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Surprisingly good!
Smells_Like_Cheese24 May 2008
I remember back in the day when Jersey Girl came out and it was right around the time the "Bennifer" days were coming to an end and we just suffered the mass bomb that was "Gigli". Many were calling this movie "Gigli 2", I just couldn't believe they would put Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck together in a film again after all the innocent bystanders had to put up with, but they did. But I don't know why, maybe because it's already 4 years later after all that craziness, I decided to go ahead and rent Jersey Girl and just see what it was about. I watched it last night and I couldn't believe my eyes, I actually liked this movie. It wasn't your typical romantic comedy, it was something different and really enjoyable. Kevin Smith, who is more famous for Clerks, made a funny and genuinely good film that anyone can enjoy.

Gertie Trinke is a little girl who is telling her story about her family and how they came to be. Her father, Ollie, was once a successful man in New York who was the publicity for famous musicians. But when his wife Gertrude dies in childbirth with their daughter, Ollie has to learn to grow up, but he looses his job after calling Will Smith a no body who won't get another movie. So Ollie and his dad raise Gertie, who teaches Ollie that there's more to life than just the riches.

Jersey Girl is a good film, I don't know why anyone would say that this is a bad film, I understand people not liking it, but the story was very decent and the acting was I'd say above average. One of the things I loved was that the story was very human, the little girl who played Gertie, Raquel Castro, was perfect for the role and didn't over do anything or made her character annoying. Ben Affleck, who I normally cannot watch in a movie was very good in Jersey Girl, his little talk with his infant girl about loosing his wife was touching. Maybe because I'm a girl or something, maybe that's why I loved the film, but I just thought it was good and I do recommend it.

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Very Sweet Movie
claudio_carvalho26 September 2005
In New York, the young executive Oliver "Ollie" Trinke (Ben Affleck) is a successful PR of the music industry. He meets and falls in love for Gertrude Steiney (Jennifer Lopez), who soon gets pregnant. However, she dies in the childbirth and Ollie decides to return to his father's home in New Jersey. Pressed by the situation of lonely father, the workaholic Ollie blows-up in an important press conference and makes a fatal statement, losing his job and becoming blacklisted in his publicist career. He promises to be the "best father in the world" to the young Gertie, and stays single, grieving his beloved wife, without dating any woman for seven years and trying to retrieve a position of public relation. One day, he meets the rental clerk Maya (Liv Tyler), they become friends and she helps him to supersede his past life.

"Jersey Girl" is a very sweet movie about family, and honestly I could never expect such sensitive story from Kevin Smith. I like his work a lot, and I have all his movies in my collection. "Clerks" and "Chasing Amy" are amazing, and I must confess that I was tired of "Jay and Silent Bob". The shift in his career could not be better. The story is great and very well balanced with drama, comedy and romance. Liv Tyler is fantastic, showing a great chemistry with Ben Affleck. George Carlin is great, without being corny, in the role of Bart Trinke. But the girl Raquel Castro is stunning: very bright and smart, she steals all the scenes and seems to be a future star. I really loved this movie. My vote is eight.

Title (Brazil): "Menina dos Olhos" ("Apple of the Eyes" – meaning something very dear")
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I left this on the shelf far too long
damien-laughton27 October 2004
So after reading many a disconsolate review from Kevin Smith fans I decided to purchase the DVD anyway. Yet all the negative comments had left their toll on me and the DVD stayed on the shelf in its shrink wrapper for FAR TOO LONG. You motor heads! Yes this movie is sweet and yes it's sometimes even sickly but it's endearing and moving. Ben Athleck switches in and out of competence a few too many times to make his performance IMO a completely solid one but frankly he does a good job of holding all the disparate threads of the movie together.

If you want to live in 1994 dick & fart jokes then simply put Clerks in the DVD player and play it again! However each of Kevin's films go someway in their own right into the exploration of inter-personal relationships and the impact of consequence in our daily lives. Jersey Girl is no different in this respect than Clerks.
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This Jersey Girl Is a Great Date
pianoplayinpaulie17 March 2004
Warning: Spoilers
OK, how obvious is my title? :)

Kevin Smith is a writer I admire tremendously. He has an uncanny ability to capture the way people speak in reality; not just in movie screenplay structure.

*Jersey Girl* is a real step forward for Kevin Smith. He returns to screens with a mature and funny film about a man learning to be a father. The style here is more aligned with Smith's terrific *Chasing Amy* than *Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back.*

Ben Affleck is Ollie, a hot shot New York publicist with everything going for him. As the movie opens, he and his girlfriend Gertie (Jennifer Lopez) meet, get engaged and married and expect their first child together.

Then the unexpected happens: Gertie dies in childbirth and Ollie is left with his infant daughter. Mired in his own grief, he essentially ignores his child for the first month, leaving the baby care-taking to his Pop (played by George Carlin). A crisis moment comes where he's forced to handle both his career and his child at the same time, and it doesn't go well.

Flash forward six years and Ollie seems to have adjusted to a different life in a small New Jersey town. He absolutely adores his daughter, who is named for her mother. A young woman who works at a video store (Liv Tyler) enters their lives in an unusual way and the movie becomes an exploration of the push/pull between what someone wants for themselves and what they should do to meet the needs of others.

Two things could have happened with a movie like this. One is that it would be about how Affleck's character falls in love with the quirky video store girl and Gertie has to cope with the new woman in daddy's life. Two, the movie would be filled with cutesy "kid" moments that are meant for nothing more than easy smiles.

Neither of those things happen. Of course the little girl is cute, but there is substance behind it. The way Ollie and Gertie communicate with each other is very realistic and in many moments, fraught with tension that works. As far as the stuff with Tyler's character, the script doesn't persue a standard 'romantic comedy' courtship between the two. Instead, everything is repressed and tentative. Affleck's and Tyler's characters basically duck around their feelings for the whole thing.

Both of these directions were completely refreshing and as a result, the movie didn't feel so "standard."

I was happy to walk out of *Jersey Girl* feeling like the stuff that the press shoved down our throats regarding Ben Affleck is gone. This movie wipes that away, even though Lopez is in the movie for the first ten minutes. Ben Affleck's career will definitely survive the overexposure he's had, and this movie is the first step in ensuring that. It reinforces that he is a good actor, not just the latest dude to be dating the industry's latest hot chick.

George Carlin reigns in the schtick and gets to play a really solid character. Sure, he has some quips here and there, but he fills the role of loving "pop" quite well. Also of wonderful surprise is Liv Tyler, who is light and bouncy as Affleck's love interest. I found her performance really intriguing, especially since she is able to speak the lines of the character through her mouth, but have her eyes communicate something totally different at the same time.

Smith makes excellent use of music in this film. One scene in particular where Stevie Nicks' heartbreaking "Landslide" plays nearly had me in tears. And who would have thought anyone would be able to use a rather dark Sondheim musical to such greatly comic, and not too over the top, advantage.

There is also a scene in the film that contains one of the most natural exchanges of dialogue I've seen in a film. In a conversation between two fathers, Smith manages to make it seem as though two actors are speaking as themselves. It's a fantastic scene.

*Jersey Girl* is another reminder of how much I appreciate Kevin Smith. If you're looking for a sweet and charming time at the movies this spring, so far, *Jersey Girl* is a great bet.

Paul Katz
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Most Heartfelt from Kevin Smith
anthonycristo13 November 2004
This is without any doubt my favorite Kevin Smith film. Unlike his other brilliant comedies this is a story that is truly written from the heart. It has a lot of warmth and pain mixed in with a complex story of a man coming to terms with his fatherhood. The fact that he dedicated the film to his late father shows this to be a film maker working through the loss of an important figure in his life. George Carlin gives a stand out performance as Ben Affleck's father and Ben Affleck gives a stellar performance of a man that comes to terms with the life he has instead of the life he (thinks) he wants. This film still has the same witty humor like any good Kevin Smith film does but it is undercut by the seriousness of the relationship between a child and their parent. Whether it is Ben's relationship with his father or his relationship as a father to his adorable daughter. The only criticism I had was that Ben could not bring himself to cry at a key moment in the film. Other than that, his and everyone else's performances were outstanding. Kevin Smith deserves much credit for revealing so much about himself in this film.
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The Other Kevin Smith - who is all the same despite all
sixstring-114 November 2004
I'm certain that if I had been Kevin Smith, approached by Miramax with this idea and screenplay, I would definitely have turned it down.

Maybe that's exactly why he had chosen to do it. And what a wise decision it was indeed... The movie didn't promise much judging it by the trailers, but in the end, I was quite satisfied with it when I finally saw it. I'm sure, that an average, or below-the-average Hollywood director would have made it into a blunt, silly, sentimental, and instantly forgettable, "soap-bubble-like" movie. But not Smith... There were many, many crucial points along the storyline that just called and yelled for directors to commit fatal errors... Smith had succeeded to avoid these errors, creating a really enjoyable, lovable, deeply emotional and yet funny piece of work. But still... this isn't the Kevin Smith that I admire so much. I believe that with "Dogma" he created a milestone in American film-making, by daring to speak fiercely openly and frankly about very delicate issues. I missed this part of him from "Jersey Girl" - but there was no room for it because of the plot.

With "Jersey Girl" he had showed more real emotions than he ever did in all of his works. He had proved himself an expert of human emotions. He showed the audience that he really understands about deep feelings, love, loss, family ties, ambition...

The only thing this film is lacking is really great acting. None of the actors gave bad performances, not by long shot, but still... there could have been some more... especially from Affleck. Tyler gave a surprisingly fresh, and believable performance, showing some real theatrical talents in the scene when she performs in Gertie's 'musical'.

The unavoidable Star Wars jokes, and celebrity "nose-pricks" are present of course, maintaining the overall "Smith-feel" to the movie. To be adequate, I quote Darth Vader: "Impressive... Most impressive."
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Unfairly underrated.
jahanskov16 November 2019
Warning: Spoilers
I have seen it a lot of times though the years and I like it a lot. Jennifer Lopez is awful and that gives an annoing start but as soon as she is out it is a calm, and very down to earth story.
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A new direction for Smith.
Aragorn168329 March 2004
Warning: Spoilers
Overall this was a good, heartwarming and funny film from Kevin Smith, much different than his previous Jersey flicks. In typical Smith fashion, Affleck stars with cameos by Jason Lee and Matt Damon, and when Affleck's daughter wants to do a musical for her school talent show, she doesn't choose something sweet and simple, but a song from Sweeney Todd.

There are some cliched moments, such as Affleck being torn between a job interview and going to his daughter's talent show, and of course choosing the talent show and staying in NJ, but this was a pretty good film. Don't expect Jason Mewes and his homously foul mouth to be popping up anywhere, just expect to be pleased with Smith's ability to embrace the mainstream while playing fast and loose with the rules.
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This is a good movie.
keheald-610232 March 2017
Jersey Girl I think is an average movie. Definitely not one of my favorites, but at the same time not the worst movie I've ever seen. The plot of the movie is well thought out and is a good idea for a movie. Ben Affleck who plays Ollie Trinke is a Manhattan music publicist. He later meets the girl of his dreams and she becomes pregnant. However, his life completely changes when she dies while giving birth. He moves back in with his father in New Jersey to raise his daughter, Gertie, by himself. This movie has emotion and drama, but also comedy at the same time. This film is heartwarming because of the way Ollie Trinke steps up to be the best dad he can be. He really ends up caring for his daughter after getting thrown a curve ball of becoming a single dad. This would be a great family movie.
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I loved it
mblotd6 December 2006
I find ironic that people who enjoyed Kevin Smith's other movies hated this one. That right there pretty much explains most of the haters (i.e. those recommending Mallrats and JSB over this). I thoroughly enjoyed this movie and I was laughing my ass during most of it. I am obviously not an actor, but I didn't find any problems with the acting or the dialogue. It sounded real and believable. Sure, there may moments that are corny or make you want to wince, but every movie has moments like that. Raquel Castro and Liv Tyler really stole the show, George Carlin had just the right pizzaz as a crusty old Pop, and some of us can relate to Ben Affleck's character.
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Review the movie for what it is, not for what Smith and Affleck have done previously.
superscal2330 March 2004
Warning: Spoilers
Jersey Girl is an average, mildy entertaining romantic comedy. Ben Affleck's performance is just fine as both a slick record executive, and a sentimental single father. Jennifer Lopez is good as Affleck's wife. Her death is still emotional even though we all knew it was coming. Raquel Castro is remarkably unannoying as the daughter. Like many, I tend to find supposedly cute kids more annoying than cute. Raquel Castro manages to give a real performance even though some of her reactions are clearly forced.

Even though I found the acting okay overall, there was one scene I just could not stand. Does there have to be scene in every movie with kids where they tell a parent "I hate you?" As Roger Ebert pointed out, Jersey Girl includes a parent rushing to a school play, and a slow clap, but neither are as bad a movie cliche as a kid screaming "I hate you" while a bad 80's ballad begins to play.

That brings me to my next point about Jersey Girl. The songs just overtake the entire story. There's actually one point in the movie where a song is playing...the song stops...Affleck has an emotional moment with the kid...the same song starts over again. The dialogue gets in the way of the song. If Kevin Smith is such a great writer, then he needs to let his words explain the movie, not a group of bad songs.

That being said, I did enjoy this movie overall. Affleck and George Carlin have some funny moments with and without the daughter. The two guys who are not Gertie's uncles are funny. I particularly enjoyed the "cameo" from Will Smith. I hesitate to call it a cameo even though he is only in one scene. In this one scene, The Fresh Prince sets Affleck straight and basically sets up the resolution of the movie.

After seeing Jersey Girl, I tried to think of what this movie would have been without all the Bennifer hype. I think they would have marketed the movie completely differently, and it would have been downright shocking when J-Lo died and didn't appear again in the movie. Imagine the heads turning in the theater as people think "what, she's dead?" I'm sure this was Smith's intention when they started casting and shooting the movie. Seeing him on talk shows, you can see through his joking that he was upset about being forced to edit the movie based on the media blitz.
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Charming, edgy romantic drama, loved all of the cast!
inkblot1116 April 2018
Oliver Trinke (Ben Affleck) is an up & coming music promoter. Its his job to whip up a frenzy for concerts and interviews. Although he is from "Joysey" , he works and lives in Manhattan with his beautiful wife, Gertrude (Jennifer Lopez), also a professional. They are expecting a baby and everyone is excited, including Ollie's Dad, Bart (George Carlin) , who runs the street sweeper in their NJ town. Sorrow suddenly descends, as Gertrude dies of an aneurysm giving birth to a daughter. Grieving greatly, Ollie parks his newborn daughter, also Gertie, with his Dad for the first month while he focuses on work. Naturally, this approach is a disaster and Ollie has a meltdown which gets him fired. Now, he must get to know his little girl and go limping back home to work in the same department as his Dad in Jersey. Flash forwarding seven years, Gertie is a spirited gal who charms even as she pushes buttons. Especially on her mind is a musical revue her class is doing for the parents; Gert insists they do a song from Sweeney Todd! Her dad will help her do it, with Gpa and his two closest friends also playing second fiddles. Meanwhile, Ollie has two new events in his life. One is the attractive sales clerk, Maya (Liv Tyler) at the video store who makes a pass at him. But, surprisingly, he also gets a job interview with a company similar to the one that fired him. Here is his chance to get back into a "classier", more exciting, more lucrative place in life. Or is it so? This movie, written and directed by Kevin Smith of Clerks and Chasing Amy, has its charms and humor. Especially wonderful is Affleck, Lopez, Carlin, Tyler, and little Raquel Castro as the younger Gert. Also nice is the Jersey scenery and the edgy talk and themes. Since all of us romcom fans have to "look back in time" to find new delights, I heartily recommend searching for this one.
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Enjoyable Even If Its Not Original
christian12327 May 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Jersey Girl is an enjoyable film to watch, even if it is a little derivative. Ben Affleck plays Ollie Trinke, a Manhattan music publicist whose life is turned upside down when his pregnant wife (Jennifer Lopez) dies in childbirth, leaving him a single father. Moving to his father's house in a Jersey suburb, Ollie and his daughter Gertie try to get accustomed to the new lifestyle as Ollie meets a local woman (Liv Tyler) who helps change his look on life. The plot is nothing new but the film is still pretty good. I thought this film was going to be really bad but I was surprised. Its not an Oscar quality film, its just a nice to film to watch if you have nothing better to do. Ben Affleck's performance was actually not bad and its watch able. Liv Tyler performance was very good and she really showed she has some talent. Raquel Castro plays Gertie and she does an alright job but she is no Dakota Fanning. Jason Biggs has a very small role and he does a decent job. Jennifer Lopez isn't in the film for very long, which is good as her performance isn't very good. Matt Damon and Jason Lee both have cameos. Kevin Smith tries a new type of film and he does a good job. The only problem I had with Jersey Girl was that it wasn't very original. Most of the dialog had been used in previous films like Kramer vs. Kramer. The story is good even if it is a little unrealistic and unoriginal. The running time is only 102 minutes long so unless you really hate Affleck, its not too much of a pain to watch. The film is also very predictable so its disappointing that Kevin Smith didn't try something new. There are a lot of funny moments as well as sad moments that may get to you. In the end, this is a predictable, safe film to watch and one that can easily be enjoyed. Rating 7/10, worth checking out.
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Not perfect, but completely cute and entertaining.
callanvass3 October 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Jersey Girl was a pleasant surprise, and one of Kevin Smith's better efforts. There is still far too much vulgarity for my liking, but this is a vast improvement as far I'm concerned. I liked the background story of Affleck and Jennifer Lopez's characters. It really set the tone for the movie well, and gave us a valuable lesson. Don't work yourself too hard, because you'll miss out on the important things in life. Everybody in the cast was just great, but overall I think Raquel Castro as Gertie had the best performance. One thing I was heavily disappointed in was how badly underdeveloped the growing relationship was between Ollie|Affleck| and Maya|Liv Tyler| I was really saddened that they didn't focus on it more, and it just felt like a throwaway to me. Biggest laugh of the movie in the movie for by far. Was Ollie getting caught renting porn in Maya's video store.

Performances. Ben Affleck has really matured over the years, and he proves it once more here. His emotional scenes were credible, and his character was likable and easy to sympathize with. Jennifer Lopez's role isn't as big as you may think, but she pulled it off with class. Liv Tyler is cute as button, and does fine in her thinly written part. George Carlin is hilarious as Ben's father. Raquel Castro gives one of the funniest and sweetest kid performances I've seen in ages. Incredible poise and maturity for her age.

Bottom line. Jersey girl has it's fair share of flaws, but when it ended I had a smile on my face. It's just an honest, and sweet little movie, that I recommend.

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did not deserve the slating that it got on its release
elainesanfey11 January 2006
I saw this movie on the TV schedules last week and my first reaction was "God no, that got terrible reviews". Then I thought I would give it a try, mainly because it was on the TV, and also because I don't always trust critics or box office results.

I thought it was actually quite a good movie. Not a masterpiece, but then it never pretends to be. There were some genuinely funny moments, the scenes involving the child were not allowed to be oversentimental, and there were a few scenes that were quite affecting.

The real surprise though was Ben Affleck. I must admit that although I liked him in "Armageddon" and "Shakespeare in love" ("you're not going to do it like THAT are you?!") I never really considered him a good actor. I thought he was very good in "Jersey Girl". He handled the grief scenes very well and was very convincing as a loving father whose daughter is the most important thing in the world to him.

I presume the reason that this movie did so badly at the time of its release was a reaction to the so called "Bennifer" phenomenon. I hate when audiences let their views on what is going on in an actor's real life affect what they think of that actor's work. Maybe actors like John Cusack and Kevin Spacey have the right idea in that they do not tell the media too much about their private lives.

The lesson I have learned from watching this movie is to go and see the movies that I think look or sound good even if they failed at the box office or were panned by critics. Go and see it and make up your own mind.

My vote: 7 out of 10
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A Solid, Decent Romantic Comedy-Drama
tabuno25 January 2019
12 April 2004. Ben and Jennifer - it was a storyline in the first part of the movie that was hard to ignore real life headlines and what if...what if they had married, what must have they gone through making this movie? Ben Affleck does a great job of acting with a solid script. This comedy-drama continues the evolution of comedy and drama into a blended fusion of genres reflecting real life. There is death, there is humor, there is serious emotional rantings and just play fun comedy. The movie suffers a little bit in consistency of tone as the movie drifts more towards seriousness, hardening its edge in the last third, losing the nice balance of comedy and drama that it had going. But this movie is a treat for entertainment with a good dose of growing up pains, taking responsibility, of making choices. At times there is stark sadness and other times there is tenderness and understanding. Seven out of Ten Stars.
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A Surprise
piratepug26 October 2007
This movie was much better than I expected. As a fan of Kevin Smith's work, I was hesitant due to the reviews. But I eventually took a look and I liked what I saw. You could tell that this film was written by someone who had matured. George Carlin was also bonus. The rest of the cast was up to expectations, but Carlin showed a range that few have seen before. The relationships in the movie were well done and it was easy to like the characters, especially Liv Tyler. Her portrayal of the nerdy video store clerk was refreshing and fun to watch. Overall, this was one of Kevin Smith's best written movies and is a welcome addition to the Kevin Smith collection. Don't buy into poor reviews. Give this one a chance. You might be surprised!
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craeside26 November 2004
I don't much like these kind of movies but this one even made me cry( being a guy and all) the only movie ever to that before was My Life with Micheal Keaton.

Nothing short of being a good movie

I never thought Kevin could make a movie this good not using the JAy and silent bob chars.

But he did it. And i think the will smith part was hilarious.

If you want to watch a good moview rent this you will not be disappointed.

They say I need to add more but I have no more to say
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brenda_morris1631 March 2004
For everyone who went to see this movie basing their opinion on Ben's previous movie shame on you. Jersey Girl is a great movie. The cast is great and Kevin Smith is a wonderful director. I love Dogma and Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. Folks sometimes forget that we go to the movies to relax and forget our troubles. If I want to get educated or have someone lecture Me I will go back to school. I think people forget that sometimes and take everything way to seriously. We need more feel good movies that aren't preachy because if you want to be preached at you go to church and listen to your pastor.This is one of those feel good movies. Good Luck Ben and Kevin.
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Much worse than Gigli...
LilyDaleLady19 January 2005
Warning: Spoilers
I am absolutely bewildered why "Gigli" got all this flack for being "the worst movie ever", and "Jersey Girl" got a pass. "Jersey Girl" is infinitely worse than "Gigli", which was an unfairly maligned, modest comedy....not a good film, but far from the worst movie I have ever seen.

On the other hand, "Jersey Girl" was saccharine and more maudlin than a Lifetime TV movie. Some of the worst acting and scriptwriting I can remember seeing, and a huge disappointment coming from Kevin Smith. I loved "Chasing Amy" and can recall when I first saw that film, thinking what great things were coming from Mr. Smith and Ben, that's hard to believe now. I think Ben Affleck is one of the worst, most talentless actors working today, and Kevin Smith has betrayed what little promise he first demonstrated. A classic example of selling out.

I realize that films don't have to be absolutely literally authentic to "work" or to resonate with an audience, but "Jersey Girl" feels like something created by people who have never had children, had jobs or experienced a single recognizable human emotion.

Ben Affleck plays Ollie Trinke (pronounced TRINKIE), a name that you'd think would be a liability in the professional world. Nonetheless, he becomes a marketing exec making a six figure salary. He marries J-Lo, whose character is named Gertrude Steiney, implying strongly that she is a Jewish girl from New York, when in fact she is (obviously) Hispanic....I really don't get this. And when was the last time you met a YOUNG woman named Gertrude? It's not a very common name for anyone under the age of 80.

Gertie dies in childbirth (a rarity these days, but it can happen) and Ollie becomes unhinged and neglects his newborn daughter, leaving her in the care of his aging father (?). Apparently, even though he has a six figure income, the idea of a nurse, a nanny or even a babysitter has not occurred to Ollie or anyone else in the film. (HINT: many real life people make these arrangements BEFORE coming home from the hospital.)

After being fired for a public meltdown where he insults The Fresh Prince, Ollie is fired. (Apparently his bosses have not a bit of sympathy for a man who lost his wife just a couple weeks earlier, and is maybe having a breakdown.) Ollie apparently has no savings and receives no severance pay, because he goes from being a six figure executive with a Manhattan apartment to having to move in with his father.

Here the film gets really confusing, because seven (presumably boring childcare-filled) years are quickly skipped over and we see little Gertie, who is now seven, with Ollie, who has inexplicably taken a job as a street sweeper. Yes, that's right: a marketing executive, who probably has a master's degree, is forced to take a job as a street sweeper. There is not one single job in all of New York City, even in another field such as publishing, sales, etc. And his salary as a street sweeper (a unionized city job) does not pay enough for him to afford an apartment of his own, even in New Jersey.

This is what I mean by "written by someone who has never had children or a job". This is the kind of writing that is utterly out of touch with the real world, that can only be produced by hacks, utilizing scriptwriting software. It's an insult to the lives of real single parents and real human beings.

There is not the remotest explanation of who watched Gertie for the first five years of her life (years which are skipped in the film). Child care, even for a widowed parent, is apparently unknown...on the other hand, when does Mr. Smith think that street sweepers work? DURING THE DAY. So, someone somewhere had to be taking care of Gertie for the first five years of her life. Duh.

I cannot provide any spoilers, because around this point I couldn't stand it anymore. And I am not even going into the tasteless sex jokes and the depressingly slutty behavior of Liv Tyler's thankless character. Because I had to turn the movie off, I couldn't stand it anymore. This is only the second time in my whole life that I actually refused to watch a movie through to the end.

This is the bomb of the year and "Gigli" has been unfairly maligned. "Jersey Girl" is an absolutely horrible movie and you should avoid it at all insult to human intelligence.
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saccharin twaddle
toaster-824 March 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Spoilers ahoy! Please don't read on if you actually want to waste 100 or so minutes of your life with this movie!

This movie is a distinctly average paternal melodrama, with few redeeming features. It's plainly obvious that the scenes with J-Lo were edited down to reduce on the "Bennifer" factor. Ben Affleck has never been worse (in anything I've seen anyway, and I haven't seen Gigli, so I may be wrong), Liv Tyler's character is annoying as hell, George Carlin looks mildly concerned throughout, the kid is precocious, Jason Biggs is okay, but his character is pretty 2 dimensional. The only good scene I can recall is near the end where Affleck talks to Will Smith about parenting, this scene is very entertaining, and clearly the whole point of the film.

I get what Kevin Smith was trying to do here, his films are always autobiographical to a degree, Clerks was about working at a convenience store, Chasing Amy was about his relationships, Dogma was (in a round-about way) about his faith, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back was for the fans, and Jersey Girl is about parenting. Sometimes I wish he'd keep his issues to himself and stick with the funny stuff, because he can be witty in a crass and unsophisticated way.

I'm a fan of clerks as a low budget achievement, plus it's very funny, and I have a certain affection for Mallrats as a silly, funny movie, chasing Amy has its moments, but there's too much shouting for my liking. This movie simply lacks anything memorable or noteworthy, aside from the aforementioned scene.
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Disappointingly average and unambitious
Cadriel28 March 2004
I've been a Kevin Smith fan for years, but my disappointment with Jersey Girl doesn't come from the lack of Jay and Silent Bob, or the fact that it isn't a typical View Askew film. I knew it wouldn't be that, and I went into the theatre just hoping to see a good film.

Jersey Girl has some nice moments, and some moments of genuine, skillful humor (especially for a musical theatre fan). However, the film as a whole is an enormous letdown for one reason: it's typical. Rather than making another typically Kevin Smith movie, Smith managed to make a typical Hollywood flick. Instead of insight, we get cloying sentimentality; instead of maturity, we get a series of cliche moments with a good-looking cast that just doesn't dazzle for whatever emotional whallop Smith thought the film would pack.

The situation and choices facing Ben Affleck's character are nothing new, and Affleck goes dutifully through the exercises, emoting when he needs to, but never really getting much out. You wind up rooting for him more or less out of the same sense of duty. George Carlin's father is depressingly tame compared to his brilliant standup routine; Jennifer Lopez is sweet but her perfunctory character never really makes any impact on the audience. Raquel Castro plays the absolute cliche end of a film child that she's written with the appropriate sweetness. Liv Tyler's character goes wildly from a toned-down character from one of Smith's earlier films in her first scenes (building up a bit of false hope that there will be something new to this blah exercise) to another cliche character in the later portions of the film. Not much of it can be blamed on anyone except the writer/director, though.

On principle, I have nothing against Smith branching out into other genres of film than those he touched on in his first five; that's an artist's choice, and should be his and no one else's. But Jersey Girl is simply settling for the typical and unambitious in film. If this is an indication of where Kevin Smith's career is heading, then I think he has lost it as a director who bears watching.
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Kevin can do it all.
44everbc31 March 2004
For those of you screaming Kevin sold out save it! Kevin sold out w/ Mallrats and has never claimed anything less. This movie proves Kevin can do it all. It has the same sharp wit, excellent dialogue and dick/fart jokes of Kevin's previous work but has the look and feel of a growing movie director. Maybe 10 years ago I would have been ranting about this movie as well but people change and grow as the age. Should we bash Kevin because he is growing as a director/writer and person? This movie made me laugh as hard as any of the view askew productions but also moved me. (Part of this maybe due to the fact I am about to have my first child a Arizona Girl. Kudos to Kevin and keep up the good work. Snoogans!
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So happy to see this film, and not a bit dissapointed
u2groupie26 March 2004
Warning: Spoilers
As a fan of Kevin Smith's, I was quite excited to see this film. I've purposely stayed away from the View Askew website as much as possible, so I could go into this movie barely knowing a thing about it (I knew nearly everything about Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back before seeing it, and it kind of ruined it).

I'd have to honestly say, that were I to see this movie not knowing it was a Kevin Smith creation, I would have enjoyed it just as much. Of course I had fun picking out the cameos (the biggies being Matt Damon and Jason Lee, but also Betty Amberlin amung others), but the subject of the movie was great and it was nice seeing Ben Affleck paired up with the lovely Liv Tyler again.

I do have to give big credit to Raquel Castro, who plays the title role. Casting not only did a fantastic job of finding a girl that looks a bit like Jennifer Lopez, but has some great talent as well. I could see this girl going far.

Anyone going to see Jersey Girl expecting a Jay and Silent Bob movie will be dissapointed. However, it was nice to see they kept to the tradition of having a PS with Jay's voice.

All in all, without giving up any spoilers, I'd have to say that Kevin Smith's first effort at a PG-13 AND non Askewniverse flick was a complete success.
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Kevin Smith at His Best.
anaconda-4065826 May 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Jersey Girl (2004): Dir: Kevin Smith / Cast: Ben Affleck, Liv Tyler, George Carlin, Raquel Castro, Jennifer Lopez: This is the first film Kevin Smith has directed outside his usual psyche and the results are not disappointing. It regards belonging as in Ben Affleck wanting to go back to New York yet has responsibilities in Jersey. He plays a music publicist whose wife dies during childbirth leaving him with a daughter. After being fired at a press conference he moves home to his widowed father. Touching and detailed story directed by Kevin Smith in a departure from his usual comedies that included Clerks and Chasing Amy. Affleck has starred in four films for Smith already and presents among his best work here. He plays a guy pulled in two directions and must accept whom he has become. His best moment arrives during a celebrity chance encounter. Raquel Castro steals scenes as his bright eyed daughter. George Carlin plays Affleck's father who provides humour and wisdom. Then there is Liv Tyler as a video store clerk with her direct attitude in consuming Affleck's affection. Jennifer Lopez makes an effective cameo as Affleck's wife who dies during the birthing. Viewers should excuse the Bennifer media outcry and appreciate how much Smith improved and went opposite the wretched Gigli. Strong theme regarding responsibility and accepting change for the better of someone else. Score: 10 / 10
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