincent Price reunites with the titular costar of The Raven, he shows off his pug, and Betty brings in a whole gaggle of pug puppies. Also, an artistic chimp seems more preoccupied with eating paint than conjuring a masterpiece.
4 Dec. 1971
Episode #1.31
Eddie Albert and son Edward introduce their dogs, Jason and Socrates. They have discussions with the director of Marineland and spokeswoman for Pet Pride, plus Stewart Raffill teaches them about alligators.
6 Dec. 1971
Episode #1.32
Vikki Carr introduces her dogs, Jolie and Buckwheat. Rosemary Collett discusses her animal rescue program, and Ralph Helfer and other guests showcase animals from the American south.

 Season 1 

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