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Highlander: The Down Payment
tim-plummer-117 September 2007
OK, I've watched & loved, Highlander the series.... I enjoyed it more than the movies themselves. Adrian Paul is a really talented actor & though I feel their acting was dead on... the script for this movie was HORRIBLE.

It was as awful as Highlander II... it just left me feeling like someone... wanted to revive the movie to make a few dollars. It was as if they threw this script together on a weekend & convinced some great actors this was a good idea.

Highlander creators... we'll act like this didn't happen if you promise not to produce another movie to finance a new house.

2 thumbs, way down.

Such a cool series, such a bad movie.
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Dreadful - Too Bad There Aren't Minus Ratings
paula_kw21 September 2007
I loved the first Highlander movie, loved the series, and have found every movie after the first to be pretty awful - but I watch them anyway, hoping against hope that they'll prove me wrong. I thought it couldn't get any worse than Highlander: Endgame, but I was very much mistaken. This is just a terrible movie - like watching a train wreck.

If they didn't destroy continuity in every movie and rewrite the history of the Highlander universe, it might be bearable. Like every other Highlander movie, this one acts like nothing came before it and nothing about it makes sense - it's an insult to the intelligence of the fans. And we have to suffer through yet another half-witted attempt to re-invent the source of immortality and what happens if "there can be only one." The post-apocalyptic world is just plain dark and dreary. Endgame was sort of heading in that direction - it was significantly more world-weary and tattered than the world of the series. However, The Source just plain doesn't make sense. For the world to have gotten in this condition, more than a few years would have to have passed, and Joe Dawson should look more than a couple of years older - by rights the character should have been dead before this movie takes place. But hey, I guess they figure we can't add either.

The fight scenes are terrible - the speeded-up special effects destroy the fun of the fight scenes, and you always expect one decent sword-fighting scene in a Highlander movie - not this one! If I had realized how bad this was going to be, I could have resigned myself to ogling Methos for a couple of hours. This movie is so bad even *that* isn't enjoyable. If I had seen this in a movie theater I'd have wanted my money back. As it is, I want back the time I wasted watching this dreck.

I'm giving up Highlander movies for good. As far as I'm concerned, There Can Be Only One Highlander Movie - and this isn't it.
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The worst in the franchise
driverforhire18 September 2007
If you're a true Highlander fan, even a desperate one, steer clear of this movie. It is a disaster. The worst movie I've ever seen, and I've seen quite a lot of bad ones. Perhaps it's just because I love the original Highlander so much, that I am so angry. But my review is as follows: -The story is confusing, more supernatural than ever -The acting is horrible, particularly on Adrian's part. I could stand him in Endgame but he seems to be sleepwalking throughout this so-called sequel.

Need I go on? Let's just say Highlander 2 is a masterpiece compared to this... exactly.
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There can be only one - and this isn't it!
slcchina20 September 2007
Highlander fans - there simply are very few ways to enjoy this. Aside from totally ignoring the mythology of both the films and the series, the fight scenes were either poorly choreographed, poorly shot, or both. There are no flashbacks in a film that desperately needed some sort of underlying sub-plot and/or simple explanation of the main plot. The dialogue is cheesy, not one of the characters approaches anything like three-dimensionality (other than the recurring trio from the series - and that's only by virtue of fans' past experience with them), and there is no real motivation given for any of them aside from lame "having visions" plot.

Like the last Highlander film that attempted a futuristic setting, this one misses everything that made the first film and the series great. And unlike Highlander 2, the vision of the future here is never really explained and doesn't make a great deal of sense.

They should have stuck with the monkey and the airplane. (See the trivia section.) I can't even really say that if you aren't a Highlander fan it might be enjoyable - because even then it didn't make a lot of sense. I saw it, so I can't un-see it, but if you haven't spare yourself the train wreck.
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shaden920 September 2007
I loved the Highlander series. I loved the first Highlander movie. But holy crap, this movie was terrible.

It has the acting, effects and plot of a made-for-TV Sci Fi channel movie (oh wait...). Everything about the film stunk of terrible quality. It was actually kind of sad to see Paul and the Highlander franchise in general in so bad of a continuation. Nearly every character mailed it in and sleepwalked through their characters. The rest played so over-the-top that you want to hold your head in your hands and groan. And, once again, the Highlander writers find another half-assed reason to make another movie (the prize in the last movie? no no no, that wasn't the REAL prize, THIS is the real prize.).

If you're a Highlander fan, don't even watch this. It butchers that which you love.
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The movie is so bad, you can't stop watching it!
henry_wyckoff16 September 2007
I thought that Highlander II and the animated Highlander series were the most horrible incarnations ever created, but Highlander: The Source proved to be truly horrible and might win the award for "Worst Highlander Film Ever." The dialogue reads like unedited fanfic, continuity gaps and non-sequiturs are frequent, the special effects are laughable (as in, so bad that they induce involuntary laughter), and the sword fighting sequences -- which make Highlander what it is -- are too painful to watch.

The sad thing is that there was a lot of potential for this story. The overall effect was a movie worthy of a showing on Mystery Science Theater 3000.

I watched this on the Sci-Fi channel, which means that I didn't have to shell out money for a movie rental or a theater viewing, but it still cost me dearly: two hours of my life have been spent. I could have spent that time at the pub, but oh no. I didn't even have the foresight to bring home some beer to dull my senses and make the movie seem to be enjoyable. Highlander had been that much redeemed since Highlander II that I didn't even consider the possibility that it would be a bomb. That reminds me: this movie demands the development of a drinking game.
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A Bitter Disappointment.
Paul Lenkic10 July 2007
"Highlander: The Source" is to "Highlander: Endgame" what "Highlander II" is to "Highlander".

I really liked "Endgame", I thought it was a good way to continue the story set by the TV Series and Adrian Paul proved a more than worthy successor to Christopher Lambert. However, "The Source", which has been in the vaults of Lionsgate since late 2006 is a bitter disappointment.

The first cut of the film has been released on DVD in Russia. I ordered a copy from XploitedCinema.com (a great website, BTW) and watched it last night.

Initial fears were realised when it was revealed that the film was set "In The Near Future", which stirred up bad memories of "Highlander II". The premise of the movie and the motivation of the characters is poorly explained and the execution is rushed, which is very disorientating for the viewer. However, I will try to sum up the plot as succinctly as I can.

A group of Immortals, led by Methos (Peter Wingfield) are trying to locate and verify the existence of The Source, which is believed to be the origins of the Immortals. Methos is reluctant to involve his former good friend, Duncan MacLeod (Adrian Paul), but is forced to when Duncan encounters The Guardian, the Immortal Anti-Christ, while searching for his ex-wife, Anna, who is somehow drawn to The Source.

The Source, good. The Guardian, bad. Got it? Speaking of The Guardian being bad, it's really hard to fear a villain when they talk in a funny voice and act like a complete tool.

The Director, Brett Leonard, overuses trendy editing techniques that modern filmmakers are so eager to apply, giving it a "music video" style, essentially making the direction seem trite and cheap.

The sad thing is that this film has/had potential. While I'm glad to hear that it is currently being re-edited before a general release, I fear that without some re-filming, which I believe is not happening, certain flaws can never be rectified.

Overall, "Highlander: The Source" is a great disappointment, especially to a fan of the Movies and the TV Series.
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Worst Highlander film without question.
LordBish346 September 2007
Warning: Spoilers
This film is really bad, while you have several characters from the Great TV series, it is clear they knew crap when they saw it because they gave nothing in their performances.

The Guardian which is the main bad guy, is just a joke beyond words. HE is not at all menacing, mainly just an idiot, who repeats himself, makes poor jokes, with pasty skin and S & M gear on. You get practically no flashbacks of note, which is a staple of the series, nor do you get really great fight scene, these scenes are rushed and edited so poorly you would wish they had just skipped them altogether and the film goes where Highlander 2 proved you should not go, the near future.

All of the acting is bad in the film, the sfx are bad, the editing and camera work are bad and the script was really bad. There really is nothing good about this film including the main plot point of the source that is any good. And I haven't even mentioned all of it yet.

I have never been a big fan of just ignoring a movie in a series and so forth. You just deal with it and move on is what i usually say. However, i would not shed a single tear if this film is trashed and they were to start over, because this movie is just plain horrible and an embarrassment to highlander fans.

There is talk of it going to the sci fi channel, but this film isn't even good enough for that, it should be on Mystery Science Theater 3000. I can't even believe there had been talk of a theatrical release, the series had better production values.

There is also talk of it going through a re edit, but without addition filming I can't see how you can fix it.
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Sad, just sad...
idoru209927 July 2007
What went right with the Highlander TV series starring Adrian Paul? First it was the main protagonist that really got into the role of the highlander, second it was the fact it it had very good swordplay and martial arts action and third it was those well done flashbacks into history, that showed many different time-lines and presented conflicts that lasted for centuries...

So, what is wrong with this movie? All the things stated above are missing...Yes we have Duncan , Mythos and Dawson but the script is really poor, the main villain is ridiculous , there are no flashbacks no swordplay whatsoever. All we get is a clown jumping around talking gibberish (the so-called guardian) and a crappy story about the "legendary" source.

The direction tries to seem cool but it ends up rather boring, and the acting is poor. Of course I wasn't expecting any great acting or imaginative direction but at least I was expecting some believable special effects...I didn't get those either the SFX are bad and uninventive. Obviously the movie hasn't got a big budget but it would have been adequate if it was used properly and with a story that didn't involve guardians with superpowers and other cosmic forces.

In the end it just feels sad that the Highlander franchise probably ends with such a bad movie. It's even worse than "Endgame" and that is really an achievement. Adrian Paul isn't much of an actor but give him a Katana and let him do his martial stuff and he'll work some magic. Unfortunately in this movie he does nothing of the above so in the and we get nothing , not even a good action scene...
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Who were these people and what did they do with our 'Highlander'?
ladywen_0616 October 2007
Warning: Spoilers
The Highlander films were good, but I fell in love with the series. The quality of the production was excellent and the characters were superb. I saw 'Highlander: the Source' on the SciFi Channel and couldn't believe how second-rate and sad it seemed. There seemed to be no excitement, no passion, no interest on the parts of the actors. It was as though the veterans of the series were just going through the motions because they had resigned themselves (with great resentment) to being typecast and performed mechanically out of some sort of obligation (or necessity?). I am happy for Duncan that he was finally able to have a child, but the film was a great loss to the tradition. I will stick to watching the original series and just be glad that I can get videos of the series at second hand stores for $1.95. I am so sorry :-( for our loss. At least I have immortal memories.
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ccwalters-122 September 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I really hate a movie that gives away the ending in the prologue. I spent the entire movie really hoping that the opening narration just didn't give the whole thing away... to find out it really did.

I came into Highlander with the TV series first, then the movies. The bad guys are always caricatures, but this time was worse. The Guardian is unreasonably evil with no real explanation.

I agree with everyone else's criticisms. Character development is nonexistent, the characters we know are unrecognizable, the post-apocalyptic future is inane, and seems just to help create a world where the masses are cannibals (what?!?). And random abandoned BMW SUVs manage somehow to look as if they've just been detailed.

I hope no one else has to sit through this, and the only thing I lost is time, since I Tivo'd it from SciFi.
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Terrible. I feel sorry for Adrian
Scoval7115 September 2007
The bewigged, face lifted, slimmer and worked out, but, still so very handsome, Adrian Paul is back as the Highlander. This junk is horrible. Please, Adrian, the Highlander was great and superlative as a television series, but the Highlander movies (Endgame) and The Source fail, and fail miserably. Let them die. Do no more. I think he got the idea now from the reviews of The Source. This concoction was hard to watch. A murky, dark movie, and dark meaning everything looked as if it were shot in the middle of the night. Acting was awful---some weird plot to find the source--the origin--of the immortals. Adrian walks his way throughout the movie. He knew it was crap. He looks great with his new wig and face lift and slimmer than ever, but this is way beneath his talents. A ridiculous movie with so much screaming and yelling and fighting, it makes no sense. Takes place in some future world with trite sets and some maniac wearing a half helmet acting as a guardian, but to what, I have no clue. The movie has no purpose, no direction. It was awful.
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I invested all my time for this?!
DailyPlanetLLK23 September 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I could easily go into a detailed rant about the way they chose to end this thing. But I would rather let everyone see the TV movie. And come to their own conclusions. What I would like to say is, that I lived and breathed Adrian Paul's Highlander. Bought memorabilia. Hoped for the end to be worth the time spent. And I would rather have had the last motion picture be the the final chapter of this saga. Then to be set up for a huge let down the way I was. In my opinion "The Source" is the worst piece of garbage I have seen in many years. And it was very uncomfortable to see a beloved character like Duncan. End up in a movie that was like the "Power Rangers" on crack. I could barely sit through the whole thing. And I quickly erased it from my DVR. Before the credits rolled. What was the purpose of having Duncan. If all of his lives and loves ended miles from the mark? I am more than angry and disappointed. And seriously thinking of putting all my Highlander keepsakes on Ebay, and be done with it. This piece of trash was an insult to Highlander fans. And Adrian Paul should have had more self respect, than to even think about letting Duncan fizzle out this way. The concept was someone's drug induced nightmare. Pure crap!
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What the hell happened
mathewlisett15 August 2007
i gained a copy of this months back and have to say that they did something wrong with this film. There is nothing special about it, its seems half ass way of producing it with the effects and location, gives the feeling they had £20 to play with and they seemed to have gained £19.99 back in change.

the effects of the head slicing is better and i was surprised it happened, but from that the special effects are half ass , the story line is boring and tiring , there is not one single section of the story or visual that makes you actually want to stay in the cinema to watch the film, it simply gives you the feeling of when you were watching a bad b movie in the 80's where the budget was extremely low and with no talent behind the camera.

considering AP took over production near the end f the TV series i was strongly expecting lots more from this.... Has he lost his touch has producing become to much of a stressing situation. Hell the team and even him don't seem to be bothered with doing the production notes and b lo g on their own official site, so from that are we to take it they are re doing the whole thing to actually drill in some intelligent action with a spot of special effects and dash of story line that will blow our socks off, or should we take it that they simply have given up and are now hoping they can get away wit the slow progress of a crappiest produced film of the 21st century and I've now just read that its in fact going straight to sci-fi channel, How pathetic is that Im highly saddened by this because this was going to be the ultimate film for me to watch, I've been a highlander series fan for years and just gained the box set, so to know that they have simply destroyed and made a film worse than end game is soul destroying.
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Unbelievably Awful
kelzan21 July 2008
I was waiting for this movie to come out for a while, Highlander had not had anything new come out for a few years and I was eager for something new. I could not have been more disappointed. The actors from the series are all there, the ones whose characters survived the series anyway, and that is the only plus I can possibly give this movie. The writing was horrible, the actors shouted their lines unconvincingly much of the time. Elements of the Highlander universe were just added with no explanation, and the characters treated these additions like they were always there. The one thing about Highlander that even made some bad episodes watchable were the sword fights, not here, the sword fights were idiotic and the villain was ridiculously fast and strong and yet the characters are able to fight him long enough for the writers to have a long enough fight. The acting was terrible, even actors from the series who gave very good performances before seemed just awful. The ending was so bad, I literally laughed out loud.

Skip this movie, it is not worth watching.
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There can be only one....
evrwrldBB20 September 2007
Warning: Spoilers
...star that is. This movie was festering ape feces. We would have given an additional star because we had a good laugh, we just didn't have it in us. By the way, did anybody else play SoulCalibur? I think the bad guy is Voldo. They do it the source, and their prize is they get a baby? We don't know how much money grubbing and glue sniffing was involved in the production of this film but no amount of scrubbing can undo the cinematic rape we have just experienced. Three more lines without using profanity? We don't think we can accomplish this. Instead let these periods represent the tears we shed watching it. .............................................................. ............................................................. .............................................................. .............................................................
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It hurts, it hurts... please make it stop!
ShaolinWK20 September 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I am admittedly one of the biggest highlander geeks out there. I have all the DVD's (and VHS before that), I own swords and clothes from both the movies and the series. I am a huge sci-fi geek and I can always find some reason to like a sci-fi movie that nearly everyone else laughs at... UNTIL NOW!

The Source is probably the worst movie I have ever seen in my life. I wanted it to be good. I really did. From the first opening scene and voice over, I was trying to like this movie. I kept asking myself, "what is this?" I can explain in great detail every aspect of the Highlander mythology… and I don't see how this movie fits in it at all. I feel badly for Mr. Paul. What little he was able to do for this movie was not nearly enough to justify the existence of such a bad movie. I find it amazing that teenage girls would be able to hold Adrian's amazing physique as justification for liking this movie. And as much as I love to look at him, this movie is simply too horrible for even my beloved 'Duncan' to save. I will just have to watch the series or 'End Game' for my Adrian fix.

The writers should be shot but only after many long years of heinous torture. I know… we could make them watch this movie, over and over again. What were they thinking? Really, I would like to know. The Highlander mythology is so rich and wonderful it would have been easy – even for me – to write a plot for a movie. So, why was it so hard for them?

With the story alone being so horrible it makes the rest of the movie making process seem almost insignificant for discussion. However, I think it might have been possible to make the movie watchable through the other aspects of the movie making process. So to that end I sadly comment: •the director is horrible and should not be allowed to continue to work in the industry. •The editor's clumsy cuts show an amateur pretending to be a professional •The music. Oh, what have they done to the music? Seriously, how much would it have cost to get the original music or just pay any of the many out of work composers to come up with something fitting? •There were actual drop outs and wow's in the sound… again, most amateurs would probably not have made these mistakes, how could a professional? I have seen student films that got F's that were handled better. •What little the actor's were allowed to do was not enough. They came off a flat or two dimensional. The only character I actually recognized at all was Methos. I know that Adrian, Jim and Peter can act, but this movie hides that fact very well.

I was bitterly disappointed by this movie. I feel betrayed by the film makers who took a mythology that is precious to me and distorted it so much as to render it unrecognizable. I would have been there greatest advocate… but this movie is far too bad.
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do not watch this, ever, no matter what (might not contain spoilers)
turin211216 September 2007
Warning: Spoilers
there is NOTHING about this movie, absolutely nothing, worth watching NOTHING

if you liked the movie, if you liked the series, do yourself a HUGE favor, do NOT WATCH this

1) the music is terrible (cheap at best)

2) the writing is so amazingly bad

3) talking heads, rather than acting

4) stilted acting, wooden heads reading lines from cue cards

5) worthless directing

6) INANE dialog

7) the ending? insipid

8) special effects? why bother, NOTHING could save this movie

9) sword fighting? nope, people banging sticks together

I really don't understand why anyone spent any money on this. I can't understand why the scifi channel broadcast this.
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Great for a laugh, don't waste your time otherwise
claven-claven5 August 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Few movies can beat this one for unintentional hilarity. Okay, that was to be expected, the Highlander movies were going downhill for a while.

But if you thought it couldn't have gotten any worse after Highlander IV, you're in for a big surprise. First of all, the script has only one real idea - the Source of the immortals, the big mystery. The rest looks like a result of a brainwashing Monday morning session when no ideas were crossed out. Cannibalistic bikers? Check. I know, I know - hear this one guys - a leather clad S&M weirdo that talks like he just sat on his balls and makes next to no sense and we'll... we'll call him something big, like - what about The Guardian? Check. We'll kill someone to show the fans we mean business - what about Dawson? Check. We'll have planets moving! Check. A story that goes back tons of thousands of years! Check. A man fused with stone wall (no s**t). Check! Flashback to the stone age with 17th century swords! Check. Immortal archbishop who looks like he fell out of Scooter music video! Check.

Second, the whole point of the movie is that planets align themselves just so Duncan could get laid. Seriously.

If you're in a mood to see the Highlander intellectual property s**t on and have a good laugh, watch it. Otherwise you'll be better off not seeing it.
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MacLeod and gang try to find the meaning of there Immortality.
cavatar15 September 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Such a disappointment, this film needs to go into the trash with Highlander 2: The Quickening. This movie marks just another disappointment in a long line of disappointments after the great first Highlander. At least the Series had a few seasons before it lost its way. I love the story concept so much it is painful to watch crap like this. Why do the creators insist on changing the story concept, first the planet Ziest and now there can be only one but there can be more than one? I hope they never make another Highlander again, it is just to painful. Also, will they stop breaking the swords!!! Bad enough Connor has his katana break, but now Duncan's too! Just stay away from this movie!!!
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We should all be able to agree that this is awful
alan-c-edwards19 July 2008
Why did they even bother? This movie is so bad it makes me want to cut my own head off. Awful script, awful acting, awful premise, awful CGI, everything is simply awful. Ever see the old "Bad Playhouse" skits on SNL with Dan Akroyd? Those plays didn't have anything on this movie for sheer awfulness. Take all the things that made Highlander enjoyable, remove them, and crank the knob on all of its faults up to eleven, and you have a movie to which this one is the even worse sequel. The villain that drives most of the action just comes off as silly, thanks in large part to it being the focal point of most of the film's worst CGI, which is awful throughout anyway. I can't say enough what a total disappointment the whole movie is.
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If only...
bizarro717 September 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Oy. If only the Producers hadn't thrown out David Abramowitz's original script for this movie.

If only Director Brett Leonard had decided to actually *watch* the TV show episodes, instead of just the first movie, and declaring (for real) that he was "going to give the HL franchise story a fresh, new approach." If only he'd lost his Guild card before making this.

If only the writers had been unable to find their keyboards and pens.

If only Bulgaria's borders had been shut down, the day the film crew arrived.

If only Lionsgate had run out of money before this "thing" had been made and sold the franchise rights to some other Production company.

If only Adrian Paul, Peter Wingfield and Jim Burns had read the script and had boycotted the movie. The film might have never been made, or else it would have been recast, in which case a *different* set of actors would be held responsible for this horror.

If only someone had come up with an original idea, rather than the regurgitated remains of every horror and Sci-Fi movie they'd ever seen? If only the fight choreography had been done by F Braun McAsh from the original TV show, instead of Bugs Bunny and the Tasmanian Devil.

If only someone had "lost" the master copy of this film, and they'd had to start over, someday.
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Ashamed to have 'Highlander' in the title
Michael Longstreet17 September 2007
Warning: Spoilers
WARNING: THIS REVIEW CONTATINS SPOILERS - This film is quite possibly the worst film I've ever seen. Adrian Paul should be ashamed of himself. Paul returns as the much beloved Scottish immortal Duncan MacLeod. The storyline is horrible. First, the film takes place in a post apocalyptic future (first sign of failure), where only a few immortals remain. Second, the film has no flashbacks (which is canon for all Highlander stories). Third, apparently when people look up in the sky they can see the planets, larger than the our own moon. That was incredibly stupid. About a third of the way through the film, Duncan breaks his sword and buries it along with his friend Joe Dawson. Then, suddenly he finds a pair of blades with Japanese writing on it and uses those in battle. There is no reason why he should have these, and I don't see the point of him not using his sword in the story. There's no reason why he can't use it. Duncan reluctantly joins a group of fellow immortals (including Methos) to find the Source of the immortal's power. Cheesy, but okay, I'll buy. However the acting is mediocre by Paul and horrible by everyone else. When MacLeod finally gets to the Source (because of course he's the one that has to find it), it's a complete let down. The Source has nothing at all to do with the immortal's power at all. We are left with nothing. When Duncan touches The Source, it allows him to have children, but that's all. There are no answers regarding the 'Source' of the immortal's power. Which is what I thought the point of the story was about. Simply horrible. At the film's end, there's a montage that basically recaps the whole film in two or three minutes. I could have watched that and got the point of the whole movie. When I saw this out of place montage, I seriously thought the film has started over again and I missed something. I can't stress just how lame this movie was! If they ever do another 'Highlander' film, I sure hope they pretend that this one never happened.
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Derp: The Movie
OMGmyFACE30 March 2011
You shouldn't be expecting cinematic greatness from a movie called Highlander: The Source. But for those who enjoy watching exceedingly bad movies, this movie is up there with Druids and Two If By Sea. I've seen better editing and special effects from community college drop-outs studying media communication or for local car dealership commercials. Trust me, here in Portland, we got some funny car commercials. Everything is poorly green-screened, the music sounds like a public domain CD meant to be played while LARPers gallivant, the camera is always close enough to see inside everyone's nostrils, there's a blur effect on everything from unnecessary backflips to... actually, this movie is nothing but unnecessary backflips. Everyone in this production is English so there's loads of bad teeth and people talking about "the sauce." However, this movie DOES feature Adrian Paul's best acting since he was a mummy on Charmed. If you like driz hollering and getting wasted with friends, watching horrid movies, this belongs in your collection.
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Highlander - the Source
steve923283 July 2008
This is without doubt the most awful movie I ever had the pleasure to watch...I don't know what Adrian Paul was thinking when he signed on to be in this piece of trash. I am a huge fan of the Highlander Series and the movies and thought "End Game" was the closure we were looking for and then this showed up, a huge, huge disappointment.

The characters to me with the exception of Mac, Metho's and Joe were comic book like especially the "Guardian" and what was that on his head? This was a poorly made, poorly done unmitigated disaster and do hope we have seen the last of any "Highlander' movies. BTW, Mac has really aged since End Game don't you think? I will watch the old TV series every now and then to get my fix of the Highlander.
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