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It's a Holiday Classic!!!
3_Beekman_Place16 October 2005
Throughout the 6 years The Nanny was on TV, it was a tribute to the classic sitcoms that came before it. She's paid tribute to everything from The Dick Van Dyke show..(Ann Guilbert who played Millie on there was Grandma Yetta), to Laverne and Shirley. What sitcom in the '90's featured Ray Charles, Donald O'Connor, Lanie Kazan, Shari Lewis & Lambchop, Carol Channing, Tyne Daley, Twiggy, Milton Berle .. the list goes on and on.

Given all that, it should be no surprise the Nanny Cartoon Christmas Special is a tribute to all the classic Holiday cartoons. In a matter of seconds, Fran (who is walking Chester the dog) gets dragged up and down the stairs, up to the bedroom and out the window, gets blown around outside, and hit on the head by a bell ringer's bell (Dorothy had it easy). This leads to the north pole, where Fran and Brighton (who has lost his Christmas spirit of giving) meet Santa and his elf (Mr. Sheffeild and Niles). The villain, as in the show, is CC the Abombinable Babcock (a big storm cloud).

It has some classic lines and moments.. My favorites.. FRAN: (commenting on everything at the north pole being edible) "It's a test.. I know it's a test" BRIGHTON: "...and it's all FREE!" FRAN: "I fail!"

(Fran sees Santa's castle and is impressed) THE ELF: "Well.. Santa is the second richest man in the North Pole" FRAN: "Who's the richest?" THE ELF: "The dentist" (Rimshot) (Fran and the Elf laugh) FRAN: "Is he single?"

(Fran confronts CC) FRAN: "LISTEN SWEETIE" (CC blows Fran away and into Santa's castle and lands on Mr. Sheffields desk) FRAN: (to CC) "We'll talk later honey"

I loved The Nanny from day one, and this has become one of my favorite holiday specials of all time!
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Funny, family oriented
gypsywoman3524 December 2004
Thank goodness I taped this special when it first came on in 1995. My doughier's now ages 9 & 6 love this special, we watch it all the time, not just during the holidays.

Anyone know if you can get the DVD for this, as I fear my tape is wearing out.

The entire cast is featured in this special in cartoon form. Chester steals the show as the talking dog.

Also keep an eye out for the Elfvis the elf.

Definitely funny and wonderful message of giving.

MAZELTOV A Shixa in Michigan Gypsywoman
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A nice animated Christmas special
mape22 February 2002
"The Nanny" is one of the best sitcoms I know. I think that this animated episode was a very good idea of the producers. It was interesting to see all the characters animated, though they look different from how we know them from the opening cartoon. I wonder why they didn't use the same sketches?

Although this special maybe had a little more "slapstick" than the normal episodes, it was still very entertaining. OK, you had to get used to the new "roles" of the characters, "Max" playing Santa Claus, for example. But as I said, it was good, because it was different from what we usually see in "The Nanny".
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